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Weekend Link Love – Edition 132

How do you make a monkey fat? Feed him carbs! How do you make a monkey healthy? Let him eat Primal! That’s a mild oversimplification, but the full NYT story of the life and times of obese monkeys [1] is definitely worth a read.

And the fun doesn’t stop with monkeys. Gorillas need real food too. Hunter-Gatherer follows the natural recovery of Bebac and Mokolo [2].

Want a healthier city? Design a healthier city [3]. Fast Code Design discusses the task of designing a cityscape that is fun to walk.

Bug cuisine [4] is all the buzz right now, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Look out, Segway, the unicycles are coming to shut you down [5].

Apparently choreographed spinning [6] is all the rage in Korea. Movie franchise opportunity… Step Up 4: Korean Spin Off. I’d watch it.

For city folk or any folk with an ardor for urban [7] and square foot gardening [8], here’s a fun story covering the trial and error of pantry horticulturalists [9].

And finally, a meat knit [10].

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Two years ago (February 20 – 26)

Comment of the Week

An email from a reader…


We’ve been following your site ever since we got turned on to the Paleo Diet about a year and a half ago, and recommend Paleo/PB to our patients as chiropractors. We even sold copies of your book in our office for our patients and their families.

We have a 3 1/2 month old beautiful baby boy, Tyson. Not on solids yet, but when he is, it’s be Primal all the way! We thought he should start doing some research and understanding this way of eating early – see attached pictures – enjoy!

Karen [20]