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Weekend Link Love

The China Study. Yes, we’ve seen it belittled, but never in such amazing fashion. Raw Food SOS thoroughly discredits the China Study [1], and Richard Nikoley is there with a bullhorn to spread the word [2]. Rob Wolf is all over this one [3] as well. See The Protein Debate (PDF) between Cordain and Campbell.

I thought I had palmed my face for the final time on the “giving kids statins [4]” issue. But nay, in recent groundbreaking news insanity, Lipitor now comes in kid-friendly chewables [5].

Here’s a little study [6] you can hold over your friends’ heads the next time they chide you about the silly notion that you can “control your genes.”

There’s something suspicious about these clipper coupons [7]

Not everyone will get this one, but I’m curious as to whether or not this soup [8] is Primal.

If you enjoyed lasts week’s sleep posts (here [9], here [10], and here [11]), you’ll find Scientific American‘s look at sleep habits and cancer [12] intriguing.

And finally, this is the wrong way to open a coconut [13].

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Comment of the Week

Try drying dulse in the toaster oven for 5 minutes. It brings out a nice bacon flavor. In fact, wrap it in bacon!

Aaron Blaisdell [19] from A Visual Guide to Sea Vegetables [20]