The Unconquerable Dave

Dave first emailed me about a year ago. He had just bought the Primal Blueprint Cookbook and was seeing some real results. Occasionally I’ll get an update from him. One can really get a sense of Dave’s energy and excitement for life from his emails (often written in all caps), which I’ve reprinted below. Read on to catch a bit of Dave’s enthusiasm and spirit. It’s contagious.

If you have your own Primal Blueprint success story and you’d like to share it with me and the community please contact me here. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and thanks for reading!

September of 2009…

March 19, 2010…



April 22nd…

40 LBS LIGHTER IN 6 MONTHS…no problem and lovin’ it!
53 Y.O.

6’1″-240LBS AS OF 4-20-10
and a solid 220 of all muscle!!!!

YOU are ONe…of MY Two INspirations!!!!

Thanks Mark…
and if you don’t get enough hugs brother…
davegrok sends hug to Mark!!!

Illumination…… much fun to re-learn again….still…always….
Grok on

July 18th…

OCTOBER 1ST 2009 TO JULY 10TH 2010.

September 9th…


December 10th…

Santa got a lot thinner!…hohohohoho!

January 3rd…

primal work outs…. your approach (WAY BETTER) and actually more of a primal way than a gym gorilla.  I have my Paleo gym of trees and rocks and stuff….

check it out…54 in a month and 6 ft and 205 lbs.
a 404 lb dead lift…kickButt!!!!
Thanks Mark

January 26th…


To steal words from Walt Whitman…

“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.”

A transformed man, arms to the sky, wearing flip flops in the snow. If ever there was an image of the verve and indomitable spirit of going Primal, this is it. Dave, today half a million people heard your YAWP. May it echo to half a million more. Grok on, brother. GROK ON!

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  1. Dammit, this is inspiring as hell!! A big, manly bear hug to both of you!!

    1. You became very strong very quickly!! It is absolutely astonishing.

  2. Easily THE most amazing transformation I’ve ever seen! And no sagging skin, which supports this theory by Ron Brown that, given time and steady fat loss, “sagging skin” resolves by itself:

      1. Wow! Perfect timing…I’m working to get my dad started on the plan. I’ll be going to his house next week to set up all the food and work with him…but I started having my doubts…then this shows up! Dave, you look just like my dad- even the beard. I’m hoping he’ll have a great after picture in a year too.

      2. Absolutely astonished at “no sagging skin” and admittedly a wee bit jealous!

        1. I think part of the saggy skin issue has to do with how quickly you gained all the weight. If you gained all the weight too quickly and got stretch marks, then you’ll probably have some saggy skin after you lose all the weight. The stretch-marked skin won’t “snap” back into place as easily…. Just a thought anyway!

    1. I noticed that, too, and came to the same conclusion that steady weight loss combined with muscular development avoided the problem of loose skin. Given Dave’s age, this is a remarkable testimonial to the elasticity of our skin.

      1. I more agree with Amanda that it’s more important how fast you gain the weight than how fast you lose it. If there’s no reason for the fat to be there then it probably doesn’t matter how fast it gets gone–what really determines elasticity is the presence or absence of stretch marks, which comes from weight *gain*.

        I will probably have sagging skin when I get done because I’ve already got the stretch marks. It is what it is. I don’t need all the extra fat, though, and I don’t care how fast it goes.

    2. Thanks for this link Ed. I’m thrilled to finally see this explained so well. Now I’m off to read his take on the anorexics.

    3. who is Ron Brown? I’d like to read more on his theory about sagging skin.

      1. Go here for Ron Brown. It also agrees with Mark:

        “the droopy appearance of folds of skin is most probably caused by crash diets that sacrifice large amounts of supporting muscle, or lean body mass. Even less severe diets and weight loss from bariatric surgery can result in a substantial amount of muscle loss over time. Perhaps future scientific research will show a correlation between loss of lean body mass on a diet with the development of redundant skin.”

    4. Hmm… Ron Brown was never a 5’2″ woman who had five large babies…not convinced. (But WOW… Dave, you look great and are a huge imspiration)

      1. LOL Milemom. I know what you mean. I only had 3 large babies but that was enough to cause me problems. It has deformed my stomach muscles and I’m still having trouble getting rid of the droopy skin syndrome 😛

        1. Have you been able to make any progress with the sagging skin? I had two fairly big twin boys almost nine years ago and I’m wondering if there’s any hope of having a tight stomach again…

  3. Mark & Dave,

    This made my day! Your spirit is truly contagious! I want to go run out in my 10-foot Iowan snow drifts barefoot and howl, now!

    Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face!

    Grok out!


    1. I’ve done quick barefoot runs err dashes in snow. Cold….refreshing….

  4. Awesome results. Shows you are never too old to Grok On! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this story! talk about motivating!!!! You Go Dave!!!

  6. That is just an awesome post. A little willpower and determination, coupled with a dash of knowledge and information, can really go a long way. Awesome.

  7. Dave has an awesome beard. Looks a ton better now too!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  8. This is your ultimate self-esteem boost day Dave. Enjoy – you deserve it!

  9. God Bless you Mark..!!
    and Dave..!! – WOW – unf**inbelievable

  10. Looking good, big man.

    I thought you were saying that you were 40 at first and was about to (politely) call BS. 🙂

  11. Unreal! What a great story!! It must be surreal looking in the mirror now, haha.

    Well done Dave!!

  12. Excellent Dave! Your pure joy in life is a wonder to hear! Your post made me smile. You have come a loooong way brother! Excellent! (I was going to post this reply in all caps, in honor of Dave, but I restrained myself.)

  13. WOW…love this story and the transition this man went through. Very inspiring! Side note: he really loves the snow 🙂

  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is amazing! I’m sending this to my parents. Way to go man.

  15. Oh my gosh,Dave! Your belly transformation is simply amazing. What a different life you will have now–truly “golden years”. So happy for you!

  16. Amazing! I can’t really say it any other way. Dave is a new inspiration for me!

  17. I love Fridays on MDA! The emails were truly so full of energy, it’s amazing and inspiring! Thank you so much, Dave, for sharing your journey with us!

  18. Wow wow wow wow wow. I just buzzed through the pictures. Now have to go back and actually read about this amazing change!

    1. On the other hand, a picture is worth about a million words in this case!

  19. You should be so proud of what you accomplished! You cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself! 🙂

  20. Thanks Dave. I don’t know if you have ever thought of yourself as an inspiration, but you are. But if you have a hard time swallowing that, you are definitely THE example. That bar has been set way up there, but my 35 yo fat ass is jumping for it!!! Grok on dude!!!

  21. OMG! My eyes were full of tears of joy while I read this. GO DAVE!!!
    After seeing the vegan episode on Oprah this week I just had to submit this post and ask them to consider doing a show on primal. Everyone needs to know this stuff!
    Dave, you have given hope to a lot of people. I know you will be blessed for all the rest of your days.

    1. I thought the same thing that Oprah needs to give Primal?paleo equal time.
      Congrats Dave…ANY RECIPES TO SHARE??!!

    2. Me too! I love reading the primal success stories every week, but this one is the first one that made me cry!

  22. Dave, that is a truly awe inspiring transformation!!! You look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and probably feel the same! What an inspiration and you give me hope that I can look as good(in female form). Grok on, brother!!!

  23. Frickin’ Awesome!!! Way to go Dave! Your attitude and inspiration is amazing. This is just the motivation I needed to kick it into high gear! Grok On Dave!

  24. Huge respect for what you have done. Bravo! May it inspire others to do the same.

  25. AWSOME…amazing story..I loved his…i also have rocks in my apartment instead of weights and i go to park do my sprints and climb the trees there too. i agree way much better than gym..

  26. I showed my husband this. He is now COMPLETELY on board 😀
    He loves the outdoors: hiking, fishing, camping, climbing trees all that stuff and hates going to the gym. So this is gonna be a cinch!!! YAY im so happy. thanks for this story. Finally I got him to agree that he doesnt need to eat crap -especially after he ate a donut last night after dinner from the gas station (omg)and complained of an upset stomach all night.

  27. Wow. This is an awesome transformation. And not only does he look healthy & fit … but his hair and beard look awesome & fitting now too. :-)}

  28. this is very inspirational to me, great job Dave I to hope to look that good!!!

