The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress, increase energy or just generally look and feel healthier you’ve come to the right place. Oh, and you can win lots of cool Primal gear, too. That’s right, it’s the annual Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge!

Watch the following video and read the article below for all the details.

Before we get to the specifics of the challenge, today’s contest:

Today’s Contest

The first contest of this 30-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge is a two-parter:

  • Tell your friends and family about this challenge. Call your mom, email your uncle, post this URL on your FaceBook wall, Tweet it, blog about it and otherwise spread the word.
  • In today’s comment board, tell me what you did to tell the world about this health challenge and contest giveaway.

A winner will be selected by way of a random drawing. The winner will receive a mystery prize valued at $200. I am excited to announce that later this month I will be releasing a brand new Primal Blueprint product. The winner of this contest will be the very first person to get their hands on this product. Stay tuned for the unveiling!

This contest ends at September 9, 10 am PST and everyone is eligible.

The Challenge

In past years I’ve been a bit vague about the challenge, asking you to define your own. This year I’ve created some specifics. Of course, feel free to customize the official challenge to meet your own needs and goals.

This year’s challenge is all about aligning your lifestyle behaviors with each of the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws. I’ve created some specific mini-challenges that relate to each law. Every article, recipe, contest and prize during the next 30 days will relate to these challenges – motivating you to “get Primal” at each step of the way.

Challenge #1: Eat Lots of Plants and Animals

Eating right is central to the Primal lifestyle, which is why Law #1 is a five-part challenge:

  • Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, meat, healthy fats: This one is pretty straightforward. I’m asking you to eat Primal for 30 days. Commit to it right at this moment. Just one month of nothing but the best food on the planet. In just a few short weeks your body will thank you. If you want more ideas on which foods to eat and which foods to avoid pick up The Primal Blueprint and stay tuned for coming articles.
  • Cook at home: If you don’t know how to cook the challenge above really will be a challenge. Over the next 30 days we’ll be covering some essential cooking skills and techniques that anyone looking to go Primal should master. If you’re the type that dines out more often than dining in, and doesn’t know a pot from a pan, make an effort this month to get into the habit of preparing your own food.
  • Eat clean: The quality of your food matters. While sourcing clean food (organic, grass-fed, pastured, etc.) can be difficult and pricey it’s also an important part of the Primal Blueprint. Let me be clear. If your eating plan strictly consists of Primal foods, but your beef isn’t grass-finished, your eggs aren’t pastured and your vegetables are conventionally raised, you are still light years ahead of most people. But there’s room for improvement. This month I want you find and eat clean food. Stay tuned for tips on sourcing the best and doing it on a budget.
  • Dial in your carb count: If you’ve read The Primal Blueprint you are familiar with The Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve. This month I’m challenging you to take a closer look at your carb intake and make sure it aligns with the Curve. It’s the simplest, surefire way to drop excess body fat and stay lean for life. Stay tuned for tips on how to accomplish this.
  • Remember the 80/20: Not all neolithic food is poisonous. Additionally, the Primal Blueprint and this challenge isn’t about becoming an ascetic. Periodically indulge in sensible vices – high-fat dairy/cheese, dark chocolate, red wine – and take full advantage of state-of-the-science supplementsfish oils, high-antioxidant multi-vitamins, protein powders. It will make the challenge more pleasant, the transition easier and will support your health to boot.

Challenge #2: Avoid Poisonous Things

  • Don’t eat garbage: This is the other side of the first challenge above. If you are eating Primal you aren’t eating chips, cookies, crackers, grains, pasta, beans, bread, popcorn, energy drinks, soda, juices, candy, vegetable oils and fast food. The list goes on. If you want to go Primal the first thing to do is purge your pantry, your fridge and your life of all the junk that has no place in your body. Do it for 30 days. I promise it gets easier and you’ll want to keep doing it because you’ll look and feel better.

Challenge #3: Move Frequently at a Slow Pace

  • Just move: It’s that simple. Just get out there and move. I challenge you to align your low-level aerobic activity with Primal Blueprint Fitness. If you don’t already have the free fitness program grab it now. Get 3-5 hours of walking, hiking, light cycling, swimming, etc., each week. Do it all at once or in batches. Use the logbook at the back of PBF and your forum journal to track your progress.

Challenge #4: Lift Heavy Things

  • Lift your body: If you want to build lean muscle mass and stay strong into your golden years you have to lift heavy things. Align your weightlifting routine with Primal Blueprint Fitness and perform two bodyweight workouts each week. See chapter 3 of Primal Blueprint Fitness for all the details.

Challenge #5: Sprint Once in a While

  • Just move… very fast!: Too many people neglect to include sprinting in their workout routines. They’re the perfect Primal fitness hack that can be done in as little as 10 minutes. I challenge you to perform one sprint workout each week during this challenge.

Challenge #6: Get Adequate Sleep

  • Make sleep high priority: Late nights at the office. Late nights partying. Late nights… watching TV. Whether it’s business or pleasure, we’re busier than ever and sleep is often the first thing to suffer. I challenge you to get adequate sleep every night this month. What amounts to adequate is for you to decide. I think most people know how much sleep they need. Some people get by on six hours a night no problem. Others need eight or more. The important thing is you wake up feeling energized and ready to go.

Challenge #7: Play

  • Get playful: If you’ve forgotten how to play, this challenge will jog your memory. Grok did it and it’s why I train. For the stress-reducing effects, to get you moving without even realizing you’re moving and for the sheer fun of it, I challenge you to participate in each of the four Workouts of the Week this month. Each WOW during the challenge will be decidedly playful. Be prepared to print out the rules, gather your friends and have a blast.

Challenge #8: Get Adequate Sunlight

  • Soak in the rays: It’s difficult to emphasize enough the importance of vitamin D. In a world where we go from our houses to our cars, from our cars to the office place, from the office place to our cars and back home again many of us are woefully deficient. My challenge to you this month is to get 15 minutes of sun exposure each day of the 30-day challenge. If sun is hard to come by in your area take a supplement instead.

Challenge #9: Avoid Stupid Mistakes

  • Listen to your body: This is such a broad Primal Blueprint law the challenge could take many directions. For the purpose of this 30-day challenge, though, I’d like you to be particularly aware of what your body is telling you during each of the other challenges. Feel a sharp pain during a sprint? Be smart and end your sprint session. Skin turning pink while out in the sun? That’s a sign to seek shade and avoid a nasty burn. I want this to be a pain and injury free event, so pay particular attention to what your body is saying.

Challenge #10: Use Your Brain

  • Challenge yourself intellectually: I won’t ask you to throw out your television or read War and Peace this month. But I will say that you are gifted with a huge brain, and you should flex it. We each have the power to solve difficult problems, be incredibly creative, and effect major change. And it all begins in our heads. This month I challenge you to identify one of the intellectually challenging things in your life you’ve been meaning to do and take the first steps to actually doing it. Apart from the pride and satisfaction you’ll derive from following through there are many health benefits conferred as a result. As the saying goes, use it or lose it.

The Primal Leap

This 30-day challenge perfectly complements The Primal Leap. The Primal Leap is my effort to provide one-on-one support and step-by-step guidance to those looking to lose weight, take control of their health and get Primal for life. If you would like expert feedback and be told exactly what to do and when to do it The Primal Leap is for you. Learn more here.

The Forum

Just like last year, I highly encourage you to use the forum during the challenge. In it you can start a “Primal Challenge Journal” to publicly state your goals and track your progress.

Create a journal to receive positive feedback, advice and help along the way from myself and the Mark’s Daily Apple community.

Daily Contests

The main challenge itself isn’t competitive but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some friendly contests along they way!

Over the course of the next month Mark’s Daily Apple and sponsors will be giving away over $10,000 in prizes.

Here are some rules and answers to FAQ:

  • Yes, I’m giving away a cow. Find out all about it tomorrow.
  • Contests will run every day for the duration of the 30-day challenge (through Oct. 6), so check back daily!
  • All contest prizes relate in some way to the Primal lifestyle. You won’t find any miracle weight loss pills, tummy crunching sling-a-ma-doo-dads, or whole wheat health blast jazzer snackers.
  • Some contests will require a bit of leg work while others will require something as simple as commenting on a blog post.
  • There is no limit to how many contests you can participate in.
  • The duration of any one contest depends on the nature of the contest. Some will last the full 30 days (to give you time to complete the contest task) while others will be as short as 1 day. All deadlines are Pacific Standard Time.
  • Contest prizes will be awarded either by a random drawing, by reader voting/polling or by an executive decision (who I think should win!).
  • Some prizes will only be available to United States residents. If you live outside the U.S. and win a prize that can’t be shipped internationally an alternate prize of equal value will be awarded.
  • You can track the contests and contest results on the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge Contest Page. It will be updated every day.
  • I’m not being paid by any company that is sponsoring the contest with a prize.

