Weekend Link Love – Edition 122

If this story doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Melissa McEwen is fond of ponies. On her plate!

Congratulations are in order. After a four year engagement, I can now proudly announce that Jenny Craig is married to Nestle Corp. Mazel tov!

Here’s a good example of why evoking the question “What would Grok do?” only goes so far. Discovery has a piece on what early man devoured that you should probably not.

And finally, how to sled if you don’t have hills (requires fighter jet).

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (December 12 – 18)

  • Primal Holiday Gifts – This is last year’s list of Christmas goodies to give your Primal loved one. The list works just as good in 2010 as it did in ’09!
  • In Defense of Meat Eaters – Meat is murder. Meat gives you cancer. Man is really an herbivore. You’ve probably heard those arguments before. This two part series chimes in with a rebuttal to the wave of anti-meat rhetoric pervading modern culture. Part one covers the evolutionary angle. Part two covers animal and human well-being.

Comment of the Week

Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer sent in by Grok Star and Primal Blogger, Batty, earlier this week:

After high fiving my computer screen, I asked her how she did it…

…just following the directions for the tat itself, giving it a bit more water so it would stick. hat is done in acrylic paint, and there’s actually a jungle-y background painted on the back of it, you can kind of see the strokes near the bottom. glad you liked it!

FYI – She’s using the Grok tattoo that was given away during the Primal challenge. I still have a ton of ’em. If you want them, same rules apply, mail me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and I’ll get a tat to you. Happy holidays!

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Malibu, CA 90264-6250

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