Weekend Link Love – Edition 129

This year’s Super Bowl does not feature Matt Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs. Next year it will. (No link. Just an opinion.)

Mud wrestling is healthy. At any age. NPR explains why dirt is more than just a fun idea for little girls. The post features a picture from Mud Day in Westland, Michigan. Methinks there needs to be a Mud Day in L.A.!

Roasted rabbit is Primal. But, would you eat car-splattered bunny? Catherine Price would. Her piece on roadkill dinner in The Slate is an absolutely dish.

Where’s the beef? The new, new nutritional guidelines are officially out. Same low-fat CW as before, but at least they are no longer suggesting 10 servings of grain a day. What say you readers? A step in the right direction? Or one step forward, twenty steps back?

Are you an exercise widow? A Wall Street Journalist mourns the loss of her husband to the unforgiving clutches of Ironman competitions.

Via The Consumerist, Pepsico’s CEO says Doritos are not bad for you. You read that correctly.

And finally, according to seriously legitimate news source, The Onion, experts recommend standing at least once per day.

Super Bowl Recipe Corner

If you’re entering a last minute scramble for party foods, these should help…

  • Elana’s Pantry rounds up a delightful list of dips and munchies, some of which only take a few minutes to prepare.
  • Joyful Abode gets eggy and spicy with fauxtato skins.
  • Here’s my Super Bowl Tips, Take 1
  • And my Super Bowl Tips, Take 2
  • Go Chiefs, Super Bowl XLVI!

Time Capsule

One year ago (January 30 – February 5)

  • A Sea Change Coming to Wash Your Shoes Away – A Harvard study shows the health benefits of running barefoot. A year later, the barefootprint of the barefoot movement has grown considerably.
  • Prodding Parents to Get Healthy – Your parents have been eating what they have been eating for a very long time. But when the doctor’s polite suggestions become “change or die,” how do you convince your parents that changing to a Primal lifestyle might actually do them good?

Comment of the Week

A few of the hundreds from The Unconquerable Dave


This is amazing! I’m sending this to my parents. Way to go man.


OMG! My eyes were full of tears of joy while I read this. GO DAVE!!!
After seeing the vegan episode on Oprah this week I just had to submit this post and ask them to consider doing a show on primal. Everyone needs to know this stuff!
Dave, you have given hope to a lot of people. I know you will be blessed for all the rest of your days.

Jen Duncan

This guy frakking rules!


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