All you have to do to enter today’s contest is tell your friends about this challenge and leave a comment on this blog post.

New to the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple?

If you are new to the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple and don’t know where to begin here are some resources to get you started:

1. Not sure what it means to “Go Primal”? Check out these articles for the basics:

2. The Primal Blueprint 101 Page

3. The Forum – Ask any and all questions you have about the Primal lifestyle.

4. The Book

5. What to eat? – Primal Blueprint Recipes on MDA and The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

6. Have a question? – Contact Me

7. Check back tomorrow to learn how to tackle Challenge #2: Avoid Poisonous Things.

Tell your friends and family about the challenge so they can get Primal, too! Use the “ShareThis” link below to send this article via email.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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1,234 thoughts on “The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge”

  1. I posted this link on my facebook page and convinced my sister to adopt a primal lifestyle as well.

    1. I got my father-in-law to buy the book a couple months back and I’ve used this 30-day challenge to finally get him on board with the Primal lifestyle.

      He’ll be doing the challenge along with me.

      1. I am posting url to my facebook wall, and and my facebook page. I am mass emailing at work and every one I know!! I am so exicited about this next 30 days and am looking forward to a lifestyle change!!
        Thank you Mark!

    2. I convinced my friend cross country to do the challenge with me. We are staying in touch via telephone and e-mail. I also told my husband, kids, parents and a few more friends.

    3. My wife and I are excited to take the challenge. I have also encouraged my Sister to participate.

    4. Just told my carb-lovin’ coworker! The timing is perfect as he just decided to start making some positive changes in his diet.

    5. I told my coaches at crossfit, my friend, husband and kids. No one is doing this with me, but I need the challenge for motivation to get my eating under control.

  2. I annouced the Primal Challenge on the Daily Board at the Gym. The first thing anyone sees when they walk in the door is the Primal Challenge announcement. This way I can let people I don’t even know get in on the fun!

  3. I just told the four people I sit beside at work. In the last two months, one of these people has joined me with going Primal and is continuing to lose weight and looks great!

  4. I am going to work hard on getting my kids to make a change in this direction in their eating habits and I am going to get as many people as I can at work to try the challenge.

  5. I posted that I am exited to start my 30 day primal challenge on my facebook status.

  6. At my annual family Labor Day party, I made primal poppers and meatballs. Everyone loved the dishes and started asking about eating paleo and how to start.

    I directed everyone to MDA but ended up giving my cousin my copy of the Primal Blueprint. He’s starting the challenge with me today!

    Grok On!

  7. I gave my copy of the Primal Blueprint to the local pharmacy. I should be getting their opinions in a couple weeks time.

  8. Put a link on facebook, and on my blog.

    Also sent email to those on my contact list who have expressed even mild interest. I figure I’d turn more people off than on by sending completely unsolicited email.

    I’m glad this challenge is not too physically demanding – it’s a big rest day for me.

  9. i’ve been posting this to my facebook wall for a few weeks now, since it was announced. doing my best to get my sphere into this because i’ve never felt better!

  10. I’ve shared it with friends, family, and facebook

  11. My fiance is reading my copy of Primal Blueprint and my brother just bought his copy after I told him about how I went Primal.

  12. I posted the link on facebook. My husband is joining in and our children 4 and 5 will be moving into this with us slowly.

  13. I posted a blog post on my new blog, shared it on twitter, and posted on my facebook profile that I am excited to start the PB 30-Day Challenge. I have also been talking it up to friends, and 2-3 have been reading up on the 101 section. So far, they like what they have read. “It makes a lot of sense,” said one yesterday.

  14. I have told the most important people in my life about this challenge: My mother, my girlfriend and my brother. My girlfriend has joined me on the primal side almost 100%, my mom too except for a few things here and there. My brother has accepted a few good pieces of advice but is unwilling to ditch the grains (yet).

    My mom isn’t into the digital thing but perhaps she and my girlfriend can join in on participating with me in some of the contests that are to come 🙂

  15. I linked to MDA on my blog, and talked to a couple different family members about adopting this lifestyle. Hope I win!!

  16. I am so IN!
    I have posted it on my blog, contacted all of my fellow Internal Auditors where I work (I am the departmental “Wellness Champ”), already started working on convincing my Mom, the Rico (husband), the Davon (BIL), and will be talking with the Davon’s GF. Several Auditors have already decided to get on board with this. I am so thankful to you, Mark for what you do to improve the lives of others.


  17. Sent out a tweet and trying to get my mom and dad on board – they’re slowing catching on! Thinking about writing a blog post about it too. As someone mentioned above, it’s nice to have a significant other living the life too.

  18. All done ~ Facebook family is aware of my challenge.
    I’m back on track…for good.

  19. I have been pumping up a few co-workers to take the challenge 2 have accepted. A buddy and I are all-in and ready to strive to achieve primal greatness!

  20. I told my fiance and he is doing the challenge with me!

  21. I posted this to my Facebook and Twitter; told my co-workers and family about it; and will be blogging about my 30-day experience on my website.

    Grok on!


  22. I shared this on Facebook and have been telling friends/family about the challenge.

  23. Facebook along with family and friends via word of mouth.

  24. I have convinced my friends Heather and Eric to join the forum and do the challenge.

  25. I’ve forwarded the info to friends who like me are in their fifties but would rather look and feel as though they were in their forties. Hope I’m going to be living proof of how well the Primal lifestyle works!

  26. Spreading the word on Facebook, through my blog and word of mouth to my friends. Primal is a great way to go! I’ve lost 67 pounds so far!!!

  27. I told my brother about it… and we are ready for this challenge!!!

  28. So far, recruited my mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law, 6 siblings, and working on completely switching my kids over during this month (we’ve been in transition for a while). My husband has been the toughest to convince (he didn’t really like the idea of no beer!) but he has agreed to give it a month and see how he feels. Looking forward to the challenge!

  29. I have been sharing the primal lifestyle with several family members and friends. So far I have 3 friends and 4 family members on board!

  30. I just sent a mass EMail to my cycling group. Many of whom are Chronic Cardio, High Carbers… this should be interesting!

  31. I posted this to my facebook as well as sent emails to my family and clients.

    As a personal trainer, I’m always trying to convince my clients that Paleo/Primal is the path to success!

  32. I have been telling all my friends and family that I would be doing this challenge over the last couple weeks (since you announced it was coming)! This has given me time to explain more about the principles behind it, so far I have heard quite a few people say “well lets see how you do on it and then I will try….so here goes MY world is watching. Oh and it also gave me time to talk a good friend and my hubby into joining me 🙂

  33. Those closest to me know that I am going Primal and they kind of have fun with it keeping me on track because I have informed them on what is and isn’t “Primal”. Facebook is definitely going to get its fair share of MDA updates from me all month long and my 700 friends will hear about it.

    Grok on!!!

  34. I am enlisting my co-worker to up his workout routine to include LHT and recently have been guiding him to the primal light.

  35. Told the mother n law over the weekend and sent out emails to a few friends.

  36. I gave the book to my parents to get them on board, too.

    Told all of my coworkers about the lifestyle. I’m happy to see it’s had an impact on a couple of them lately with their lunch choices. 🙂

  37. Shared the link on facebook. Great opportunity to fully adopt. I even have my carb loving wife onboard, for at least 30 days. I told her if she does it for 30 days 100% and does not feel better I will never try to sell primal to her again.

  38. Woohooooo!! First off, let me just say THANK YOU Mark for organizing this challenge!! How awesome of you to put so much thought and effort into this and share with us your wealth of knowledge … and all at no cost!! You truly ROCK! (or should I say GROK hehe)

    I’m a nutritionist and organized a group challenge in February 🙂 Now I’ve got about 30 people committed to doing the challenge this month! I’ve email’d them all, and they all know to come to your site DAILY! I also just facebooked and posted about it on my blog! I’ve been primal for years and I LOVE when I can convince someone to take on this challenge for themselves, because when they do … they almost ALWAYS adopt it as a lifestyle! Woohoo!!
    Thank you Mark!!