  29. My first thought was “Santa!”
    My next thought was “Hey! My birthday’s on the 8th as well!”
    Next: “Holy crap he’s gotten thin!”
    My last thought was “400 lbs to 200 lbs in 14 months is… just over 14 lbs lost per month (on average). Wow.”

    Congratulations- and happy birthday to us both!

  30. WOW. If you were single and lived near me I would be available any time for a primal blueprint-friendly beverage. HOT. You look amazing, Dave!!! I’ve been having a difficult time ousting my sugar-addiction and this is really great motivation to just DO it. Thank you. Love your sentiment, too–there is nothing like knowing that there is a growing community of like-minded “brothers” or sisters out there to help you feel strong.

    1. … uh, I don’t want to seem sleazy. I realize that you are NOT single and I was just being complimentary. You look great. ;D

  31. Wow! Who knew a big bearded caveman like Dave could put tears in my eyes so quickly! I too am sending this to my parents who believe they’re too old (64) to bother changing their diets now. Thank you for sharing Dave, you’re awesome. And again, thank you Mark for inspiring us all.

  32. Dave, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I seriously want to go hiking with this guy or something! It’s a good thing that e-hug to mark tho, or else mark might not have ribs anymore! Awesome job dave, I’m inspired to go do some ass-kicking primal-living of my own today!

  33. This just brought a tear to my eye! Great job, Dave! Such an inspiration!

  34. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Well done, you are truly an inspiration. I’ve been doing the Primal thing since the beginning of this year and had an ‘off’ day today, but this story has definitely made me want to jump back on the wagon FULLY! It’s amazing, and I thank you.

  35. Ah yes, and a happy early birthday to Dave!! May this be your best year yet!

  36. Absolutely Amazing!!!! What a great transformation, and I’ll echo the others…even though Connecticut is buried in snow (AGAIN!) reading this makes me want to run outside and play 🙂


    I have tears in my eyes. I wish I could send this post out to the whole world.

    I don’t even know you, Dave, but I am so proud of you!!


  38. Amazing! it’s stories like Dave’s that made me want to become primal in the forst place. I would LOVE to see a brief breakdown on what dave ate daily and what his exercise schedule was like. Awesome Dave! Congrats! I want to be like Dave!

  39. Impressive. What a story. And what a journey. Thank you for sharing. At the moment I am low carb (very low carb) not fully primal, but I may get there. I have lost weight, gained tone, and am in the best shape of my life, aged 39 With inspiration like this – I will keep on pushing. Thank you very much

  40. YOU DA MAN, Dave! Truly an inspiring, illuminating and heartfelt story. Grok On forever!

  41. WOW…..

    1. You’re an inspiration, Dave. You’re a year older, an inch taller and started out at about the same weight as me. You set a high bar and, simultaneously, show that it is completely doable! Thanks.

  42. HOLY SH*T! Ok…seriously, that’s just insane. I love it!! Way to go Dave!

  43. It looks as if you’ve achieved more than a great physique; you have a peace about you. You are definitely Grok.

  44. Wow…just…wow. Congratulations Dave!!! (sending this link to my boyfriend!)

  45. I was going to type a comment but nothing sounded good enough so I typed this one instead.

  46. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!!

    OMG OMG this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    great great great job. wow! i want to live with this guy & workout with him.

  47. That’s so awesome! Congratulations, I’m so impressed, I just showed this to my husband who is not paleo like me! He’s not overweight per se but I’d love it if he would eat like me.

  48. Greatest set of pics ever, I was expecting a considerable amount of improvement but that progression is amazing.

  49. tears in my eyes too – amazing transformation and such joy in life!

  50. Wow!
    That is extremely impressive!

    Congratulations Dave, very well done.

  51. Another WOW’ed reader here, awesome story, amazing transformation so much inspiration, how can you not be a believer in primal after seeing these incredible pictures. Grok on Dave!! 🙂

  52. I nearly bawled reading this. So incredible. The tight skin is amazing, I can’t get over it.

    I started Paleo after I got cancer (disgnosed at 24!) and I hope that this way of living will keep me going strong til I’m 54 too! (Well actually, I hope I can make it to 94!)

    I have so much respect for you Dave, purely the paleo poster child. (Poster man I should say. No, poster Grok!)

  53. Dave – you are an inspiration to all of us. This is so incredible and reaffirms my commitment to Primal. My progress is much slower than yours but with stories like this one, I know I’ll just get healthier and healthier.

    Grok on!

  54. HOLY VIKING!! You look like some kind of ancient warrior! Congratulations on the FANTASTIC work you’ve done! I’m grinning like a loon at my receptionist desk at your story.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us and keep up the amazing work.

  55. Amazing Dave!!!! I’m completely impressed and so proud of you for this accomplishment! You look wonderful and have inspired me! Great, great job!

  56. This is why we all love the Primal Lifestyle, because it gives real results! Dave’s story is AMAZING but there are so many more just like his :-). How can you deny that THIS is the way we were all intended to live!?!? My husband and I went Primal June of 2010 and have experienced some pretty wonderful changes in our bodies and energy levels in such a short time. Dave, thanks for sharing your story with us all, perhaps with every one of us who shares our story, another someone out there will make a positive change in their own life! Grok On!!!

  57. OMG! That is one of the most amazing transformations I have seen to date. Hands down. What an inspiring story! The human body is an amazing thing….if we give it the right tools to work with. Thanks for sharing Dave’s amazing story!

  58. I’ve been reading this site for a while now, never posted anything until now…because this is one of the best transformations I’ve seen yet on here. WOW!! You go Dave!

  59. Wow Dave, awesome story and it seems it was done within a year!! I need to start using my Primal cookbook NOW! Congratulations on a new life style! You must feel just awesome!!

  60. Dave, you sound like a super guy! Looks like you really have your head right & you’ve got it together. NICE WORK!!!!

  61. You just inspired me to finally take the leap, I have been reading this site for over a year and just finished the book.
    What a wonderful story! Great Job!!!!!

  62. Wow, nothing much else to say, that is startling. This will be a great post to show those I’m still trying to shove off the primal cliff :P.

  63. Ditto what everyone else has said. Dave you are an inspiration to all of us who live this lifestyle in the face of the ignorant who chow down on their processed crap, but think WE’RE weird. You personify Grok living. You totally rock!

  64. Hey Dave
    Ever set Your foot in Stockholm, Sweden, post me a message first and You´ll get a true Paleoish menu as well as the special tour of our town…
    Keep up the great work – You´re an inspiration and I truly appreciate You!

    Better & better / Claes

  65. I LOVE this story! Dave, you remind me of my Dad! Keep living primally! 🙂

  66. WOW! This story put a huge smile on my face!
    Congrats Dave you’re an inspration to us all and a kick ass example of how awesome it is to live primal
    Grok on Buddy!!!!!

  67. very very awesome!!!! You look at LEAST ten years younger. I am 42 and since going primal 2 years ago everyone still cannot believe I am over 40….it is the fountain of youth I tell you…..never ever go back to the dark side..
    Happy birthday on the 8th too. My sis in law’s bday also at 41….

  68. Congratulations Dave!!! What out-freakin’ standing results! You’re an inspiration to a 44 y.o. man that’s starting out in a similar way.

  69. As a 54 year old, 300+ pound man, I thank you Mark and Dave for sharing Dave’s emails and pictures. I’ve just “gone Primal” a month ago, and I look forward to sharing a story as great as Dave’s in a year or two. I’ll print out Dave’s pictures to look at for inspiration.

  70. Dave, you just changed your life. Night and day. Looking at your first pic….I see patients like that in the ICU all the time. Suffering through the effects of obesity. Heart disease, diabetes, you name it. In a year and a half, you just eliminated all of that. I’m so proud of you.

  71. Bloody hell, man. Speaking as another 300 pounder on his way to 200, just 2 weeks into the journey, this post could not have come at a better time. Thanks for sharing your story.

    *wanders off to bookmark this page*

  72. WOW!!! Totally amazing and inspiring! What an incredible transformation… I agree you are the perfect poster child for all the skeptics!!

  73. OH MY GOSH!!! Dave, you rock! You look absolutely fantastic. Turned into a real hottie. 🙂 What an inspiration.

  74. Congratulation on an awesome accomplishment. I use my age(61)and arthritis as my main excuses…but no more. I am going for “Grokette” (lol) Thanks!!!!

