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Weekend Link Love

You don’t have to take my word from it. From the New York Times:

“Vitamin D  promises to be the most talked-about and written-about supplement of the decade. While studies continue to refine optimal blood levels and recommended dietary amounts, the fact remains that a huge part of the population — from robust newborns to the frail elderly, and many others in between — are deficient in this essential nutrient.”


“Most people in the modern world have lifestyles that prevent them from acquiring the levels of vitamin D that evolution intended us to have. The sun’s ultraviolet-B rays absorbed through the skin are the body’s main source of this nutrient. Early humans evolved near the equator, where sun exposure is intense year round, and minimally clothed people spent most of the day outdoors.”

“As a species, we do not get as much sun exposure as we used to, and dietary sources of vitamin D are minimal…”

Read the entire NYT vitamin D article [1]. Then go get some sun.

As the great H. Simpson once said, “Here’s to alcohol… the cause, and solution to all of life’s problems.” Read Lean Gains incredibly thought-provoking (and entertaining) breakdown of alcohol consumption [2].

MizFit joined the Vibram crowd [3] this week. Now it’s your turn!

A big shout out to all my Norwegian readers (there’s really quite a few). Kristoffer Clausen is “A Wild Man [4],” living alone on the unforgiving tundra of Norway, surviving off the land. For English speakers, watch a subtitled video of Kristoffer preparing for a hard winter [5]. Does anyone know how to say “Primal” in Norwegian?

Remember these Vibram-clad newlyweds [6]? Well, they now have a blog. Read Suzi’s full success story transforming to a Primal lifestyle [7] over at Winter Herbs.

And finally, cute knit meat [8].

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So, will the PBF be available for Wii?

hahaha, just kidding

– Peggy from The Cost of “Perfection” [14]