  39. I told my boss about the Primal Blueprint Challenge. We each got a copy of the Primal Blueprint as well as the cookbook. I’m getting married on October 2, and in addition to wanting to look GREAT for the wedding I’m ready to take control and start my marriage off the right way. GROK ON!!

  40. Told a friend and now she is joining me for the 30 day primal challenge!!

  41. I’ve told a vegan friend of mine about the challenge. He’s been interested in the Primal/Paleo lifestyle ever since I’ve started with it, and maybe this challenge might help him to get started as well.

  42. I actually went primal two weeks ago and this morning I took all my measurements and vitals to give a starting point for the challenge. Blood pressure went from 150/102 to 122/80. Felt great. Told my dad, who has high blood pressure, diabetes, and is obiese. Told my mom so she can help him out. I have discussed this with my wife and girls and they are going primal too, although the kids will be weaned off the poisonous things over the next few weeks. Over the weekend, I made some cookies using almond meal, walnuts, dried cranberries and dark chocolate pieces and the girls loved them. I have also talked about it at work. I even posted a flier to start a primal hiking group for after work or weekends. Great since I live in colorado in the shadows of the foothills of the Rockies. I even had a couple people sign up, and its only been two hours since I posted it.

  43. Blog and Twitter. I forgot this was starting today and I ate cereal for breakfast. If it’s any consolation, I felt bad about it. I’ve been reading about this for almost a year now, but I haven’t really commited to make it happen. This month is the kick off for me. Yay!

  44. Goin primal! Just finished some steak and broccoli for lunch. Also just posted to my facebook page.

  45. Since I’ll be trying to keep up a somewhat regular journal during the next 30 days, regularly updating on the ‘primalness’ of those weeks, it only made sense to have an introductory post on my blog, linking to MDA and this announcement, which is now spread via Facebook, Twitter email – and also verbally to whoever decided to listen.

    On top of that, during the upcoming two weeks, I’ll be on the road with a friend of mine I’d really love to convert to the “good”, the primal side!

    Thanks for hosting this challenge, Mark!

  46. Posted on FB. Working on dh and ds. Uphill battle with them.

  47. Have been speaking to a friend about primal for a while, told him about the challenge and he is going for it! Him and his girlfriend are going primal for the next 30 days!

  48. My parents started me off on this a month or two ago, and just yesterday I was telling my Grandma all about it–she’s promised to check out the website (and what good timing!). She’s noticed that my parents and I have all lost weight, and she’d definitely like to be a part of that.

    I’ve also been telling my friends about it every chance I get since I just feel great! I’ll be posting on my blog about it as well as soon as I get it started up all the way.

  49. I posted a link on Facebook, and encouraged my “Shape up the Nation” group at work to participate.

  50. How PERFECT! Today was the day I had decided to go Primal anyway, and here the contest is starting. Talk about destiny 🙂

    Me and my two children are going primal. My husband not so much, but at least he’s taking fish oil pills.

    I posted this on faceobok, and I hope my friends and family there get interested too, for their health – not JUST for the contest!

    My in-laws also know I am on board, so they know that when I decline their home-made food it’s nothing personal 🙂 I sort of convinced my sister-in-law to get into it, and I gave her the primal blueprint book of mine to read.

  51. Printed out the challenge info and posted it near the water cooler at work. Also emailed this link to family members/friends.

    Looking forward to this next 30 days (and beyond).

  52. My wife and I are taking the challenge! I post this link on my Facebook page and will keep spreading the word!

  53. Ah my Wife and Kids know, primarly because they have to eat what I cook these days :).
    Outside of them I’m keeping it all to myself, not because I dont think its a great lifestyle. But for this case I want the results to speak for themselves, I want people to come ask me what I’ve been doing. Like they say a picture paints 1,000 words.
    When they come flocking for advice, I’ll be ready to proclaim the Primal Blueprint as my way of life. 🙂

  54. I posted this on Facebook. Also my husband will be doing the challenge with me.

  55. I convinced a co-worker to do the challenge with me and posted it on Facebook!

  56. Shared with my loyal Google Reader followers and sent a link to my stair running buddy! My lady friend is doing the challenge with me!

  57. I posted the MDA content details on my own nutrition/fitness inspired blog and shared how I will tweak the current 30 day challenge to be more in line with what MDA challenged.

  58. I told my brother about it. He actually lost 50 pounds after following a primal lifestyle. We’re both in!

  59. I told my husband about it and a couple of my close friends. and although my kids are pretty young, i have talked about going primal and i hope that they can adopt some good eating habits with me!!

  60. I talk about PB with pretty much everyone I know (especially since everyone keeps telling me that I look like I’ve lost weight). I’ve loaned the book to my mom (who is now starting her primal journey!!) and am buying her and my dad copies for part of their (early) Christmas presents. I’m also trying to re-educate people in my family (especially my grandmother) about how NOT ALL FAT IS BAD!! It’s an ongoing battle with her, but well worth it to keep my loved ones truly healthy.

  61. I have a friend who I told about the primal blueprint and we get together on Sundays for our sprinting workout. It is a great motivator to do with someone else.

  62. I’ve been preaching primal at work for a long time, but today i’ve challenged all my twitter and facebook friends. Maybe I can even rope in my wife and 1year old!

  63. I have sent a facebook invite to my entire crossfit group asking them to join in this challenge with me. If we all work hard and one of us wins the cow there will be a huge BBQ! Good luck everyone.

  64. I’ve been posting about it with my friends on (we have a dedicated primal thread), I also facebooked the link this morning!

  65. I purchased The Primal Blueprint for a friend so that they can get started today!

  66. I’m so excited about this! I’ve got my whole family on board!

  67. Love it! I’ve already gotten my roomate, girlfriend, several friends, and a couple randoms on board (all of which gave me a hard time about it before). I haven’t been about to get them 100% yet (mainly the exercise) so I’m also using this opportunity to get them 100% for the month. Trying to get my Dad on board too, but my stubborn Mom is a roadblock!

  68. wrote a blog, posted on facebook, have talked to my family, and I’m starting a journal (again) on the forum! I’m excited and ready!! Woo hoo!

  69. I’m a physical therapist and have been plugging your blog a lot recently. Without knowing of this contest, today, I emailed this blog to 4 of my patients. They all were very interested (although one was very skeptical). Cheers.

  70. I posted the link on Facebook, told co-workers about the challenge, got two to actually visit, and shared the cauliflower pizza crust recipe with another co-worker.

  71. I told my wife – that’s all the accountability I need!

  72. Posted it on my FB page, trying to convince my wife the nurse to go Primal with me, she’s lost all her baby weight but is now looking to lose an additional 15-20 lbs i keep telling her this is a lot more satisfying than her SlimFast shakes and still calorie restriction.
    Hard to get a nurse to buck CW though….
    GROK ON!

  73. I posted up on my Facebook ( as well as on Twitter ( I have also sent out an email to all my family members as well as over 350 of my friends!!! Woot! I also posted up PRIMAL its own board & threads with these links on my business forums at ( This is fantastic and we need to spread the word!!!

    1. Just got my wife and son to commit going Primal for the next 30 days! Friggin awesome! Also got confirmation from my best friend, 1 uncle and 9 of my friends so far to give Primal a chance for 30 days!!!!!

      1. Im on board, DH is on board and 14 yr old DD is on board! 18 yr old son is half primal half junkie LOL

        Posting on my facebook, and talked to someone in person about her severe joint pain and how this could help. She will be doing some reading today~

  74. I’ve been carefully infiltrating the minds of my wife and mother-in-law for a little over a year now, and I’ve finally worn them down just in time to agree to a 30 day challenge.

  75. I told and have gotten my entire family on board, and gotten a couple of good freinds with me doing it also. I’m really excited to start this with them!!!

  76. I’m doing this challenge with my friend, and I told a couple of my co-workers about it as well! So far none of them are primal yet, but we can only hope. I’m hoping to kick start my body back into fat loss mode with this challenge. Primal since March, and loving it!

  77. Shared with a few family and friends over the long weekend. One was really listening, so we will see what happens.

  78. I e-mailed the link to my brother. I don’t want to be pushy or preachy about his weight and health issues, but I’m crossing my fingers. I don’t want him to die.

  79. I tweeted/facebooked this post, told my brother and parents about it and will be telling a few friends and will be doing a post any minute!

