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Weekend Link Love

Update on the 30 Day Primal Challenge: The kickoff will officially be September 7, the day after Labor Day. This should give you a little time for some last minute weekend indulgences plus a chance to spread the word to relatives at the Labor Day barbecue. More info to come next week, but here’s a little teaser… I’m giving away a cow, courtesy of US Wellness [1].

Tawfunguy from the forum is counting down to the day he’ll be loin cloth ready [2]. And he’s vlogging about it on YouTube [3].

Remember the Grok crawl [4]? Ross Training dug up a few parkour strength training videos [5] that involve some hardcore crawling.

The NY Times had a great article on palliative care [6] this week. Don’t know what palliative care is? You’re not alone.

Shawn Gorrell is doing well. He’s 55 down in the ATL [7].

He remaps farming zones just by existing. He makes the lonely hearts club look like a block party. Chameleons weep with rage at the mere mentioning of his name. He is… <thunderclap>… the most isolated man in the world [8].

Also from Slate, squatting happens [9]. Or at least it should.

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Comment of the Week

Next post will be about squirrel, no?

– Boris B. from Learning From Moose [15]