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January 09 2011

Weekend Link Love – Edition 125

By Mark Sisson

Charlotte Hilton Andersen’s new book, The Great Fitness Experiment, is out. If you haven’t yet discovered her blog of the same name, go there now. Charlotte’s writing is personal, honest, and humorous. I can’t vouch for the contents of her book as I haven’t read it yet, but if it’s anything like her blog I’m sure it’s a great read.

For your viewing pleasure: Women laughing alone with salad.

Never use soap again? Read Sean Bonner’s account of ditching soap for a year over at Boing Boing, and find out why he plans to stay that way.

Jimmy Moore rounds up the Top 10 Low-Carb Headlines of 2010. If you’re an MDA regular, you probably recognize most of them.

For fans of Carl Sagan, Baraka, or those eye-goggling Discovery channel docs, kick off your shoes and watch Tenacious DNA. Watch it in HD on full screen mode.

And finally, some people say dog sledding is cruel and demeaning to canines. It doesn’t look that way to me!

Recipe Corner

  • Yes, yes, you’ve all made Primal coconut pancakes, and probably even Primal almond pancakes. But how about Primal pumpkin pancakes? Do it, now!
  • Work Health-Bent‘s Buffalo Greek Caesar salad into your lunch rotation. I’m impressed by the salad, but also impressed by the allusion to three geographical locations in the name of the recipe.

Time Capsule

One year ago (January 2 – January 9)

Comment of the Week

Some fun:
Maybe for some of us this video would help. It’s called “GO TO SLEEP! A special message for Internet insomniacs.”

-hmrf from 17 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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21 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 125”

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  1. First, I love salad, but I don’t think I like it that much. I’m more a grunt and shovel-kind of eater. Maybe some moans of ecstasy if it’s particularly NOMmish. That post made me laugh.
    I am intrigued by the Buffalo Greek Caesar salad. Some of my favorite things having a party in one bowl? Definitely a must-try!
    Love this weeks Link Love, Mark. Lots of great stuff here! 😀

  2. The “women laughing alone with salad” cracked me up. Yeah, that has become a visual cliche. This could spawn some spin-offs, such as “women in ecstasy while using feminine hygiene products” or “women hyper-extending their necks after washing their hair”.

  3. Dogsledding — the dogs love it! We live in northern Canada and once went dogsledding when our local club was offering free rides. The dogs all seemed so happy and SOOO eager to go — the main task of the guy in charge was to hold them back until we were on the sled. The dogs seemed to be smiling all the time, if you know what I mean, as they ran along. It was a wonderful experience.

    1. Absolutely!

      I work running sled dogs during the winter and they DO love it. As soon as they see a harness they start running and jumping and barking to go. Picture your own dog, excited to go for a walk and amplify the excitement times 30 dogs and you have my morning at work!

  4. I didn’t like the Women Eating Salad… maybe I missed the point… I thought it was dumb. My opinion might change if it is supposed to be a parody.

    1. It’s not a parody so much as it is a showcase of silliness… the pictures are stock images and they were as far as I can tell poking fun at how many stock images there are of women laughing while eating salad.

    2. If you go to Google Images and type “woman smiling salad” there are at least 14 screenfuls of examples. It’s quite comical.

      “man smiling salad” produces initially very similar results (just different gender) but the quantity is far lower–2 screenfuls of men+salad before it starts picking rather off-topic photos.

      Try “man smiling grilling” or “man smiling barbecue” and you get a much more diverse set. Some of them seem to have nothing to do with grilling or barbecue. One is just a picture of a live (uncooked!) weasel!!

  5. Re: no soap. I have been soap- and shampoo-free since the beginning of the summer, and it’s great! Showers are so easy, you just run hot water through your hair and scrub with your fingers, and rub down your skin with water, and you’re clean! I use a Thai deodorant stone which has no scent to it. I never stink, and as long as I rinse my hair at least every 3 days, it stays looking great all the time with no trouble (and I have very long hair for a man; it’s past my shoulders, so that’s saying something!).

    I use the same principle with my dog, whose only cleaning products have been rain, puddles, dirt and his tongue since the first month I brought him home three years ago (I gave him one bath to get rid of the funk and crud from being in doggy jail and having a cone on his head after being fixed). It helps that I feed him all raw food, but he cleans his fur regularly on his own initiative, and has a nice steady-state odor level that is actually quite pleasant, not at all strong or foul. His teeth are clean and his breath doesn’t smell, either, because he crunches bones every day and doesn’t eat any grains in his food. Natural is the way to go with dogs, and people too!

    Has anyone else found that eating mainly meat and vegetables has made their breath better and their teeth less plaqued? I find that I don’t feel I need to brush my teeth as often when I’m strict about Primal eating.

  6. Hey Mark,
    Sorry for a change of subject but i’ve been noticing a commercial on the television lately which seems to imply that eating HFCS is okay for me. The commercial seems to completely avoid commenting on the healthy-ness of HFCS while making this implication.


    1. watch out! this is a *huge* campaign for the HFCS folks trying to make us believe in their devil – don’t fall for it!

  7. My teeth are way cleaner on a mostly meat/veg diet.

    As for giving up soap, I think it’s a very individual thing. My mom and her sister can get away with this; I cannot. Those 88-cent bottles of Suave are a sacrifice I’m happy to make. I’ve known others who really, really did need to go back to using soap and deodorant.

  8. That “dog sledding” was hilarious. My nieces would love it.

    As for going shampoo-less … yep, I cut the rope on the soap back mid-summer too and I don’t plan on going back. Feels dirty in the oh-so-good way being so “dirty” in the conventional sense… haha

  9. Is there a women who has done this no soap thing? I feel like with my long hair, even if I just rise it out, once I dry it it’s still “greasy” looking.

      1. I have read elsewhere of women with long hair who are able to just rinse with water, however, my hair is long and very fine and greasy as hell. I use baking soda almost daily on it. I put about a quarter-sized splot of it on my scalp and rub it in a bit, and let it sit while I hang out under the water for a minute, then rinse REALLY REALLY WELL. If I don’t I find it in my ears later 🙂

      2. I tried the no poo thing and it didn’t work well for me. However, I don’t use soap on my body or face at all anymore. I have less break outs, less dry skin and I don’t have odor anymore. Also, my body hair grows in softer after I shave these days.

    1. Not a woman, but I have hair past my shoulders as I mentioned above. How long have you gone without shampoo? Because it seems to take a couple of weeks before everything stabilizes.

      But in my experience (n=1 obviously), my hair doesn’t get greasy or oily-looking as long as I rinse it out thoroughly at least every 3 days. And I actually find it has its best look as far as shine and volume a day after I rinse it. I would guess that’s going to vary from person to person though.

      I also brush it a couple times a day.

    2. My husband and I decided to try the no-soap thing. He loves it already. It’s only been a week, so I’m not discarding the idea of no soap yet, but I had to up my showers from every other day to daily. After a week, my hair is oily like it hasn’t been washed (with shampoo/conditioner) in 2 days but I don’t smell or anything crazy and its not intolerable. Usually after 2 days of not shampooing, my hair is just very itchy and bothersome– but its not right now since I’ve been washing with just water. I’m going to give the no soap thing about a month to see if my dry skin goes away and if my hair normalizes. I also use my own homemade deodorant. See blog link above. I’ll be posting my no-soap experiment on my blog in a month or so. Hope this helps!