  80. I posted the link to the announcement on Sept 1st and also the link to today’s post on Facebook. I have talked about the challenge and winning a cow at the gym since last week’s announcement with the hopes of spurring a little competition! I love meat! Have lost 9 lbs since Aug 1st due to intermittent fasting with Paleo, but have been eating Paleo since April. Hubby & I are excited about the challenge!

  81. Slowly injecting the primal ideas in the heads of those around me. They are beginning to question CW!

  82. So excited to start this challenge… invited all of my friends on Facebook to join us as well!

  83. Forwarded this to my DD hoping she and I can start together to build healthier lives. Thanks so much for this site.

  84. I’m taking this to facebook and twitter. Even more importantly I have some friends who will be joining me this next month on the challenge..

  85. Posted on Facebook and twitter. Will also post on StrongerGrip blog, DIYstrength blog and send out to newsletter list. Get PRIMAL!

  86. I am an Army Reservist, currently on active duty status for a year-long Army nursing course. I told several of my classmates about going primal. We are currently studying cardio meds, and I voiced my frustration with providers turning to statins before recommending lifestyle changes. I have decided I would love to be a holistic nurse!

    other things I’ve done… Posted recent blogs from on my Facebook and loaned The Primal Blueprint to a fellow special forces medic.

  87. I’ve blogged about doing this challenge, as well as tweeted about it several times.

  88. So excited about this! Posted the link on my FaceBook wall and will be telling friends and family about it all day long!

  89. I just emailed my sister and brother-in-law, who are my inspirations, to start the challenge. They’ve been eating this way for a few years and you couldn’t find a more fit couple. Can’t wait to get started!

  90. Emailed challenge info to many friends, relatives, and others that I have briefly introduced Primal Blueprint info to in the past.

  91. Besides plugging the Primal Blueprint to my family and friends (probably more than they’d like), I added a link on Facebook today!

  92. I told my family and close friends about it. My mom and partner are already on board… now, to convince everyone else 🙂

  93. I have listed this on Facebook and also sent out a personal email to some work friends I know are looking to make a change!

  94. Last month, I gave my diabetic Mom and my arthritic (33-year-old) best friend copies of the book.
    All of my friends here know I’m doing the challenge (actually started three weeks ago).
    My plan is to be the Primal poster child until Christmas, then go see my family and wow them with my new sexy body. 🙂 Since they all know what I’ve been doing, they won’t even have to ask what I did get lose weight/add muscle and generally increase my hotness. 🙂
    My roommate even cooked the shrimp separate from the pasta for me at her party last weekend. 🙂

  95. I have already lost 90 plus pounds since going primal and I plug MDA all the time . during the labor day weekend a lot of family who havent seen me for months got to hear all about it 🙂 will be plugging the challenge on facebook today as well . good job Mark !!!

  96. I visited my brother this weekend, we live 8 hours apart — he in the US and I in Canada. Since I can’t find the PB Cookbook up here yet, I picked it up at Barnes and Noble while visiting my bro. He naturally asked about it, and lo and behold, he went online and bought BOTH the PB Cookbook AND the Primal Blueprint Book! Our competitive spirit will have us both winning in this challenge! Which is great because he has his first baby on the way come February, so this maybe a mini-Grok in the making. 🙂 So pumped for this challenge!

  97. Shared this on my Facebook wall, already getting people who’re interested! Exciting stuff 🙂

  98. I posted the link to my twitter and facebook… but I’ll be talking it up at the office when I get back after foraging for lunch.

  99. Already got my mom going primal. Now, for the rest of the fam

  100. I posted the link on my facebook page and emailed a few friends/relatives, who are curious about the way I eat.

  101. My girlfriend and I have been primal for about 10 months now, enjoying a few cheat days (or weekends) here and there. Our families and friends are slowly but surely growing in the primal ranks, too.
    I put this link out there on my facebook page, with careful wording… I think it’s important with stuff like this to give people a “check out how this worked for me, maybe it’ll be up your alley” rather than “you should do this because you need it!” I’m also trying to subtly spread the word at the office and among friends that I’M renewing my primal vows for 30 days, in the hopes that people will check it out on their own without feeling pressured.

  102. Posted on facebook as a link and my current status and was raving about it all yesterday at my Labor Day Wiffle Ball game and BBQ, with its complete Primal Menu!

  103. Friends and family and everyone else who’s on my Facebook knows about the 30 day Primal Challenge! Grok on!

  104. I posted this on my Paleo-Primal Facebook page, which has a whopping 25 members!

  105. I posted it on Facebook.

    I only just now found out about the challenge so I didn’t eat primal today so far, but I’m going to fry me some marrow bones with parsley for dinner.

    Now I’ll go BP my fridge.

  106. Family and friends, co-workers all know what I’m doing! Trying to get some recruits to join me. I particularly like Challenge #6 and #7. I’m all in! 🙂

  107. Everyone at the fire department is asking me how I’ve lost so much weight. I direct them straight to this site. Primal, baby, primal!

  108. I shared the link to Facebook and Tweeted about the challenge, and will spend my lunchtime explaining to my work buddies why I’m not eating the brown rice with my Thai Spicy Chicken. After that, I’m calling my Mom . . .

  109. I emailed my family, mom, dad, 5 brothers, they’re all very health conscious in theory, but practice sometimes falters. We’re good support for each other though, so I figure if me and maybe one or two of my brothers do it, the rest will be inspired to join in as well. Or at the very least, their competitive streaks will kick in and they’ll want to out do me and each other! Whatever gets ’em going.

  110. I’ve emailed this link to my wife. I’ve convinced her to join me this month.

  111. My mom has poly rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve been trying to join me on Primal for months, maybe even a year. She’s finally agreed to start tomorrow! I also got 2 people in my office to do it, too.

  112. I’ve posted this link on my facebook and twitter! told my husband-to-be, twin sister and friend about the challenge too!

  113. I posted it on my Facebook, put something about it in my blog, and intend to make a YouTube video about it.

  114. Just pushed out a post to my Facebook, encouraging everyone to join me in the primality. Also, got my sister on board…she just ordered her book and is ready to get her Grok on!

  115. Posted on facebook, sent the link to my family and coworkers, and I have two coworkers doing the 30 day challenge with me!

  116. Just posted it on my Facebook! I’m looking forward to being as strict as possible this month so I can see the full benefits!

  117. I told my husband and a thread on 3fatchicks that is specifically for primal eating. I’m going off to the store to make sure I’m armed and ready.

  118. announced on FB at 1st chance.
    No one in my “circle” wants to join in.
    I have PB, Cookbook & PBF on the coffee table & conspicuously read in front of SO. I have been doing this for over a year & have recruited a coworker & a friend overseas, so far.

    For me the Challenge means attacking my sugar addiction further, making my primal food more so, & continuing my fitness goals. I am 5 weeks into 100 pushup, situp & squats & did the Warrior Dash last month. I feel fitter @ 50 than I did @ 40 and I’m not done yet! I will continue on this quest no matter who doesn’t come along ;p That’s why I love all you here @ MDA!

  119. I’ve posted in my Facebook. Still working on best friend and sister. Hope to have a buddy for the challenge soon.

  120. I will continue to share my primal life experiences with friends and family showing that, yes you can eat bacon and be healthy. I stand by the ten primal laws, it’s just common sense.

    Grok on!

  121. I told my mom and dad, and my mom is joining me–at least eating Primally. It’ll be work to get her to move Primally! When anyone tells me how good I look, I tell them about PB, and how good I feel–so much energy, no brain fog, all the delicious food I want, being able to move the way I want to without pain–there’s no going back to the old way!!

  122. Facebooked & emailed. Already have 1 person on board!

  123. I put a link on my facebook page, put my name in my primal blueprint book, and offered for my family members to take turns reading it (after my new eating behaviors at the bbq yesterday).

  124. Hey, I posted about this yesterday over at a natural parenting board I frequent. Adding the link to this page today!

    Love it! We have a little group going on over there. My husband and 12-yo daughter are on board too. Not to mention my son, who we already call Primal Boy.

  125. I posted this on my Facebook page and will announce it on my blog tonight:) My gym is hosting a similar challenge starting next week. Tonight I’m going to convince two people to start a week early with me.

  126. My mom read most of PB when she was visiting me earlier this summer. I just emailed her about the challenge. Fingers crossed that she jumps in!

