The Story of Primordial Stu: 180 Pounds of Weight Loss

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real_life_stories_stories-1-2This is a story of a fat man living to die…who is now dying to live.

I did not just wake up one day morbidly obese, on 17 prescription meds, a heart patient with three cardiac stents (having been “cathed” seven times with five angioplasties), and with type II diabetes, chronic migraines, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, sleep apnea, recurring bouts of kidney stones requiring hospitalization (due to medications), clinical depression, psoriatic arthritis/fibromyalgia (the doctors were split on that one), and PTSD…just for laughs.

I was always a “chunky” kid all throughout my school days. I was one of the kids that wore his Tuffskins tight, even in the new size “Husky.” “Big boned” was one of my favorite ways nice people would refer to me. There were plenty of others that were not so nice, but perhaps more accurate. I remember being 5 feet tall and 160 lbs in the 7th grade, and I was always either sick or had some physical injury, like ripped tendons and pulled muscles (no great wonder).

At 17 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I was always in danger of being put into what they now call the “Body Composition Program,” although it was called by much less politically correct terms in my day. “Fat Boy Platoon” was one of the nicer labels. During Basic Training I got down to 167, and upon graduation of infantry training, I tipped the scales at 185 (I had added muscle to the leaner frame over the course of essentially six months of intense training…and I had just turned 18).

Shortly after my 23rd birthday, my active duty was up and I was honorably discharged into the USMC Individual Ready Reserves, and moved to New York City to seek my fortune (and starved). Two years later, my Military Service Obligation was up and I now weighed right around 200 lbs…despite (or perhaps because of) extremely poor nutrition. I was a bank teller by day, in retail at night and weekends, and selling some ghost writing. Not getting much sleep in the city that never sleeps.

I wandered into a mom and pop deli, and the help wanted sign was subsequently removed from the window. I learned to cook from scratch, old school, old world. I held a series of kitchen staff jobs for the next few years at trendy, but short-lived establishments (working for and learning from some amazingly talented, if bad tempered, Chefs), working my way up to Sous-chef. My weight was not an issue working in that environment, as the kitchens are hot, the pace is very fast, the hours are long and there was never a shortage of, shall we say, “recreational diet aids.”

stu_before 2When I turned 29, I had had enough of New York City and decide to see what else was in this country, as I had already been to some “interesting” locations internationally courtesy of Uncle Sam. In my early 30’s I decided to return to the area that I grew up in for a visit, and decided—after meeting my future wife—to stay. My weight was steadily creeping up. A few years later I opened up a deli of my own, had a very successful small business, a wife and an infant son. I now weighed around 250 and was famous for the line, “Never trust a skinny chef.” During the holiday season of 2000, I was 37 years old and had a massive myocardial infarction. It was not my first helicopter ride in pain, and heavily sedated.

I did everything that the docs said to do: cardiac rehab, very low fat, no saturated fat or cholesterol, whole grains and all around 1800 to 2000 calories a day. I followed this religiously as the cardiologist told me, and when I asked him frankly about his prognosis, he responded, “If you don’t change your diet and lifestyle to what I recommend, I give you between 18 months to 3 years on the outside before you are dead.” So, follow his advice I did. We sold the deli and the attached house and moved to Amish-land, for a less stressful environment.

stu_before 3All of my life I had suffered from acute migraines, and the frequency went from 3-4 times a year, to 3-4 times a week. I was feeling worse and getting more medicated by the year. My lipids were so high, at one point they were un-measurable. Shortly after, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and my cardiologist told me, “You might as well stop taking the medication I prescribed, if you aren’t going to follow the rest of my orders.” (I came very close to physically assaulting him…I WAS doing everything he told me to!) At this point I found a different cardiologist. I was now 38 and weighed 265 lbs. (I hadn’t gotten any taller.)

