Lavender: 10 Natural Health Benefits and Healing Uses

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be highlighting the health benefits of various herbs that offer natural healing properties.

Lavender: Benefits

10. Scent

Crush fresh lavender between your fingers or rub lavender oil on your temples for a soothing dose of aromatherapy stress relief. Lavender relieves anxiety and tension naturally.

9. Tea

Did you know that steeping a small handful of lavender flowers in boiling water creates a healthful herbal tea? This is just as effective as chamomile for promoting sleep and helping to soothe frazzled nerves.

8. Perfume

Lavender oil makes a nice, chemical-free alternative to perfumes and colognes. Dab a little at the back of your neck or wrists to smell clean and light.

7. Bath

Adding either oil or fresh buds to a hot bath will promote relaxation and ease tired muscles.

6. Sleep accessories

Tie up fresh flowers in a satchel, small pillow case, or reusable eye pillow. Lavender helps you to sleep better.

5. Skin relief

Is your skin burned, chafed or irritated? Add some lavender oil to your moisturizer or a spray water bottle and apply or mist your skin generously.

4. Sweet, fresh-scented laundry

Tie up a bundle of lavender blossoms in a cloth and add them to the dryer cycle when you do laundry. It beats those chemical sheets!

3. Cuts and scrapes

Lavender has natural antiseptic properties. Use lavender oil as a protective salve instead of rubbing alcohol (this is a nice alternative for children).

2. Dandruff

Between vinegar and lavender, who needs those harsh chemical shampoos? Steep lavender as you would to make tea; allow to cool and use as a rinse daily until dandruff is cleared up.

1. Recipes

Lavender makes an unusual, floral accent in many dishes. Reader Sarah C. grills peach halves wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and tops them with a sprinkling of lavender flowers and crushed black pepper. Get creative!

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  1. lavender is a truly remarkable tool and that is why i invented the “aromahand”. thanks for the great post….

  2. 11. Smell like a girl.

    Lavender is fine for women, but not for the vast majority of men.

    How about sharing some manly substances? 😉

  3. There was a blogger who also made lavender ice cream. It looked really good.

  4. One word of caution though. Through years of trial and error someone I know has discovered that significant contact with lavender oil for them brings on a UTI. Something as simple as a back massage using lavender oil or a bath in salts infused with essential lavender oil can bring on the symptoms in 24 hours. This was discovered only thought trial and error so a word to the wise….

  5. I agree that lavender is really a gift from nature since it is so versitle and healthy. I love the smell and like to put it in my bath. It’s like a little vacation!

  6. lavender, like everybody said is very good for all different types of things. for example; i made lavender cakes with lavender icing made from fresh buds and flowers from my garden. they taste delicious and have a unique taste which is exactly like the smell but sweet and not as powerful. just soak a couple of teaspoons of buds in milk overnight and use in any cake recipe that uses milk(works best as muffins)i used 1.5 cup plain flour 1 cup caster sugar 2tsp baking powder 5tbsp butter (whisk at this stage) 130ml of the rested lavender milk (whisk again) and 1 egg (whisk again) half hour gas mrk 4 middle shelf makes about 16-ish cupcakes or 12 with left overs. word of warning, after about 3 and after half hour those who ate them suddenly felt quite sleepy, so have them before bed with a tea or warm milk for a relaxing restless night. happy baking :)(for icing just use a little of the lavender milk with icing sugar, use a little less butter and a little milk if making butter cream)

  7. Thank you for some other informative site. The place else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect method? I’ve a mission that I am simply now operating on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such information.

  8. Hi Mark,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading the Daily Apple, and tried the Paleo Diet a couple of years ago with great success, lost 16kg and 4″ off my waist, more energy, no indigestion, much lower blood pressure and sleep better too. No doubt in my mind Primal works. The comments on Lavender were interesting and I have found all those uses, work but thought I would share the following in relation to dandruff and hair. I stopped using shampoo, conditioner or any other product on my hair 10 years ago and dandruff, itchy scalp, all in the past.
    I wash my hair in clean water in the shower every day and what I have left is clean, healthy and shiny. The human body is an amazing piece of living technology, far more sophisticated than any machine, so why do we insist on poisoning it, most people take more care with what they stick on their plants, cars and carpets than they do with what they put in or on their bodies.

