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September 05 2010

Weekend Link Love – Edition 113

By Mark Sisson

You may know I’m not a huge fan of pointless stretching. Apparently the NY Times doesn’t see what all the fuss over stretching is about either.

Sorry about the unavoidable price hike, Aussies, but I had to smile when I found out egg farmers can’t keep up with the rapidly growing demand for eggs in Australia. To all my readers Down Under causing that shortage, Grok on!

Love the title of this video, “My Morning Run.”

And if you’re tired of all that parkour, here’s a different style of acrobatics from India.

Not sure whether to do high reps at low weight or low reps at high weight? LeanGains rounds up several opinions on the rep question. Feel free to chime in with your own.

Weirdness from Wired: Apparently folks are making whisky from urine.

If you’re a DIY person, you might enjoy DIY Strength’s DIY clubs.

And finally, reader Kristie sent in this photo of an ad she found for Ritz Crackerfuls. The ad invites you to “Snack on real food.” But the ingredients list tells a slightly different story. As Kristie points out, beyond the artificial coloring and flavoring and the HFCS, the label lists, “Palm and/or Soybean and/or Canola oil.” So what, the lab technicians who engineered this product aren’t even sure what type of oil they used? I suppose Crackerfuls are real in the sense that they weren’t conjured by imagination from the feasting tables of Never Neverland, but I honestly can’t think of a less real snack to compare it to.

Recipe Corner

  • Unlike Ritz, What I Crave makes crackers from real real food. Try these Primal savory herb crackers.
  • Evidence of the Aussie egg craze, Girl Gone Primal makes chunky chicken burgers wrapped in egg. Yes, you got that right, she is cutting up a chicken and stuffing it back into the egg.

Time Capsule

Two years ago (August 29 – September 4)

  • How to Get That Natural Glow – The ins and outs of Primal skin care. Clearing up acne, avoiding the chemical goops, what products to look for. It doesn’t always put the lotion in the basket.
  • 10 Simple Steps to Motivate a Friend – Most folks are resistant to the whole “avoid grains and cardio” concept of health. Here are a few tips for getting them on the right road to health, and perfect timing, because the Primal Challenge starts in just a few days!

Comment of the Week

Pre Challenge contest!? Right outside my door? It’s so beautiful! It’s almost a TRIPLE contest. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

Tom from The Primal Blueprint Challenge Begins September 7

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 113”

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in this week’s Link Love!!! I get so inspired by your site, Mark. Can’t wait for the challenge to start.

  2. I have decided to stop spreading the word of health.

    I’ve come to realize that if we all continue to advertise this way of eating to everyone, after awhile, won’t we just all be back where we started?
    High demand – short on supplies. Meaning people will have to ‘starve’, animals will be cramped together to fit more in, plumped up and fed growth hormones so the people will stop crying.

    And around and around we go….

    The only way to fix this is if we’d all have population control, like Weston A. Price found the primitive Aborigines used to do because there just wasn’t enough for everyone. But the USA and its religious fanatics, and women being brainwashed since childhood that having babies is the only way of life, will never let population control happen.

    1. In that case, I guess I should stop encouraging people to vaccinate, huh…

  3. I start out with low reps at high weight then gradually move to high reps at low weight, I figure that way I’ve got all my bases covered (plus it’s fun).

  4. Fav quote from egg article: “Egg farmers say consumer demand has increased by 20 per cent in the last four years and they’ve been *scrambling* to keep up.”

  5. I think that you should have a day where you do high weight with low reps (5) and a day where you go with high reps and lower weight (8). This way you can get stronger and still have that bodybuilding muscle gaining routine.

  6. I’m over in the land down under and we haven’t seen anything close to an egg shortage in QLD, where we are. It’s hard to tell if prices are high though because nearly everything over here costs so much more. We’re still able to get a good 2 dozen a week, no problem. Score!

  7. OK, I’ll own up. The egg shortage is our fault. We could go through a dozen a day easily.

    1. I know!! Im allways running out of eggs. Good thing I can buy them from the amish guy down the road.

  8. Hi Mark,

    I work for one of the bigger food companies in the world. While it’s not a great practice, I have to make the point that the reason they list multiple oils in an “and/or” fashion is because it’s usually a blend of oils with a composition that changes with the price of those oils.

    It’s not the most appetising thought, but at least they’re being honest rather than refusing to name the oils.

  9. The use of multiple names on a label allows a company to use the momentarily cheapest of those listed, since prices sometimes fluctuate, without having to print up new labels every time.

  10. I loved the stretching article. I used to stretch before I worked out and always wondered if it was necessary. Since I have been primal, 5 months, I have stopped stretching. I only do the grok hang and grok squat and oh boy do I love it. I don’t see myself ever going back to stretching like I used to – its jus not necessary as the study shows.

  11. I just saw the Indian gymnastic sport 2 days ago, what a coincidence that he puts it up today. It’s really badass though.

  12. Hi Mark, Great site! What’s your view on stretching after training? Is the Grok hang enough Does avoiding endless repetitve boring exercise routine negate the need for it? I work as a remedial massage therapist and see evidence for the evils of sitting down all day and the secondary efeects on posture and therefore pain chronic cardio. Love to hear your POV

  13. “Stretching” as most people are familiar with is probably useless, but there are some great mobility exercises that can increase range of motion and mobilization. for instance:

    Work/Family Safe