The Primal Blueprint Cookbook Receives Illustrious Award

I am pleased to report that the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has just listed my very own “The Primal Blueprint Cookbook” as one of the five worst (most unhealthy) cookbooks of 2010, along with cookbooks by Gordon Ramsay, Barefoot Contessa, Trisha Yearwood and the creators of Top Chef. Why am I glad to be the author of one of the worst cookbooks of the year, you might be wondering? Look who’s giving out the award. None other than the PCRM, home of such vaunted nutritional giants as Fuhrman, McDougall, Esselstyn, Barnard, and T. Colin Campbell and a celebrated bastion of vegan propagandists. This is Bizarro food world, guys, where “unhealthy” means “healthy” and “desiccated wheat grass smegma” means “grass-fed butter.” The PCRM official “New Four Food Groups,” for example, consist of whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. (Sugar’s still sugar, though.) Even the American Council on Science and Health nailed these guys for “emphasizing only data that support their [vegan] agenda” and “exaggerating the reliability and importance of such data.” They’re described as a “subtle” PETA who mistakes statistical significance for biological significance. With detractors like these, who needs supporters? If these guys are against your dietary recommendations, you’re probably doing something right, so I’m going to take this one as a win.

You know, I never expected to garner such acclaim, so I was completely taken aback by the deluge of press releases and coverage announcing my award that popped up on my feed. Those scoundrels didn’t even warn me I was about to win such an esteemed award. They just dropped it on me. Heck, they’re lucky I didn’t drop dead from a heart attack from the shock given all that atherosclerotic plaque that’s no doubt welling up inside!

Jokes aside, this tells me that we still have a lot of work to do. This exposure’s great, but where’s the Physicians Committee for Ancestral Medicine (hey, coming soon, maybe, actually) making press releases about the five most dangerous low-fat cookbooks? Why isn’t Bill Clinton toting a dog-eared copy of “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” onto talk shows, instead of following the advice of Dean Ornish? Where’s my spot on Oprah? Why doesn’t Robb Wolf have a show opposite Dr. Oz? People need to know this stuff. They need to know that butter maybe isn’t so decadent, or that maybe decadent isn’t even really a bad word. (As Susan Levin (nutrition education direction for PCRM and the woman responsible for the “New Four Food Groups”), admits, one of the reasons so many cookbooks have gone to this “unhealthy” extreme is that a lot of these recipes taste great. Point being, if it tastes great, it can’t possibly be good for you. Now go eat your porridge…)

This also tells me that we’re getting work done without the support of the experts. Heck, we’re getting things done despite rancor from some of the experts. Yeah, we may not be carried by Whole Foods in the check out section and vegetarian is still synonymous with healthy for most people, but things are changing. I can tell because I have to hit the farmers’ market an hour earlier than I used to if I want to stock up on pastured beef liver and soup bones, and because the success stories keep coming in week after week. I can tell because with nothing but the support of the Primal community and virtually no other publicity we’re atop the Amazon Low-Carb top seller list and listed with giants like Ramsay in this recent award. I can tell because blog traffic grows each month and because major media outlets are finally reporting on things we’ve been saying for years. Bottom line: if Primal/paleo is on their expansive radar, I take it as a good sign.

As they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” For every borderline vegetarian who reads the press release and mentally crosses me off their to-read list, several others will see me aligned with the likes of the Barefoot Contessa (who, you know, makes the most delectable delicious foods and I do like watching that show of hers) and Gordon Ramsay (who’s got the tough exterior going but it’s just a cover for his gooey baked brie center), and before you know it they’re checking out the PB cookbook, buying it, making some recipes, losing some weight, and getting interested in the rest of this stuff. They end up with all the back episodes of Robb’s podcast on their iPod, a Google reader feed full of Primal blogs, a triple-digit reputation on Paleohacks, and the tendency to annoy their friends with anti-grain talk. Even if just one ailing citizen gets exposed to the Primal Blueprint thanks to the PRCM singling out the PB cookbook, I’m happy, because that’s another person with a better chance to take control of their health and turn their life around.

There are numerous fun quotes from the press coverage. I’ll leave you with one of my favorites from NY Daily News: “Finally there’s a cookbook that, according to the doctors, ‘sets back evidence-based nutrition nearly 2 million years.’ It’s called ‘The Primal Blueprint’ cookbook and includes ‘an entire section of cholesterol-laden recipes for offal – entrails and internal organs.'” Indeed.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. HILARIOUS!!! Because so many of your readers have had such terrible results with recipes like those in the cookbook.

    1. Yeah, I gained 47 pounds and have no energy at all!! *sarcasm* I’ve been eating primal for a few days, I haven’t noticed any lost weight (I don’t have a scale) but I feel great. Quite energetic.

  2. Seriously?! They say the cookbook sets back “evidence-based” nutrition 2 million years? It shocks me that these people are allowed to call themselves physicians.

    1. They aren’t – the CCF states that only 10% of their membership are physicicians. They are also closely linked with PETA and appear to have a similar agenda, though they do approach it from the angle of “discrediting” animal foods.

    2. MacDougall and Barnard are vegan fanatics; Fuhrman does grudgingly allow a maybe 2 oz portion of fish or meat occasionally. When I read Barnard’s book, he admitted to having smoked even AFTER he finished medical school. Pardon me, but I am highly disinclined to take health advice from anyone over the age of 75-80 who has ever smoked (respiratory therapist here).

  3. Wow…2 billion years…that’s a long time. What evidence-based nutrition are they talking about? The “evidence” that eating saturated fat gives you heart disease? Or the “evidence” that eating refined carbohydrates doesn’t cause diabetes?

    It’s such a great cookbook!

  4. Congrats Mark, I also love Ina Garten (one of my favourite cooks on food network) and Gordon Ramsey 😀 You have earned a very special spot indeed!

  5. Congrats Mark, looking forward to buying one of the worst cookbooks out there.

  6. Numerous MDA readers have alerted me of this award. Across the board the alert is accompanied by a success story. Here’s one from reader Matt…

    Thought it was interesting that your book made the list.,0,7184984.column

    Apparently they didn’t do case studies, because since going primal in July, I’m down 50 lbs of fat, and have gained 15 lbs of lean muscle. Sometimes “conventional wisdom” and “what is good for you” is dead wrong.

    Having my first child in June made me realize I wanted to stick around for a while. Thanks to you, I’ll be able to do that.

    1. “Of course, something with tons of fat and tons of butter and sugar are going to be appealing to the tastebuds,” she says. “And all of these cookbooks use all of that stuff. To me it’s like cheating.”

      Levin apparently didn’t actually read the Primal cookbook, otherwise she would have known that sugar is not a primary ingredient, nor is it used in quantities that constitute “tons”.

    2. It appears that almost nobody knows about
      the comprehensive study of Dr. Mario Martinez, a world famous psychoneuroimmunologist. Mario studied centenarians around the world and he found that every one of them was NOT a vegan.

  7. Here’s another from reader Colin:

    You may have already seen this but just in case you haven’t…

    Congratulations you are ranked with Ina Garten and Ramsey! I have both your books and have been following the primal lifestyle for a few months now and have gone from 192 to 171lbs in that short time. Probably in the best shape of my life at 41 so hopefully next year you can shoot for #1 with another ‘unhealthy’ book.

