Weekend Link Love – Edition 119

Tasha of Voracious is a vegan no more. Her story is a good one, and so are the many supportive comments she received; feel free to add your own.

I originally wrote Epic Meal Time off as a gimmicky, sophomoric vlog. I haven’t changed my mind, but hats off to the wicked creativity and meat insanity that is their TurBaconEpic.

Looking for a natural deodorant? A really natural deodorant? Head over to Mihow, and learn how to make your own!

Jimmy Moore and others discuss evolutionary health’s relationship with the Bible in his post, Can a Christian Follow a Paleo Low-Carb Diet?

Turkey Day may be over, but it’s not too late for Poultry Slam. If you’ve never listened to the funny, sad, and wonderful stories of This American Life, I’d suggest streaming the 1995 broadcast of their very first poultry slam (Turkey-themed) episode.

And finally, I know I’m a month late, but here’s the zombie food pyramid. It would fit right in with these.

Recipe Corner

  • Turns out, last week’s tasty bacon-wrapped salmon cakes originated from Life as a Plate. I can’t believe I didn’t have this site on my RSS feed. AndreAnna’s recipe database is a treasure trove of mouthwonders. Go there now!
  • Primal Wisdom took one of my cookie recipes and made a few adjustments that I’m frankly jealous of. Read the Primal Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment.

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 21 – 27)

  • The Vegetarian Myth – It isn’t often I do book reviews, but this one is just too good to miss. Lierre Kieth is a former vegan (like Tasha, above) who really did her research about the ethics behind what we eat and why. This is a must read for Primal folks and vegetarians alike.
  • Diet as Dogma – When do the rules get in the way of the game? As enthusiasm for the Primal movement grows, it is important not to become dismissive of new ideas of health simply for the sake of sticking to the original principles you have come to trust.

Comment of the Week


Another good reason to LGN: Airport scanners!



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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Awww, thanks for the backtrack mention and the link love! I was proud to be linked up with Food Renegade but I appreciate the credit, thank you!!

  2. The link to Tasha’s piece is excellent, a long, but thoughtful read and reflects many of the discussions I’ve had with myself since moving from vegetarian to full-on PBer!

    Really worth reading although you can’t comment as she’s closed that thread having received hate messages! Hope she might drop by here .. if so ‘well done and thank you for being so honest’.

  3. My dad’s never been big on my primal lifestyle, but after sharing the TurBaconEpic video with him, he has demanded that I make it for Christmas dinner. I’ll have to alter the recipe a little… but I don’t think he’ll mind!

  4. I just checked out the post at Voracious; I’m guessing it used to be called The Voracious Vegan?

    Pretty appalling that she’s getting threats of violence against her and her family from so-called “ethical vegans” who consider her a traitor to the cause. Yeah, that’s really going to be good publicity for going vegan.

    1. “If I was a religious woman, miraculous would have to be my word of choice to express the transformation I’ve undergone in the past 2 months.” Taken from Tasha’s Voracious post.

      She didn’t even know how religious she was after all that is exactly what vegans are-religious. Blind faith is the only way to give up meat when we all know how badly our bodies crave it, esp. bacon! It’s good to see reformed vegans see through the religious mumbo-jumbo of veganism. Good job Tasha.

  5. Interesting article about the vegan. Some of the hateful unhinged comments left by the militant vegans did nothing to reverse my perception that a vegan diet eventually diminishes rationality and mental stability though. Yeesh.

    1. And Amen to that! It’s so ‘funny’ you don’t realise how insane you are until you become sane again, a real viscious circle.

      I become sane (after not realising how insane I had become) as a by product of eating Primal rather than the goal!

      Now when I look back at how I was living it was completely ridiculous but I didn’t see it at the time through the carb-fuelled bipolar fog I was navigating my life.

    1. So ? What about the deodorant ? did it work as expected ? I found the recipes most interesting ^^

      Right now, I do not know when I will be able to try it out, but I am looking for some reviews on it =)

  6. Thanks for plugging This American Life. It is not primal, but by God do they make stories interesting.

  7. Wow, I’m amazed that people are legitimately worried if they can eat Primal/Paleo and still follow the Bible.

    The Bible is: A moral guide and series of parables used to illustrate those morals.