I found a new cardiologist and so a new round of medications and rehab began. I tried Dr. Dean Ornish’s ultra low-animal-fat, plant-based diet…I gained 20 lbs in two months (and wasn’t terribly fond of the taste of paste anyway). I tried Atkins and lost 30 lbs before gaining it all back and then some. (Most likely on the “replacer” Atkins Brand products.) My weight was going up, not down. I was gaining 10-20 lbs a year on this wonderful low fat, low cholesterol, healthy whole grain, PUFA soaked, chemically laced diet.

stu_beforeDuring the years between 2001-2010, I had six more catheterizations leading to angioplasties, or stents, for the crippling chronic chest pain I was getting often after physical activity or stress. By around 2006, I was up to 320 lbs and joined the YMCA. With two small boys in tow, I would work out for 4-5 hours a day. I managed to get back down to 250…but was really starting to feel worse and worse with constant joint pain, angina, migraines and the black lost netherworld of depression. I was working on the elliptical one day and got a very strong bout of chest pain…then I woke in a hospital bed after having my latest angioplasty and stent implant.

stu before 4I saw my cardiologist in the spring of 2014. I now weighed 357 lbs and had been full blown type II for three years. He had a “heart to heart” (no pun intended), frank discussion with me. “Stu, we’ve seen some improvements in the damage that the MI caused, but I’m doing and have done everything that I can for you. I’m afraid you most likely will not be there to see your sons graduate high school. Do you have an estate plan or trusts set up? I’m afraid you really need to get your affairs in order.” I asked “How long do I have?” and was smacked with the cold hand of reality with his followup response. “Two years, if we’re very lucky. Less if not.” (One thing I’ve always liked about this doc, he talks straight.) If people will tell you that a heart attack is a wake up call, then THIS was a four alarm fire siren.

I spent the next couple of days in a zombie like fugue. Curiously, a few nights before my visit, I had watched a TED Talk with Dr. Robert Lustig on the stellar qualities of sugar we typically consume, and had decided to eliminate HFCS and added sugar from my diet (which was in three quarters of the “heart healthy” products I was eating). At the end of two weeks, I had lost seven pounds. I was now an expert on all things “Lustig.” This led me to do a self experiment on food additives.

Having been in commercial kitchens for a dog’s age, I noticed that products were not the same as when I started cooking. It occurred to me that not only were there a lot more sugar and HFCS in ingredients that I would traditionally use, but they had a lot of things that didn’t sound like food. I was used to the “usual suspects” being a “no” (as a “no added salt,” cardiac kid), but, there’s only so much preserving that food needs. I tried eliminating “alien” additives as well. I lost 15 lbs the next two weeks and I hit the internet hard.

I was familiar with the organic movement and various lifestyles, from veganism to the macrobiotic crowd, from many years of food service. I had always looked on the Weston A. Price Foundation folks as amusing kookaboos that were all going to merrily drop dead of coronary disease, when I realized I was about to drop dead of coronary disease! I figured I quite literally had nothing to lose by going to a diet rich in organic saturated fat and protein, and very little “healthy” carbs.

One day, I found Mark’s Daily Apple. I was intrigued as I had just been researching Dr. Loren Cordain. I rushed out and bought a copy of The Primal Blueprint. I started following it, and was losing 7-10 lbs a WEEK! I was virtually melting before my family’s eyes. I had an incredible amount of energy, and my mood was improving. I decided it was time to stop taking most of the medications I was prescribed. (If I’d told him, THAT would have given my Cardiologist an MI of his very own!)

before btwI was down to 304 by June in this “before” photo and thought that I looked great! I did compared to where I was a few short months prior, when we were on a family vacation to Boston and the surrounding area. I was so proud of myself for being able to do the entire Freedom Trail. (A few years before we were there, I had to cut the vacation short after about 3/4 of a mile of trail…chest pains hospitalized me for one of my many angioplasties.)

I was following not only The Primal Blueprint, The Primal Connection, and Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution, but was enrolled in The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Program. It was now Thanksgiving of 2014, I weighed 210, my lipids were amazing, my a1c level was 4.1, migraines were down to 2-3 times  a month, skin was clear for the first time in my life, and my joint pain was down 80%. My Cardiologist asked if I was back at the gym for daylong sessions, I told him what I was doing and he looked concerned and said “It can’t be that, it must be the meds.” I told him I hadn’t been taking most of them for four months, only the blood thinners, as I was concerned about all the vitamin K I was getting thickening my blood to the point of having a problem with the stents (that he had put in to save my life!). He looked at me in disbelief and clearly did not know what to do or say.