    Many thanks and Happy Holidays

    1. This article leaves Mark standing accused of using ‘tons of butter and sugar’. Seems they may conveniently confused on some aspects of the Primal Cookbook. And apparently tasting good is synonomous with ‘cheating’. That’s bonkers! Using guilt to control the general population is just plain wrong.

      1. …and the foundation of most major religions, INCLUDING veganism.

    2. Actually, the criticism of PB was that “The book includes ‘an entire section of cholesterol-laden recipes for offal – entrails and internal organs’.
      Cholesterol-laden. Offal and internal organs are also vitamin and mineral laden, but nevermind THAT. And if you have recipes for entrails, which are intestines if I’m not mistaken, that IS disgusting.
      The criticisms of the doughnut and tater tot recipes, I get. But I think any columnist who wasn’t just regurgitating a press release, and read the cookbooks in question, would wonder what the problem was with PB. Its a pretty moderate, healthy, vegetable and healthy fats approach. And Gordon ramsay’s pheasant with bacon and cream sounds delicious! I might have to check that one out!

      1. Yumm, organs are great! I did read that as a criticism, but was happy to ignore Susan Levin’s blatant disregard for respectfully consuming the entire beast. I was just a little shocked by the final paragraph:

        ‘Of course, something with tons of fat and tons of butter and sugar are going to be appealing to the tastebuds’, she said. ‘And ALL OF THESE COOKBOOKS use ALL of that stuff. To me it’s like cheating’.

        Which, implies all five cookbooks use tons of sugar(Ick!).


      2. You think intestines are disgusting? Uh, what about sausage? Actually, I had a meal of goose intestines once. Looked like pasta, consistency of squid and tasted like the delicious herb & butter mushroom sauce they were bathed in. Totally Paleo, too. In Grok’s world, nothing was wasted…every calorie counted.

  8. Any comments on these lines?

    “In 2010, studies linked meat-heavy diets to increased diabetes risk, weight gain, decreased bone health, and increased bladder cancer risk, among other health problems.”

    “But a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that a low-carbohydrate diet based on animal food sources increases mortality risk from all causes, including cancer and heart disease.”

    1. As I have reversed my Type 2 diabetes, dropped 90+ pounds while increasing LBM, lowered my cholesterol and heart disease markers, decreased diabetes-related kidney disease markers, among a thousand other benefits, I can definitively say, at least for me, this is bunk. Pastured-animal sources shouldn’t be lumped in with conventional meat. Not even close. PB is the penultimate in healthy tomes & lifestyles. 🙂

      1. I eat primally myself. I was wondering if anyone knew which studies where being referenced and how they were carried out or what the flaws might be.

        PS Penultimate means next to last, not very best.

    2. Likewise, I’ve dropped over 100 pounds, gone from a 68+ waist to a 48-inch (and shrinking) waist, brought my diabetes under control solely through diet, minimized and/or eliminated my arthritis and migraines and IBS, and my cholesterol levels shock my doctors with how good they are.

    3. Couple of things. 1st off, those are epidemiological studies, and it is effectively impossible to study diet using epidemiology (so says my very mainstream epidemiology prof). Even if you think it is possible, I would still be skeptical until I read through the actual study. There’s a lot of ways these things can go wrong, and its generally impossible to know from a news story. Also, who are the researchers? Generally, people end up confirming their biases, whether in design or interpretation. I still have yet to find any example of a good study that shows any problem with eating meat at any level.
      Then, there’s the anecdotal evidence. I don’t know anyone, not one single person, as in I have never met….. anyone who has ever consistently lost weight while eating a conventional wisdom type diet. I know of a couple of people who have lost weight eating “moderate” diets, when that has included not eating refined sugar, but even those are few. Everyone I know (yes, everyone, really) who has tried anything akin to a primal diet (low carb, no carb, paleo, etc) has lost fat.
      Finally, all of those studies are almost certainly based around industrial meat. While I have no hard evidence of this, I would expect industrial meat to have less benefit, if not even detriment on some level, when compared to pastured meat. I do have data on the makeup of the different meats, but any judgements on that make the assumption that we know what is important in the meat. And we don’t.

      Its also noteworthy that I keep coming across papers that read to the effect of “X Animal fat not as bad as we thought.”

      1. To me, this is the really important point. Almost everybody who tries a diet like Mark’s feels and looks better (usually A LOT better) and also improves their scores on medical tests. So, what more is there to say? How can these very complicated and questionable nutritional studies out-weight the undeniable, plain-as-day, irrefutable experiences of thousands of people?

    4. Now that I’m thinking about it, I might remember one or more of those studies. There was a meta analysis recently that went over a number of studies that claimed that meat was unhealthy. They found that if you stratified for processed meat, the correlation went away for the unprocessed meat, but intensified for the processed. Just one example of how this stuff often works out. And I don’t think anyone is advocating Oscar Meyer lunch meats (especially since they typically contain HFCS and dextrose).

  9. I used to be vegetarian, and vegan for a year or so. I’m a sugar addict with a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease. I struggled with all of the no-fat, tons of starch plans like Ornish and MacDougall. I only gained weight and suffered through chronic cardio with little to no results.

    Less than four months of PB and I’m leaner than I’ve been in years. I’ve been lifting weights and CrossFitting, and I’m determined to not be diabetic. So far I’ve been a lot happier, calmer, and have lost almost two dress sizes.

  10. Now there’s an idea – get Oprah onto Primal. She can lose weight and make up with all the Texas cattlemen she upset a few years ago.

  11. Hahah pretty embarrassing for them to do that when you have so much recognition.

    Here ya go Mark, you’re almost there:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” Mahatma Gandhi

      1. Except that Gandhi was a vegan (and advocated as such) for most of his life…

        1. Way to completely miss the point of citing that quote from Gandhi.
          Of course Gandhi was a vegan–you know, since ghee and goat-milk (both of which he consumed) come from plants…

  12. Congratulations! When a vegan says you’re eating wrong, go back for another plateful.

    I also find it useful to read Yahoo’s “Eat This, Not That” column–since usually ‘This’ is being bashed for a load of saturated fat, and the replacement is some sort of sugary ‘low cal/low fat’ mess.

    You can glean a surprising amount of good data from the negative space around the positive recommendations of someone who is dead wrong.

  13. Awesome. Congrats, Mark. You are now officially perceived as a threat and not just a faddish nut out on the fringe. Now they’ve actually got to deal with us and the battle can be joined. Thank you again for all the work you have done to help get the Primal movement out into the mainstream. You’re helping thousands of people every day! Going Primal was the best gift I ever gave myself.

  14. *laughs* I love your snark, Mark. And I’m just hearing the section of “Fat Head” that deals with “The Guy from CSPI!” – which is probably the sister corporation of PCRM.

    Awesome job. I’m really amused at this, and pleased, because – as you say – there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well done!

  15. sean croxtons attempt at getting that oprah show deal was probably the closest weve gotten to the mainstream…. so close…

  16. Just before I read this, I was going through my closet discarding 5 pairs of pants that are now too large for me. This is the second time I have done this in the last year. Just a week ago I had my yearly blood tests and they were the best ever. I have not consumed a whole grain or oat bran in a year and have been eating steak and butter on a regular basis. My doctor noticed I had lost weight – a lot of weight. He said “whatever you are doing, keep doing”. Seems like common sense to me.

