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August 29 2010

Weekend Link Love

By Mark Sisson

Update on the 30 Day Primal Challenge: The kickoff will officially be September 7, the day after Labor Day. This should give you a little time for some last minute weekend indulgences plus a chance to spread the word to relatives at the Labor Day barbecue. More info to come next week, but here’s a little teaser… I’m giving away a cow, courtesy of US Wellness.

Tawfunguy from the forum is counting down to the day he’ll be loin cloth ready. And he’s vlogging about it on YouTube.

Remember the Grok crawl? Ross Training dug up a few parkour strength training videos that involve some hardcore crawling.

The NY Times had a great article on palliative care this week. Don’t know what palliative care is? You’re not alone.

Shawn Gorrell is doing well. He’s 55 down in the ATL.

He remaps farming zones just by existing. He makes the lonely hearts club look like a block party. Chameleons weep with rage at the mere mentioning of his name. He is… <thunderclap>… the most isolated man in the world.

Also from Slate, squatting happens. Or at least it should.

Recipe Corner

  • Elena’s Pantry recently featured some crackers you might be familiar with. But the real gem of her post is the comment section, a veritable Primal feast of previous Primal recipes from her blog.
  • Health Habits is creating a Paleo Cookbook eBook using recipes from over 40 Primal Bloggers. Check out some of the goodies on his cookbook preview post.
  • Jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly. Hunt. Gather. Love. makes jelly. Slurp it.

Time Capsule

Two years ago (August 22 – 28)

  • Pregorexia: Fetus, We’re Hungry – Growing more common due to airbrushed photos of ultra-thin post-pregnancy celebrity bodies, the trend of eating too little during pregnancy can be unhealthy for child and mother.
  • Top 10 Craziest Diet Fads – Cayenne and lemonade, chewing 32 times before swallowing, the beer diet… yep, people can be crazy.

Comment of the Week

Next post will be about squirrel, no?

– Boris B. from Learning From Moose

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love”

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  1. Endorsement for TAWFUNGUY here — dude has such enthusiasm that it’s impossible not to have some of it rub off on you.

  2. A cow is the most motivation I could ever get! Last few weeks Ive been soft on my diet. Im pretty excited to do a 30 day challange with a chance to win some much needed meat!!! 😀

  3. I can’t wait for the challenge. I look forward to it!

    TAWFUNGUY Is the most awesome grokstar ever. and this is coming from someone who has done some serious forum hopping. His positivity is outrageously contagious and his motivation is just… awesome. His results are crazy good and you should absolutely ABSOLUTELY check him out! 🙂

    Okie doke-Happy Weekend

  4. Tawfunguy – you have just the vital stats my brother had last December, he is now less than 180 lbs, done Primally, of course! His before and after shots are quite impressive, but he’s not in a loin cloth though!

    Grok on – you can do it 🙂

  5. Oooh! Me and the hubby both want to get in on this Primal Challenge. How do we sign up? Have we missed it?

  6. Just looked through a bunch of the recipes at Elana’s Pantry. They all look excellent! Are all of her recipes considered primal? The ones I went through certainly seemed to be.

    1. I enjoy her recipes – just know what primal foods are and are not and you should be able to disregard the ones that are not.

      But, I think almost all are as they are all gluten free. She loves to use almond flour which I have actually never used…

      She uses agave nectar in many which many health experts, including Mark, say to avoid completely. It has more fructose then HFCS. Use honey instead and use a lot less.

      1. Thanks, I was curious about that. Does Honey behave similarly to Agave in baking/cooking?

        1. I’ve never had any problems substituting honey in her recipes. And I generally use less sweetener than the recipe calls for too–I don’t like my sweets super sweet. Almond flour is awesome, btw!

        2. I have used her recipes subbing (less) honey for agave & subbing other things like coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil. My go-to spot for primal “treats” (sweet indulgances) baked goods.

  7. The squatting article is a great read, who wouldn’t want an extra hour a week.

  8. k, this could be classified as too much information in some circles.

    I never have problems on the toilet. I tried squatting today on the toilet. It was no effort at all to go. I noticed it was easier and I never have problems going.

    I did warn this was too much information. lol

  9. Another reason to get serious about adding the primal squat to my workout.

  10. I am so excited to try this challenge! I actually purchased Mark’s book and read it just this past May.

    I was already gluten and sugar free for 27 months but still eating rice and rice products (rice pasta, rice cereal) and using agave to sweeten some things. It seemed I just couldn’t lose those last 14lbs. Since starting primal eating, I lost 7 of those, but could use a push to finish it off.
    I actually am going to a MovNat program in Toronto in Sept at strengthbox (thank you Mark for the link)!!!

    There is no gym in my area that is even close to primal, and I have been going it alone, feeling a little lonely lately. I hope connecting with others in the challenge would help with that. I will have to figure out how to use the forum.