Then the chef in me decided I had to impress my family, friends and myself with all of the holiday goodies that I traditionally made…only primal versions now. And I ate them all. And made more. And ate them all.

I was close to completing my certification, and had gained 15 lbs back on a totally primal holiday binge! Oops!

In January 2015, I saw the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge on Vimify. I signed up and successfully completed it. This was one of the best things I ever did in, and for, my life. The people were friendly and supportive, and the coaching was great. (Especially as there were thousands of folks to ride herd on.) This is how I was introduced to two of the nicest, most attentive and caring individuals with the largest knowledge and resource base in this lifestyle movement: Adam and Vanessa Lambert (both proteges of Mark Sisson AND Robb Wolf…check out their chops for yourself!). They were not only superb guest coaches for the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge, but are the authors, shepherds and “Tribal Leaders” of BEE THE WELLNESS, and have gathered and cared for the finest group of individuals it has ever been my honor and privilege to be associated with.

At the conclusion of the “21 Day,” I was 198. Finally! Under 200!!! And I have been transforming a lot more of myself than just girth. I was 178 in the “after” photo. That was in June, near my 52nd birthday. Since then, my VA therapist cannot believe the change in my mental wellness. My sons are constantly amazed at the man that is their father (that they thought they knew), and my wife is famous for saying, “I’ve gotten my husband back!”

I saw my cardiologist a few months ago, and he sat me down for another “heart to heart” talk. This time he said “ Stu, I’ll be very surprised if you don’t live past 70 with the health you are in. If not for the MI damage, I would say 80’s.” Talk about good news…how about 20+ YEARS of LIFE being handed you!!

stu_afterSo to sum up this rather lengthy tale of transformation; I now weigh 175 lbs, I lost over 180 pounds (I LOST more than I weigh!), and my waist, formerly 56 inches is now 32 inches. My body fat percentage is somewhere around 15-18% (17% according to USMC tape standards…I was 20% 30 years ago!) My joint pain is totally reasonable for an active man in his 50’s. I no longer use a CPAP machine, or stop breathing while sleeping. My skin is clear (if still a tad large for me now). I have NO diabetes markers. My migraines are down to maybe once in 3-4 weeks, much more mild and not crippling (usually after I have poisoned myself with something SAD, by mistake…80/20 to the rescue!) No one thinks I am an alcoholic any longer (I’ve just plain lost all desire. It’s like I’ve forgotten to drink). My PTSD is better—still a struggle, but thankfully manageable. (This I credit to daily meditation and the camaraderie, support and goodwill of the “Tribe” at BTW!) I have energy, stamina and strength close to the “Kid Devil Dog, Two-Striper.” My blood pressure, heart rate and lipid panel are all amazing. (BETTER than in my youth in the Corps…Ooh Rah!) I’ve been given the GIFT OF LIFE! Thank you, Primal lifestyle, 21-Day Challenge, Primal Blueprint and Adam and Vanessa Lambert for outstanding coaching!

Full disclosure: I have had three chest pains in the past nice months (but not four or five in the same day as of old), and my wife says sometimes I occasionally softly snore!

If you have been on a fad diet roller coaster, or your weight or life is unmanageable, what have you got to lose? You’ve probably tried a whole boatload of things, right? What have you got to lose?

“Eat and Bee Well, Live Long, Love Strong, and Drop Dead Playing Happily.”

Primordial Stu

PS: Thank you, Mark Sisson, for the “Primal” books leading to my transformation, and for being a good sport about me shamelessly ripping off your motto and modifying it!

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    1. It gets worse,,,the Aussie Pricers would be Kookaburra Kookaboos

  1. Inspiring!!! I’m amazed at your resilience and persistence. Well done!

    1. Thank You, one and All. It is precisely support from a community like this that was what allowed me to “transform.” The adaptation is simple, yet can be very hard without the mutual support of a “Tribe”. I’ve found that in “Bee The Wellness” on Vimify. Plus the Lamberts are just plain a couple of very knowledgable and friendly kids, and it really is like having a Primal Family.

    1. Thanks, Anthony, wasn’t much fun getting to the “trailhead” but the path is really great once you are on it!

    1. Thank you! But it was Marks books that got me there and Bee The Wellness and the Lamberts that keep me here.

  2. That’s impressive. I’m always stunned at how quickly people turn it all around if they stick to a primal way of life! Your story is very moving, It truly brings tear to my eyes that the educated professionals we entrust with our lives are so misguided.