    This PCRM reminds me a lot of the CSPI which I found was behind a lot of BUNK even before I went primal.

  17. Are they all not bread addicts, all those neat physicians ? “oh yeah, you should have some bread every day as it contributes to the amount of protein that you get”… oh please, come on xD they can’t be serious.

    I just hate NYTimes.

    BTW, I know that’s not a very helpful comment. Just random thoughts.

  18. Congrats Mark! You know how to keep good people.

    I’ve been following the PB since November 1st. Already my wedding is so big on my finger that if I hold my hand straight down it will fall off!

    1. Heh, I have the same issue with my favorite thumb ring. I keep flinging it off! I guess it’s time to get a new one before I lose this one!

  19. HURRAY! Kudos and double kudos for you Mark – to be spurned by the likes of Colin Campbell is **** truly *** and honor– (one Denise Minger received earlier this year…)

    keep up the good fight… 🙂

  20. … and doesn’t PCRM stand for “politically correct rancid matter”? or perhaps “positively cocky rabid mongrels”?

    somethin’ like that–

    any other ideas on what PCRM stands for?

  21. Saw your cookbook ranked in PCRM’s press release and smelled a rat. I’ve been toying with the idea of going paleo lately and think I’m finally going to pick up a copy of your cookbook today. Also didn’t realize you’re an Eph, which makes me like you even better. Keep on fighting the good fight.

  22. Wow! Congratulations! Two million? I would have said a measly one million. This is great!

  23. Congrats, you know you are shaking up the status quo when they target you like that.

  24. I just bought two PB cookbooks for Christmas gifts. Before wrapping them of course I looked them. By far the best cookbooks I’ve bought. Simple, delicious looking meals with a ton of photos. The photos sell the book. Now I have to go out and by another for me.

  25. Congrats Mark , you are on their radar now and it worries them .
    all these success stories are surely made up ………..bahahaha !!!
    lets see I ate like they suggest , and gained weight
    I go primal and lose 100lbs in 10 months.
    no brainer there
    keep doing what you are doing

  26. In reading the actual PCRM top 5 list they say:

    “But a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that a low-carbohydrate diet based on animal food sources increases mortality risk from all causes, including cancer and heart disease.”

    What (misleading) study are they referring to here?

    1. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Not that I would trust NIH, but it’d be interesting to know how they’re twisting it 🙂

      1. Without knowing the whole study, I wonder if they are refering to diets that cut out carbs from all sources, including fruits and vegetables.

        Not trying to defend the conclusion, but there is a wrong way to do a low carb diet.

  27. Congrats Mark!!!

    I love your cook book! Thanks to it I have lost 20lbs and finally learned how to cook a steak.

  28. Mark,

    Congratulations. You know when the haters are coming out that you’re doing something right.

    Also, congrats on a lot of recipes included in Tim Ferriss’ slow-carb cookbook. A step towards the right direction.

  29. CONGRATS!! You’re right up there with some of the best chefs I’ve seen on t.v and you only have a website and word of mouth!! So glad to be onboard with P.B. Well done Mark and Co.

  30. You really, really need to issue a serious-toned press release.

    You need to jump on this publicity, and that would be a good way. Someone might learn about the Primal way if you do it up right!

    1. Bob, that is an incredible idea, and I’d second it heartily. There’s a lot of chatter out there, but the meaningful stuff has this wonderful tendency to go viral.

  31. I just got an awesome idea: televised nutritional debates.

    Get Mark to go head-to-head with Susan Levin, and Robb Wolf going toe-to-toe with Dr. Oz! It’d be like the presidential debates, but with WAY more consequence for health of the American people!

    Okay… so depending on how cynical you want to be, you could debate that last point. But still, given the amount of confusion out there about how to eat (the NY Daily News article is a perfect indicator of this), a real, honest exchange of information (facts on our side… viewpoints on theirs) in a neutral setting where people can really explain the full picture. There’s no way that CW could still hold up in an environment like that.

    Or, even better, a reality show! All you’d really need to do is to get two obese identical twins and have one follow a CW-inspired SAD, with the other eating primally, and track their progress throughout a “season” of reality TV. I mean, there’s a reason “the Biggest Loser” is so popular – flawed as that particular show’s methods are, the firsthand evidence it gives of people losing weight and taking control of their health is impossible to ignore.

    I think that the kind of confusion and downright ignorance about health is going to persist until there is a forum where these issues can be discussed with the most minimal amount of bullsh*t allowable.

    Hey, Mark – why don’t you take some of the money you’re making from your (terrible, unhealthy, crime-against-humanity) cookbook sales and bring this idea to some TV producers? Heck, it’s worth a shot – I’d watch it!

    1. Oh I love your tv idea!

      as far as the debates go, those would be mostly based on medical studies. Primal/paleo would probably lose based on the loads of poorly constructed medical studies out there supporting CW.

  32. Oprah may not be offering you a chair, but while wrapping presents this morning, I was watching part of “the Doctors” and they seem to be moving in the right direction. One of them said soda was basically “liquid cigarettes” and at least two of them were agreeing that carbs are the problem, not fat. This might be the perfect time to get on a show like that. Should we start a campaign? 🙂

  33. This is so awesome. Since it’s such a terrible book Mark, maybe you could start just giving it away 😉

  34. T. Colin Campbell and many low-carbers and primal eaters sparred in an infamous Amazon weight loss community thread here:

    The discussion with T. Colin Campbell begins on page 45, and on page 64, Dr. Campbell makes some statements about his family that I found remarkable. He has an epic hatred of meat, believing it killed his father. He attacks others for arguing with emotion not fact, but clearly he is out for revenge on meat.

    1. Whoa… that’s messed up. Seriously, can’t we just talk about this rationally and with some emotional detachment? Isn’t that what science is all about, anyway?

  35. “Point being, if it tastes great, it can’t possibly be good for you. Now go eat your porridge”

    This reminds me of the “we are noble because we are poor and suffering” rhetoric found in debates about the moral superiority of communism. If we are all unhealthy, then none of us are unhealthy!

  36. I think it’s also really disingenuous to group your cookbook amongst those others. The other four are expressly marketed as books selling “comfort food” or “convenient fare on the fly,” yada yada. The PBC is clearly a part of a program that promotes health & longevity. One could almost say that how it tastes – er, awesome, of course – is a secondary issue when compared to the health benefits.

    PCRM is clearly doing this in order to take a poorly aimed cheap shot at the Paleo movement, which it perceives as presenting a threat to the beliefs that it espouses. And they thought we wouldn’t see through it… despicable!

    1. To clarify… I meant “disingenuous of PCRM.” Mark is about as genuine as they come!

  37. I can’t believe Mark Sisson just included the word “smegma” in an article.

      1. i just looked it up and I now have to delete my internet history.

  38. Congratulations, Mark! I’m going to eat a slab of grass-fed london broil in your honor…

  39. Mark should have a Primal Food Network show where he cooks shirtless!

    1. Have you ever cooked bacon shirtless? It’s not a good idea.
      Plus, in the culinary world that’s considered unsanitary. However, if he were to cook in a chef coat, then remove it and take his food outside shirtless, he’d probably get a lot of women watching his shows, fast.

