The Primal Blueprint Improved My Life and Inspires Me to Help Others

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My sister was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus when she was 9, and like many young Americans she was ill informed about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My sister was reluctant to accept the fact that her body was in a diseased state. The doctors did not stress to her the importance of how she needed to continuously regulate her diet in order to lead a normal routine and achieve a full life expectancy. When I was a senior in high school I read Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution,” and I was able to empower her with the knowledge to live unimpeded by her condition. After I realized the impact I had on my sister, I was inspired to help others improve their lifestyles by also eating properly, so I decided to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Florida State University.

While obtaining my degree, I discovered Mark’s Daily Apple, which changed my entire outlook on lifestyle habits and reinforced the positive impact of eating REAL food. I became a Primal Health Coach, and I improved more lives than I ever thought I could, including my own. Being in the health field made me realize there is an information gap between doctor and patient that needs to be filled by sound nutritional advice based on scientific research and practical application. The most efficient way to change the system is by being in the system. Thanks to Mark Sisson for fueling my passion—I just applied to Physician Assistant school, where I plan to use the Primal Blueprint in addition to modern medicine to improve my patients’ lives and hopefully open up the eyes of my future colleagues (a.k.a have them say goodbye to conventional wisdom).

My personal statement: As the prevalence of chronic diseases, along with the use of pharmaceutical drugs to treat these diseases, continues to escalate in our society, we have forsaken the most basic and natural medicine available: food. Nearly every leading cause of death can be proactively prevented by providing the body with the nourishment it needs. As a Future Primal Provider, I hope to provide this to all my clients.


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  1. Great plan to try to change the system from the inside and move away from conventional wisdom. Great picture! I need to get to the gym

  2. Fantastic, inspiring! The world thrives when people have a mission like you do.

  3. Geoff Jumper, Primal Health Coach #431. You said it so perfectly “fill the gap.” With your permission I will use your phrase. Thanks and great job?

  4. this is one of the most energetic posts I have seen here …
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Love that you are becoming a PA, where you can really have an influence. As someone who tried every possible prescription (over decades!) to cure cystic acne I have seen first hand that food is the best medicine in so many situations. You sound like the perfect person to spread the word. And your pic is amazing…dying to know where you got that sports bra!

    1. Born primitive! and if you use BeHappy you can get 15% off! A navy seal and his wife own the company and they are amazing!! I actually got into PA school too (found out after I wrote this) but seriously thank you for your comment!

  6. Yes! I’m not fully primal (I eat steel cut oatmeal a few times a week and the occassional slice of sourdough bread), but eliminating the processed food and refined sugar completely eliminated my seasonal allergies and post-nasal drip (morning snottiness). Also, I used to get sick every time my boyfriend was ill or there was something going around, and now I just feel a little low for a day or two, without any other symptoms (it’s how I know I’ve “caught” something) It made me angry because I’ve complained to all my PCPs at some point or another about allergies, and never once has it been recommended that I look into my diet because I guess my “numbers” are good. Makes you wonder what you’re paying for, and made me a little skeptical of allopathic medicine…but then I read a post like yours and realize that I need to talk about this more in terms of an “information gap” between doctors and patients, rather than just feeling negatively towards the medical establishment, which totally has it’s place and does life-saving work every day, even if the focus on prevention through food — which is such a necessary and critical part of health — is just not there.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I totally understand feeling negative towards the medical establishment, but I am using the negative energy and turning into positive energy that will allow me to create change. Just keep spreading the positive energy and make change when you can!

  7. Inspiring story. I only wish there were more people in mainstream medicine like you … someday maybe? Nutrition is sooo critical to overall health.

  8. Awesome and inspirational! As a fellow Primal Health Coach, I look forward to helping many others in the same way!

  9. You are just what our healthcare system (desperately) needs, Kary. Good luck – and I agree, great photo!

    1. Thank you!! I got into UF PA school so all will be good! I promise I will help make the change =]

  10. My sister was diagnosed with Type 1.5 (after thinking she was Type 2 for years). She eats a very unhealthy SAD, and doesn’t take care of herself. But I think they still tell diabetics to eat lots of carbs. What nutritional advice have you given your sister, and do you have any recommended sites to look into?