Weekend Link Love – Edition 131

It’s over two hours long, but worth watching the Weston A. Price Foundation‘s press release regarding the USDA guidelines. While I’ve never put much stock in what the USDA tells me to eat, the WAPF brings up the unsettling point that our nation’s school lunches will now be ruled by these guidelines.

The Twinkie guy, the potato guy, now the chip lady… can we think of a name for these ridiculous people? How about “monogastronomers.” Does that work? Anyone have a better word?

A former vegetarian struggling with binge eating and an unhealthy relationship with food, Pepper went Paleo, took control of her life, and started a blog. Read her story at PaleoPepper.com.

The NY Times has a couple good ones this week. Mark Bitton discusses those obtuse SOFAS the USDA warns us about, and here’s an interesting article about long-living (sort of) Ecuadorians.

When is it a bad time to listen to Carl Sagan talk about the wonders of life and the universe? Never. Watch this and this (and here’s a nerdier version).

Join Daniel Klein at the Huffington Post as he kills and eats buffalo.

And finally, Thom Stockton is coming at you with “Teach Me How to Caveman.”

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Comment of the Week

This is an email from reader Josh forwarded to me, originally from his friend Danny…

I thought you might enjoy the standing desk I put together recently.The items used:

4 CORK Trivets by IKEA – 7″ Round
12 Pack of Magnolia Brush 5 qt Galvanized Metal Pails
Rolodex Bridge Desktop Manager

I lifted the desk so that each leg would rest on 3 nested pails.  To reduce the stress on the bottom of the pails, I placed an IKEA cork trivet on each.  To lift my monitor, I used a rolodex desktop manager, and a laptop stand I had lying around.  I am still looking for the best way to elevate my keyboard.  I’ve had it for a week, and I can report that it works for me – I feel great.


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