    It’s so hard not to tell morbidly obese people I meet my own story and direct them to successes like yours Stu. I don’t though because I don’t want to be rude!

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Dan…indeed it is SAD. The best is when I’m asked for ID….”holy *%#^” or “that’s not you” is what I get when they see my license…great conversation starter, but most of the time it’s “yeah, but I could never give up bread, pizza, beer…et al.”

  3. Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! I always thought your epic Primal odyssey should be featured here– how wonderful that you are sharing your astounding accomplishments with the MDA world! Think of how many people will find hope in your story!

    ~Leah (from BTW)

  4. Gave me chills to read this success story. I have seem your posts on the 21 day challenge and they are always upbeat and inspiring just like this story. I am considering the BTW for next year. It sounds like it would be great support to keep things going in the right direction. I was a cath lab nurse for 3 years and remember young patients like you coming in with hot MI’s with one foot literally in the grave. I pray that some that I have met during such traumatic events have transformed like you. Sadly though with the convential wisdom advise it is unlikely. Good for You!!

    1. Thanks, is tragic that it is such a simple fix, but so vilified.

  5. Stu, I loved listening to you tell your story with Adam and Vanessa on the Bee The Wellness Podcast (honestly people, go check it out), and it was great to read it today! You are inspiring.

    1. Thanks, Groktimus!….ain’t it great to be back from the dead!?

    1. Unfortunately, I think he has always seen me as his “troublemaker patient”!

  6. Semper Fi Marine! Ooorah! I have lived similarly (at least diet) Prior Service Army. Started putting weight on in my early forties. Heard about MDA about 4 years ago and took off 30lbs in 30 days. I fluctuate too, but I feel better than I have in years!
    HUA! Airborne!

    1. Thanks brother, but you lawndarts are always running everywhere…hungry! …maybe there’s something to that?
      Keep the faith!

  7. Hi, Stu, thanks for the inspiration! I’m trying to figure out pre diabetes myself. Do you watch how much carbs you eat? How about how much fat?

    1. I try to shoot for around 20 carbs a day 5 days a week, and keep it under 100 on rest/play/refeed days.(usually winds up a lot closer to 50 and 150, if I track macros). I don’t worry about fats or calories…they seem to take care of themselves. On those 5 days I drink water, bone broth and eat protien all like its my job.

  8. Primordial Stu…I’ll drink to that!

    Damn those doctors pushing bad carbs.

  9. Primordial Stu, what a pleasure to read your story! Amazing and inspiring. Hope to see a follow-up post on your 80th birthday!

    1. I’m gonna be around to wish YOU a happy 80th…ill really be a crusty little old centenarian Grok by then!

  10. Life from the jaws of death! This story finally pushed me over to making comments on this site.

    1. Never hesitate to comment here <3 I recommend making a forum account too, the forums are great resources.

      1. I will and do, just mostly monitor…I’m really lovin having a Primal Tribe in Bee The Wellness.

    2. Thanks, Julius…that’s actually what took me so long to respond…I never had commented either!

  11. You always inspire me, Stu.
    You also always make me laugh 🙂
    I love your honesty, and I’m so proud of the changes you’ve made in your life, and in your health. YOU ROCK, BRO!!!

    Love & hugs!!!

  12. Ooh rah indeed Stu!
    Thank you for your story and for your service!

  13. Wonderful inspiring story. Loved listening to your story of hope on Bee The Wellness podcast, as well.

    Fantastic journey of resilience and persistence and hope.

    1. ThankYou, oh combustibly inquisitive blossom!
      Hope is certainly one of the larger pieces of the puzzle that was missing!

  14. A great yarn, Stu, and an inspiring one. I’m going to pass it on to one or two people that I know. Friends who need this badly.


    1. Cool, Pete…maybe even recommend a 21 day challenge for them?

  15. Great story Stu and well done, you look great – glad to see Dr Lustig’ s name mentioned as he got me started on this journey and his fight against sugar is not often known about in CW circles.

    1. Thanks, Grokesque…without that particular modern day “Don Quixote” …I never would have found the path to Heath and happiness…he’s great!

