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Weekend Link Love – Edition 136

Remember when cops raided (guns drawn [1]) that raw dairy co-op in Venice, CA last year? Residents of Sedgwick, Maine, should be careful; they just unanimously passed a “food sovereignty” ordinance [2] that allows unfettered commerce between local food producers and buyers. Sounds like terrorism to me!

Move over, Primal Toad. Primal Yak [3] celebrates her one-year anniversary of going Primal! (Toad, we still love you.)

Grass needs cows as much as cows need grass, apparently. Who knew? Don Matesz over at Primal Wisdom highlights the work of Allan Savory [4], who’s been restoring desertified grasslands to their former verdant glory by reintroducing roving hordes of those farting death machines of ecological destruction: cud-chewing cattle.

The Great Fitness Experiment wonders whether organics are really worth it [5]. What do you think?

If you love ghee, coconut oil, and free stuff, check out the Pure Indian Foods giveaway at Three New Leaves [6]. Leave a comment and possibly obtain a free jar of “artery-clogging” saturated fat!

“Knowing it in your gut” might have a physiological basis after all [7].

I may have given it a quick once-over [8], but everyone’s favorite IF expert Martin Berkhan provides a truly comprehensive analysis [9] of the latest IF study. It’s kind of his thing, so check it out.

Should vegans and omnivores join forces against CAFOs [10]? Melissa McEwen doesn’t think it would work. I’ve seen Trekkies and Star Wars fans try to come to terms, and I’m inclined to agree.

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One year ago (March 13 – March 20)

Comment of the Week

  • Horse: “eaten in the place of beef … a little sweeter … but in other respects much like it”
  • Cat: “something between rabbit and squirrel, with a flavor all its own”
  • Donkey: “delicious — in color like mutton, firm and savory”
  • Kittens: “either smothered in onions or in a ragout they are excellent”
  • Rat: “excellent — something between frog and rabbit”
  • Spaniel: “something like lamb, but I felt like a cannibal”

Daily News correspondent Henry Labouchère, giving his opinions on various meats after the German siege on Paris in 1870 forced residents to rely on non-traditional sources (hat tip to reader Mel [15]).