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Weekend Link Love

Happy 4th of July!

Here’s another grand slam from TED, chef Dan Barber talks about sustainability and his love affair with fish [1].

Do video games have a place in fitness [2]? Son of Grok‘s answer may surprise you.

Because more than a dozen people emailed me about the article, it’s worth mentioning that orthorexia is back in the news [3] and is predictably being misinterpreted by pundits [4]. While I covered the subject over a year ago [5], I’ll go ahead and say it again: Choosing healthy foods is not a mental disorder, but refusing to eat because of impossibly high standards is.

Leg of lamb? Psheh. Eat this [6].

Drugs in animals… Apparently not such a great thing. The FDA finally takes a step in the right direction by urging less antibiotics in meat [7].

In super serious news, Pay Now Live Later discovers the secret to the tape worm diet is all in the training… [8]

I’ve poked fun at Gwyneth’s diet and exercise choices in the past [9], but this is actually kind of sad. She may be in the early stages of osteopenia [10]. On the bright side, this news might spur Gwyneth fans to get more D!

And finally, the layers of meaning are just baked into this photo [11].

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Comment of the Week

Recently I made a buckwheat pillow and I’ve been sleeping way better since. It is really firm but it basically contours exactly to how you want it. Oddly, when I wake up the pillow usually has only like a couple inches of thickness so maybe the thinner the better or something along those lines. All I know is I used to wake up with neck problems and they seemingly have disappeared since.

-Jerry from Does it Matter How Grok Slept? [16]