  40. Congratulations, Mark! I am a cookbook collector and have well over 100 cookbooks of all kinds, but my absolute favorite is The Primal Blueprint. It’s awesome that the PB has garnered national attention…maybe some people will be curious. I tried a vegan diet once, because a friend raved about it. Honestly I thought I was going to die. We really aren’t meant to eat that way. Anyway, in my little section of Wisconsin it’s about 5 degrees outside, and I fired up the outside grill to grill some NY Strip Steak I found in my deep freeze. The recipe was from the PB. I just love a grass fed steak, almost salivating just from the memory. I first learned about the Primal Blueprint from Doug Kaufman’s show, Know the Cause. I’m truly thankful for this community that shares experiences, workouts, blogs, recipes (Butter Chicken is my favorite) and anything else primal. Keep up the good work!

  41. I think the Paleo community should start challenging these experts to fitness contests. Beware, though, they get quite a bit of exercise jumping to conclusions.


  43. I’m honoured to have purchased one of the 5 worst “unhealthiest” books. Good for you Mark.
    PCRM are so f….d up.

  44. I was just thinking earlier today how my fingers and ankles are never swollen any more and I have no aches and pains. Must be all that lard lubricating my joints. I haven’t found a bad recipe in the PB Cookbook yet. Can’t say the same for all those low fat recipes I suffered through in the past.

    The funny thing is that we primal folks will eventually outlive the vegan lowfat crowd and will have the last laugh as we bask in the sun eating our pork ribs in our old age.

  45. Hahah o how I love this piece of interspace.

    I would LOVE to see you on OPRAH.

    Although I hate her show with a ferrocious passion, I would love to
    see her expression and remarks when you talk of the primal eating habits…And all its wonderful successes busting fat and equalising overall health.

    Congrats for the illustrious award!

  46. Mark, congratulations! Your site/information is free to everyone and they do not need to purchase anything if they can’t or won’t, but they can reap the benefits of your knowledge. Thank you for that.

    The fact that you have been so honored by the vegans shows, as others have pointed out, they feel extremely threatened. Next year you’ll be number 1 on their list. Keep us updated and let us know how the sale of your books is going.

  47. They say that ‘bad’ publicity is better than no publicity!

    Seriously, recently my husband changed jobs and I had to fill out the new company’s “health and wellness” survey to see if I qualified as healthy enough to earn a nice little salary rebate. Well, I scored high in all areas except diet – and the survey recommended that I eat more whole grains and beans, and cut down on the butter and cream (the survey didn’t have a category for “pastured” dairy =( ..). I was a little upset, but of course the survey was done in accordance with the AMA and US Food Pyramid and all the other crap that I used to follow to a T — with skin breakouts, constant hunger, constant gas and bloating and stomach problems, etc etc… you all know the drill. Anyway, I didn’t earn as much of a rebate as I would have if the survey were Primal, but in a way I was happy to have scored lower on diet – it meant that I’m NOT following the ‘norm,’ and therefore, I’m feeling great!

  48. The difference between your book and the others is that if they asked the other four if their recipes were healthy, they would acknowledge that they aren’t. Yours is the only book to claim that the recipes are healthy.

    After a lifetime of hearing how bad meat and fat is, and how healthy grains are, it can be really hard at first to make the change at first. There’s always a voice in the back of your head saying this is the worst thing you can do to yourself and that you’ll have a heart attack before long.

    However, after three weeks of being grain free, the results speak for themselves. The fat is melting off, all my lifts at the gym have gone up, I’m sleeping less and waking up more refreshed, and I get so much more done during the day since I seem to never run out of energy.

    Your books and blog are brilliant. I really hope that in the coming years, people realise that advice from “reputable” sources is not as sound as it would seem after all.

  49. Bloody hilarious.

    If I ever published a cookbook that the PCRM deemed one of the unhealthiest, I’d frame it and hang it above the fireplace.

    Truly an achievement to be proud of.


    We, all the 10 million+ Blue-printers you wish to touch in this life, are on stage three 3, Mark.. Grok On

  51. I have lost a lot of weight, feel great, am strong and healthy, clear minded, no more inflammation in several areas, tons of energy, etc, etc. You all know the story and how the results start to tally.

    I salute you with both middle fingers PCRM! I tried your way, and it’s a death sentence. Quit killing people with your unfounded nonsense.

  52. Congrats, Mark! I have been on vacation for the last week and couldn’t wait to tell you my Primal story upon returning. Today’s post makes little stories like mine even more important if we’re all going to fight the good fight! I love being Primal, for many, many reasons, but as a very busy mother of three young children, I rarely have the chance to “exercise” much (although I play a ton). Truthfully, I’ve always kind of doubted the statement you make that my body will change based on the food I eat, regardless of how much I exercise. I was wrong. While playing with my kids at a waterpark on vacation in my bikini I was approached by a good look married man (I say married so you know he wasn’t simply hitting on me). He started talking about the kids but I could sense he thinking about something else. Then he said, “I was just wondering, well…, I mean, how…, uh…do you work out a lot? You are so fit– you look great!” I was shocked, and actually blushed, but informed him “No, I don’t work out. I just follow the Primal diet!” I explained it too him, and with any luck, you’ll have another man on your team! After the conversation, I walked into the bathroom and checked myself out in the mirror. He was right! There I was, a mother of three children all under 5 years old, thin, healthy looking, showing arm muscles and abs that had younger women drooling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no supermodel, but I do have the energy of a woman half my age, clear glowing skin, and I never get sick. As far as may family and I are concerned, the Primal Cookbook is a true winner. Bring on the butter and red meat because I’m going to eat again! Thanks Mark!

  53. Wow, looking at that website, everything is ridiculous. Primal made my life better in many ways, thanks Mark.

  54. You only need to look a at their best cook books list to see there agenda. All of them are vegan or vegetarian.

    Congratulations mark 🙂

  55. Also, If anyone is wondering about the credibility behind this PETA facade, their founder sat on the board of the PETA foundation and still writes for their quarterly magazine. Also, less than 5% of their members are actually physicians, and their “physician” founder is a non-practicing psychiatrist. They seem convinced that meat in any form is pretty much the only cause of cancer, heart disease and why your wife left you.


    So good job! I would avoid anything these vegan propagandists masquerading as knowledgeable health professionals support at all costs.

  56. After a lifetime of eating the CW way, with disastrous results, it has only taken three weeks to convince me that Primal is how I plan on living the rest of my life. Congratulations on your prestigious award and thank you for MDA and your books!

  57. Wow! It’s like they were trying to talk to me. I follow your blog, I watch Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, and Barefoot Contessa.
    I must be the most unhealthy person of all! Sweet!!!

    Congrats on the recognition.

  58. While Mark is handling this news with his normal humor, grace, and optimism, I’ve got to imagine that getting this award dropped on his cookbook, for a plan that has plenty of mainstream acceptance at this point (most docs at least acknoledge a low carb diet is safe and effective) has to be burning him up some. I’d want to sue for slander, as this thing seems like a total, purposeful slander of the primal/paleo movement. It is a complete misrepresentation of the purpose of the book, with no mention that this cookbook is designed as a health companion piece. I’m pissed.