  9. Lavender Essential Oil can be used in moderation and still have great positive effects. Just 5 drops in a bath can help get you to sleep and relieve stress. Moderate usage is the key.

  10. I buy the dried Lavender flowers at the local natural foods store,clean it{its very dusty and has lots of unwanted debris},then I rinse it in warm water for a few minutes,then HOT water for like a minute.The last step seems to bring out the flavor.Then I let it drain,and eat it during the day as a snack food.Like one would eat a granola mix.Its delicious and actually sort of dampens ones appetite.Its so addicting,but takes a while for your tongue and mouth to get used to it.I know it sounds weird,but right now? Its my absolutely favorite food!~

  11. True story: I had a friend into essential oils who had given me a few including lavender, along with much hype. I ignored all this, and the tiny bottles. Months later, trying to get the neighbor’s chocolate labrador out of the street before he ended up hit by a car or something, in his Great Excitement At Play (how he interpreted my efforts), he ended up coming down from a bounce and hooked a claw in my arm, ripping it open in a turning motion from near the elbow to the other side of the wrist. It wasn’t so deep as to see bone, but I probably should have gone to ER for stitches anyway. Hurt like a mutha and a whole lot of blood. I put a tiny bit of the last of a bottle of phisoderm on it after rinsing it with water and went on with my day. By that early evening, it hurt pretty bad and you could already see all the skin around it was a pyramid of pink to red and swollen. I was showing it to my assistant and whining about it.

    Later, late at night, I took a long shower and the skin of the arm-etc. was very soft. I realized I had nothing in my medicine cabinet to deal with the wound, but remembered my friend raving about lavender and wounds. So, lacking a better option, I went and got the bottle, and poured it out on the wound. That makes it sound easy, which it wasn’t, the lid was stupid (I guess requires some euro little straw or something I didn’t have) so I shook it hard and repeatedly and got an uneven distribution. In the end, I had actually coated the wound completedly except for two inches right in the middle of it. The worst parts were actually on each side (funky wound due to both dog’s and my motion as it happened). I decided to leave that part untreated because then, after all, I could see if the lavender actually had any useful effect. I figured, maybe I should do that for about a week, and see what the results might be. I went to sleep.

    I utterly forgot about it (zero pain) until the next day when my assistant came in, looked at my arm and gasped, NO WAY!

    The wound that I’d soaked in lavender oil, after the skin was so soft from my shower, was almost entirely healed. There was no swelling, barely any pink at all, and it looked like something that had been healing for 10 days.

    In the center where there had been no lavender, ‘gradually’ moving in as if the edges had been affected just a little, the wound looked pretty much like it had the night before: swollen, pink to red, nasty slash. And that had actually been the *least* injured part of the arm!

    That was years ago. I still have about a 2 inch scar where I didn’t treat it. Before long, on the lavender areas, there was no sign at all.

    From then on, me and my kid (I’m a single mom) have used lavender for almost everything. After rinsing: cuts, scrapes, splinters, punctures, even zits. You can actually *feel* this going *deep* into wounds, when a wound is deep, like it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as most medicines on the surface, but then a few seconds or minutes later depending on depth, suddenly you feel it way-down-there-ouch as if it’s killing any resident germs down to the bone or something (I realize this is improbable, but that’s what it feels like).

    I actually dislike the smell of lavender. To me it smells medicinal. So I have no interest in it for the reasons many seem to. But it works awesomely on wounds of every kind, and very clearly, given the results and experience, seems to penetrate the skin to lower tissues and penetrate any openings, to good effect.


  12. Lavender oil poured straight on to a burn can prevent it from even blistering. It has some amazing healing powers for burns. I have never tried it for wounds but reading the story above I defintely will now.

  13. Thanks for the article! I love lavender and use it just about every day! Lavender oil benefits are so extensive!