Update: Primal Blueprint Contests Galore

A few weeks ago as the Worker Bees and I wrapped up this season’s Primal Blueprint Health Challenge I announced that Mark’s Daily Apple will continue to hold contests. We had so much fun giving away Primal gear, reading real life stories of people that are living the Primal life, and watching reader-created fitness and recipe videos that we just had to keep it going.

Well, I’ve been tinkering with the concept, I’ve made a few changes to the line-up and have solidified some of the prizes. Also, I’m really excited to announce an all-new contest. The are four contests – hopefully something for everyone. Read on for all the details.

Primal Blueprint Cookbook Contest

This is the new contest I mentioned above that I am so excited to tell you about.

cookbook banner Primal Blueprint Contests

How it works:

Send in your best, original Primal recipe (ingredient list and directions) that corresponds with the current theme. If your recipe is chosen we’ll whip it up, publish it on MDA, and you will be entered into a contest drawing to win a Primal prize package worth over $1,000. On top of that your recipe will be included in a reader-created Primal Blueprint cookbook (of which you will receive a free copy).

It’s that simple. Email me your Primal recipes (this month’s theme is “Your best beef dish”) for a chance to be included in the reader-created cookbook! Click the banner above to read all the details.

The Prize:

The prizes are numerous. Click the banner above for all the prize details.

Primal Blueprint Fitness Video Contest

FitnessVideo2 Primal Blueprint Contests

How it works:

Send in a Primal Blueprint Fitness Video that corresponds with the current theme (it’s currently “Bodyweight Exercises”). If your video is chosen it will be published on Mark’s Daily Apple and you will have a one in four shot at winning the Primal prize package. Click the banner above for all the details.

The (Current) Prize:

There are a thousand ways to do push ups and pull-ups. Add a thousand more ways with Vegas Pro Straps. A multi-tool for the upper body, the winner will receive a choice of the Commando, Combat, or Contender model. Check out a demo video here.

Here’s a Primal catch-22: You use your body weight for strength training, but all that training leaves you toned and lighter. With less weight to lift, your workouts are now too easy! Remedy that problem with an XVest. The winner will receive a choice of 20 or 40 lb weight vest courtesy Xtreme Worldwide Athletic Equipment. One of my Worker Bees owns one of these, and he wears it every day on his lunch break! Visit XVest.com if you’re interested in buying your own.

$100 Cash Prize – Buy yourself whatever Primal Fitness gear (kettlebells, mace, medicine ball, etc.) you want!

Primal Blueprint Recipe Video Contest

recipe banner Primal Blueprint Contests

How it works:

Send in a Primal Blueprint Recipe Video that corresponds with the current theme (it’s currently “Seafood”). If your video is chosen it will be published on Mark’s Daily Apple and you will have a one in four shot at winning the Primal prize package. Click the banner above for all the details.

The (Current) Prize:

The big ass salad (BAS) is one of the cornerstones of Primal eating. And a salad is only as good as its dressing. The winner of the recipe contest will receive a six pack of salad dressings courtesy of Zukay Live Foods. Made from fresh veggies bought from local family farms, no chemicals or added sugars are used in these tasty tossed-lunch toppers. If you want to buy your own dressings, salsas, and veggie goodness, Zukay is offering a 15% discount to all Mark’s Daily Apple readers now through November 6th. To receive the discount enter the discount code PRIMAL1 (all caps) when checking out at Zukay.com.

It’s time for a sensible vice. Amano Chocolate makes one of the highest quality dark chocolates on the market. Their products are single origin (meaning all the beans in your bar come from one farm) and have won high marks from the prestigious Academy of Chocolate in London. The winner will receive a gift box of 10 70% dark cocoa bars. This stuff is healthy (providing you don’t eat all 10 bars in a sitting). As a bonus, if you want to buy your own Amano Chocolates, email me with the subject heading “Amano Special” and I’ll respond with a code for a 20% discount on Amano gift boxes (these boxes are opulent, used as celebrity comps at the MGM casino in Vegas).

And because we love their coconut so much, we’re also giving away a couple pounds of Tropical Traditions coconut flour. You can never have enough coconut. NOTE: This is a bonus prize, if you want to be eligible, sign up for Tropical Traditions newsletter here.

$100 Cash Prize – Buy whatever Primal foods you want!

Primal Blueprint Real Life Stories

real life banner Primal Blueprint Contests

How it works:

Send in your real life story of going Primal. If you’re story is published on Mark’s Daily Apple you will have a one in four shot at winning the Primal prize package below. (This contest is less a contest and more about readers sharing their experiences with other readers, but I’ve put together a nice little prize package anyway.) Click the banner above for all the details.

The Prize:

pn products Primal Blueprint Real Life Story Contest

The full Primal Nutrition product line-up: 1 canister of Damage Control Master Formula, 1 bottle of Vital Omegas, 1 canister of Responsibly Slim, 1 Grok-On! T-shirt.

