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Weekend Link Love – Edition 143

Did you know Denmark has levied a tax on saturated fat [1], with Finland considering enacting a similar tax? Shameful. The vikings are rolling in their funeral pyres.

The EU is banning certain herbal remedies [2]. I wonder what else is next – and where?

For pro athletes, positive tests are usually bad news. Not Novak Djokovic; the number two tennis player in the world credits much of his success [3] to giving up “bread, pasta, and pizza” after testing positive for gluten sensitivity.

Political scientist James Scott has been delivering a series of lectures on the domestication of man via grain and government [4]. Though Scott’s aren’t available for download yet, hundreds from previous lecture series are available [5].

A study of US college students [6] found that children of Asian immigrants were likely to avoid eating traditional foods – feet, eyes, bones, and faces – out of embarrassment and a desire to fit in.

Food producers overhype and exaggerate [7] their “functional food” products’ health benefits. I can’t say I’m surprised… remember magic yogurt [8]?

Primal gamers and LARPers might consider joining the upcoming beta for City of Epic [9], a new browser-based exercise RPG where doing real-world workouts earns you in-game points and power-ups. Here’s a shorter video [10].

Boing Boing highlights a sweet, stylish stand-up workstation [11].

And finally, how to chop wood [12] without messing around.

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Comment of the Week

I’ve begun telling people, “Alcohol is an even more preferred fuel than glucose. So when are you switching to a beertarian diet?”

– Commenter Dana, from earlier this week [17].