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August 17 2008

Weekend Link Love – Edition 11

By Worker Bee

Link LoveNeed to shore up your emergency preparedness plans? Blogger Cranky Fitness has a how-to-guide that will cover just about every disaster possible!

As if you needed more proof that BMI measures are inaccurate, Dr. Briffa profiles two studies released this week showing you exactly why you shouldn’t get hung up on the numbers.

HealthBolt profiles the benefits of flossing…especially for the guys.

Everyone might be talking about Michael Phelps’ Olympic records, but Junkfood Science gets the real scoop on his INSANE diet.

Thought folate was just for the pregnant women? Laurel on Health Food directs us to a new study that suggests maybe men should up the folate ante if they’re looking to become a daddy!

Modern Forager this week posted a multi-part series analyzing the effects of fasting on the body in terms of energy production, hormones and inflammation. It’s a must read for every cave man considering taking a break from the chow.

That’s Fit profiles the British edition of Men’s Health “7 deadly signs” that a mystery ailment may actually be the start of a potentially serious health problem.

The Office Diet profiles six “innovative” devices designed to make dieting at your desk just that little bit easier (or weirder… you decide!)

The Ririan Project examines the signs, symptoms and dangers of overtraining.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 11”

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  1. What’s your take on Phelps’ diet? Pretty insanely carb heavy, while theres no doubt he expends the energy, it cant be good source of cals and will affect his long term health.

  2. Flossing? From MDA?

    Did Grok floss? 🙂

    Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to cover the bases, but… doesn’t a low sugar/low grain diet help against the need to floss/brush?

  3. I have a friend who lost ONE HUNDRED POUNDS using one of those little bike thangs the office diet mentions.

    it’s so true: MORE MORE EAT LESS.

    sometimes it doesnt matter what the MOVE MORE looks like.