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First off, congratulations to FlyNavyWife. The veteran Grokstar and Joyful Abode blogger is now also a proud mom! Welcome Anneliese Claire to the world.

Eat smart. Eat meat smart. Listen to NPR‘s wonderful piece on how a meat-based diet made us smarter. Let the vegetarians and raw foodies weep.

Coke is in troubled waters, troubled vitamin waters. More specifically, they are being sued for making unwarranted health claims about the product. And Coke’s defense (seriously, not making this up): “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.”

Milk and water… what went wrong, America? Free the Animal found a hilarious stand-up set by comedian Lewis Black on the current problem with milk and water. Fair warning, Black drops more F-Bombs than Joe Biden at a health care bill approval rally.

Want to talk numbers? Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. gets right down to business with a side-by-side carb comparison of grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. This post really makes a clean and simple argument against the grain and for the veggie.

And finally, Ross Training posts some good old advice from Rocky.

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Two year ago (August 1 – 7)

  • 10 Questions with MizFit from MizFitOnline – MizFit has been blogging fitness and blogging well for several years now. This is my interview with her from way back in the day (2008). And in case you’re wondering, that giant-headed caricature of me used to be the banner-head for the blog.
  • What’s Wrong With the Zone Diet? – Ratios, calculations, that sounds fun, right? This post explains why “The Zone” ultimately fails.

Comment of the Week

be careful with the IV drip idea. A friend of mine is a paramedic and swore by this as a perfect hangover cure. Until that is he fell asleep on one particular ‘refuelling’, knocked over the drip onto the floor and awoke with a even more raging hangover and a pint of his own blood back filled into the IV bag..

-Matt from Hangover Hacks You Can Hang Your Hat On

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