Weekend Link Love – Edition 127

Whether you’re sitting on the couch, raiding the fridge, or just doing nothing at all… thank you, America, for inventing the Forever Lazy. (Sheesh.)

Sure, school lunches are nasty. But fear not, readers. There is hope. Domino’s has decided to rescue children from the odious morass of poor nutrition. Enter the Smart Slice School Lunch Pizza Program! No, this isn’t a parody piece.

Joe Robinson is searching for a cure, a cure for adulthood.

According to The Telegraph, mammoth steaks may be on the menu in the near future! Or at the very least a mammoth amusement park located on a tropical island where nothing could go wrong…

Orthotics may not be for everyone… or anyone. Find out what the New York Times has to say about drug store and designer foot molds. Now, what do you have to say about them?

Swing, baby, swing! Fair warning, this is some extreme baby swinging. What do you think, healthy or reckless? (from this forum thread)

A little late in coming, but have a flippin’ happy 2011, everyone.

Recipe Corner

  • Paleoblocks makes a roasted carrot and avocado salad so lip-smackingly simple, it will make your head explode. The trick? Buy your carrots from a farmers’ market.
  • For those who enjoyed the pressure cooking that happened a couple weeks ago, step it up a notch with the world of Hip Pressure Cooking, a one-stop resource for lovers of steamy, clamped-down, stainless steel.

Time Capsule

One year ago (January 16 – 22)

  • The Belly Whisperer – An in-depth expose covering the long and tortured life of one of the most famous fitness gurus ever to appear on television.
  • The Wonderful World of Coconut Products – Oil, butter, milk, flour, cream, and yes, even bras can be made from this fine, fine tropical food.

Comment of the Week

An email from a reader…

I’ve been a punk since middle school and learned the value of eschewing popular opinion in favor of what works for the individual, and I can definitely say that living Primal is punk as f@*%.


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