  59. Hi Mark: You probably don’t need to hear more praise at this point. But I want to tell you that based on your blog and some other reading I stopped eating grains and potatoes about a year ago. (I don’t have theories about diet and metabolism; and I’m not “Paleo” anything. I just wasn’t feeling great, so I tried eliminating these foods as an experiment.) Since then, 1) I have lost fat and gained muscle while working out much less. I’m 39-years-old and my abs are more defined now than they have ever been even though I workout less than 40 minutes per day, often much less. 2) My eczema is virtually gone. 3) I haven’t had a cold in a year. 4) My mild panic disorder is virtually gone. 5) I’m almost never hungry. And 6) generally I feel relaxed, alive, engaged, and happy almost all the time. The only major lifestyle change during this time has been diet. So, to me, THAT’s evidence-based medicine. Thank you.

  60. Mark, what works for some does not apply to all, and you should mention that rather than tell people that one size fits all…I was following a Mediterranean diet, (I am of Greek origin) including some grains…Colesterol under control, slowly losing weight. I tried going primal, and for 3 months I ate grassfed beef, the associated fats, along with butter, no grain products, veggies…
    I just got a blood draw, and I not only did not lose any weight, my blood fats went through the roof…in the danger zone.
    It was explained to me that someone who is obsese (I am 45 lbs overweight) will sometimes react differently to food. Chemistry is different. seems that there is a spillover of consumed fats into the blood stream…
    So for me, it’s back to a SENSIBLE moderate fat diet, olive oil, lean fish and meat (only wild caught and grassfed) and veggies, along with some moderate grains, like high fiber bread and oat bran…

    1. I think this is an important point! A problem with some people in the vegetarian camp is that they think everyone should be a vegetarian, whereas MDA readers know that vegetarianism makes some people really ill. But let’s not make the same mistake ourselves. Metabolism is incredibly complicated; and no one understand it fully. What works for one person might not work for another.

  61. Congratulations! Do they give you a nice plaque or certificate to proudly display in your office? When’s the award dinner?

    Seriously, PLEASE keep up the great work. There is MUCH to do.


    Pete Ballerstedt

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. That pheasant sounds really good!

  62. Bonjour Mark. Congratulations from France on the award 😉 I would love to get unhealthy because of your cookbook so please have a kindle edition available in europe as soon as possible. Keep up the good work.

  63. Society always finds ways to divide itself. If it’s not gender, its race, if not race, then religion, if not religion its your neighbourhood if its not that its DIET!
    Vegans seem to be the aggressive group though trying to brainwash the easily brainwashable masses. Too bad.

    On another note, I think I might pick up that Gordon Ramsay book (to go along with my PB book) because its probably got some good ones in there.

  64. Consider it a badge of honor. If they hate you that much, you must be doing something right.

    I mean, eating Primal helped me lose 30 lbs of fat, gain muscle, increase athletic performance, clear my allergies, and improve my blood work. How will “responsible physicians” make a living if I never have to see them?

  65. Mark, I can’t thank you enough for giving my husband and I a laugh out loud morning. As I read the title of your post and then read the first line listing PCRM, I thought, “what the? they’re a vegan organization!” Reading further explained it all and I couldn’t contain myself. Way to go Mark!!

  66. Seriously one of the best posts ever Mark! (except for all of the ones featuring wonderful, free nutrition advice!). It was especially hillarious seeing as how I was reading it while in the middle of devouring a Kailua pork omelet with a side of bacon, avocado and veggies lol. I actually burst out laughing and probably caused the restaurant to lose customers! Lol. Happy holidays and thanks for all you do. Congrats!

  67. Kudos for all the supportive (and funny) comments here however a few of them bring to my mind a small gripe I have been harboring.

    First let me say I am totally with you all in support of the Primal Blueprint as the best way to eat and be, and appreciate and love all Mark and his staff do. And a pox to the PCRM.

    As a former vegetarian(30+ years)and for a short time vegan, I can attest that vegetarian and vegan food can be just as delicious as primal food. If you don’t agree, you may either have a built in prejudice or just never ate at a good veg/vegan cook’s table.

    There are many excellent arguments for eating primal over veg/vegan but criticizing taste seems like a non argument and unnecessary to the conversation.

    Okay, it’s probably just me with this small gripe but it has been bothering me for awhile. I promise not to bring it up again.

  68. No doubt, the only bad publicity is the obituaries. I’m sure that this will actually get some people on board. I’ve been saying for a while that we, as a community, need to be prepared for the challenges that the rest of the world is going to throw at us. We need to be prepared for this kind of criticism and worse. We need to be armed with the right type of intelligent response with an appropriate, and respectful attitude. We have the power of being right behind our lifestyle, but we still have to do right by it. I have no doubt that Mark and most of the other leaders of this movement are ready for it, so I can’t wait for some more ‘bad pr’!!

  69. saw the news here in canada and I must say I am very proud of the people who blogged about the article, that it was total nonsense, fat does not cause problems, grains are the problems etc…etc….The word is getting out Mark, just not to egocentric physicians. The general public are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of dictated false nutrition advice over the last thirty and forty years. The truth will win!!

  70. I loved this blog. Dr. Atkins would and so will Dr. Al Sears, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Mercola and cardiologist, Dr. Dwight Lundell, Shane Ellison. You should contact these guys and partner with them.

  71. You know, I’ve become an annoying proselytizer thanks to you and this website. Since July, I’ve lost 26 pounds almost effortlessly and gone from a size 10 to a size 4 (sometimes 2!). I just wanted to say thank you, and that word is getting out — every time someone asks me what I did to lose the weight, I refer them to your website and they often say “Oh, I’ve heard about that!” It’s fun to feel like some kind of underground rebel, though. 😉

  72. I posted this on their on PCRM’s facebook fanpage in the comments about the worst cookbooks. To each his own, but the data speaks for itself. Wonder how long it will stay there?……………

    Wow, never heard of PCRM until now. I am not opposed at all to Veganism, but if people choose to eat meat they have that right. The data speaks for itself. About everyone at our gym eats Paleo. This client in the link below followed a typical high grain low fat diet for years, his trygliceride level was in the 500’s, since etaing Paleo he reduced it to 70’s, he no longer takes statins. I have neve seen a Vegan look so fit, if you know one post a photo.

  73. I’ve lost 30 lbs since April and have never been in better shape. I had bloodwork done that shows my cholesterol is down, sugar is normal and everything looks great. Not bad for a 49 year old lady. More energy and feeling super. Responsible physicians…I think not!

  74. I bought the cookbook yesterday and made the Transylvanian stew last night! It was enjoyed by all… even my non-primal friends! Love, love what you’re doing… Don’t let those haters get you down! Go Mark!

  75. I am really tired of food nazis. I’m sorry vegans suffer from whatever disorder they have, but if I want to go primal or eat chocolate chip cookie dough, that’s my business. I’m free and I don’t belong to their (or anyone’s) collective.

    As Lesley Gore onced sang “You don’t own me…”

  76. Mark – you made it into the New Zealand Herald today too. Congratulations.

    FYI, I’m a nutritionist (Registered nurse and with degree level in human nutrition). I’ve been having fantastic success with paleo / primal experiments on some willing guinea pig / clients. Next year I plan to try and spread the word as much as time and energy will allow.
    By the way – did you see the Flaxmere experiment – putting obese and sever type 2 diabetic Maoris on a pre-European diet with amazing results.
    Watch this – it’s inspiring:


  77. This is hilarious. Congratulations! I was giggling through your post. Getting this award means you’re doing something right. Keep up the great work!

