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Weekend Link Love – Edition 135

Irritable bowel syndrome is usually no laughing matter, but Blisstree blogger Lia Serbyn’s account of her battle [1] with chronic IBS will make you simultaneously laugh and cringe.

By now, you’ve probably heard that Dr. Oz faced off with Gary Taubes on Oz’s show last week. It was pretty much what you’d expect, but check out Taubes’ latest blog entry [2] giving his side of the story.

Cocktail craftsmen are experimenting with adding animal products [3] to alcoholic drinks – maple bacon bourbon, salmon-infused vodka, distilled Dungeness crab essence, a beef stock Bloody Mary – and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Ever wonder what a Primal pregnancy might look like? Expectant mother and Crossfitter Carli is documenting her experience [4] (and smashing conventional pregnancy advice about exercise and eating to pieces in the process). Her nascent blog (just a month-old) is already packed with content, so check it out.

Over at Hunter-Gatherer, John Durant toasts his latest Upstanding Citizen [5]: Donald Rumsfeld. Whether you agree or disagree with his handling of the war, I think everyone can appreciate Rummy’s insistence that “sitting is weird!”

Primal Toad, a truly splendid chap, is giving away $50 to Amazon [6]. The contest ends today at 7 PM EST, so get on over there and put your name in.

Have you taken the 2011 Paleo Community Survey [7] yet? Get to it!

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Comment of the Week

Reading “Watership Down” can probably prevent cancer.

– J. from Bibliotherapy: the Power of Books [13]