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Weekend Link Love

From Live Science, scientists have engineered a new kind of vegetable oil [1]. Apparently you can put it in your body or in your car. Those are pretty much the same, right?

As American as squeezable cheese and marshmallow fluff… Take a tour of the American ethnic section. [2]

Does fasting play tricks on the mind? Yes, yes it does. But in a good way. Read this PubMed abstract about short term fasting and neuronal autophagy [3].

Richard Nikoley doesn’t care too much for Vibrams. Before you shake your bare-toed foot-fist in anger, read Richard’s opinion of Vibram alternatives [4].

The Biggest Loser loses support as contestant Kai Hibbard speaks out on CBS News about some of the unhealthy conditions on the show [5]. Surprise, surprise.

I’ve linked to Suicide Food [6] before, but this Flickr Group steps up the cannibalism [7].

For the constant baconnist… bacon camp [8].

Uh….too much vitamin D [9]?

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1 tbsp baking soda, mix with 1 cup water, pour through your hair and then rub around a bit. Rinse with warm water. Baking soda seems to get rid of any smells. You can rinse with apple cider vinegar (again I do 1tbsp per cup water).

Kat [16] from Pooh-Poohing the ‘Poo [17]