  78. tell them to speak with this former vegan/veggie…! my numbers have gone down so much along with my weight and waist line.. my doctor told me that whatever I’m doing to keep doing it….!

  79. Doctors should be listened to, but in the case of nutrition, they typically are not well versed. I’m still hoping for that horrible cookbook of yours for Christmas! I’m 50 pounds down and my cholesterol is perfect!

  80. As a former vegetarian and former vegan I weigh LESS now (at an inch taller) and am at least 3 TIMES stronger (I have the workout records to prove it). Not to mention people don’t “act concerned about my thinness” around me anymore….

    I personally like and recommend your cookbook and its time for a 2nd helping of the bison chili…..

  81. All this does is lessen my trust in conventional wisdom. It was already pretty low but now its at rock bottom! Screw medicine! We are taking our health into our own hands and you can’t have my money! 😀

  82. CONGRATULATIONS! If what you share is so bad, why do you and others feel so great? and have the health stats to back it up? they have to at least attempt to explain the anomaly…
    I love it! Keep up the good work!

  83. Congratulations, Mark! 🙂

    My belly fat also voted your cookbook one of the worst cookbooks of the year!

    Thanks, again.

  84. I tried paleo and now I’m trying nutritarian(ism?)… but instead of focusing on the differences between those two, for the general population, I think the biggest threat to our species is still the processed junk.

  85. Hey Mark! You should have a cooking show, right after Paula Dean, with all of her “Ewey, gooey” waistline-increasing recipes. With PB, I have lost the 20 pounds I struggled with for years, and can finally drive somewhere in my car without looking for a restroom after only ten minutes. Gluten-intolerant…another reason to avoid grains!!!

  86. If nutritionists/dietitians, etc. would take into consideration the way Blood Type affects the way our body reacts to food, there wouldn’t be any “fighting” in the “food world”.

    Blood Type A bodies respond well to diet that derives its protein from non-meat sources and Blood Type O is the opposite – very Primal, just like The Primal Blueprint Diet.

    But regardless of Blood Type, a diet based in grains will only get you unwanted weight gain and a decline in health on some level. Once the govt stops subsidizing the corn and wheat industry, maybe they’ll stop pushing the grain agenda.

    1. Sorry but as a nutritionist and Blood type A – the blood type diet has little foundation. There are some very good critiques out there, one from Prof Loren Cordain.

      1. What do you mean Blood Type has little foundation? Do you mean all the tests that Dr. D’Adamo did weren’t accurate or that no one on the diet benefits from it?

        1. entire concept is made up out of thin air, has no basis in reality. if someone benefits from the diet, it’s a coincidence; has NOTHING to do with blood type.

  87. Congratulations on making the top 5, or is that the bottom 5, either way it’s great news. I wonder if those other books are worth a look at too? Have a great festive season and enjoy that primal turkey.

  88. Congrats Mark, wonderful accolade indeed. Yes I do think it is great that you have the press exposure. People will be curious.
    I was vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist and natural hygiene. It ruined my health and made me fat. (oh and ruined my teeth!). I have been primal for about two years now. Lost lots of weight and feel healthy and not weak and sick anymore. So much improvement it would take pages to describe.

    I did want to ask you though your thoughts on The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss – it is somewhat on the same page with low carb however what is your view of eating lots of starch and sugar one day a week for the change of metabolism, fat burning and increasing leptin levels. I would be most appreciative if you could comment or post on this as I would be most nervous to do this as I chose to be sugar and grain free and the effect of this on insulin however if by doing this it would increase fat loss significantly I might reconsider or not?

  89. Sharon, I think your point is well taken. But many threads on MDA include discussions on just how often paleo people were able to eat meat. We are so fortunate to be able to run out to the market for pastured meat; paleo people had to run it down, kill it, butcher it, etc. So the take home is eat the good meat (and fat) and recognize that a goodly portion of PB is vegetables; LOTS of them. NObody argues against fresh greens, fruits, and the like being good for you; and my sister and brother-in-law are awesome vegetarian cooks, as am I, if I do say so myself…but I eat meat.

    So, Mark, WAY TO GO!!!. I’m off to pick up the organic, grass-fed, prime rib I’m roasting for Christmas dinner. Which I will enjoy with cauliflower rice. Now, I have to say I’m a potato addict: baked, mashed, smashed, potatoes anna, scalloped, au gratin. I have always LOVED potatoes. So, no, cauliflower rice does not ‘taste just like mashed potatoes’ to me. BUT, just as many, many posters here have noted, when I cut out the potatoes, bread, grains, I feel MUCH better. I’m not all the way there (terrible backslider), but am grateful for MDA and PB.

    I wonder why Nourishing Traditions hasn’t been nominated by this group.

    Oh, well. sorry for the ramble. Cheers to everyone!

  90. As an herbalist with a comparable undergrad as any of these brainy smurfs and then some… I find great pleasure in continuously finding the ancestral wisdom to supercede their mechanistic idealism. oy vey. I have tried “health” their way and ended up much more unhealthy. Primal/paleo/ancestral IS the way to HEALTH. Period. Someday this will be a case of “foot in mouth” for these “fine” doctors… (did I use enough quotations?)

  91. Congratulations. This post had me giggling over my french airdried salami, because I ran out of bacon and beef jerky.

    Now I know what to do with my Christmas money. Ahahaahaaaaaaaa.

  92. After reading those descriptions, I just want to buy all the books. Especially Trisha Yearwood’s. Who ever thought of putting tortellini in a breakfast bowl? Not primal, but it still sounds amazing!

  93. Hi Mark, CONGRATULATIONS! The extreeeemists do not win on this one. All things in Balance and Harmony, and most especially food. Eat what comes natrually. Happy Christmas goose to you and yours! Belle

  94. Congratulations Mark! Just purchased your cookbook this morning for a Christmas present, then I read this! Wonderful. Having lost 40 lbs and my wife 20lbs this summer with Primal and feeling great, this award cracks me up. Had my 4 pieces of bacon this morning with eggs. Yum! I was a Vegan for a year and lost weight but as a cyclist had no “power” and was pretty unhappy. Another group to watch out for is the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Another bunch of wackos with a agenda.

  95. Ah, ignorance…unbelievable..! keep fighting the good fight. It is because of seeing people every day at the gym who have lost weight going paleo/primal and seeing how their lives have changed that we keep fighting….it has worked for them and it has worked for us.. we will keep at it. We are in it together 🙂 PS I love Primal Cookbook and just made some truffles!

  96. Well this news doesent surprise me but I have to say since I got it Ive lost 30 pounds and my husband lost 30 as well, we feel great have more energy and the muscle tone is unbeleveable! If thats unhealthy maybe I should go back to the way I was eating. NOT

  97. I’m glad Mark is taking this in stride. I personally find it a bit disturbing. One thing I’ve realized over the past few years that the CW on nutrition is pure crap and most likely the result of lobbyists and self-serving Big Pharma. My wife’s doctors are constantly trying to put her on statins because of her high total cholesterol. She took some for a couple of weeks and ended up with a torn muscle in her leg. She is a very healthy and avid runner.