Other Important Info:

  • Originally I planned on running a new theme for the video contests every month. Instead the themes will change as soon as a sufficient number of entrants have made submissions. Same goes for the cookbook contest.
  • Not all prizes are available for international shipping. International winners may receive a selection of my line of products of equal value as substitute for the original prizes (and you still get the cash).
  • These are ongoing contests with new themes and prizes updating on a regular basis, so periodically view the contest pages by clicking the banner in the sidebar to see the latest details.
  • As long as there is interest and reader participation I’ll continue to publish reader-created content and give away cool gear. Submit your contest entries ASAP to be part of MDA and for a chance to win free stuff! Thanks, everyone!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. please stop with the contests for a bit, i come to this site for information on how to live healthy, not on how i can win stuff, after the last challenge i thought that the site was going to continue providing useful information and ease up on the post to win stuff?

    1. The contests are ongoing. This is just one post to announce the details. The reader feedback we got during this season’s Primal Blueprint Health Challenge suggested that many people are in fact interested in participating in the MDA community, sharing their tips, recipes and stories and winning Primal gear, so I thought I would keep it going for those that are interested (I know I am…). For those that aren’t, don’t worry. MDA won’t become a contest site. As we’ve done since the challenge ended on Sep. 1 we’ll continue to bring you useful information to help you get and stay healthy.

  2. I agree with Juiper in that I don’t come here for contests. But what I come here for is the recipes and this is a great way to get a lot more recipes on the site (and I’m excited about the prospect of a cookbook) so I’m not complaining.
    Good luck to all who enter!

    1. Yes, some people like the recipes, some like the contests, others like nutrition articles or workout routines, and still others like research coverage. I like to do a little bit of everything as it relates to the Primal Blueprint and getting in the best shape of your life. As a result you can’t please everyone all the time.

      I’m glad you’re excited about the recipe book. I think it is a great way for readers to share what works for them in the kitchen (and possibly win some cool stuff in the process) and at the end of it all have a compilation of recipes.

      I’ve also got another recipe book in the works – a non-reader-created cookbook that’s coming together slowly but surely.

      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Not all prizes are available for international shipping. International winners may receive a selection of my line of products of equal value as substitute for the original prizes (and you still get the cash).

  3. Juiper,

    Check out the archives tab. There is more info and “clickactivty” there to make your head spin.

    Then comeback and check out the previous contests to see how other members have digested all that information and put it too good use in their own lives.

    Contests are a great way to get the members to contribute their own bits of info thereby multiplying the info that is already here.

    Not to mention it is a blog not a service. Oh, and it’s free.

  4. I like the contests, even though all I ever got was tied for third in the hyku contest! It’s a way of generating more reader submitted ways of staying fit and healthy! I know I really enjoyed looking the cooking videos etc. Keep up the good work, mark. You should be appointed the US Health Czar. But I don’t imagine that big agra would go for that would they! I can still dream though.

  5. Hey Mark! I’m all for the contests! Especially since it looks the contests are on the side of the normal, everyday posts. So we get both! Looks like we really CAN have our cake and eat it to… (figuratively speaking of course 😉 ) Grok on!

  6. yay, im gonna enter the contests this time (i didnt have a chance last time) so am really glad you’ree having more!!

  7. “…from the prestigious Academy of Chocolate in London…”

    Holy cow, there’s an Academy of CHOCOLATE? Must.Change.Career.

  8. Excellent idea for the cook book! I’m always wondering what other primals are chowing down on.

  9. Hi Mark,
    Just came across your blog. Very interesting. I have RSSed you. 🙂

    Is this promoting more of a paleolithic kind of diet? I like the idea of eating stuff which is more akin to what we are evolved for.

  10. Although I really like the contests (I have my bodyweight workout ready!), I must say that I’m glad that, after a month of contests, they are running on the background of the MDA site, parallel to the ‘normal’ posts.

    I’ve submitted my videos, not just for winning the price (and the honour!), but as my way of sharing and giving back a bit to this site/’community’.

  11. Cool, Mark. . .thanks for offering an avenue for those of us who are videography-impaired. I’ll be checking through my recipes for some to share, and I can’t wait for the cookbook–so many folks here have great recipes, and now I won’t have to think,”now what was the name of that one?” and search the site!

    Oh, and. . .are you interested in recipes we get from websites, or just completely original?

  12. So there will be not one, but TWO cookbooks coming out in the near future? I love it! I have so many print outs of recipes from this and other sites – totally UNorganized. Having a cookbook (or two!) would be wonderful! I am tired of printing recipes.

  13. My husband & I love your website and your recipes! Sometimes I scan other sites, always checking to see if they’re Primal on not. Just found a “Grilled Monster Pork Chops with Tomatillo & Green Apple Salsa” that’s primal, and sooo good! Wish I could take credit for it for your contest. Bon Appetit! Can’t wait for the cookboooks!