Weekend Link Love – Edition 143

Did you know Denmark has levied a tax on saturated fat, with Finland considering enacting a similar tax? Shameful. The vikings are rolling in their funeral pyres.

The EU is banning certain herbal remedies. I wonder what else is next – and where?

For pro athletes, positive tests are usually bad news. Not Novak Djokovic; the number two tennis player in the world credits much of his success to giving up “bread, pasta, and pizza” after testing positive for gluten sensitivity.

Political scientist James Scott has been delivering a series of lectures on the domestication of man via grain and government. Though Scott’s aren’t available for download yet, hundreds from previous lecture series are available.

A study of US college students found that children of Asian immigrants were likely to avoid eating traditional foods – feet, eyes, bones, and faces – out of embarrassment and a desire to fit in.

Food producers overhype and exaggerate their “functional food” products’ health benefits. I can’t say I’m surprised… remember magic yogurt?

Primal gamers and LARPers might consider joining the upcoming beta for City of Epic, a new browser-based exercise RPG where doing real-world workouts earns you in-game points and power-ups. Here’s a shorter video.

Boing Boing highlights a sweet, stylish stand-up workstation.

And finally, how to chop wood without messing around.

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Comment of the Week

I’ve begun telling people, “Alcohol is an even more preferred fuel than glucose. So when are you switching to a beertarian diet?”

– Commenter Dana, from earlier this week.

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