10 Great Uses for Vinegar (Ditch Those Chemicals!)

While we typically use vinegar for salad dressings and pickling, this beneficial acid has a multitude of wonderful household uses. Here are just a few. Be sure to add in your own tips in the comments below!

1. Better Tasting Coffee

Once a month, brew up a pot of white vinegar. Follow with two cycles of water before steeping your next round of joe. (You can do this for your washing machine as well.)

2. Rust-free Spigots, Nuts, Bolts, and Tools

Simply soak the rusty item in white vinegar overnight!

3. Kill Bacteria in Meat

Marinate meat in apple cider vinegar for several hours (or overnight). This brine not only helps make the meat more succulent, but kills bacteria as well!

4. Keep Boiled Eggs from Cracking

Add in a couple of tablespoons of any vinegar to the water you boil your eggs in. This not only prevents cracks; it makes them easier to peel.

5. Sore Throat?

Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your humidifier overnight. Drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can help with colds, too.

6. Dandruff? No problem!

Rather than treating your scalp with harsh, chemical-filled shampoos and treatments, simply rinse your hair in apple cider vinegar for several days in a row and watch your scalp clear up!

7. Skin Issues

Acne, mosquito bites, rashes, itches, sunburns, and many other skin maladies can be relieved or cleared up – safely and quickly – with a gentle vinegar dabble a few times a day.

8. Lint-free Clothes

Add one cup of white vinegar to your wash.

9. House-breaking the Puppy?

Equal parts white vinegar and water will quickly remove urine stains.

10. Kill Weeds

Avoid the harsh garden chemicals. Kill weeds by pouring white vinegar on cracks and pathways to eliminate pesky plants.

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  1. I can vouch for the effectiveness of vinegar as a dandruff cure. Have never heard of many of the other uses and am curious to try them.

  2. Dynamite Tips!
    I keep white and apple cidar vinegar in the house. I really like to mop my floors with white vinegar. I didn’t know about it being good for house puppy training. I’ll definitely try that in her kennel and on the kitchen floor. It really is good for egg boiling. Vingar is just so useful on so many things, you’ve really given tips i didn’t know about, BIG THANKS! Vinegar WORKS and it’s NOT expensive.

  3. Cool, thanks guys! We couldn’t believe all the dozens of uses – be sure to check out the original link (Over 50 More Uses).

  4. Wow im ready to try some of this stuff! Another good use is for cleaning windows. If you mix 1 to 4 with water it works great, no streaks.

  5. Here’s another great use for white vinegar: flush toilet, pour in a cup of white vinegar and a handful of baking soda; after foaming action stops give a once over with toilet bowl brush.

  6. I also use vinegar to unplug drains. Put 1 of baking soda in the drain, 1 c of vinegar and pour boiling water over the whole thing.

  7. Mark, great tips. In the kill bacteria in meat category, I have a recipe suggestion. Here in the south BBQ is big, but all of us dont always have time to stand around and let a Boston Butt (pork shoulder) smoke for hours in a grill. So here is a great way to get yourself some awesome pulled pork.

    2.5-4lb Boston Butt
    1-3 cups Apple cider vinegar
    1-3 cups water
    BBQ sauce to taste

    Youre going to need a crok pot. Put the pork should whole in the pot, bone in shoulder is fine and I think has move flavor. once the ‘butt’ is in the pot add a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water into the pot until the butt is mostly(90%) to completely covered. Cook in pot on low for 6 hours or high for about 3.5. You will know its ready when you use a for and the shoulder meat falls apart in stringy chunks. Make sure heat is on low and remove meat to a plate and shred using two forks to pull it apart. Remove the fluid in the pot to a bowl for possible use later. Put the meat back in the pot and add BBQ sauce of your choice, if its not runny enough add some of the cooking water/vinegar mix back in to taste.

    Makes some great sandwiches.

  8. Vinegar is one of the GREATEST natural things that God gave us. It is good for wounds too. Mix a little bit of it,with cold water and pour on a wound. I recently tripped over a tree root and a stob was sticking out of the root. It made a deep puncture wound. The wound care Dr.cleaned it with the vinegar-water mixture. It didn’t burn. He said he has found that solution to be very good in helping a wound to heal. It is also good for Athletes feet. Soak your feet in water, as warm as you can stand it, and vinegar for about 15 min, every night.It cured my husbands problem. A podiatrist told us to do this cause my husband had terrible Athletes feet. I clean my floors with it mixed with hot water, it cleans them squeaky clean. I also use it in my laundry. I clean bathroom sinks with it also. Just start using it instead of the chemicals and you will love it. Hope you will find this helpful as I did.

  9. We use Vinegar or meat tenderizer for Fire ant bites. It is good for other bites well. We carry meat tenderizer in the beach bas. Once a jelly fish got wapper around my neck. I put on the meat tenderizer and I only had faint red streeks arund my neck.

  10. Yes, apple cider vinegar works for dandruff and softens your hair if you have really dry or damaged hair. A light misty spray on your shampooed wet hair makes it really soft when it dries. Vinegar (white or ACV) is a great cleaning agent. I also use it on tile floors, nothing else cleans as well as vinegar. I haven’t used chemicals to clean with in years. I also clean my face with ACV then use a moisturizer. It makes my skin even-toned and healthier and younger looking.

  11. I had recent surgery and came down with a wound infection that is emitting an odor. The doctor said he might try a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Has anyone heard of this and is it applied into the wound or on the surface?


    1. Rob: Yes.. I use this solution for ALL skin irritants.. works wonders…it can be a bit gritty especially on more tender parts, however, it is amazing… as well as almost FREE…

  12. I use it on my face as a toner. I put a tablespoon of red wine vinegar and mix it with 10 tbsp. of tea/water and add a few drops of essential oil. It’s the best skin toner I’ve ever used and cheaper than the usual ones I bought for hundreds of dollars.

  13. good for dry scalp problems, and hair breakage. getting rid of bugs, acid reflux, replaces deodorant. at least it worked for me.

  14. Great article, lots of good uses of vinegar here, nice and cheap! However, the use of the words “chemical-filled” really does highlight an unawareness with regards to what “chemicals” are; pretty much everything in this world is made from chemicals, your body is powered by a number of different chemicals (such as sugar, for example) and vinegar itself is a chemical. Unless you’re just using the word “chemicals” as a Daily Mail-esque shock tactic to force people into shunning man-made products, a category vinegars also belong to, by the way, since they are purposefully made by humans, you’re needlessly spreading ignorance.

  15. I think you need to cool your jets a little. By chemical-filled, they ment harmfull or toxic chemicals. Stop trying to create drama where there is none.

  16. Thank you, Bob, well said.

    I use Vinegar for many things that NOTHING else that is sold, can touch. I don’t know where Law gets his info, but anything that GOD made/makes is NOT a chemical. Now if he’s talking about ‘vitamins’.. or anything man-made, he’s right. Nothing is really safe that is man-made to make himself rich, is safe for any human. I know… I work with Quantum Physics, (distance healer), and I have seen many abuses to the body because of nothing but greed. I am new to this site, and already enjoy it more than any I have seen for a long while. Thank you.

  17. It is a fantastic alternative and is superior to over the counter yeast infection medication. You will need a hot water bottle/enema/douche kit. These are is getting harder to find for some reason and may have to be purchased online. Anyway one cup of plain white vinegar and fill the rest with cool water and douche once or twice a day.