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The Primal Connection Bonus Offer Extended Through Sunday

Thanks to your tremendous support, The Primal Connection [1] [1] has risen to the top of many book rankings on Amazon.com and elsewhere. It’s reached #1 in the Healthy Living category [2], #1 in Personal Health [3], #1 in Personal Transformation [4], #1 in Self-Help [5], and #10 out of all books sold on Amazon [6]! (At the time of this writing it is at #13 overall.)

Once again I’m completely floored by the power and generosity of this community. It goes to show that you always get back more than you give. The Primal Connection was a three year labor of love, and it was worth all the effort to see the response, to read the reviews, and to see it already touching people’s lives.

Here are some screenshots of what you have done for The Primal Connection: [1]

I probably don’t have to tell you that topping these charts helps get the Primal/paleo movement the mainstream exposure and attention it needs to effect real change. Motivated by what I’ve seen I’ve decided to extend the special bonus offer [7] through Sunday, Jan. 13, 11:59 pm PST. You also now have until Monday, Jan. 14, 11:59 pm PST to submit your receipt. See all the details here [7].

There are a couple practical reasons I’ve decided to extend the offer as well. Books shipped from Amazon.com were delayed by a couple days meaning people didn’t get the book quickly enough to have a chance to review it and then recommend it to friends or buy gifts for family while the offer still lasted. Also, we haven’t yet reached the 2,000 limit for the 3 book offer [8], so there are gift certificates remaining to be given away. There’s no use in me holding on to Tendergrass Farms [9] gift certificates. They’re better off in your hands. And hey, selling a few more books helps keep Mark’s Daily Apple going strong, too.

If you’ve already bought a book, thank you so much! Upon completing the online receipt submission form we will send you your bonuses ASAP. This extended offer won’t affect you in any way.

To those that haven’t picked up a copy yet, what are you waiting for?! This is your final chance to take advantage of the special bonus offer. Order your copy today [1] and claim your free gifts [7] while the offer lasts. Many thanks again and Grok on! [10]

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