News Happens: from Vegansexuals to McDonald’s

Worker Bees’ Buzz:

Forget Secret Sauce: It’s the Wrapper

Children favor food with recognizable branding, proving that they are highly susceptible to junk slingers restaurant chains like McDonald’s.

Common “Safe” Chemical We’re All Exposed to Is Not So Safe!

Plastic. Remember plastic? The chemicals in plastic do not cause harm…in theory. In reality, the frequent exposure to plastic in daily life is dangerous. Here’s the scoop.

More on Moore and the Healthcare Debate

If you haven’t read Mark’s provocative proposal for overhauling the health system, be sure to catch it here. And this just in from the New York Times. Is less more? Is more more?


Some vegans refuse to date carnivores because they are “living graves” for animals. Move over, metrosexual. And locavores? So 2006.

If you can check off the items on this list, you just might be able to date a vegan! What do you think about this, Apples?

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25 thoughts on “News Happens: from Vegansexuals to McDonald’s”

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  1. Vegansexuals…

    That explains a lot! My wife may be a closet vegan!

  2. “Children favor food with recognizable branding, proving that they are highly susceptible to junk slingers restaurant chains like McDonald’s.”

    Very true. That’s why all the high-carb junk served in school breakfasts is all individually packaged brand-name stuff. Kids also like colorful packaging. In an experiment that took place in a school cafeteria, researchers served apple slices two ways: on a plate and in a colorful plastic bag. Guess which the kids preferred? Apple slices in a little bag are popular, and the only real food on the breakfast menu, unless you count the pasteurized, homogenized, flavored milk.

  3. Vegansexuals? Boy, what would they think of those that don’t eat grain? We’d be really repulsive. Some of the most beautiful animals are meat eaters. They kept making reference to the fact that they(vegans) belonged to christ’s church. Hello… christ ate meat and his apostles were fisherman.
    The human body is red meat, ya know. O.K., yes, animals died so we can eat but plants are living things too and we kill them for food. Maybe we should eat rocks…

  4. Sonagi, that is fascinating. I’m gonna research it (do you happen to have any links?).

    Crystal, I guess we’re SOL. 😉

  5. I’m sure I horrify vegans. I tend to lean to the more carnivorous side of the human omnivore heritage. In an average week I consume 28 eggs and 12 pounds of meat, and I enjoy every juicy morsel … mmmmm mmmm good. So vegans, all I ask is that you wear a sign or something and you won’t have to worry about any sexual advances from me … because I only date women who enjoy a good piece of meat.

  6. Brian,
    Enjoy your good piece of meat, but try not to think of the suffering that animal went through so you could eat its dead flesh. Animal corpses are such tasty treats!

  7. Thanks, Gretch. I agree with you, animals are tasty treats. I really like a nice thick grass fed T-Bone, rubbed with simple salt, pepper, and olive oil and fired on a really hot grill just to get some nice grill marks and get a little crispness to fat, but still just a barely warm red center… now that’s good stuff … I know what I’m having for dinner … heck maybe even breakfast…

    Wow! brain storm … maybe I’ll sear some foi gras, and serve it on top…excellent!

  8. Unfortunately, I have no links Sara. I got the information from a TV progam on school lunches.

  9. Christchurch is a city in New Zealand.

    I don’t think I’d want to date a vegan. And no, I’m not saying this because of this woman’s face in the photo accompanying the original article (although that might be a supplemental deterrent).

    It’s just that living life would be such a pain in the butt. My wife doesn’t like beef or mutton, and that alone is a hassle in planning meals. If fish, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese, baked goods with animal fats, ice cream, etc., were off the table, yikes!

  10. I am not against vegetarians. I do eat meat, but not every day. I eat more chicken and fish than meat. I just make sure i get protein. I say to each his own, meat eater or vegetarian, just stay healthy whatever a persons preference that works for them.

  11. Having “been” both, I agree, Donna – there’s room for everyone. As long as you are consuming adequate protein (which is entirely possible for vegetarians), to each his/her own.

  12. The thing I don’t understand is why people who eat meat judge people who don’t as hippies or weirdos. They often, like Brian, want to be provocative and hostile about their meat consumption. Guilty conscience? I don’t know.

  13. Also, Mark, in my opinion, I think the woman in the photograph looks fairly matched in looks to the guy. They both look pretty average to me.

  14. LMAO…Hostile?…we must have different definitions of hostile, but to each their own. And I don’t believe I was the one judging – I just said – in a joking manner – let me know who you are and I’ll stay away because I like eating meat and I’m not changing that for any woman. I believe others were making judgments about people who eat animal “corpses” an how animals “suffer” for my indulgence.

    And for the recorded I don’t really care if you do or don’t eat meat just don’t try and tell me I am a “bad” person if I do, and save the vegan proselytizing to those who want to hear it.

    Oh, and BTW it doesn’t matter if the “corpse” is one I hunted myself or picked up at the store – my “conscience” is clear.

  15. Gretchen, I know what you mean about defensive/hostile. My first year of grad school, I rented a big house with a bunch of roommates (at this time I was a vegetarian) and the guys in the house found nothing better to do with their time than to harass me about my consumption of tofu 🙂 . As Mark says, why get mad at people who are just trying to be nice? But in Brian’s defense, I think it’s clear he was just ribbing the vegheads in good fun. I think it’s clear enough that we’re all just having fun and sharing views here. Some of us are conservative, some liberal, some carnivores, some vegetarians. There’s room for all of us. 🙂

  16. One of my children is a veg and my wife is a “semi-veg” (she now eats fish). There’s some good-natured teasing that occurs but we’re all healthy and we all find ways to get plenty of good protein and fat into our diets.

  17. Animals are designed to eat other animals.
    I do believe we really are designed to
    eat meat. My brothers, dad, and many of my
    family members do go hunting deer. They know
    where to have it cleaned up, and it’s fine to
    eat it. Also, I’ve eaten deer and elk before.
    Again, it is my personal belief we really are
    designed to eat meat.

  18. I agree that the term corpse is provocative. But it IS true. However, I do apologize to Brian for that.

  19. I am a Paleo eater primarily, and recently dated a vegan. She was a super nice girl, but I ended up being the person who would have to make all the concessions while cooking or dining. This got old pretty quick. 🙁

  20. Apology accepted. My first post was purely in jest, and I know that joking can sometime hit a nerve with someone else unintentionally, so I am sorry too. Ahh, Détente…

    And the second post, well let’s just say I may have had similar conversions in the past with others vegans who believe as you do, and well, I’m not very good at walking away from a “fight”, so apologies to everyone else — especially Mark and Sara — for escalating instead of letting it go… 🙂

  21. Detente, how that term takes me back…to the worst history class ever! 😉 j/k

    Great thread. It’s nice to see vegans and carnivores talk without things turning into a thread war! It’s all so…civilized! 😉

  22. I’m reminded of a comment I heard many years ago, ‘If two people have too much in common, one of them is unnecessary to the relationship.’ All this talk of separating oneself from others who don’t eat what they eat made it more apparent to me why our nation is so unhealthy in the first place. There must be more people eating the wrong things more often and others wanting to ‘fit-in’ with them.