  16. Great to hear your whole story Stu, many Kudos!
    I’ve really enjoyed following you over at Bee The Wellness, although I’ve been AWOL lately. You have always been inspiring and entertaining, and the bearer of many great recipes and tips. Maybe I’ll hop on the Vimify again and reconnect.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Wondering wher you got to and how your garden grows…c’mon back to the warm buzz of the hive!

  17. One of the best stories I’ve ready here!
    It was super motivating to me.
    Feeling good is the best. And I know when I’m eating the right things or the wrong things. Sometimes temptation gets the better of me, but I’m trying.
    Good job, Stu! Your family must be so thankful you never gave up.

    1. Thanks, Beth! Yes, temptation is hard…things like MDA here help, but without a community (or a Tribe, if you will) it’s really difficult..well, simple but darned hard. Pop on over to Vimify and checkout Unveil The Wellness…it’s so easy with coaching and support!

  18. Congratulations on winning such a long and hard fought battle.
    A truly inspirational story…. Stu-pendous!

    1. Thank You!….it’s just the way it was and is …I wouldn’t soft “Sope” you!

    1. Thanks Mike! I’m just a follower’s Mark and Adam and Vanessa that are the stars here.

  19. If I knew you “before” and didn’t see you again until now, I don’t think I would recognise you. Are you SURE it’s the same guy in both photos???

    Just kidding of course, but that’s how amazing your transformation is. Well done you, another story of someone taking control of their own health and doing a great job of it.

    1. Thanks, Hilly! People that haven’t seen me for a couple of years can’t believe it (sadly, most assume I am ill..until they really look at me and say, “you’re ok, right..what did you have bariatric surgery?” ) SAD but true, if I explain quite often they get very defensive…so, I usually tell them that “I guess I just missed a rung on the evolutionary ladder”… At least it stays pleasant that way!

  20. Awesome. Literally, an awe-inspiring story. These success stories just never get old.

    Also, don’t be mistaken: no one handed you those 20+ years of life, you worked for them and deserve to enjoy every second. And with your hard work you not only earned all of that additional happiness, but also provided additional happiness and inspiration to those around you and to those who have read your story.

    Grok on, Stu!

  21. Way to go, devildog!!! What an amazing, inspiring story… it lead me to tears! I am so proud of you. I know everyone around you is too. I have been struggling with my own motivation and I think I have every excuse in the world…. I am so tired, I hate cooking, and on and on and on with more excuses. This is a truly inspiring story of an amazing man who has literally come back to life. You have helped motivate me on my own journey. Semper Fi!

    1. Thanks, Heather! It really is application of “Assess, Adapt and Overcome”. Having camaraderie in a group is terribly important to my motivation it appears. Too many years of “good initiative, bad judgement” and misplaced trust and finally despair. You would alway bee more than welcome in Tribe Wellness! Semper Fi !

  22. Terrific job, Stu. I’m so glad you found the right path and regained your health along the way. May you live to be a hundred.

  23. Wow, I am amazed and so happy for you and your family. And I remember Toughskins…wow that
    took me back to elementary school!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! You must be a modern history major, you cannot possibly have been around then! You look like a kid! Grok on!

  24. Great story and I too have been following you on Bee the Wellness program too…LOVE YOU STU…you rock!

    Love my Primal Triumvarite: Mark, Vanessa and Adam 🙂

    Janine (from BTW)

  25. Stu, thank you so much for sharing. I’ve become addicted to Friday success stories. I’m overweight, but in many ways more concerned about my son and my husband. I’m going to have to lead by example. I just started Mark’s book and hope to be featured as a success story here in the near future. What you accomplished is amazing, and I wish you all the best. But what I really want to know is: did your cardiologist convert over to the low (LCHF) side? How wonderful it would be if he could use your story to motivate others in his practice.

    1. Thanks, Laura! It’s taken almost 2years, but my wife is just now starting to “grok” to Grok. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to get started with a 21 day challenge on Vimify.
      The follow on program By Adam and Vanessa Lambert is truly Outstanding and it makes it so easy to stay on track. There’s a lot of pressure otherwise, especially if you are alone in a family caught up in SAD…as I am (was, hopefully!)