  75. WOW! way to go Dave!!!!

    Are you active in the forums? I’m sure we would all love to pick your brain.

    1. Bow hunter
      send me a personal message.and we can hook up and talk.
      I have had a bow in my hand since I could walk!

  76. !!!!! WOW!!!! Dave you are truly a remarkable man! Kudos to you for sticking with it, and living it up! You truly are an inspiration!

  77. Wow. Just…wow. Let me pick my jaw up off the floor.

    Hey Dave, we’re Primal Birthday Buddies! How will you celebrate yours on the 8th? 🙂

  78. Give Dave a loin cloth and spear, and you could picture him scrambling bare foot over the rocks and shale chasing a woolly mammoth hunting food for the clan. I think he would win the fight!

  79. I’m starting to get worried. With all these transformed hunks and babes about now, i’m not looking as good as I used to.

  80. “ups and downs……..primal life goes on.” Wonderfully said and applied. You are an inspiration to many. May you have the best birthday yet.

  81. Dave, congrats on what you have accomplished. You have inspired me so much. Thanks for sharing your story!

  82. Truly a wonderful story. By the way, I also love the look of the place where you live. It looks amazing. Love the painting on that door too :o)

      1. I paint big wall size stuff…there is no white paint in or on my house.ALL colors everywhere of many things and places…

  83. Amazing effort and now a little ‘Sizzle to the Dizzle Dave’!!! NIce job!! Surely a post to pass on to all the naysayers and one to inspire all of us.

    Mark, worst book…..mate we all got you covered and these Friday stories are all you need to put a hush over the critics. No photoshopping here.

    Grok on

  84. I scrolled slowly through he article, and I kept shaking my head with each transformation. Way to go Dave!!!!

  85. This made me cry. And shout. Flip-flops in the snow, indeed! Thrilled to have you as part of my tribe, Dave.

  86. AWESOME!!!

    We should make a Primal TV program – REALITY PRIMAL – For Real people getting Real results

  87. Astounding Dave. If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is. You are a homebrewer aren’t you? Must have been hard to cut back on the beers.

    1. I consume no alcohol except some wine in my cooking..I don’t drink. Quit 20 years ago…I just looked like I did..LOL

  88. ‘wow’ seems too menial a word…..
    dave, you are a motivator….
    i love your last photo….arms to the sky- grateful…..

  89. Very impressive. Mark, you and Dave have a lot to be proud of: you for inspiring him, and Dave for doing it.

  90. Dave that is an absolutely amazing transformation – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    My brother told me about primal a few months ago when I decided to cut sugar out of my life. So I have known about it for a while but basically been a bit scared and a bit lazy and have put off making the change. I thought yeah Mark looks great but he was a full on athlete that’s nothing like me coz I’m just plain fat! Thankyou for sharing your story and your pictures with us all. You have shown me that it works for all sorts of people and inspired me to stop making excuses and Grok on with the rest of you.
    You rock Dave

  91. Amazing transformation Dave! Congratulations. You should be so proud of yourself.

  92. Dave – HOLY $%^@!

    I’ve read some great transformations, but you don’t have to read yours – you just look at the pictures and smile. If ever there was an inspirational story, this is IT. That last pic of you raising your hands in the snow – classic. You are freakin’ amazing brother! GROK ON!

  93. Awesome, fabulous, amazing, WOW – what a transformation – well done!!

  94. You are amazing, Dave. It was a pleasure to share a meal with you when you visited in September. Right on, you look HOT!!!

  95. Wow… as if that needs to be said again… wow! Your post made my eyes well up, then the warm, amazed, and totally together responses finished the job!

  96. Wow! Amazing!!! I have been sugar/grain free for 3 weeks now and have lost 15 pounds so far so I am on my way, I have 29 more to go. I am doing yoga 2 times a week for exercise and do an intensive 5 mile hike every weekend. Wondering about the extra skin around my belly, will it eventually snap back or do I have to do major crunches too to get the saggie-ness away??? I had twins 7 years ago and since the skin around my belly has never been the same since. Hoping I don’t have to get a nip and tuck once I lose the fat.

    1. Do some straight arm lifts and stuff to work the elasticity back in..I did the keg lifts straight arm No situps at all ..along with the rest. it tightened back up!..I am Amazed myself..
      Now I am not a girl after having kids.
      But I can tell you this…the sag is attached to the rest..if the rest goes then sag gets un saggy-er as some fills back in the space vacated by the lost other stuff…. :~) At least some of it will I wish for you to have your wish.

    2. Check-out T-Tapp’s skin brushing system. And the testamonial there of Charlotte Siems, she had 12 kids and went from a 22W to a 4/6 with no skin sagging.

      Congratulations on the 15 lbs. Inspiring to me as I know if I’d cut the sugar/grain I’d be on my way! Thanks for your inspiration too!


  97. Dave I have sent the link of your story to many. This is really inspiring, Many thanks for posting this!

  98. That is terrific! The first picture mad me sad, but as I scrolled down to see the most recent pictures, I commend Dave for his amazing transformation. It shows he was willing to put in the work. Hats off to Mark and his worker bees!

  99. Wow, amazing transformation! Your whole life is changed! Congrats on your progress and thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

  100. Wow! Dave, you look so much younger! Congrats on an amazing transformation… you are certainly my inspiration for this week!

  101. You are such an inspiration Dave! You will, without a doubt, inspire thousands to go ahead and go primal with your story. You have changed your life and your result is a change in millions of lives directly and indirectly.

    I don’t need to lose weight but I would love to lose a fair amount of fat and gain muscle while maintaining my weight. Talk about giving me some motivation! I will be sharing this success story with anyone that has any doubts.

    If, for some reason he or she has doubts after reading this (is this possible?!) I will just point them to all the other AMAZING success stories.


  102. Happy Birthday, Dave! Here is much love, light, and amazing life and eating adventures to you! You are simply an amazing inspiration!

  103. Outstanding job Dave! You too Mark. What an inspiration!!! Reaffirms my decision to go primal (one month).

  104. Wow.. Fist comment in months and months.. Just had to say something! Seriously, this brought out tears in my eyes. What a story. What a transformation. Grok on!

  105. Wow, I am where you were. I weigh 252lbs and I need to get down to 180lbs. Inspired. I just seem to get heavier, a bit concerned.

  106. I’ve been pretty low on primal motivation lately (damn Norwegian winter!), but this made my day!
    Congrats, Dave (and Mark).

  107. Wow! What an amazing transformation. Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration.

    Wearing flip flops in the snow, I love it!

  108. Dave you have completely inspired me. I found this website about 6 weeks ago and have been eating somewhat better but not putting the exercise component into practice. After looking at your photos I’m ready to go out, lift rocks, climb trees and occasionally sprint up a hill. What a transformation and your enthusiasm is absolutely wonderful. Grok On!

  109. What’s also impressive is it’s done with little effort good job my friend

  110. So INSPIRING! The most touching transformation story I’ve ever read in this blog! Go on! Congratulations!

  111. Awesome job Dave! Tell us about your hunter gatherer diet. Very curious. Think you said if you dont kill it find it or forage it you dont eat it?

  112. Going back to 100% primal now, very inspirational. Thanks Dave and Mark!

  113. Dave, you are awesome!! Congrats and thank you for sharing your story. You have wonderful energy and such a great outlook! I wish you the best!

  114. Great Job Grizly Adams you look GREAT keep up the good work brother!!!!

  115. Dave – Congratulations!!!! fantastic. VERY inspiring. And what is truly remarkable is that you did not suffer from sagging skin – another testament to how healthful paleo eating is!

  116. Dave–Congratulations, brother! What a moving story…as evidenced by the huge number of comments received. Keep up the great work…and Grok on!

  117. I actually scrutinized that last picture…sure that I would see some type of surgical scar. I am just AMAZED that his skin looks so fabulous. Now I have a sliver of hope, that even after 2 pregnancies and some extra weight, that MAYBE I will have a decent looking stomach one day!

    Amazing transformation dave!

  118. A-freakin’-mazing! My husband was reading over my shoulder and was just floored by Dave’s transformation…even asked for the link…maybe now he’ll stop sabotaging my efforts by bringing home all those treats I don’t quite have the willpower to resist (though I’m getting better at it all the time!).