  127. All right, I’ve posted this on Facebook, am heading to the farmer’s market to stock up on vegetables, and otherwise am primed to go!

  128. I’ve posted a link on my blog and I’ve been giving out your URL left and right. Most recently it was to one of the guys at the meat counter at my local Whole Foods. He was talking about how he’s eating more carbs trying to train for a marathon…I explained about CW, told him a little about what I”ve been doing, and directed him to MDA. He tore off a piece of butcher paper to jot it down on!

  129. Just heard about the primal blueprint last week, and found the book at B&N yesterday! Totally on board with the 30 day challenge, and I tweeted about it via @losingmybehind.

  130. Buzzed from my google reader and shared the link on facebook and twitter.

    Also am working on a good friend to take up the challenge!

  131. Thanks so much for this Mark! Although I’ve been primal for close to 2 years now, this challenge will help me to really focus on all facets of a primal lifestyle.

  132. Posted to FB Profile, tweeted video link, told my wife, brothers, sisters…posted on CrossFit Cape Cod site that I am in…

  133. I convinced my carb-loving husband to join me in completing the challenge this month, and am encouraging friends and family members to start reading up on the Paleo lifestyle. Exciting!

  134. I put a blast on facebook asking all my friends to join me in this PRIMAL CHALLENGE!!!

  135. I’ve talked to two co-workers who may be doing it. I turned my sister onto PB recently and she is doing the Leap as well as we’ll be doing the challenge. My wife is also doing it (which makes things easier at home!). We’ve been “pretty” primal for a while, but have gotten sloppy lately (especially while in Maui for a family vacation!)

  136. been posting on Facebook all week about the challenge, tweeted the link this morning, been talking to friends and family about it for weeks. Lets Do This!

  137. I convinced my girlfriend to do the primal challenge with me! I’ve also talked it up to my parents and co-workers

  138. just posted on twitter. introduced primal blueprint to my wife and daughter.

  139. I posted the link on my facebook page. My wife also agreed to join me in the 30 day challenge.

  140. I convinced my boyfriend to eat primal with me for 30 days and to cut waaaaaay back on the beer – a huge success! Very excited to see how this all shakes out.

  141. I posted this on facebook and also e-mailed my dad who is a type 2 diabetic with a doctor who is ready to put him on insulin. I am hoping I can convince him to try this for 30 days with me. I’ve been primal previously and slid off the bandwagon and can I ever tell!
    This is exactly what I needed!

  142. Posted on my Twitter and Facebook. I also got my mom reading the book and she’s gonna be taking the challenge too! I’ve been on and off (mostly on) “primal” for a year, and I’m looking forward to a full month with no cheats!

  143. I told everyone in the break room at work what I am doing, and that they need to stop trying to feed me cake! I will also be doing strength work out with the 5 essential moves with my girlfriends tonight!

    This is going to be so much fun!

  144. Aloha from Hawaii! I am so excited for this years challenge. It was last year’s challenge that got me started and I lost 50lbs. My success has sparked my family to get involved this year. My husband, Mom, Dad, brother-in-law, and cousin are all going to participate in this years challenge.
    I emailed the link and posted it to my facebook status!!

  145. old school…i mailed the primal blueprint and cookbook to my mom…because that way she will actually read it! 🙂

  146. Posted on fb, and am dragging my husband and kids along with me!

  147. I just posted to my Facebook wall! I can’t wait to see what I’m winning! Thanks Mark! I have really enjoyed great success since going Primal.

  148. I shared this with friends and family, and also posted it on Facebook! 🙂

  149. I convinced my fiance to do the primal challenge with me, and I sent a link to this site to my boss who was telling me about how her husband is overweight and having some health issues. I’m also posting it on my facebook!

  150. Woot! 30 day challenge! I’m uber stoked on this and actually already started on the 1st. Although I’ve had a few high carb days, I’ve been strictly Primal, so it was a good lead-up. Lets git er done!

  151. I’m telling friends and family. Looking forward to the challenge.

  152. I’ve been telling everyone I know about this for a month now. Both online and offline. I actually started my challenge on the first of the month. The first couple days were really tough, giving up soda and sweets, not to mention everything else. But now I feel GREAT. GROK ON!!!! Good luck to everyone.

  153. Yippee! This is my first Primal Challenge and I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about it! Good luck everyone!

  154. I posted on Facebook how excited and I am about the Primal Blueprint challenge, including all the neat prizes, and I’m slowly trying to convert my Aunt over the primal way by showing some amazing research on the topics discussed on this site!

  155. I put a link on my Facebook profile and my MSN status, told my boyfriend, my mom, my closest friends, and my dog 🙂

    En avant pour la vie primale!
    (“let’s get primal”… from France)

  156. Posted contest link to facebook, talking to some friends to convince them to take 30 days off the SAD

  157. YAY challenge! Just what I need to review everything.

    I posted the link on my FB wall & made a commitment as my status so EVERYONE will know what I’m doing & why it’s important to me. Also left PB & the cookbook out on my office desk to maybe get the ball rolling at work 🙂

  158. I am in! Just emailed my Father the challenge. Although he has slowly changed his ways this summer, I hope he decides to jump in with both feet by participating in the challenge.

  159. oh. forgot to add that I’ve gotten my friend GG on board for the challenge, as well as at least broached the topic with my father and sister. But they’re somewhat resistant… ahh

  160. Posted the link on facebook, told my boyfriend, my mom, my closest friends, my dog.

  161. I got a coworker and a friend on board for the challenge with me this year.

  162. Posted the link on facebook so that they can watch and read about it and then get away from the computer to start their primal life!

  163. Been transitioning and mostly primal for the past month. Now, I’m in it all the way!

  164. Emailed my Father about the challenge. I hope he jumps in with both feet!

  165. Converted my best friend, 2 roomates, and posted the link on good ole Facebook.

    Also mentioned MDA and the challenge to the plethora of people who stopped me to ask about my Vibrams this weekend while on my hike.

    Grok on and good luck to all!!

  166. Hi,

    I started my paleo cheat free challenge 5 days ago and am going strong! I am lifting, doing HIIT, and eating strictly paleo (only cheats are occasional cream and home-made popcorn). I have also convinced others to take the challenge with me!

  167. I convinced my group of girl friends that are trying to get in shape for a wedding in Mexio to try the 30 day challenge. Also have been talking it up to my personal training clients!

  168. I have printed out copies of the Primal Blueprint Flyer PDF and hand it out to people who express an interest in nutrition/exercise as I am out working in my sales territory.

  169. I got my parents to buy the book and start going primal with their eating and emailed this link to friend and my brother. My wife is easing into the Primal lifestyle as well.

    Grok on!

  170. I was touting the primal lifestyle at a get together this weekend and have sent this page to my family and friends at that get together! Funny how you say ‘eat what we evolved eating’ and people say ‘yeah, lots of fruits, veggies, and grains, and not too much meat’- hopefully we’ll change their mind!

  171. Tweeted on Twitter – @DailyWorkout365. Will also promote the 30 Day Challenge in tomorrow’s blog post.

  172. I’ve blogged about Primal in the past, and I just wrote about the challenge on my site! It helped me get over my own foggy head symptoms… and I’m very grateful for that.

    I blogged about it here: www DOT investitwisely DOT com/the-primal-blueprint-30-day-challenge/

    (replace DOT with actual dots)

    1. I just want to add that none of the doctors were able to help me out! They couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with me. It’s only through the information on this website that I was able to turn things around…

  173. The owner of my cross fit gym and I are spreading the word. He already BBQs outside the gym on the public sidewalk and has already convinced some of the people training for power lifting to commit to Primal to reach their goal weight. It helps that one of our biggest slackers lost 30+ pounds and made his goal weight for his lifting competition. It’s hard to argue that you need bread to complete a workout if you’re getting your times beaten by someone who lives on meat and veggies.

  174. I told my friends about it and they all looked at me like I’m a crazy person! So my crazy girlfriend and I will go at it alone! 🙂

  175. Posted to Facebook and posted on the office fridge, for all my unprimal co-workers. Spreading the word!!!

  176. Posted on FB, twitter, told my wife, brothers, sister & parents…also committed to the other folks at Crossfit Cape Cod ( I am in the Primal Challenge!

  177. I’m blogging my challenge experience, (while continuously linking back to MDA) so friends and family are all reading and watching. Accountability at its finest!

    I also shared about the challenge via Google Reader, saying, “Who’s doing it with me?!”

