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Weekend Link Love – Edition 119

Tasha of Voracious is a vegan no more [1]. Her story is a good one, and so are the many supportive comments she received; feel free to add your own.

I originally wrote Epic Meal Time off as a gimmicky, sophomoric vlog. I haven’t changed my mind, but hats off to the wicked creativity and meat insanity that is their TurBaconEpic [2].

Looking for a natural deodorant? A really natural deodorant? Head over to Mihow, and learn how to make your own [3]!

Jimmy Moore and others discuss evolutionary health’s relationship with the Bible in his post, Can a Christian Follow a Paleo Low-Carb Diet [4]?

Turkey Day may be over, but it’s not too late for Poultry Slam. If you’ve never listened to the funny, sad, and wonderful stories of This American Life, I’d suggest streaming the 1995 broadcast of their very first poultry slam [5] (Turkey-themed) episode.

And finally, I know I’m a month late, but here’s the zombie food pyramid [6]. It would fit right in with these [7].

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