Weekend Link Love – Edition 12

Link LoveZen to Fitness (a great new blog by the way) gives us (like we needed any more 😉 ) reasons to start sprinting today.

Eye on FDA examines whether its morally fair for pharmacists and physicians to object to certain treatments or procedures.

Something biting you? HealthBolt compiles a list of various online sources that will help you track down the culprit (and creep you out in the process).

With news reports suggesting that more Americans are turning to the Web for more info, Junkfood Science discusses a recent Journal of Internal Medicine paper suggesting that blogs written by medical professionals could threaten the integrity of the medical field.

Marginal Revolution profiles a study in the Journal of Happiness Research (what a fun job!) that suggests that self-help books can actually improve your mood.

Feeling rejected? Blogger Pick the Brain profiles seven strategies to handle hearing no.

Looking to spice up your workout routine? Straight to the Bar profiles a fitness video that they describe as American Ninja Training. We say check out the sweet moves on the playground bars – amazing!

Wise Bread
this week examines the difference between being overly productive and just plain overworked (and why we’re all too happy to literally work ourselves to death).

Food is Love has two great posts. One on eggs and the other on grass-fed butter.

and last, but not least…

Pay Now, Live Later explains why UK health food stores are the worst sugar pushers of all.

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  1. dangnubbit
    youve made me curious and now I caint get to zentofitness!
    maybe all the MDA fans are heading there at once?

  2. Thanks for the link Mark, really appreciate it!!!!

    Unfortunately just as this cropped up my hosts started having problems. Hopefully it will be up in the next hour or two, Please check back soon…..


  3. Thanks so much for the link!

    That post on sugary foods in UK health foods stores is interesting. Here in the US, I think most ‘health food’ stores have morphed into ‘natural foods’ stores, although there are plenty of unnatural products to be found in them. Lots of sugary foods too.

    Food Is Love