      1. Thanks for replying, Stu. Actually, white rice is the only non-paleo food left in my diet, and I limit my consumption. With all of my tummy trouble, the rice soothes my gut. I will look into the 21 day program on Vimify, but there are just so many fruits and vegetables that I can’t eat. Unfortunately, the ones I can eat, are the starchier ones with the addition of a few green vegetables.Thanks again for your note!

  26. Absolutely fantastic. I am helping an old friend get into the Primal thing, and I hope it does as much for her as it did for you! She just had a very scary heart episode a couple of weeks ago…

  27. I’ve been inspired by you during both the 2015 and 2016 21-day challenges, and now that I have a glimpse of the whole story, I’m even more impressed and inspired. I always love the Friday success stories, and have previously thought of commenting, but never have. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to congratulate you for your perseverance to change your destiny, especially after multiple CW doctors were adamant you needed to follow their orders. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Danielle! The Making of Primordial Stu told in Bonny Alba!

  28. Holy sh7t. I had to stop reading a couple times due to feels. This is one of the best tru stories ever posted on MDA, it has challenges, lows and highs. Wonderful. So glad that you found out all this kooky health sh7t and turned your life around before it was too late.
    It’s scary how simply following everything we are supposed to can f7ck up our lives.

    1. Thanks, Kio! Kinda makes me wanna put on a tinfoil hat, cuz it sure looks like big Agra and Pharma know exactly what they are doing!??.

      1. I know! My father assures me it isn’t so, these are just regular people doing what they believed was best. Or what would bring the most profit. I don’t know, everything just stacks up so perfectly to the worst outcome.

    1. Thank You, Caroline!….it’s really the Primal Community with places like this and podcasts and Vimify that keep me on track, tho…and folks like you, thanks!

  29. Great transformation and story Stu!! Brought a tear to my eye. 🙂 My stepdad is in his 60s, and whenever we get to talking about changing eating and exercise habits because of the things I’ve changed over the last couple years since joining the Paleo community he usually remarks that he’s “too old to change his ways anymore”…but I see him coming around. He’s overweight, has had a heart attack (I don’t remember how old tho), and has had at least one of his knees and hips replaced (again I don’t remember how old and if it was both or just one of each). The last couple of times I was home he talked about eating more fruits and vegetables and my sister said that he just got a gym membership this month to just start walking on a treadmill each morning. He has two grandchildren (not mine) that he wants to be around to continue watching grow up and my siblings and I would all of course like to have him around as long as possible. He’s the best person that walked into our lives over 20 years ago. I hope I can get him to read your story so he can see another example that it’s never too late to make changes for the better. Thank you for sharing your story!!!

  30. I heard you on Adam and Vanessa’s podcast and was very impressed with your story then. Now, seeing your photos makes your transformation even more impressive! My hat is tipped to you and your dedication to saving your own life, and being there for your family. Keep on rocking that great attitude!

  31. Your cardiologists should read ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr William Davis, a cardiologist. It’s basically a paleo diet, but with dairy allowed. Sat fats welcome!

  32. Great work! Never stop trying to improve yourself. Keep going no matter what. Just keep going.

  33. Stu, just finished reading your inspiring story. I have had a heart attack and have two stents and was wondering if the paleo diet was good for a person with my condition. You have given me hope thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Joan, please join Bee The Wellness on will not only find support, but outstanding coaching…at your own pace..I did 2 cardiac rehabs and had more chest paid there than I’ve had since going’s a process, but it’s so much easier when you can ask questions and get informed answers..there is one that starts on 08 Feb..and that will give you over a week to get prepped! least do a 21 day challenge, however there is not quite as much expert over sight, but it will start the process. You’ll be amazed at how much your body can heal. Please come, Stu

  34. Holy-sheeit! You are totally unrecognizable from your befores to your after.

    I need to find another computer to send this story to a co-worker who desperately needs it, but would not be happy to get it from me.

  35. Choking back tears here. I am so happy for you. Once we become parents, our health takes on a whole new meaning – we want to be there for our kids. I’m so glad you’ll be there for yours! Blessings!

  36. This story kind of pissed me off. How many others are following doctors’ advice into the grave?

    I’m glad you survived them.