    I’m not a Grok but I have benefitted from Mark’s articles on exercise (e.g. hip mobility) and he’s had an influence me – I am no longer afraid of eating coconut in any shape or form.

    Thanks Mark – keep up the great work!!!

  98. All of us primal people can have a good laugh about this news.I know when I was at my last dr. appt. my docter ask me what was was doing, so I told her and she said she was going to order your book.The she told me to keep up the good work.

  99. Enhorabuena!I don’t have the book yet but i’m definately going to order it now x

  100. Congrats on your award. As you stated, it means you’re doing something right!

  101. I was force fed their BS all through school and into college. It made me fat, unhealthy, and allergic to most grains.

    *pops some dark chocolate covered coconut into her mouth with a smile and continues contemplating how to marinate those thick juicy steaks in the fridge, which peppers to stuff them with, and which kind of bacon to wrap them in…*

  102. I’ve been eating primal for about 4 months & just recieved your book & cookbook from my daughter and her boyfriend. He,btw has become the household primal chef. We love this new (old) way of eating and are all much leaner and healthier for it. Thank you & congratulations!! Keep up the good work’

  103. Congratulations Mark! just wanted you to know that I just made the Deli Tri-tip Roast, from the “worst cookbook,” for the fourth time this AM and brought here to work for our pot-luck and that it disappeared very quickly. Served it sliced and cold. Even our staff vegetarian commented that it tempted her to return to eating meat. Maybe a convert?

  104. Best award EVER! I think we should all start posting our blood work results, our body fat %, and the size of our skinny jeans. I love your book and use it often. In fact…I am making the Primal Pot Roast tomorrow. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Keep up the great work. THANK YOU!

  105. if these people are physicians why do they have a medical disclaimer on their home page?

  106. I just received my cookbook today in the mail. I think I’ll celebrate your achievement by making a new primal dish. Kidney stew anyone?

  107. Congrats!!! What an honor. I’m proud to be a Primal Mama….I have a Primal Husband and Primal kids (both under 3!) I think its time to go check out some more cookbooks too….Ina, Trisha, Gordon here I come!

  108. Too many replies to read. For those who are suspicious, conspiracy theorists and domestic extremists like myself and the other Uruk-Hai, notice one thing.
    PRCM… sound familiar? The PNAC… those great guys who dragged us into 2 perpetual wars for profit just by writing about it and suggesting we needed another Pearl Harbor to start the madness. Now we have eco-food terrorists telling us to stop eating food you humans have been consuming for tens of thousands of years. Folks, they and the new world order crowd of aristocracy want you dead! Of course we in the Uruk-Hai don’t discriminate between cattle and man flesh. The long pig [you] is delicious with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. As for me I stopped eating grains, pasta, muffins and all that pansy food and feel better. Just can’t lose weight since its been raining for forty days and nights here in Los Angeles. Stuck in my cave you see.

  109. I love the cookbook! It helped me reduce my triglycerides from 140 to 42!! all the while eating those brownies daily. I just tried them out using brazil nuts instead of walnuts. They’re just as yummy.

  110. Its annoying me that I start doing something that everyone thinks is weird (Crossfit, Paleo, barefoot running, circus arts/acrobatics) and then three years later, it’s the new “cool thing” to do and shows up in Outside Magazine. Although I am annoyed, the article on Le Corre’s “MovNat” program is definitely unbiased, positive exposure. They do crossfit/parquor/barefoot running-esque stuff outdoors barefoot and eat Paleo.
    I’m hoping that this might prevent my having to explain Paleo to my friends or kipping pull-ups to meat heads at the gym all the time.

  111. I am, I am sure, a voice in the wilderness. I was paleo for about ten years before dropping dead on a tennis court from a plauque rupture in my left main coronary artery. I was beyond lucky in that a cardiologist and a peds intensivist were also playing this particular evening. They provided world class CPR for over 12 minutes until the rescue squad arrived and shocked me twice to restart my heart. A few hours later, I underwent a x6 bypass surgery. Miraculously, I am today training for a triathlon. Weights and intervals are a big part of my regimine. I am meticulously following the Esselstyn program -100% vegan. I have read all of the studies I can find on all sides of this issue, and, with my life literally on the line, this is the way I am going. I think paleo is wonderful for a 50 or 60 year stint on the planet. I had a very nice run for that period and then hit the wall.

    1. And the evidence that the paleo diet contributed to your coronary event would be…? Or are you arguing that the paleo diet doesn’t work because it didn’t prevent it from happening?

      1. Didn’t prevent. I’m not demeaning the paleo approach. I’ve adopted Esselstyn’s approach as a medical intervention to reverse existing disease and to optimize the longevity of my grafts. My primary point is that coming face to face with the reaper sharpens one’s focus. A lifetime of true paleo (not inclusive of feedlot meat, mercury laden fish, or refined oils) is probably great for most folks.

    2. I may be the only one interested in stories such as this.
      Having speant many years as vegan, I do not believe that it is healthy for the majority.
      But I am interested in what you ate on your paleo journey.

      We should be able to learn from these experiences rather than just blow them off or attack the poster.

      I for one do not want to end up having CPR because I closed my mind.

      Just sayin….

    3. I’m curious – as a nutritionist – what was your typical diet + supplements + meds before your heart attack?

      1. For the prior ten years, I bought meat and fish at local store that specialized in organics and offered range fed meat and poultry, wild caught salmon and “cage free” eggs. I ate tons of ground turkey, beef, and eggs several times per week. We included veggie and salad with dinner. Breakfast was usually some kind of meat with eggs. I did eat cheese. I ate pizza and pasta occasionally -social situations. But my primary thrust was paleo. I had discovered Art Devany’s writings when he had a relatively obscure web presence. I was on a very early list-serv that promoted Ray Audette’s “cave man” I read just about everything that Loren Cordain published. In about 2000, I abandoned aerobic exercise (but for occasional biking) and favored “burst” sports like tennis, and I lifted weights two to three times per week. I’m not contending that paleo did all the damage. That would be a silly contention for a 60+ year old who was raised and went through most of adult life on the SAD. I have adopted Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s advice which is based on impressive long term results with a group of patients. I enjoy the vegan diet and frankly feel great. I can still do curls with 50 pound dumbbells and (despite 2 of 6 bypass grafts being closed from the start) have progressed steadily on my road bike and ability to run for over an hour. I realize that there are few that read here who would be interested in triathlons, but I intend to enter and finish one next summer. I am back to my college weight and play several sports at a pretty good level. I feel absolutely no compromise from my vegan diet and have confidence that there is nothing better I could be doing for my endothelium. I will not be going back to eggs, meat or cheese (Art Devany has listed a form of Swiss cheese as part of some of his meals). I am not trying to convince anyone to switch from paleo, but that was my choice.

  112. Gotta love this award! Not only is my cholesterol good on this “unhealthy” diet, other tests like glucose, are good, and that can be difficult when you’re hypothyroid. Love your book, love eating this way!

  113. Good-on-ya mate, best thing since “sliced bread” keep it up MS

  114. Congratulations!!
    I am so pleased.
    This coverage will bring people running because negative is still coverage.
    I will be anxiously awaiting the next move by those who’ve never heard of PB.
    Those physicians don’t realize the huge mistake they made….yet.

  115. “Say whatever you like about my work, just make sure to get my name right.”

