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Weekend Link Love – Edition 120

You may have heard about the incoming report that high levels of vitamin D supplementation is unnecessary [1]. I’d suggest reading Heart Scan Blog‘s version of what the Institute of Medicine should have said [2]. And for those of you who still think D is a good idea, check out this handy infographic on vitamin D [3].

GrinchHabits? No, Leo Babauta’s blog is called Zen Habits, but he displays all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile with his post, The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents [4]. What say you, readers?

Is world health steamrolling toward a calories-per-dollar bottom line? Free the Animal asks the question, “For Paleo to go mainstream, must it be price competitive? [5]

TED (now in Chicago) has another great video this week featuring Jason Fried on why work doesn’t happen at work [6].

Quail is Primal. But how about quail for an entire month? Here’s an interesting find from Snopes about the impossible-to-win 30-days-of-quail bet [7].

EasyTone shoes are one thing, but EasyTone flip flops, pants, and sports bras [8]? Reebok is trying to turn you into a human rubber band!

And finally, sacrilicious [9]?

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Comment of the Week

My dog Wesley is the opposite of a morning dog–the only thing that gets him up is the smell of bacon. But forget that evening walk, and he will stare a hole in my head. He’s totally committed to primal eating, but no fan of broccolini.

– Louise D from How to Use the Buddy Effect to Achieve Your Health Goals [14]