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, Dave! You must feel awesome – you look fantastic!

  119. Well done, Dave!!! You look GREAT, brother!!!

    Best of all, rather than just LOOKING healthy, you ARE healthy–inside and out! There can be no greater gift!

    Rock out and Grok out!!!

  120. Dave, you are a total inspiration to all! It made my morning to see this — you are looking incredible!!!!

  121. Dave,

    You have freed the animal within. Thank you for sharing your heroic transformation.

  122. not fair, you ditched 80lbs when you took the dawg off the photo. Seriously, though, mate, well done, you look great.

  123. Usually just lurk around here but had to comment on this story.

    Incredible change,

    Love the emails too, left me with such a massive grin on my face.


  124. Impressive.
    If you look at the pictures in the article backwards its a young fit guy getting fat and hairy.

    Now actualy its happening the other way around. Benjamin Button Style.
    An old, fat guy getting, young and strong!

  125. This totally gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I’ve shared this on Facebook and to everyone I know.
    Grok on Dave!!

  126. Way to go Dave! That is amazing and inspirational!I discovered this site about a year ago and then got away from it.On January 3 I committed to it and have lost 14 lbs so far and feel great.You have really helped me to keep moving forward! Grok On

  127. Dave –

    I too was 54 last month. While not having to lose 100 pounds I did want to get my body and mind back in sync to how it was designed. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks and feel great. I want to lose about 10-15 more pounds and then balance myself there. Your story is incredible and inspiring. You look so healthy and happy!!! I sent your story to a friend of mine who is our age and suffering from Type II Diabetes and 100+ pounds overweight in hopes he will see the possible.

    Thank you for sharing!!!


  128. That… is mind-blowing. That’s all I can say, other than “WOW!”

    Congratulations on a new life, new body, new freedom, new confidence, new you!

    I’m awe-struck. I really am.


  129. Amazing. Gotta love this guy. It is only natural that Dave found his way to being “Primal” Dave. Can’t imagine he would ever be “South Beach” Dave.

  130. I’ve been lurking on this site for months and this success story was motivating enough to finally register and start doing instead of just reading. Thanks for the inspiration!

  131. Too bad The Primal Blueprint couldn’t fix Dave’s broken caps lock button.

  132. By the time I go to the last picture I actually had tears in my eyes.
    simply beautiful…

  133. Great Dave!!!! i’m 60 next april 17th, your primal story is the living example of how we have to do to get off from the matrix life that the Corporations propose us with the promotion of the Conventional Dietary Wisdom.
    Grok on!!!!

    Primal Friends
    I have a Face Book page.
    LOOK ME UP if you wish. GROK ON!!

    1. I just did. There are probably 100+ Dave Parsons on FB. What is metropolitan area are you listed under?

      1. I have a recent post on MArks F/B page about chicken skin chips.
        Dave Parsons San Francisco

  135. Holy farking shite! WOW. OMFG…Looks like a completely different person. Great job, dude.

  136. You, Sir, are an amazing inspiration! I love how your spirit shows through in your photos as well. Thank you for sharing this! And thanks again, Mark!

  137. I am sitting here eating salmon avocado and carrot trying not to cry in love and respect for this amazing transformation. Always amazing to hear someone really living their life.

  138. Words really fail me. you mean… my gut will stop sagging? REALLY???

    The inspiration in this story REAL!

  139. Yep, I’m enjoying some organic celery right now, instead of walking to the gas station to buy some poison. RAWK!

  140. Happy Birthday Dave and congratulations on your primal success. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story.

  141. Dave (and Mark)

    My daughter has been after me for some time now to go Primal. She has adopted this lifestyle and has been living better for the last year. I however have been very skeptical, thinking this to be nothing more than another flash in the pan money making scam that feeds off of the insecurities of people who hate the way they look.

    You have made a believer out of me.

    Seeing Dave’s before and after photos and looking at the progress in between has convinced me that this is something I need to embrace fully. I know it will be rough to change a lifetime’s worth of bad habits, but seeing the possibilities I can accomplish will give me the resolve I need to one day be able to post my own success story on this website.

    Congratulations Dave on your success. You have shown me the Primal path and I take my first steps today towards a healthier tomorrow.

    Grok on!

    1. I am walkin talkin proof…
      Lets GO…..>>>>>
      my daughter thinks I am totally off the hook bad ass now!

  142. May I follow in your footsteps Dave!!
    Our path may be different, but you inspire me to be-great!!!!

    You are my birthday-brother (Feb. 8 is a good day!) – I’m thinking that your story, coming to me (via a link from a friend) now must be an early birthday present!

  143. Thanks everyone for the Birthday greetings
    DAves Today
    Snow Bath
    BLAAR wraps for breakfast
    work in shop
    Some red meat and a a hand full of almonds
    for lunch
    Went into woods and nailed a deer…:~)
    Birthday fun for food.
    Did all after hunt stuff and thawed out.
    a little techno stuff then dinner of Ahi
    and salad.
    pretty sure sleep will come easy tonight
    WORK tomorrow….GRok On>>>

  144. Dave,

    What a powerful story and beautiful transformation! I’ve sent it to a few friends.

    Humanity from up here in Canada salutes you.


  145. I’m going to show this to my father. Thank you for posting these results and thank you Mark for the site. It’s all about determination here. Once you choose your path, there’s nowhere to go but forward.

  146. Okay, this was so fabulous I got teary. That’s probably not very Grok…lol

    1. Every single one of these posts has brought them on. Its OK to cry. Thank you so much..I send the BEST ENERGY TO ALL
      GROK ON >>>

  147. Good on You!!! Thanks for the inspiration, I am just getting started, and you have made my day!!! My eyes teared up, reading your posts. I am SO happy for you!

  148. Congratulations Dave on an amazing transformation … for having the will and determination to “change your stars”.

    You will be a great inspiration to others!

    All the best to you,


  149. Congratulations and happy birthday Dave! A truly inspiring story. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone here at MDA. Keep up the great work everyone! Grok on!

  150. Dave, you’re the man! You’ve done what many would consider completely impossible in a very short time! GROK ON!!

  151. Incredible Incredible Incredible… So much to take from here Dave.. Thanks PB family for sharing this.

    Honestly Dave.. any doubts (not that there were many at all) have been washed away with your story!!

    Grok On! and God Bless

  152. I have been on the grok diet for a year and love this site. But… I have a hard time believing the pictures… someone who was that big around the waste had to have sagging skin with that amount of wieght loss. I am also a MD. Wish I could believe all that I see… just can not in this case.

    1. HI-
      I was a a para-medic in the early 80’s.
      my former E/R Orthopedic Surgeon
      Dr.girl friend squeeze believes it.

  153. I love how the beard got shorter as the weight came off. Awesome and totally inspiring. Keep up the great work.
    I’ve lost 80 lbs myself and have managed to keep 70 lbs of it off for over a year. I could just never lose the last 20 or so pounds so now I’m giving the Primal Blueprint a try. It’s not much different than what I’ve been doing, just a bit of fine tuning and that should do it. Easy Peasy!

  154. 100xCONGRATS! & 100xWOW! from Down Under to Up Over.

    I’m not religious, but your post is spiritual! Like when a smile and a tear mix.

  155. What an amazing transformation. Now if I could just get my sons to stop all the low and non-fat nonsense and stop all the daily gym workouts. I will definitely send this to them. Congratultions, Dave!!!

  156. So much I want to say…THANKS FOR SHARING THE JOURNEY!! I burst into tears at your last pic, you are FREE!! Incredible, incredible man and the fortitude it must have taken to stay the path when times got tough. Mark, Groks and Grokettes, Stumblers THIS IS the WHY 😀 FREEDOM!!!!

  157. You are a hero! Have shown this to all my friends and they think your transformation and strength in perseverance are incredible.

  158. Un-Flippin’ Believable. With all our vocab, the only thing all of us can really say is, WOW!! Congrats and thank you for sharing your story.

  159. Newly inspired. Going to put your picture on my fridge!
    If “I can’t kill it-find-it-or-gather-it, I don’t eat it” anymore!U ROCK!

      WALK INTO A STORE AND HUNT WHAT YOU WILL EAT…GOOD HUNTING!It is not easy when your out and about I Take a cooler of DAve chow everywhere I go..

