Weekend Link Love – Edition 10

Link Love60 in 3 reminds us that while there are a lot of new-fangled devices out there for sculpting six-pack abs, sometimes getting on the floor and bustin’ out a few good ol’ fashioned crunches is the best (and cheapest) way to get an ab workout.

Almost Vegetarian shows us that olive oil can be subbed in for butter (even in baking!)

The Diet Blog profiles a graphic that recently ran in the New York Times depicting exactly what it is the “typical” American is noshing on these days.

Summer weather got you feeling lazy? Dumb Little Man offers six reasons to shake the lazy bug.

Feel like the Pharma industry is feeding you lies? Blogger Health Beat presents evidence that you might just be on to something!

Blogger Matt Metzgar profiles his experience with a 40-hour fast and finds it’s really not that bad after all.

Think you’re training hard? Ross Training ought to put it in perspective (and once and for all prove that you don’t need a fancy gym or a ton of equipment to reach peak physical condition). Also, check him out with the jump rope – a-ma-zing.

YumSugar has a delicious recipe for a cool and refreshing (not to mention quick!) summer salad of shrimp and cucumber.

Robb Wolf also had a few things to say about the Zone Diet.

Knackered Hack offers up a video of Gary Taubes author of Good Calories, Bad Calories (aka The Diet Delusion in the UK) and considers taking up the task of reading the book himself.

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  1. Mark, thanks for the link. You’ll see from my latest post that we’ve overwhelmed the daily apple requirement this week when, quite literally, a tree-full almost fell on me!


  2. Mark, I’m really appreciating your blog.

    I’m a low carber and since I naturally tend to go more “Primal”, I’m especially appreciating this information – thanks!