    Can’t wait to see and post my results in October!

  178. I started a blog and told my hubby about doing this challenge. I’m making time for fitness and sun every day during the hectic work week!

  179. I shared the 30 Day Challenge link with my dad and siblings. We’ll see if they get on board with me.

  180. I told the good people in my Tae Kwon Do class who were struggling with post-holiday carb overload effects and didn’t enjoy the class quite as much as I did.

  181. I’m telling friends and family. Looking forward to it.

  182. Also posted on FB and called my Hubby, whose currently half way across the US for work… Great time to do it, all alone and no excuses!

  183. Spent two hours this weekend talking to an old friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years about this. He is dying from the way he is eating and I think he is interested. I sent him a link to the site and several others. Anything I can do to help another person like this has helped me makes life worthwhile.


  184. I told several friends who were curious about how I got in shape. Sent them the link to the challenge

  185. I posted about the 30-day challenge on Facebook, and I’ve talked about it regularly for the past week to my boyfriend who is partially primal; He just can’t seem to kick the Mexican coca-colas.

  186. I have talked my husband into doing this with me, and I’ve Tweeted about it on Twitter!

  187. I have quite a few people jumping on board this challenge. I own a Crossfit gym in AZ with around 150 members and I have posted this challenge on the whiteboard inside our gym as well as on our website. We have a few members that are already avid readers and fans of Grok including myself.

    Should be a great 30 Days.

  188. I posted on Facebook (and posted a link to this site) – and I tell anyone who will listen about Primal Blueprint

  189. I told my officemate about it and posted it on facebook that all my friends read!

  190. I’ve got a big group of friends and family on board. Three family members have purchased both the Blueprint and the Cookbook! I’ll be doing my Lift Heavy Things workouts with a group of friends all month!

  191. Email has been sent about the 30 day challenge to a bunch of friends and family. I’ve been slowly trying to turn a few of them over the past few weeks, hopefully this is the final push they need to get healthy!

  192. I’m on board. I have lost a lot of weight by eating primal (started at 220, now down to 167) but lately I have been slipping. This challenge month is exactly what I needed to get back on track.

    This time I am bringing my wife with me. I directed her to your site, and after a fun filled weekend we are both taking the 30 day plunge.

  193. I can’t wait for this month’s challenge! I’ve reminded my friends on a greyhound board ( and posted to Facebook too!

  194. I just convinced a teammate to begin eating primally so that he could run harder and be more effective on the field. I also got my mom to begin eating primally after years of unhealthy eating.

  195. everyone i met today i lifted up my shirt to show my six pack and said “go primal,”

  196. Although I have been primal for over a year (some weeks moreso than others), I convinced my husband to join me in this challenge so we can achieve optimum health and wellness!

  197. I commented on Facebook this morning, I have been talking about it on facebook for several days now and it seems a few of my friends are on board as well.

  198. I emailed my sister to get her on board and then together get the rest of the family involved.

  199. Posted to my Twitter, which cross-posts to Facebook! Also a small blog post mentioning that I’m on board. My husband is also on board; wahoo! 🙂

  200. Posted link to Facebook & have most of my family on board. My hubby and I will be logging in everyday to get some daily tips. Thanks Mark!!

  201. I grabbed a co-worker and the challenge is on! First time going primal!

  202. Shared on Facebook and emailed my parents and brothers.

  203. I printed off the nutrition facts for the daily doughnuts that normally reside in the break room. Next to the doughnuts I put a bountiful veggie tray with a note that said, “what would Grok do?”.

    I’ve gotten quite a response and have 4 office mates on board thus far.

  204. Tweeted about it, and am committing to at least one primal-friendly cooking post a week on my blog.

  205. Posted this to my Facebook, Twitter accounts and did a mass email to all my contacts in personal and business address book.

  206. I started early on this thing and my continuous jabbering convinced my friend and college to join the challenge.
    I’m blogging about the food I eat and my experience with this way of living, and I continue to nag the friends that think I’m stupid to consider all the benefits.

  207. Emailed my dad and siblings with the 30 Day Primal Challenge. We’ll see if anyone gets on board with me!

  208. Posted to FB and warning folks they may be dragooned into various physical games.

  209. I spent Labor Day weekend telling my husband all about PB (and we bought the book) and now he is doing the challenge with me! I also told my dad and two of my close friends about it, so hopefully they’ll check it out too.

  210. Shared on Facebook, and shared this with friends and family.

  211. I spent Labor Day weekend telling my husband all about PB (and we bought the book) and now he is doing the challenge with me! I also told my dad and two close friends about it, so hopefully they’ll check it out too.

  212. I’ve been talking about this for weeks and I posted it on our gym’s website. This is going to be AWESOME!

  213. I got my brother interested enough to try the challenge along with me. Much easier to lean against something that’s leaning against you as well.

  214. This could not have come at a better time! I have been attempting to get on the Primal track for a couple months now.. what better way to go full on than with a challenge! I have alerted my mom and bf who have also been adopting some primal ways along with me. Thanks Mark!

  215. I told all of my brothers and sisters(of which I have 6) and got 2 of them to commit to the challenge

  216. I posted this on my Facebook and one of my friends is going to do the challenge with me! I also told her about the Primal Fitness eBook and she is super excited to know that she doesn’t have to dread 40 mins on the elliptical every day anymore 🙂

  217. I’ve been telling everyone I cone in contact with about the challenge for the past week. I will be posting a link to the website on my FaceBook shortly. I’m so excited !

  218. I posted on my Facebook page and told all my family. Have two kids on board, influencing 3 grandchildren. Even talked my skeptical daughter to cook primal for her husband who is on board even though she thinks that this is another gimmick he will fail at!!!

  219. I loaned the Primal Blueprint to two people who seemed interested so will send e-mails to them to hopefully inspire them further.

    My son, daughter and husband have gotten numerous people to embrace the primal lifestyle. Does that count?

  220. I emailed my mom and dad about the challenge. I’m always bugging them about trying the PB out and I’m hoping the idea of turning it into a challenge will entice them to do something about it. Kind of like turning work into a game for an unruly child!

  221. I put links on my blog, facebook and myspace, I have been talking about it for at least a week to anyone who will listen, I let my neighbor read my copy of the primal blueprint (she raises her own cows for meat), bought my dad a copy a while ago, and I put up a poster at work that is announcing the primal blueprint challenge to anyone who happens to come into my office. Primal living has changed my family’s life, my husband lost 40 pounds, and has stopped taking all medications! My son stopped getting rashes and hives everyday and now he never has one and I have lost 20 pounds and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! YAY for Primal living!!!!

  222. Posted it on Facebook and been telling anyone who will listen about the Primal Leap I just received.

  223. Immediately tweeted or twittered or twipped or whatever; myfaced & spacebooked, too. Now i gotta wake my lazy friend up and tell him the entire plan for his lack of magic-interweb access.

    1. …Oh, yeah…just hung the Primal Blueprint poster in the kitchen as a constant reminder of what’s up.

  224. Reposts on facebook and twitter, and the lady sitting next to me at the automechanic waiting room. Time for a flintstone car.

  225. I posted this on my facebook, put it in my blog, and E-mailed all of my family!

  226. I have sent your link to all of my interested friends, convinced my mom to go primal for a month (she’s already lost 2 pounds), convinced my chef friend to start thinking primal, and have helped another friend to lose 7 pounds already following a primal eating plan. I send particular posts you write to interested friends as well. Thanks for doing this, Mark! You are making a difference.

  227. I just posted on my facebook. I’m also gonna post this at work and see if I can generate some exitement there as well. I’m super pumped for this!

  228. I’m devoting my blog to my primal 30 day challenge progress! And I convinced a friend to participate with me.

  229. I have 2 friends joining in on the challenge and have emailed my mom and sister about how great this would be for them to try. Halfway through the Primal Blueprint book. Excited to get back into the Paleo/Primal groove.

  230. So far I’ve told my husband by IM, some co-workers & friends by email. I think my husband is on board to give it a try – aging isn’t always graceful, but it’s time we make it more enjoyable 😉

  231. My husband and I couldn’t wait and have been doing our own challenge for the last week. Today, thanks to everything I’ve read on MDA, I managed my first-ever chin-ups! So I’ve told everybody on Facebook and told them that if they do the challenge, they’ll be able to do chin-ups too!