      1. “Dave chow” LOL awesome… I might have to start calling it that too

  160. Best. Testimonial. Ever.

    What an awesome story! Kudos to Mark for showing us the door. And congratulations to Dave for walking through it….

    Very inspiring!!!

  161. Dave – that’s some impressive work. Keep it up. Not be be a bubble burster, but now the hard part starts, keeping it off. Best of luck and health. Grok On!

    1. The hard part…that’s done…this is THE FUN PART NOW!
      GROK ON>>>

    2. From what I understand, keeping it off is only hard if you don’t keep doing what brought you there. And it’s easy to do what brought you there if it’s natural, sustainable, nourishing, satiating, & delicious as primal food is.

      Starvation & low-fat eating isn’t sustainable.

  162. WOW Dave, you are GROK! There should be an Award on MDA for Grok of the year… & it should be YOU! Thanks for the inspiration Brother! & Grok-on GROK!

  163. Dave, you’re amazing! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your beautiful self!

  164. Dave – You give me hope! I too carry the belly and was hoping that Primal living would help me loose enough fat to have the sagging cut off. My new goal is to find my way to where you are! My first thought at your last pic was “his wife must be exited”! I know my hubby would be!

  165. ASTONISHING!! This is the beauty of the human spirit I’m talking about! JOB WELL DONE SIR.

  166. Well, that is quite a story, nice going Dave! Ha, I was 225 and now 200. Went to the Doc, told me about this. Most things were wrong with my bloodwork, high cholesterol, high BP and a lot more. After starting I went back three months later. Cholesterol normal and all ese normal, except BP which is coming down. This works!

  167. impressive. i didn’t check the length of the article when i started, so when i saw the pic with him holding the barrel i thought that was the end and was already impressed with the guys results. and yet they were better than that even!
    nice going man.

  168. I have shared Dave with anyone who will look and shows the slightest glimmer of interest. Let me tell you, that glimmer turns into HOLY COW very quickly!
    The entire post is incredible and Dave’s spirit comes through as a joyful, primal, blessed and strong man but that last picture catches my breath, sends chills and brings tears to my eyes every time!
    Absolutely beautiful! The creation you were meant to be!

  169. Ok, that’s it. I’m printing this out & hanging it on the fridge. And the bathroom mirror. And next to the computer. Hmmm….where else will my Hubs & I see it constantly?

    Amazing spirit. Grok on, Dave.

  170. Dave, that last picture really threw me! Way to go and congratulations! Grok on!

  171. outstanding! Thanks so much, Dave AND Mark AND everyone. But, what is BLAAR. Bacon? (yum) lettuce? avocado? anchovy? radicchio? I know just as soon as someone enlightens me, I’ll say “duh,” but I just can’t seem to noodle it out at the moment. thanks!

      1. THANKS, DAVE!!!! and ‘duh.’ repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. very similar to the bacon chicken apple salad found on MDA, which is a total favorite of ours. You rock, Dave. Thanks so much for sharing.

        p.s. does anyone know how to consistently pick good avocados? I can pick those that give slightly and get 1 good one and 4 that have those funny-looking bruise lines in them.

        1. Buy them green and hard…
          let them hang out with the other fruit.
          they ripen at home with no finger prints or box bruises. Plan ahead..
          works consistently all the time.and I eat a mess of avocados..! GRok On>>>>

  172. This is just great.

    Can somebody comment about the skin sagging…
    The skin looks too good to be true. I googled about a lot of fat loss and the skin sagging and it seems that the skin is supposed to sag, at least a little.


  173. I’ve lost a mild ten LBS on diet so far (1 month) and can’t work out at all yet (b/c of CFS) but hopefully soon. The point is, it somtimes gets lonesome on diet. Then I see story like this and suddenly feel among the lucky few to have found primal code.

  174. VERY Inspirational! Thank you soooooo much for sharing your story and pictures!

  175. Awesome work! You’ve got 20 years on me and from the looks of the way you are wielding that beer keg I wouldn’t want to mess with you. Keep up the good work!

  176. Wnat an inspiring story of your transformation! I just started 4 weeks ago. Grant it I do not have to lose as much as you did but my ways efore were leadi g to disaster. I lost 12 lbs so far and need 25 more to go. I know it can be done as long as I stick to this new way of eating. Thanks for sharing your story.

  177. this brings tears to my eyes. It’s such an amazing accomplishment. Thank you, I will share this with everyone I know.

  178. Wow, just plain ole WOW. You were hiding behind your buddy (the dog) and that big beard (and the belly); and, look who was in there!! What a beautiful spirit and amazing physique, Dave… you did it!!!

  179. WOW!! your very sexy. LOL I need to do this. Very inspiring.

    Good Luck to you in life Dave

  180. I know longer need to blast crazy music to get myself motivated. Now I simply say one word…”Dave”

  181. After talking about the Primal Blueprint to my husband to no avail — I just showed him Dave’s photos! At least now he says he will think about it!

    As for me — I’m already sold!

    What an inspiration!

    Grok On!

  182. Hi Primal Friends…
    maybe I am able to Re-program the mind and body and it recovers well..
    So the sagging truth come out..LOLOL
    MArk..I firmly believe that the re-programming…does wonderful “undiscovered” by a “few” things!
    Dave-We Grok On>>>

  183. Dave,

    I am 40, just getting started with the Primal Blueprint, and, at my heaviest, was 370 lbs. I have been doing well on the program and have been getting compliments from people who see me every month or so. I am down to 305 and I can sprint again!

    To see your hard work, Dave, has helped me alter my expectations and put me into a more patient frame of mind. I can see it will slowly happen, but it will happen.

    Mark, you instill us with knowledge.
    Dave, you inspire us with passion.

    Happy Birthday.

    -David B.

  184. So inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your story and your warmth and good will. I will be sharing it forward many times. Congrats!

  185. Awesome results, very inspirational ! And i can see we share the same birthday, i’m sure you had a great one !

  186. AMAZING and truly INSPIRATIONAL. Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of the “tribe”. Grok on Dave!

  187. I started by typing “Amazing!”, but what is amazing is his courage, not the food plan. The food plan works, plain and simple, IF you have the courage to break away from the ruts of our mainstream, politicaly based food pyramid. Congrats to you, Dave, and big thanks to Mark for leading the way for so many people to gain their health and life back!

  188. Very impressive. 400lb deadlift shows it was not all just fat loss too!

    Interesting it took about a year for the first 80lbs, and another 6 months to lose 5lbs. Assuming your diet was consistent, it seems that at some point your body decided OK, no more need for fat loss, and homeostasis took over.

    For those near their ideal weight, patience is the key (at least I am finding that).

  189. Nice to see so many positive reactions to this post.

    Although if it keeps up, we might run out of Internet to store them all! 😉

  190. Aloha Dave…you give new meaning to “Ai Pono” (eating with excellence/eat right)!
    Amazing. What heart!

    1. ALOHA..I have been told my heart is a strong one…I share so much and care so much..My heart is wishing you a wonderful success and a positive life..always and foeva!!

  191. HOT – HOT – HOT!!!!

    Just turned 54 also. Thanks a million for the inspiration! Very heart warming.

  192. I don’t think I could say anything more than what the other 200+ comments have said already. That’s an incredible transformation. I’ve done about half of what Dave has so far, but still have an extra 20-30 pounds to go.

    Grok on everyone!

  193. That was really inspiring. When you wrote the living dead, thats exactly how I have been feeling, I have just getting started. Thank you for writing this.

  194. Dave, u grok my world! Thank you for sending in your inspirational testimony to what living this way can do for you.. I recently started only 2 weeks ago, but that doesn’t matter much since its a permanent lifestyle change.. I sent my brrother this link in hopes of getting him on board and it worked! Thanks for the light and the end of the tunnel! Grok on!!!

  195. Congrats to Dave! For me this eating philosophy isn’t just about weight loss but also about good blood health! I’m 44 years old and my annual blood work showed i was at high risk for diabetes and other diseases. I started this diet in August and did my annual blood work in December. The high-risk areas of my blood work reversed and I am no longer at risk. I have also cured 99.9% of my acid reflux and heartburn without pills! Not to mention I’ve dropped about 35 lbs of flab in 6 months with little to no exercise.

    1. you and I must have been walking the same path!….add a little more could not hurt..and you can take advantage of that new “vitality”..

