Weekend Link Love – Edition 114

To all the folks who found my free Grok tattoo offer on the final contest post of the 30 Day Challenge, your tats are in the mail! And speaking of which, it’s not too late to enter that last contest, but do it fast.

Cheers to reader Eric for finding this gem (PDF) in the Nutrition Journal that (Eric’s colorful words) “fully b****-slaps the American Dietary Guidelines for being based on faulty science, weak evidence, and weak results.”

In the three decades since, carbohydrate consumption has increased; overall fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol consumption have decreased to near or below targeted levels; caloric intake remains within recommended levels; and leisure-time physical activity has increased slightly (pp. D1-1, D3-10, B2-3). At the same time, scientific evidence in favor of these recommendations remains inconclusive, and we must consider the possibility that the “potential for harmful effects” has in fact been realized. Notably, “the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the US has increased dramatically in the past three decades” (A4); the number of Americans diagnosed with T2D has tripled.

Warning, the following article is hard to read, the title explains why: Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese.

Tag is Primal, if you’re doing it right.

Girl Gone Primal attempted my Fast Food Challenge last month. What started as an optimistic foray to the local Red Rooster (Aussie version of KFC) resulted in a messy, free-range fail.

The armed forces are up in arms over footwear. Should Vibrams be allowed on base? The article has some great one liners. Apparently 35% of Navy SEALs where Vibrams, and “Once Navy SEALs start wearing them, everybody in Virginia Beach wants to wear them.” Or as they are called on base, “ninja shoes,” “gorilla feet” or “bear paws.”

And finally, banana bread does what? (NSFW)

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Comment of the Week

Like last week, this is technically a reader email…

Hi Mark,

I am recently engaged! My fiance and I are semi-new (2 months in) primal CrossFitters, and we’re looking forward to planning our primal wedding! I’ve been searching for some kind of caveman like cake topper, but I can’t find anything that looks as awesome as Grok.  Any ideas?  Thaks so much for everything you’ve given us (motivation, health, and happiness in our lives).


So, what do you think, folks? Any ideas for Coral and her wedding cake? Leave them in the comments section.

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