This Is a Cringe-Free Headline about Nuts


Just like our beloved eggs (oh, what a nutritional ball of goodness), nuts are victimized by painful puns: Get Nutty! We’re Nuts about Nuts! You’re Nuts if You Don’t Eat Them!

We don’t do that here. Nuts are a Smart Fuel deserving of some smart words. Here’s why we think nuts are great for your health. Just don’t go…crazy…with the portions. (Whew – that was close!)

Nuts contain:

– Excellent fats that boost mental clarity, love your liver, and help your heart.

Protein and fiber

Selenium. This handy mineral activates an antioxidant called glutathione peroxidase. You don’t have to remember that, just know it’s really, really good at helping fight free radical oxidation in the body. Some studies suggest selenium might even help fight cancer.

Antioxidant E and vitamin A. Since these are fat-soluble vitamins (meaning they only work with fat), nuts are nature’s perfectly engineered delivery systems.

The best nuts:

– Hazelnuts, filberts, walnuts, almonds

Less-nutritious (but sort of decent) nuts:

– Peanuts (not actually a nut), pine nuts, cashews

About an ounce a day is a reasonable portion size – think one small handful.


Nutty Facts

More Smart Fuel

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  1. Dear Mark, a friend turned my on to your blog. Great information and so appreciate the tip about f.oux. I will be passing that on to our clients. In reading your nut tips, I want to point out that vitamin A is only present in animal fats. Our livers convert the carotenoids and beta-carotene to vitamin A in the liver, when sufficient Vitamin A is present. All the more reason for the importance of a primal diet abundant in animal fats. Keep up the good work. Warmly, Kim

  2. Hi Mark,

    I was hoping you could clarify why you say to limit the amount nuts you eat, but not most other kinds of fat (i.e. animal). What exactly is the difference? I love nuts and nut butters, and eat them daily.


  3. And Brazil nuts? Good yes? They’re the best source of selenium – or so Robb Wolf and Tim Ferriss tell me.

  4. wow an article by mark about nuts where he DOESNT worship maca’s as the holy grail of nuts? this must be old im shocked!