  196. Wow, Dave! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this journey with the rest of us. And bright blessings to you!

  197. Primal play in the forest after work in the shop..
    climbing trees is today’s WOD.
    The sun is out..the wind is light..
    hes out the door..into the LIGHT!
    GROk On>>>

    1. I love this celebration of yourself! You are one awesome dude, Dave!

  198. Awesome! I too have turned my life around by returning to simplicity in eating (and curiously, as a result in many other areas). I’m down from an estimated 360 lbs. (on 6’3″) (I say estimated because the scales stopped at 340 and I was losing weight for over a month before the error display stopped flashing. So now 18 months later, I’m a 100 pounds lighter and headed to 225 lbs or so in my 53rd year. Mark’s plan was among the most cogent I’ve used and the one I follow. Dave, your story is inspiring and I see the pebbles on the path to follow. Thanks!

  199. Dave-

    Could you explain what you mean by straight-arm keg lifts? Does that mean leave it hanging in front of you and who it up over your head?

    1. Thats it..
      ..load the core …do the lift.
      you can also do a squat with it in front of you and lift all together keg out front and then raise arms when upright. The keg in front balances you for the good squat posture of keeping knees and shins vertical through the lift.BUT MAINTAIN loaded core as a solid chunk of you..
      I am not chiseled wedge shaped. But I have a real solid core. I did NOT one sit up…that lift I think is what tightened up the belly skin…
      remember to load the core(tighten abs)..then do the lift.Grok ON>>>

  200. Your smile in every picture is what got to me. Awesome .. awesome job! I’m just speechless …

  201. Dave=Grok! When there is a will, there is a(Primal)way, and Dave you showed us with style! THANK YOU DAVE!

  202. Hey Dave!
    Soo good to have you around Brah! Your success will inspire us all to geev’um!

  203. WOW! What a change ! Wow !What a man! Way to go Bro. Can women do the same on this Primal thing? You are so right , about a picture is worth a thousand words. Beautiful.

  204. I am not as tall as you but I’m 264 lbs right now on a 5’10” frame. I’m starting the Primal Blueprint diet today in ernest. I’m tired of feeling sick, of being tired,and lowering my eyes to passers bye ashamed of my appearance. I want the confidence that I see in your after pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. YOU are most welcome.
      I can feel your change of determination here…I can only wish you the best.
      Be the change-you wish to see
      Grok On >>>

  205. Knowledge is KING!!!
    go beyond the label..go beyond the media..go seek..Hunt it.
    I was guided here. There is a ton of material to back Mark and what happened to me up real well….
    GROK ON>>>

  206. Oh my God!!!!! What an AMAZING feat you have accomplished! It is soooooooo inspiring and really gives me the boost I need to carry this through. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  207. What a difference! Amazing what the ‘small’ changes in our eating and exercise habits can bring about. Keep it up. You look great!

    1. Thank you…
      Actually a large change.
      from large to GROK!..LOL
      DAveman..GROK on>>

      1. Dave, to kill the naysayers, can you post on YouTube so they can see you moving around? Thanks!!!!

  208. After the MD was skeptical in these comments, I have to be also. Dave Parsons, please post on YouTube with your name so we can find the film – we want to see you moving around and see your “flesh in the flesh” – Like Doubting Thomases, but can you blame us? Please show us your photo wasn’t photo shopped!

  209. Are you people serious?????? You want moving around proof???

    Dave, post a picture of your middle finger and call it a day.

    1. Dave, don’t bother with anything. I told my MD I was going to Curves (similar to the crossfit stuff as far as I can tell) and was told, well, ok, if you want to waste your time. six weeks later and 3 sizes smaller; no tummy-tuck needed, there was a large amount of crow on the menu! I’m almost sorry now that I didn’t take pictures. But I (double caps) know! That’s good enough for me.

      1. Oh, haha, I just thought of: don’t waist! your time! hahahhahahahhahah!!!!

  210. ..Okayyyyyy…
    instead of a finger ..even though I am an archer and actually know where that comes from…
    OR YOU TUBE..Sorry..don’t do you tube.
    Go to Marks F/B page…
    posted a vid today. FEB-11th
    GROK ON>>>

    1. i’m not an archer but i know bout the middle finger also, but i totally agree with the sentiment. these people are really crude! you look great! good fats can do alot grok on

  211. A real champion: the man who lasts through the long haul learns more than any number twenty second fleet-of-foot wonders, flashing from A to B. My little bit of tummy tub, built up from my few years in a sedentary occupation, have been given its marching orders.

  212. WOW! You are definitely a role model to others! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, which I hope will reach out to many others. Wishing you the best!

  213. Stunning!! Just what I needed to send to a couple of guy friends that want to change their health and body shape. This was just too perfect…….timing was great!
    Wishing you the very best.

    MY primal WOD was to go out well dressed in 0-10 degree weather and play chase the wild animal around the woods. Some hiking,some tree climbing. Some meditation… Up there sitting in a tree absorbing the fact that I was able to be out there. Two other strong outdoor individuals and me.
    We had a good day out in the cold and wind. We ate deer grilled on fire for lunch. Cameled up on water. A bunch more hiking.Then more tree climbing. And some hauling heavy stuff out of the woods… We saw Scorpio wandering across the southern sky before dawn. We saw Orion striding after the half moon at twilight.We saw the single jet black squirrel. It was a good primal day.

  215. I got home from work yesterday at 5 and started drinking Jack & Cokes and was planning on getting a pizza and skipping Crossfit on Sunday morning. After reading this, I promptly put down my drink, did not get a pizza, went to bed early and am ready for a hell workout this morning!!!!

    1. You are THE MAN…
      WEll done…were off!
      I am very proud of YOU and your decision.
      Grok ONWARD>>>>

  216. Wow you are truly an inspiration!! Im sending your story to my husband. Hoping we can do Primal Blueprint together. My kids will finally have to give up their Fruit Loops and Cheeto’s for good 🙂
    Im totally inspired by your story!

  217. Yay! Grow strong smart kids. I have 2 with degrees-1 going for a masters. And the 3rd one is an organic farmer.
    I call them the 3- waybetterthanme’s
    Grok ON>>>

  218. dude i am a bear my self. weight at present time is 324 lbs . this is a real eye opener and an isperation to me.


    as as dave says GROK ON

  219. Its a journey…

    Speed is not important..the continuing process is.. Stick with it!
    GROK ON>>>

  220. Dave, you have inspired me and my sister. We’re going for it.

    Thank you so much.

  221. Dave – you are abso flip-floppin’ lutely amazing!

    I’ve been Primal for about 7 weeks now and have returned to your page several times recently, when life is throwing out it’s challenges. It’s inpsired me and re-motivated me and given me a light to follow when I’ve felt like I’m walking this strange new path alone.

    Of course your physical change is incredible, but actually Dave the thing I love about you is your great wisdom, your depth and your respect and love for life, nature and others. I’m hoping that this Primal way might just bring me some of that stuff too! Thankyou for sharing yourself with us

    Great love from across the oceans brother

    1. Thank you so much.
      Glad to hear you are finding support and determination from me…I get so much back from these little notes. My reward for being brave?…friends all over the world! I have a page on F/B and post some food and work outs I do…
      GROK ON>>>

  222. Dave, it’s been one week for my sister and two weeks for me.

    She has lost 4.6 pounds but even better than that; she feels amazing. No more pain in her joints. One week!

    I have no idea what I have lost since I don’t do scales. But clothes are fitting much better.

    Grok on!

  223. Amazing!! There are no words to describe this and what you’ve done it’s truly remarkable. I too lost 80lbs last year but I’m 22 so it’s a bit easier I suppose, Now living the paleo life and although none of my friends or family members understand me (they all think wholegrains are needed and stuff….) it will be my way of living until I die. It just feels so much better and easier to maintain fitness and body comp.

    P.S: Can I move to your place? At least you would understand my way of living! Lol

    Grok on!

  224. Wow WoW and WOW. Seriously this is all sorts of inspiring!!!
    I’m totally showing this to my husband when he gets home.

  225. The Dave was out and about for a Month..SCUBA diving again after a 15 year absence. I did not forget one trick. It was so nice to be able to go again!!
    190-195 lbs and holding steady…Strong as ever.
    Grok On friends!!