    The Bible is not: A cookbook.

    1. The bible says that evolution is wrong and primal/paleo is based on the evolution of man.

      What I fail to see is how the writer can make a comment about people ‘blindly following’ CW and be a christian.

      Also, how can people think this – ‘it just makes total sense to them through the scientific evidence’ – about primal/paleo and also be christian? How can they apply logic, reasoning and science to one part of their lives and fail to do so in another?

  8. @Chris – you are right, the Bible is not a cookbook. But it does disclose many eating principles. From what I read, Adam & Eve ate only veggies, fruit, nuts, etc. I don’t see any reference to cooking in early scripture, and it is clear they did not eat meat. Yet they were the longest living people ever. That is where many people base vegetarian diet from.

    @Andrew – I agree with you, how can we apply logic in one area, but not another. If you approach evolution logically, it is very easy to see that evolution of one species to another species simply does not exist. Also, with strict logic applied, there is no hard scientific evidence that the earth is millions of years old – lots of theories and hypothesis. But no real scientific fact as the scientific community defines “fact”. I am in no way associated with this site, but I invite you to read the following for a logical argument against evolution of species:


    I’m new to this site and this way of eating/exercise. So far I find Mark’s site very intriguing and inspiring. There is real science behind much of the diet stuff. I do find entertainment value in the references to Grok and the Paleo man. It makes for a good word picture for a guiding principle, as long as you realize – logically speaking – there is no factual basis whatsoever that there ever was a hunter/gatherer inter-species “paleo man” as is referred to here.

    1. There is abundant evidence for the process of evolution and natural selection proposed by Darwin being absolutely correct. If you fail to see it there is little anyone can do.

      Radiometric dating has determined the age of the earth to be about 4.5 billion years old.

      I am not an accomplished biologist or theologian, therefore I strongly recommend that you read ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by Richard Dawkins and ‘Letter to a Christian Nation’ by Sam Harris.

  9. Ah yes, Richard Dawkins. I’ve seem segments of his speeches on Youtube, and read some of his material (but not his book). He is certainly not the curious open-minded scientist seeking the truth. He is on a evangelical mission for atheism.

    It’s interesting that radiometric dating was used on a freshly formed rock created by eruptions on Mt. St. Helens. Guess how old that new rock was? 33 million years old! Of course, the evolutionists explain this away with an endless list of exceptions and explanations. However, back to your original point, this is not logic or science, it is faith. Instead of faith in a Creator, it is faith in Naturalism. There are so many examples like this to cast reasonable doubt on the evolutionists. To me at least, it is not logical to conclude that it is scientific fact that the earth is millions of years old and that peleo man actually existed.

    And you are right about there being abundant evidence for evolution. I see evidence of evolution with the breading of my dogs. However, there is absolutely no evidence that I have seen or read about that demonstrates evolution from one species to another species. Even with insects and and such that have very short life spans, that we can observe over many generations we have not observed any one “species” changing into another “species”. Even within a species, we have only observed mutations where DNA information is lost. There has been no observation of new DNA information being formed whereby a species evolves to a higher order specimen.

    What does this have to do with this site or the Paleo diet? Nothing really. We are way off topic. Evolution is the current fad in “science” so it’s easy to see why people are easily swayed into believing in it. Whether or not there was really a Grok doesn’t really matter for what is being presented on this site. I find this site very informative and inspirational.

  10. But there’s plenty of meat, animal husbandry, and meat eating in the Bible. Many of the tribes of Israel were shepherds. The fatted calf was killed to celebrate the return of the prodigal son (and if they didn’t eat said calf, then they were prodigal in their waste of food and animal life). The Jews in Egypt ate lamb and bitter greens at Passover (if my memory serves me). And many of the disciples were fishermen before they became fishers of men’s souls. I don’t think Christ commanded them to not eat fish. And then there’s the whole miracle of the loaves and fishes. Of course, I read the King James Version, so maybe something has been lost in translation to modern English?