  116. Frankly, I hope the majority of people don’t go primal. That way we stand out as fit and strong compared to masses of fat and sickly.

  117. Just love how a diet humans have eaten from the beginning of existance is unhealthy.

    Joking aside: What pleases me the most is the amount of comments on this page. these losers haven’t fooled anyone. Mark, I know you are proud of the great people that follow your site.

  118. I love your cookbook! I’ve never felt better or been in better shape! They can come take my blood and test it. I’ll blow all those frickin’ vegans away! Keep it up Mark! I really appreciate all you’ve give us and all the information you provide to us every day. You are amazing!!!

    Portland, OR

  119. A TRUE BADGE OF HONOR! I started eating 100% Paleo about 90 days ago. I have NEVER had less BF percent, or more energy in my entire life. And I am an ex SF Soldier.

    Jacksonville Beach, FL

  120. Wow, this is outrageous! If you want to keep your high inflammation state: go ahead! I will keep my 0.3 CRP.

  121. Congratulations Mark! You’ve caught their attention. Aren’t a couple of these people doctors? That’s the separation point. Doctors vs Healers. Healers don’t get paybacks from pharma.

  122. As a mother I am so concerned about the PCRM and other radical vegan organizations that are lobbying congress to limit fat in school meals. Sending a child to school is pointless if they don’t have enough dietary fat to help their brains develop! That’s why I got involved with the Healthy Nation Coalition – so that we can get the Dietary Guidelines changed and get the USDA to recognize the science that shows that fat ISN’T bad. Anyone who wants to get involved with our volunteer organization is welcome to check out our website at and join our facebook group at We’d love to have someone start a discussion on our fb page about primal/paleo living.


  124. Well, the vegan advocates have every right to be unhappy. Things were going so well–after years out on the lunatic fringe, they were sooooo close to becoming mainstream, what with the latest food guide pyramid recommending lots of fruit and vegies and very little meat and sat fat. Then along comes this guy with a spear and a loincloth, the press sees him as the newest shiny object, and poof, their dreams go up in a puff of smoke. Of course they’re going to fight back.

  125. Hehe, – Outstanding news and fantastic post! Awesome way to end 2010 Mark, – I’ve decided to celebrate by wandering around in my “I Eat Vegans” t-shirt despite the snow….is that wrong?

  126. I have to agree that he cookbook is horrible taste wise. However, eating primal does in some ways make me feel better. I have found that only paleo mexican food is good, the rest is just tasteless.

    1. Hmm, I couldn’t disagree with you more. I have found the recipes in Mark’s book to be very tasty and so have friends and family who have eaten the meals. I don’t like EVERY recipe but then again, who likes every recipe in a cookbook? Perhaps your starting ingredients are not fresh or you are not using enough seasoning?

  127. I am more with you NOW Mark,then ever!!!! GO common sense, DOWN with irrational vegan fanatics!!!

  128. Mark,

    As an emergency medicine physician who is equally frustrated with the mantra churned out by mainstream medicine, I’d like to share my perspective. I agree that it would be great if these “experts” welcomed you into their club, but I’m afraid that’s just not going to happen. Or maybe I should say, it’s not going to happen any time soon. But so what? There are always going to be those who lag in their understanding. Do the good you are doing regardless.

    Another point is this: as bizarre as it is that these individuals have yet to embrace a paradigm that honors our ancestral roots, they are not evil. Consider these docs’ experience…they have seen healing occur on the diet they endorse. If anything, they have shown the courage to step away from the current fix-everything-with-drugs-and-surgery model that is as prevalent as it is ridiculous. Granted they haven’t integrated paleo (for lack of a better term) ideas into their models, but they are rattling mainstream medicine with their message. It may not be where we want to be eventually, but it is likely better than the status quo. I don’t think it can be denied that their recommendations are an improvement on what mainstream medicine communicates to patients.

    I am not endorsing their slamming your product. Their thinking is limited and they are clearly speaking out without considering all the available data. I am just offering it as a possibility that when the big picture is considered, these folks may be more allies than enemies. Continued open communication is what will resolve all of this in the long run.

    Lastly, to me it seems silly that anyone, doctor or otherwise, would stand in support of a one-diet-fits-all model to healing. As much as we are the same, we are all unique. Everyone is in a particular situation calling for a particular set of conditions for growth. I won’t say that everyone ought to be on a vegan diet, but I also won’t say the same for a paleo diet either. Nutrition is certainly a powerful tool towards moving away from suffering, but (speaking from personal experience) approaching it dogmatically can be a disease in itself.

    Like I said, keep doing the good you are doing. Those that are ready will hear you.


  129. oh mark, i am sooo proud of you. and they say there isnt a santa clause…

  130. Unbelievable…
    “The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. PCRM is a fanatical animal rights group that seeks to remove eggs, milk, meat, and seafood from the American diet, and to eliminate the use of animals in scientific research. Despite its operational and financial ties to other animal activist groups and its close relationship with violent zealots, PCRM has successfully duped the media and much of the general public into believing that its pronouncements about the superiority of vegetarian-only diets represent the opinion of the medical community.
    ‘Less than 5 percent of PCRM’s members are physicians,’ Newsweek wrote in February 2004.”

  131. Congrats Mark I have your book and it is fabulous!

    A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.
    William James (1842-1910) American philosopher and psychologist.

    I find it interesting that vegans must take supplements or go to extream means and be well educated to enrich their diets, and even more interesting that bread and grain product must be “enriched” in order to be worth while to eat it!

    Im just sayin’


  132. “You know, I never expected to garner such acclaim, so I was completely taken aback by the deluge of press releases and coverage announcing my award that popped up on my feed. Those scoundrels didn’t even warn me I was about to win such an esteemed award. They just dropped it on me. Heck, they’re lucky I didn’t drop dead from a heart attack from the shock given all that atherosclerotic plaque that’s no doubt welling up inside!”

    My first outloud laugh of the day, thank you Sir.

  133. I, can not believe they did that!!!!
    We had been doing primal since July, I’ve lost around 12 to 15 lb, and average of 1 lb. a week, but the best is I feel great, I use to suffer from urine infections constantly almos every 3 to 5 days, and believe me is no fun at all. I haven’t have them. best of all I do not feel exausted all the time. thanks, I think the book is great, I am a Chef myself and with those recipes and all the ones I create myself I had been able to feed a family of 5 and I have picky eaters, they all love the cauliflower rice.

  134. Hahahaha. God forbit anyone east offal or an internal organ. Don’t they know that these days meat only comes boneless, 99% fat free, and conveniently prepackaged after being washed in a bath of clorine?:)

    Way to take it like a trooper, Mark:)

  135. “…States in the Southeast have the highest rates of obesity in the nation, yet Deen continues to fill her restaurant and cookbooks with ham hocks, Velveeta cheese, butter, and heavy cream.”

    Oh my God, I’m drooling reading this. Is this supposed to DETER us from buying them?…

  136. Way to go Mark 🙂
    Need harder work to have`The Worst(!) Cookbook` of 2012.. What an idiotic world it is!

  137. How old is the oldest Palaeolithic diet subscriber? What is the average life expectancy? Do they have increased risk of other diseases (colon cancer, heart attack, etc)? Until we see some studies comparing vegans vs. paleo-adherents I don’t think anyone here is in a position to judge the merits of this diet.