  226. Your amazing and such a inspriation
    thanks for this
    I need it for my friend who needs to lose weight and live like you
    thanks man

  227. Your never too old..never..
    I still turn heads and talk about it to people every day..And I am making t-shirts of all kinds proclaiming my paleo/primal way of life!!
    GROK ON>>>

  228. Dave (and Mark) – you have NO IDEA how you have changed my life and provided inspiration. Your story posted on Facebook lead me here – But more importantly today my father, who reminds me of you so much, asked about what I was doing and wants Mark’s book! I am so excited to think my daughter may get to keep her grandfather around for a long time. I came here to send him the link to your story. Grok on Dave!

    1. My father also eats primal…and he is 80 years old now..I think we both will be around for a while longer..I am so glad to hear this from you…And WE Grok On together>>>

  229. Dave back on Febuary 10th I e-mailed you the following:
    “I am not as tall as you but I’m 264 lbs right now on a 5’10” frame. I’m starting the Primal Blueprint diet today in ernest. I’m tired of feeling sick, of being tired,and lowering my eyes to passers bye ashamed of my appearance. I want the confidence that I see in your after pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your story.”

    Well, thanks to your inspiration, as of today’s date I am 229 Lbs. down 35!! I feel terrific. I have overcome my own inertia and am now “an object in motion”. I run a 5k nearly everyday and am feeling more and more self confident. I’m no head turner, but give me another 35 Lbs of, (a few short months from now), and I will be!!! 🙂
    Seriously, thanks. Reading Mark’s book was one thing but seeing your picture made me realize that I could do it. I wanted what you had achieved and now it’s happening. Thanks again Dave. You’re my hero!! Grrrrrok On!!!!

    1. HI-Glad to hear that!!!
      I might recommend not running everyday..change it up to a fast walk..or a walk with a load..some lunging steps and a sprint or two…get that body used to doing a different motion and reduce that impact load on the ole knees and feet..I never run..I walk powerfully.the same pace count up or down hill(just smaller to larger steps) and carry a load all the time…A big staff or iron bar not a backpack or vest..I carry it and move it around..
      Keep it up!!…we Grok On together>>>

  230. Milemom…I’ve had two large-ish babies. AND have lost 180 pounds. The skin issues will improve dramatically with a solid commitment to losing weight. The fat under the skin pulls it down. The more I loose the better my skin gets. The more resistance training I do – the better it gets.

    Don’t say never. Commitment to a health1y, active lifestyle is key.

    1. It may never get back to pre childbirth..but its whats under it that counts..And whats inside you that is the most important..Grok On..Always..I beleive in you!!

  231. Can i contact Dave?
    I started at 502 and am now 352 looking to get stronger and tighten up my skin too

    1. Jonathan..I have a Facebook page. And I do receive comments from here..whats UP?
      Dave>>>GROK ON brother>>>

      1. I want to know what you did to tighten your skin. I also have a facebook page, jonathan david goins

  232. I had to come back and read this again tonight, Dave. In January, my sister and brother-in-law linked me to this success story. I was already losing weight but upon reading this, and more of Marks’ Daily Apple, I immediately changed to a primal lifestyle. It’s May and I’ve seen myself go from 349 to 315. My first big goal of 299 is just moments away.

    I was reflecting tonight on my success and had to come back and read your story again!

    1. SUPER GREAT STUFF!!…I am so glad to hear that this is working for you. Enjoy life every day!
      …that 299 is only a short time away and you will never look back!!
      Grok On Brother>>>

  233. Wow… you just provided me with INSPIRATION… Congratulations… and thank you for sharing…

    1. And here my friend is dose of determination..dont aim for fast..set the bar high and aim for FOREVER!!
      GROK ON>>>

  234. Wow!! This is truly inspirational!!
    I just started the primal fittness and hoping to have great results too.
    Dave you are amazing!!

  235. Dave – this series of photos with your story is an inspiration to me. I had never heard of the Primal Blueprint or Mark Sasson until someone had a link to this post on a page I found while trolling through the internet. I am so inspired by this that I realized that I really CAN change if I’m willing to make the right choices one day at a time. In the long haul, it *will* produce results (as you’ve proved here). Thank you for sharing with the rest of us who are just getting started.

    1. My apologies to Mark for the mispelling. As you can see, I still need to get a copy of the book. : )

    2. GROK hug..with a helping of strength and determination.
      You CAN do it…It WILL work…
      BE the change you wish to see..
      PAPA GROK>>>

  236. I want an update. Is the weight still off? Good, bad or ugly, I’d really like to know.

    1. UPDATE>>>I have gone to a more Paleo simple diet like Art De Vany..meat/fats/good oils/some dairy or grains or sugars/starches.. ..some times a little fruit..thats it…water and tea to drink.
      205 pounds solid….I got down to 195…and then put 10 pounds of muscle back on with those 10k lbs. in 15 minutes work outs with the logs and stones…My current profile pic on facebook is a week old..And I am The PAPA GROK to many people..I will never go back..I am an ambassador for this way of life now…GROK ON>>>

  237. Your spirit is so contagious, this story is inspiring in a huge way!!! Thank you!

  238. How do we find you on Facebook? I couldn’t find a Papa Grok, and there are a whole bunch of Dave Mans.

  239. look for the Dave Parsons holding the slab of BACON for the profile pic…I also comment regularly on the International Paleo Movement Group Page..>>>

  240. Dave is living proof good things come in small packages! And smaller and smaller… 😉

  241. The short beard will stay…I have had one forever and have a baby does not like the Razor at all..Thanks!!>>>>>>>>

    1. Hey Dave,
      Loved your story. Your last pic gives me goosebumps the size of golfballs. I like the idea of being primal it feels more manly and seeing you shirtless in the winter wearing flip flops just resonates caveman style.


    and… is that awesome artwork on the door of YOUR house? I love it!

    1. HI—That’s a garden shed…the entire back of my house and every room inside is Artwork…Murals and Impressionism and other assorted COLOR…NO white paint in the house!!…Yep…I love to paint..
      GROK ON>>>

  243. Amazing transformation, what an inspiration!

    Does the paleo lifestyle also make your beard stop growing as long? There seems to be some correlation here between less girth = less length.

    Very handsome either way, thanks for sharing.

  244. Daveman, you are my hero! Whenever I get down about my weight, I reread your story and the motivation to continue on with PB gets stronger than ever. Your family is so lucky to have you in their lives.

  245. Awesome Papa Grok! Thanks for the reminder it is never too late to change…

  246. I just posted your story up in my office! Incredible! Best wishes to you, and thanks for the inspiration!

  247. I seriously just got all teary. And good old Uncle Walt was even quoted. I currently weigh 314.2 lbs. A month ago, I weighed 333.8. This way of eating works. Hopefully in a year, I’ll have a similar story to share…As a Christian, I don’t necessarily think we evolved from apes (hopefully that doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the paleo club!), but I sure as heck don’t think God intended for us to eat the crap they try to feed us now. I do think our ancestral human family definitely have something to teach us on how our bodies work and what works best to fuel them.

    1. PS. Dave, you look absolutely amazing. In fact you look just like my dad who is in process of getting his weight down after losing his eyesight and a toe to type 2 diabetes…guess how he’s doing it? 🙂 GROK ON!!!

  248. Dave, How did it effect your family? Did they go all the way with you?

    1. No….Im the only one who stays in the middle of the path…they still have their own mind set for foods. I run my body…they run theirs…saves trouble.>>>

  249. This is utterly amazing! As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I am so grateful for this community and Mark for sharing these wonderful stories. This example has lit a fire inside of me to ditch the excuses and fully commit to a primal lifestyle. Congrats Dave! You are AWESOME!

  250. WOW! WOW! “Yatta” in Japanese.
    You and Mark have inspired me to never give up.
    A nice big womanly HUG to you.

  251. I’ve been toying with the idea of going primal recently, weighing in at over 300 pounds and just 23 years old this has inspired me! If a man over twice my age can do it, so can I! Grok on Dave!

