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Grease the Brain

Another study confirms it: “good fats” (also known as essential fatty acids and Omega-3’s) help stave off Alzheimer’s disease. We recommend eating a “good fat” at every meal. Some favorites:

wild fish

olive oil (or another unsaturated vegetable oil such as walnut, avocado or flaxseed)

nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and filberts

DHA-enhanced dairy and eggs


What’s your favorite way to work good fats into your diet?

HRT Stops, Breast Cancer Drops

It’s all over the news: the drop-off in hormone replacement therapy use after 2003 has been linked to the subsequent reduction in breast cancer cases. This news actually came out months ago (Mark blogged about it in December), but many mainstream docs panned it as a case of jumping to conclusions. Which means that tonight, they shall dine on humble pie.

Have you had an experience – positive or negative – with HRT that you’d like to share with others? What do you think is the best natural approach for women who don’t want to take hormone replacements?

Guess Which Nation Is Deficient in Basic Vitamins?

That would be us, as in US…of A. That’s right – in the land of plenty, where food is so plentiful we make it into furniture*, significant percentages of Americans are missing basic nutrients fundamental to life. Scoot yourself on over to WebMD‘s helpful article detailing which additional nutrients many Americans are deficient in and which five simple switches can change this around.

Note: the article classifies three major missing vits – A, E, and C – as antioxidants. A is actually not an antioxidant, although this belief persists. All the same, you still need it.

Okay, one more note: the article recommends imbibing juice to get your vitamin C. We recommend whole fruit – this way, you get the added fiber, and you aren’t drinking pesticides. Yech.

And just one more note: remember that vegetables have plenty of fiber and far fewer calories than breads and pastas. Plus, veggies come packed with antioxidants and cancer-preventing compounds. Okay, we’re stopping with the notes. Seriously. Next item.

Dinner time!

*By furniture, we mean bean bag chairs. (Something comedian Ted Alexandro has been taking issue with for several years now. Keep fighting the good fight, Ted.)

Cultural Oddity:

There is an actual product, produced by an actual grocery store chain, called Potted Meat Food. It’s for humans, we think. (Warning: this link is not for the faint of heart or sensitive viewers. But we found it so utterly bizarre that a store would actually sell this, we had to pass it on. If you think Spam is disturbing, well…)

Until tomorrow, Apples! The Bees are out.

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