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If you’ve seen all my header photos, you’ve probably surmised that I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding. According to the Wall Street Journal, I’m not the only one.

Richard Nikoley just got back from MovNat, and so did Melissa McEwan! Read about Melissa’s adventure, and then read all five parts of Richard’s (part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).

For those of you who had fun building your own protein bar over at YouBars, you’ll probably enjoy SlantShack, which lets you build your own beef jerky.

Ready for some inspiration? Watch Veronica Garza‘s story about overcoming an autoimmune disease through lifestyle habits.

Ready for more inspiration? Read J.D. Moyer‘s story about overcoming asthma through lifestyle habits.

Ready for even more inspiration? Read how you can overcome depression through lifestyle habits. That’s right, even The Guardian is starting to go Primal.

And finally, as Healthcare Epistemocrat discovers, job interviews haven’t changed much in tens of thousands of years.

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Time Capsule

One year ago (July 18 – 24)

  • The Definitive Guide to Saturated Fat – Long standing whipping boy of Conventional Wisdom, this post explains why saturated fat is not the enemy of health.
  • The Savagely Effective Mace – Nope, not the stuff you spray from a can. This post is about the heavy, metal thing you swing at your enemies. It just happens to be a great workout tool as well.

Comment of the Week

I don’t know about all of this, Mark. As an arbitrary spot, I don’t think I would feel safe seeing a bunch of humans sneaking up on me. Especially since I can’t move…

Arbitrary Spot from 5 More Ways to Playfully Mimic a Persistence Hunt

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  1. Does anyone have any idea why beef jerky is so expensive? I buy my grass fed beef for $2.88 lb. since I buy 1/2 cow at at time… Beef jerky is always $20-40 per lb.!!!!

    It just makes no sense to me to buy it…

    1. I’ve heard jerky is roughly 1/3 of its starting weight, so 3 lbs. of meat would produce 1 lbs. of jerky after losing all its water weight. Factor in spices, packaging, shipping and whatnot and seems like it could get pricey.

  2. I’m really happy to see the article on depression. Last year I went through a bout myself. Doctor’s offered me drugs and therapy so I went to my naturopath and got my eating plan down and hormones balanced and I was good to go!

  3. The depression article was…eh. All of the things he talked about (social support, exercise, a good night’s sleep) are of course important, but a lack of those things are also *symptoms* of depression in the first place. He claims that everyone who put the whole program in place got better. I’d argue, having spent a lot of time trying to help a severely depressed brother, that anyone who can manage to get in all that socializing and exercise and sleep (the sleep really being the kicker, because it doesn’t matter if you can set aside ten hours to sleep if you lie awake for eight of them) is probably on the milder side of the depression spectrum in the first place.

    It’s a sample that self-selects for only the milder cases, because putting in place the plan to combat the symptoms requires overcoming those symptoms in the first place. The more severe cases who cannot implement the whole program without other aids, such as talk therapy, hormone supplements, or, yes, antidepressants, are dismissed as noncompliance rather than an inadequacy in the program itself to address those cases.

    For milder cases of depression, for a first step or as general maintenance of mental health and a balanced life, or as guidelines to keep in mind in addition or to balance to what your doctor/therapist says…absolutely. But the evidence for anything beyond that is thin, the the reasoning behind the centerpiece statement of the article extremely flawed.

    1. This is incredibly true. I tried for YEARS to put all that stuff together and just couldn’t make it stick.

      Last summer I finally agreed to try antidepressants, and lo and behold the pieces started to fall into place.

      First, I had enough energy to get my house cleaned up, then I felt better and was able to relate to my family again. By the end of the year I started working out in the mornings (which I have NEVER been able do to longer than a couple weeks), and seven months later, I’m still holding that pattern pretty well.

      Once the exercise was in place, I was able to start changing the way I eat….

      I have no doubt that within a year I’ll be off the AD again, making them the tool I needed to turn things around.

  4. I’ve really been wanting to try MovNat. Right now I don’t have the money but I’m going to start saving up for it.

    It looks so fun and I think I could learn a lot from it, hopefully I get to do it soon!

    Ken Rogers

    1. It’s from the soy sauce – they say you can email them to make sure they don’t use ingredients you can’t have. I’m sure they can find a way around it if needed, but the amount in a marinade would be pretty small.

  5. the mace as exercise equipment would have to be a cartoonist’s dream… I’m waiting for the day that a good cartoonist goes primal and starts a modern caveman comic strip.

  6. I had always suffered from infrequent Asthma throughout my entire life, usually in winter when the weather changed. I have been wheat free for approx 4 months now and have not noticed any symptoms. Yesterday I ate 4 wheat based crackers and within 30 minutes I was experiencing the tight chestedness and weezing that I remember only too well from my pre-primal days.

    Anecdotal? Yes

    Interesting? Most definitely.

  7. Wow – no wonder why I make my own grass-fed beef jerky. There are criminals selling it for ridiculous amounts on the internet for the suckers.

  8. hey, I’ve been wanting to try stand-up paddling!! There’s an event here every spring where you can try out all sorts of new paddle sports, but I missed it this year so I have to wait. It looks cool & sounds awesome!

    On the other hand, the gear is waaay out of my budget, and all my friends think it’s lame. 🙁

  9. Just FYI: There’s a coupon code that’ll take 10% off on the YouBar site: “dailyspark”

    (I just used it, so it works for now!)

  10. I just started stand-up paddle boarding last weekend. There’s a paddle board race coming up here soon, and I hope some primal training and nutrition will put me on the podium! Grok on!

    BTW can you imagine paddle boarding with a gig strapped to your back like a spear for gigging some fat flounder, or a bow for bow fishing? Primal!

    Too bad Coastal Grok didn’t have carbon fiber 😮

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