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Weekend Link Love – Edition 138

A new study [1] links 24 hour fasts with protection against heart attacks. But wait, wait – fasting “is not for everyone” and scientists aren’t sure how fasting will affect the body, so don’t you dare try it out for yourself before more research is complete. Thank you, experts.

The Foodee Project, whom we highlighted several weeks back in our High Tech Primal Tools [2] post, is hiring [3]. Are you a creative ASP.Net developer with a passion for paleo and some free time? Maybe think about applying.

PaNu has become Archevore. Read why Dr. Kurt Harris made the switch [4].

Learn where to find tractor tires [5] and what to do with them, courtesy of Ross Enamait of Ross Training.

Meditation is well known to reduce subjective pain measures (arguably the only important ones, eh?), but a recent study sheds light into exactly how – physiologically, objectively – meditation works against physical pain [6]. Personally, I love when the “mystical” is demystified without being “debunked.”

In Finland, lowering taxes on liquor [7] increased alcohol-related deaths but decreased all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. Sheer correlation? Stress reduction? Happier people die less? Interesting results nonetheless.

Watch Richard Nikoley debate simian-reenactment expert and Dole Food Company shill Harley Johnstone [8], live, on April 14 at 6:00 PM PST. If I can reschedule my HGH therapy that day, I’ll definitely be watching. (That’s a joke, by the way.)

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?Sweep the leg! ? You have a problem with that?! ? No mercy.?

– Commenter Kevin [13], channelling Cobra Kai Dojo.