10 Great Uses for Vinegar (Ditch Those Chemicals!)

While we typically use vinegar for salad dressings and pickling, this beneficial acid has a multitude of wonderful household uses. Here are just a few. Be sure to add in your own tips in the comments below!

1. Better Tasting Coffee

Once a month, brew up a pot of white vinegar. Follow with two cycles of water before steeping your next round of joe. (You can do this for your washing machine as well.)

2. Rust-free Spigots, Nuts, Bolts, and Tools

Simply soak the rusty item in white vinegar overnight!

3. Kill Bacteria in Meat

Marinate meat in apple cider vinegar for several hours (or overnight). This brine not only helps make the meat more succulent, but kills bacteria as well!

4. Keep Boiled Eggs from Cracking

Add in a couple of tablespoons of any vinegar to the water you boil your eggs in. This not only prevents cracks; it makes them easier to peel.

5. Sore Throat?

Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your humidifier overnight. Drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can help with colds, too.

6. Dandruff? No problem!

Rather than treating your scalp with harsh, chemical-filled shampoos and treatments, simply rinse your hair in apple cider vinegar for several days in a row and watch your scalp clear up!

7. Skin Issues

Acne, mosquito bites, rashes, itches, sunburns, and many other skin maladies can be relieved or cleared up – safely and quickly – with a gentle vinegar dabble a few times a day.

8. Lint-free Clothes

Add one cup of white vinegar to your wash.

9. House-breaking the Puppy?

Equal parts white vinegar and water will quickly remove urine stains.

10. Kill Weeds

Avoid the harsh garden chemicals. Kill weeds by pouring white vinegar on cracks and pathways to eliminate pesky plants.

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Photo Source: Orin Optiglot (CC)

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