  252. Great inspiration!!I’m in pursuit of my own success, I have lost 100 pounds since July 21, 2011, still have aways to go. I went to a fat doc and he put me on phentermine/prozak, I know I know very un-grok like, but I couldn’t seem to get started. I read Marc’s book as soon as it came out and really like the program, even though I don’t believe in evolution, you seem like a pretty good group, hope that doesn’t get me shunned. I have been following a very low carb approach, ala Atkins/Taubes, which from what I can gather is very close to a primal way of eating (btw, the doc doesn’t really know I’m doing that and he didn’t recommend it) so anyway I weigh in every 3 weeks, and the weight continues to fall off, my main exercise is walking, but I walk in the mountains and I rock and roll with it, I came across a black bear the other day, but he was more scared of me than I was of him. Anyway been a lurker here for awhile, I use you guys and Marc’s great info for learning and motivation, I think I’ve got it this time. Looking fwd to ditching the drugs.

  253. Wow!!! Your story is quite an inspiration to a beginner of the Paleo program. I’m thinking I can make this plan work, where most others I’ve done for a few weeks and failed.

  254. Amazing! My Mom recently turned me on to this lifestyle… I’m hooked, and seeing Dave’s story is inspiring! How could it not be? Thank you so much for sharing!

  255. Im still around!!….Even if you dont go and be the exercise monster of the block…this way of life will sculpt the body that reflects what you do…and it will look GOOD!!!…GROK ON Everyone and have a SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON..EAT WELL -SLEEP WELL- BE WELL AND Enjoy life every day!>>>

  256. WOW, i just got the 21 day transformation book and this guy was my size, I’m impressed!

  257. Dave, You are a Grok Star! This is possibly the most inspirational thing I’ve ever read regarding physical transformation. I was thinking man starting this Primal thing is going to be difficult for me at 48-years-old. Thank you for blowing that thinking out of my head! Grok on!

  258. Way to go Dave! I am heading into week 3 and your story just re-ignited my fire stick…Grok on, brother!! Thank you so much…your legacy continues on!

  259. Unconquerable Dave makes me want to run around the world and cheer and beat my own skinny little chest! The sheer joy of the man from MINUTE ONE of your journey!

  260. Holy Crap Dave!!! That is the best transformation that I have ever seen. I keep going through these posts getting more and more stoked. Thanks for sharing and thanks for showing what is possible.

  261. THE PAPA GROK IS ALWAYS>>AROUND THE CAve some place..or out in the rock and tree zone..GROK ON EVERYONE!!>>>

  262. Dave, I pinned your story to my Pinterest board and it has gotten many many likes and shares.
    Your story really helped me in the begining of my journey. It was your mention of having so much energy and feeling strong at your age, that hooked me in. I felt so tired all the time and could not see how I was going to make it to 60 or 70 if I was this worn down in my 40’s!
    Thank you for sharing, and know that it has meant the world to many people 🙂


  263. Wow! av you look like a different person. Thank you SO much for sharing your story with us. Truly inspirational.

    I have been on PB 9 months now (59 YO F) and lost 40lbs from a start of 270. A long way to go but I have never felt better, and you’ve given me just the inspiration I needed at this point.

  264. Fantastic!!! And you look so great and healthy now!!! Best regards from Sweden!!!

  265. Dude you sir are my new hero. I love the beard, a man should have a beard, it is just just…. right.


  266. If I ever stray I go back and read this again. It makes me cry. Truly inspirational.


  268. Such an inspiration-so grateful you shared your awesome story!

    I AM ALWAYS WANDERING THE PRIMAL/PALEO SPHERE ENCOURAGING EVERYONE to keep on the path…but to refine it as you go…remember..YOUR blueprint is YOURS…search for it…the search is full of fun and learning and experimenting with Lots of interesting people, foods, Improvements, refinements and overall SUPER HEALTH AND STRENGTH …you never knew you had…or could possess…..I never EVER FORGET where I started…AND I AM…along with all of you..a part of a better way of life>>>GROK ON
    and take some love and understanding along…

    1. Hey Dave, I wanted to add you to facebook, I cant find ya and I want to be part of the awesome sauce.Can ya guide me some?

  270. Dave, you’ve disappeared off my facebook. How are you, Papa????

  271. Im back up on Facebook…technology is wonderful when it is not broken…BAHAhahahahahhaaaaaYAWP!!>>>

  272. Wow. This actually made me cry. I love to see people change their lives. I love to see true happiness in people’s eyes. This gives me hope and confidence and inspiration. Thanks to Mark and Dave, the man of these incredible photos and story. I just want to hug everyone now! 🙂

    1. I’ll take a hug and Send one right back at ya
      “Be the change you wish to see”..

  273. You sir are brilliant, you look like a viking ready to hunt in that last picture. Inspirational stuff.

  274. Revisiting this story, because you just GROK AND MAKE ME HAPPY!!! And I’m going to share with a dear friend.

  275. YAWWWWP!>>>THAnks again folks..Im still alive and MIGHTY GROKKING WELL>>>So grok ALWAYS!!>>>
    THE ONE AND ONLY>>>>>>Papa GROK>>>

  276. Just desire to say your article is as amazing. The clearness
    in your post is simply excellent and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the enjoyable work.

  277. This all sounds inetitserng, but can i access my gist contacts in tungle when i send a meeting request in tungle, or do i have to type each and every email address wach time I set up a meeting?

  278. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Congratulation Dave :):):);):);)

  279. Wow! I think Dave and I were about the same at start. Glad to see such amazing progress from a man with a “bear” frame.

  280. This is amazing and reassuring to see that it is never too late to choose the healthy path.

  281. Just came across this site recently and of course the amazing transformation story of Dave. Inspiring!

    I need to print out a before/after of Papa Grok in my man cave workout area, way to go 🙂

  282. I never get tired of this story either..

  283. HaPpY BiRtHdAy, big guy! Or I should say Trim Guy!
    Great story, inspirational!

  284. Wow, wow, wow!!! Amazing story and so inspiring! You pictures say it all. You look GREAT. Rock on. 🙂 -Carla

  285. I literally just started crying at my desk at work. This is such an amazing transformation!

  286. man Dave’s pics get me everytime.. i use his progress to show off the paleo/LCHF diet!

  287. My name is Dave too, my son sent me this link. I look like that Dave complete with facial hair. Suffice to say I got his message and this is motivating to the point I started crying. Same name, same age, same body type….could it be any clearer?

  288. Hi Dave – on the cusp of your 57th birthday this Saturday just a quick note to let you know you continue to inspire! My second week on primal diet – feeling good with increased energy, clearer head and yes, slightly leaner physique! Loved reading your story, many thanks for sharing! Big hug to you from Ireland,

  289. Great Job. I use this post to inspire my friends and family. I’ve been doing Primal for about 3 months now, and the results are full proof. This is definitely an inspiring story, and keeps me going…..I’m never turning back. Thanks Dave and Mark.


  290. I just found this website. While I didn’t need encouragement it is still great to hear/read about how some lives have been changed by our lifestyle. On the other hand, when I read the comments of people who just “decide” that Paleo/Primal is wrong it makes my head spin.

    Before I became a caveman (wink+smile) my favorite food was pasta, sourdough bread slathered in butter, and a glass of wine. I use to miss the sourdough, etc.; now I miss none of it. (O, I retained the glass of wine.)

    Short version: I have arthritis. I had to give up walking, running, hiking, skiing, etc. It hurt my knee too much. I heard on the radio that for every pound I loose it would be like taking four pounds off my knees. My wife said to go Paleo. I did. I lost fifty two lbs!

    Now I can do all the things I use to do, plus I now lift some pretty serious weights. I eat Paleo. I work out 5 to 7 days/wk. And I am getting smarter (grin).

    Nest week, or as soon as the snow is deep enough I will be skiing and can confidently ski (almost) anywhere.

    On March 1, 2014, I will have live 80 years; I’m looking forward 30 or 40 more ;>)

  291. As others have already said, one of the most inspirational transformations I have ever seen! Have just begun my journey on the paleo road, at six foot, with a lot of strength/muscle and an initial weight of 295lbs. Already down to the high 270’s while keeping the strength. Mate, when I get to the low 200’s I will be posting my progress, and citing you as a big motivator. As one big bloke to another, bloody well done!

  292. HELLO! Wow… Amazing. You look GREAT! Loving the beard btw 😉

  293. I come back to this story periodically because it is just so damn inspiring.

  294. Very inspiring! You’ve done awesome and your attitude is admirable. Way to go Dave and thank you for sharing your story to inspire others!

  295. Ahhh, just had to come back to this post today for a feel good moment!
    Thanks Dave! 🙂