  232. I posted on my Facebook page and hope to get my family on board. It will be hard to get my kids committed to more veggies and less carbs, but I will do my best!

  233. I posted on my facebook page first thing this morning that I’m starting the challenge and the url. And I managed to get my mom to agree). Ive been talking it up at work as well, Im loving the looks Im getting from coworker who think Im crazy.

  234. I’ve been letting my friends know all week and today I posted the link on my FB. There’s no turning back now.

  235. So my husband and I couldn’t wait and have been doing our own challenge for the last week. Today, thanks to everything I’ve read on MDA, I managed my first-ever chin-ups! So I’ve told everybody on Facebook and told them that if they do the challenge, they’ll be able to do chin-ups too!

  236. I sent this to my wife and mother in law. We are ready for the challenge!

  237. I’m down.

    Just elected myself office “Fitness and Wellness Coordinator” and challenged everyone in the firm.

  238. I told my parents, sister and a couple of friends about it.

  239. I got all of the guys at work to take a look at my copy of the primal blueprint and since I am in the military we do a lot of PT, so I am going to have my guys do the WOW for PT this week.

  240. First post didn’t go through – so trying again! 🙂 I posted the link to my Facebook profile and will get my family on board a little more. We are working on the kids to eat more veggies and less snacky carbs….not too easily done for a 16 and 12 year old!

  241. I was at the gym today and whenever someone asked me about my vibrams I told them I was wearing them to start off this challenge, and gave them the website! Some people seemed pretty interested in the whole primal thing

  242. I got my mom into PB and just emailed an aunt who’s looking to lose weight! 🙂

  243. I posted this link on my Facebook page! Sign me up! I’m so excited!

  244. I retweeted about the challenge, and posted a link to this post on Facebook.

  245. I let my hubby know, he’s working with a couple of people he works with (Navy) to help them get in shape. I sent him the PBF information last week and they’ve been doing some of that, and I let them know about the PB 101 page and what posts to start with to get some good nutritional info!

  246. I told some people at the office about the challenge and have been spreading the Primal message for years! I know at least four people who have gone primal at my recommendation and they have all had amazing success.

  247. Shared on FB and have my hubby on board! I’ve also told my outdoor fitness bootcamp coach about it. Can’t wait to see how I feel in 30 days!

  248. Told my coworker about this. This is way too exciting though, is it primal to have this much excitement?

  249. I posted on facebook and on my blog. Have told all the people i’ve meet today about it and tried to get them to start too. Will continue this work!!

  250. I’ve got my mom on board and my 11 month old! And we’re telling the world!

  251. I sent an email out to my sister (a vegetarian) and my dad.
    I also posted to a couple of message boards.

  252. Posted to my facebook. Bought the book for my father in law, who just found out he has terrible cholestrol levels, and is pre-diabetic.

  253. A group of us started the challenge together, and have an online support group/blog to encourage us through. I’ve also posted it on my Facebook page.

  254. I told my mom how certain fats are in fact good for her and that she should embrace them rather than focusing on low fat, high carb meals. I also showed her a picture of you and asked her how can she argue with success? Hah 🙂

  255. I posted on my blog today, I’m excited to join in! And I also called my sister and told her all about it! 🙂

  256. I announced the challenge on my Facebook and my blog
    Goal: reach Primal Fitness level 4….

  257. I have given out my three copies of The Primal Blueprint to my friend, mother, and brother to read. : )

  258. I have told all of my co-workers about the primal lifestyle.I have been living primal for over a month, and have impressed them all with the results I have received so far.

  259. My roommate and I are enbarking on this Primal Challenge, after I finally conviced her to read your book. She’s beginning to see the error of her vegetarian ways!!

    Also, my dad will be doing this challenge after I introduced him to your site, to really dial in his nutrition. So far, he’s lost about 30 lbs, just from eating better (still not 100% clean, so I’m interested to see further progress). Now that the weight’s coming off, he’s ready to tackle the exercise part of this lifestyle.

    All we need to do is convince my bread-loving, diet dr. pepper guzzling mother that she should follow the lead.

  260. Tweeted, facebook-ed, emailed to family and friends. I might even send an email to me!

  261. I have posted this information about the Primal Challenge as well as contact info on our Dept. of Health bulletin boards so that everyone who is interested can participate.I tell them don’t wait for New Years to make meaningless resolutions, make meaningful lifestyle changes! Grok On!

  262. I’m telling the world! And I’ve convinced my Mom to do the challenge with me, and my seedling is participating too!

    He’s 11 months, and tends to follow the laws naturally! Funny how that works! I’ve learned to follow his example. Deep squats, play time, nap time, and primal eating!

  263. got my husband onboard and am encouraging co-workers to participate.

  264. Just emailed it to a couple of friends I’ve talked about the Primal lifestyle with. Hopefully one of them will join me!

  265. Posted on my FB page to hopefully motivate friends and family. I, myself, am in need of a serious jump start.

  266. Let all my friends know via Facebook and sent an email to my family! Started reading the book last week. Great time for the Challenge to start!

  267. I tweeted to my one follower, and stuck it on my facebook! yeehaww! getting the old man to do it to I hope.

  268. I have gotten my mother on board with the Primal Blueprint. She is 53 and graduating from the Police Academy in Orangeberg South Carolina!

  269. I am currently reading Primal Blueprint and trying to get the semi-primal husband to fully commit. I will tweet about the challenge and look forward to it!!

  270. My wife and I have been eating Primal for over six months now. We love it! Our friends and family can see the difference in our energy levels and body shapes. The Primal Challenge is what we need to push us off the couch and get us going with the fitness aspect. Thanks!

  271. Well the first thing I did was amaze my wife by losing 30 pounds in 7 weeks! 🙂 She is going to follow me for the next 30 days and see how she can loose. I also posted a quick note about my experience and a link to MDA on my facebook page.

  272. I’m in for the Primal Challenge. I tweeted about it, got one of my coworkers to participate and am working on another one of my friends.

  273. Checking in with family to see if they’re on board!

    Facebook/Twitter status set!

  274. I got Primal in early June of this year, my brother had been doing it and after learning more about it, I was hooked! A week after, my husband got on board as well…he’d been working out for years at the gym, but not his diet needed work. We have collectively lost 61lbs to date and have each gone down 3 sizes in clothes! I am a mom of 4 and for the 1st time in a long time, I am liking my body again :-)…and feel like I’m doing something great for myself and my family. We are committed to the Primal Lifestyle for LIFE, and our children are learning healthy habits which will ensure them a healthy future! I talk the praises of the Primal Blueprint to all who want to listen and so does my husband, but the proof is in the pudding…we are looking and feeling better than ever, and our friends and family are noticing :-). I blog about my Primal lifestyle, and have posted about it on FB as well….as a matter of fact, I have two friends whom have recently gotten on board because of my FB posts! We will continue to spread the word, because with every ONE person that takes the challenge many lives are positively changed! It’s a total ‘domino effect’! Thanks a million Mark!!!!!

  275. I posted it in my blog. In an amazing feat of prescience, I posted the ten primal laws and what was planning to do to bring my life more into line with them over an hour and a half before Mark made his post. And most of my plans match up to Mark’s challenges pretty well.

  276. Posted a link on my Facebook and shared a link with my friend who’s trying to lose weight and get strong (his dream is to breakdance!); I thought the body weight exercises and emphasis on explosive movements would really help him out in this regard. I’ve been living primally for a while, and most of my coworkers think I’m totally weird for it. 🙂

  277. I am so ready to take on this challenge. I told my family about it, however only my Mom and myself are on board. But hey, two is better than none, right?

    P.S:Good luck to everybody on their Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge.

  278. I posted a brief summarize in Swedish at my blog Läkarstudier&Livet (=Med. studies and Life)
    I also updated my status on Facebook and got alot(!) of funny comments about “Going Primal for 30days”

  279. OK, please consider me officially entered and on-board!
    I shared the link on my Facebook wall and have told all my loved ones what I’m about to embark on. I have been gluten-free for awhile now so they are aware of that part. But I have actually not lost any weight on the typical gluten free diet. I have pretty much figured out why that is–I am consuming a lot of corn and rice, and sometimes I actually feel heavier. I am so ready to life primal for life. Thank you for the challenge. I am totally dedicated to the program and received my copy of the book last Friday and had the 3 day weekend to read over the material. Everything is falling into place synergistically. The only missing component is the cookbook which I have asked for my birthday coming at the end of this month.