    1. Only to have the doctors turn around and blame the patient because they must not be doing it right.

  37. Bless you Stu, for being who you are and sharing your amazing journey! Have a great week off, and see ya next month. RA

  38. What a great story!! Now that’s the way to ” Get after it!! Well done Marine.

  39. Amazing story, Stu! You were given a gift of 20+ years. I can’t believe how shocked people must be when they run into you now?!

    1. And instead of spending those years immobilized, in pain, unhappy, he’ll get to fully enjoy them too <3

  40. How do you get the courage to loose weight, i have tried so many times, i just need the right motivation

    1. Gotta kinda ride the wave. You’ll probably have negative and positive reinforcements, just need to stay above the pressure.
      Mostly you gotta own it, feel that this is your choice all the way and you will have the energy, and make the decisions that you need to each day.

  41. Stu,
    THANK YOU for your story. My brother (44) is currently living your “before” story and I have sent him a few of these in the past, but am hoping to find a tactful way of sending him yours. Your transformation (especially with all the meds and medical problems you’ve had) is nothing short of astonishing. (Great work!!!) My brother is in surgery this morning and I can only hope that a doctor will be as frank with him as yours was with you, as hearing it from family members has had no effect. We love him dearly, but he’s not yet ready to turn his life around. I’m sure your family is grateful that they get to “keep you around” !!! 🙂

  42. I’m so gobsmacked at the change, I’m just thinking in adjectives: excellent, amazing, fantastic! Good on you and what an inspiration. May you continue to thrive for decades to come!

  43. This success story is one of my favourites. Have re-read a number of times. I have flirted with paleo/primal living for years whilst health has been getting progressively worse- chronic daily tension headache and migraine. Have decided to get backside into gear, stop making excuses and do it properly. 1 week in and it has been rough so far as I have a huge sugar dependecy. Am really excited to read about your success and how your migraines have been helped. Keep going

    1. Hey, Sam! Turns out that so very many things in the food supply were triggers. For me, anything with grains or soy..and most of the food additives and PUFAs. I’m pretty sure that with the PUFAs, it may not be them themselves, but the processes (chemical treatments) by which they are gotten. Once I started eating clean the debilitating intensity and frequency dropped like a “heavy thing”. Even now, I do still get them, especially if I go visit someone with a lot of air freshener so or intensely unnatural scented candles.
      I wish you well on your quest for health!

  44. Amazing! Inspiring!

    I’m doing the 21 Day Primal Challenge on Vimify as well and love the group aspect of it.

    I’m 26 years old, but hope I can look as good as you do! Hopefully sooner than later…

  45. Hi Stu. You did a very awesome job!! Congratulations!! I myself need to get back on the wagon of primal eating again. I know that I can do it.
    You are awesome!!
    God Bless


  46. Hey Stu You look great and like You have a Big Heart ! Hugs from Germany and GrokON !!!

  47. Gotta kinda ride the wave. You’ll probably have negative and positive reinforcements, just need to stay above the pressure.
    Mostly you gotta own it, feel that this is your choice all the way and you will have the energy, and make the decisions that you need to each day.

  48. Very Inspiring Stu–

    I just started my Primal Journey, I am 45 5’3″ and at start was 296 lbs, I am still under my 21 day challenge , but am also down to 281, I have chronic fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome and I am a recently (before I started ) diagnosed type 2 Diabetic to boot. My Pre-Primal Blood work had my Triglycerides at 582, but my latest Panel has me down to 173.

    I have tried several diets over the last 20 years , Jenny Craig, Atkins, Weight Watchers, even the Paleo Diet and I have failed at all of them, I saw Mark on Joe Rogan’s Podcast and it changed my perceptions on how my body works and how to look at weight loss…. I am a Primal Convert and am absolutely loving it…

    I will someday Post my own success story here, but I wanted to let you know that your story inspires and ignites my will to succeed.

    thank you
    Rob Amos

    1. Outstanding Rob!
      I would encourage you to check out Bee The Wellness on Vimify. This is a small Tribe of primal folks that Adam and Vanessa Lambert coach personally. I have found it to be quite effective as a “support ” group (God, I hate that term!) and extremely easy to stay on track…which has always been a personal challenge.
      Grok on my friend,