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Weekend Link Love

You may have heard me say that a session at the gym isn’t going to undo a day of sitting at work, sitting in a car, and sitting in front of a TV. Seems like the NY Times is finally saying so too; read their piece on the men who stare at screens [1].

What’s worse, the candwich [2] or the lasagne-wich [3]? Both found on Bitter Wallet, you be the judge.

Humans should live Primal, and so should dogs! Healthcare Epistemocrat interviews author Steve Brown on his book Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet [4].

Want to know what a good gym looks like? Strengthbox [5] gets it right.

Wait a minute, is CBS News telling me pharmaceutical companies will attempt to cover up research showing the potential risks of their drugs [6]? Preposterous! In case you missed it, Avandia gets to stay on the market [7] despite the scandal.

For your mouth: The periodic table of meats [8].

And finally, the Turkey Hooker [9].

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Comment of the Week

Ugh, I just had this horrible vision of narrowly missing a deer with my car, only to strike a guy wearing a loin cloth and VFFs. – Paul C from Persistence Hunting in the Park [15]