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Weekend Link Love – Edition 121

Author Gary Taubes of Good Calories, Bad Calories [1] fame is coming out with a new book later this month, Why We Get Fat [2]. If you’re not familiar with Gary, get familiar with him. He’s a truthbringer.

Meat makes you happy. Eating it and, apparently, also just looking at it [3]. The Colbert Report certainly takes this news seriously [4]; perhaps you should as well.

For all the folks who don’t know how to stay Primal while traveling, look no further than Dan Merk. The guy crams an entire Primal pantry into a collapsible travel cooler [5].  Remember, never leave home without a stick of butter.

For jollies, I’ll occasionally feature a parkour video here on link love. Well, step aside roof jumpers. When it comes to athletic amazification, these ballerinas put parkour pros to shame [6].

Cookies are monsters. Other than being unhealthy, apparently your cookie may be trying to injure you [7]. The story is from The Telegraph, but I find it hard to believe it wasn’t written by The Onion. Speaking of which…

Carl’s Jr. leads the way with round-the-clock eating [8].

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Comment of the Week

A reader email…

It’s couple weeks past my 30 day challenge. I’m running to catch a train at Liverpool street station and my pants fall down – result!

Now to get those two new holes notched into my belt.