  280. Pulled up MDA at our family BBQs this weekend…once I mentioned that bacon, eggs and fat were atually encouraged, I had quite an audience 🙂

  281. I posted this link on fb and using recipes out of the Primal cookbook and encouraging my family.

  282. I am taking the Primal 30 day challenge!
    So excited-told everyone I know and even some lady i didnt know at my son´s soccer practice! I bought your book at Borders yesterday -the last on the shelf- a sign-its time for me to step up and begin! Thank you, I´m not going to be just reading on your site ANYMORE, I´m going to be DOING it!

  283. I shared this on Facebook, told my Mom, a coworker, and some friends at a Labor Day bbq about the challenge.

  284. I have living primal for one month now.As a triathlete I have been really impressed with weight loss and my increase in strength in such a short time.My wife is convinced, and so are a most of my coworkers.

  285. I gave a copy of your book to my future mother-in-law and finance. I also e-mailed my good friend Dave about it as well.

  286. I will be adding this link to my facebook, as well as sharing it with my husband. We are super new boots and looking forward to learning to be healthier and feel better with each new challenge!

  287. I’ve been telling friends and family about it for the past two weeks. Have 1 hubby, 2 kids and 2 friends all going primal with me!

  288. I’ve convinced my boyfriend to do the challenge with me, as well as telling all of my close friends to check out the website. I even got my vegetarian friend to give it a try because he agrees with the primal philosophies. Thanks for holding the contest!

  289. Loving this challenge! Just what I needed to take my healthy lifestyle quest to the next level. I have emailed, Facebooked, talked my friends at the gym and even told the lady at the grocery store what I am up to! I have 4 friends that are newbies and starting with me and they got their spouses on board! GROK on everyone!!!!

  290. I’ve posted it Facebook. I’ve been in a slump the last few weeks and I think this is exactly what I need to get out of it.

  291. Posted to Facebook and after making a mean batch of Walnut Red Pepper Dip last night to take to work for my veggies, I might have made a dent in the armor of my wife’s insistance to do Weight Watchers and eat small amounts of processed junk.

  292. It’s official, posted about it in my blog! Will tell family too and become a walking testimonial!

  293. I told my husband about the challenge and he is going to do the 30 days with me. We both love eating primal and the 30 day challenge is a great way to get us back on track!

  294. I got my wife on board, posted on facebook, and fed my family primaly for our labor day weekend BBQ. All eyes are on us for the next thirty days

  295. I’ll be posting my Primal Challenge videos on my blog as well as here in the forums and I’ve gotten my husband on board too! Our 2yr old is the Primal Master and needed no encouraging! *lol*

  296. I told my housemates and emailed my friends about MDA and the primal challenge

  297. I’ve spoken with my father at length about the Primal Lifestyle. He’s the one who originally got me into running barefoot, playing in the woods, eating wild meats and otherwise enjoying nature and my body moving through it. My husband is doing Weight Watchers, and is a more analytical fellow, so the numbers work for him. He’s interested in the idea and since I’m in charge of cooking and shopping, he’s along for the ride! Here we go.

    Besides, I’ve posted on my FB page a hundred links and fun videos. I LOVE doing the 3rd world squats. Hmmm.. maybe I’ll make my own primal mommy workout video.

  298. I mention MDA and PB all the time. I told my sister and cousin about challenge last week when I had lunch with each of them.

  299. I’ve been telling my husband and son of my intent to do this since you announced it, and have told our employees about it as well. My blog post today is about the challenge, and that has also gone on Facebook. Alas, no one will join me, but I hope after the 30 days is up, they’ll all wish they had!

  300. I sent this link via email to a work buddy that was going to start some cleanse today that included pills and silly rules like “eat as much rice as you want, just be sure its brown”.

    She is now doing the challenge with me instead!!

  301. Fed may extended family primal food for labor day BBq, also posted a link to facebook and convinced my wife to join me in 100% primal commitment over next 30 days

  302. I posted it to my Facebook wall, and I’ve loaned the book out to 2 different friends to try and get them on board.

  303. I shared this link with my 300+ facebook friends. Have been eating primal for a week, already seeing results. This challenge came at the perfect time for me. So ready and motivated to keep going.

  304. I fowarded the challenge to my husband and brother. It should be a fun 30 days!

  305. I posted it on my facebook page and to my facebook fitness page.

  306. Hello Mark,

    I am part of a huge initiative here at RCCL. I have already spread the good word or primal to me colleagues and my husband. 3 friends and one husband onboard.. great start and support system!!

  307. I’m in a challenge with my wife, in-laws, and some cousins. The Grok with highest % of body fat lost wins the pot. Trying to talk some co-workers into as well.

  308. I’m definitely on board. This is what I need to rev it up! I posted a link on my Facebook and I emailed my Mom, whom I’ve been trying to get to do this more seriously. Maybe I’ll get some of my friends to join me.

  309. I posted this challenge on Facebook and received a few messages asking for more details! I’m very vocal in our decision to do this and already have a few friends here who are doing it with hubby and I.

  310. I sent out an email to the two people who I know who are open to eating Primal with a challenge for them. I told them I am doing the 100 pushup challenge and the 200 squat challenge this month. I have asked them to join me and directed them to MDA for this 30 day challenge for Health and fitness.

  311. I’ve posted the link on Facebook and have ordered a copy of The Primal Blueprint for my mother who has Type2 Diabetes. I’ve also emailed 2 of my daughters the challenge (one in college, one who is at home & is vegetarian).

  312. I posted a link to this on my Facebook page with a declaration of my participation in the PB Challenge and encouraging my friends and family (who are all on FB) to check it out for themselves and join in the fun! 🙂

    Also, I told my fiance about it over the weekend and encouraged him to participate with me. At the very least, he will be my biggest supporter. 🙂

  313. Bought 2 copies of the book, kept gave one to my step-dad. Also bought the cookbook and downloaded the PB Fitness E book.
    Told all my co workers, friends and my boyfriend I’m starting my challenge today!
    Saturday I will be cooking primal for a wild game cooking demo for a large group of hunters!

  314. I had a friend bring up his interest just yesterday so i spent the entire 4 hours talking about primal and what it means!

  315. I told my girlfriend about the 30 day challenge and introduced my sister to the Primal lifestyle when she was trying to get in shape for her wedding.

  316. I tweeted it out, and will also try to get my family on board. It helps to have others around me that are doing the same thing, and I know it would be good for them.

  317. I’m so excited about this challenge. I needed this to get me in gear and committed. I can do this and hope my friends and family will decide to join me on the journey.

  318. Two of my friends came up to me separately and said they were on board for the challenge because they were so inspired by my previous success on PB these last few months! I gave one of them a copy of your book I had on hand.

  319. I started a primal challenge amongst my friends and even got one guy to buy The Primal Blueprint.

  320. I’ve been so pumped about this way of living that I’ve told my entire family, my extended family. Talked to my sister in law and almost convinced her, well, until I told her she couldn’t eat Bisquick waffles for breakfast every morning 🙂 But she’s still thinking about it. I’ve posted links on my FB page as well.

  321. got my fiance’ on board for the challenge, the timing is great for her to want to look her best on our wedding day in few months. got my workout partner involved too and added some tweets, fb and blog love as well.

  322. I told a friend and my brothers about the challenge.

  323. My husband’s been wanting to give primal a try for a while, he finally talked me into it for the challenge. I’ve been telling all my friends and made a post on Facebook. Accountability.

  324. Hey Mark. I told my mom, dad, brother, and sister in law about the primal lifestyle and they are all very interested. I have the book and my mom is reading it now!

  325. I was eating just regular low carb and sent an article on MDA that was linked somewhere else to my mom who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, trying to convert her to low carb. She immediately bought Primal Blueprint. It wasn’t until after she bought it that I started checking out other areas of MDA and learning about primal myself. Now i’m trying to follow it.

  326. I posted about the challenge on my Facebook page.

  327. I let my friends know on facebook and I’m gonna slowly try to either convince my wife to get into it…or just have her unknowingly do so by doing most of the cooking and recreation plans!

  328. Told my mom about it…hope this gives her the incentive to finally make some positive changes…even if she can just follow one of the primal laws it will be a huge step in the right direction!

  329. I told the 126 people that are my “friend” on facebook. I told everyone on my skype contacts list. I’ll be telling people I speak to during the month, including popcorn lovers at the cinema I work in. I’ll continue my mission trying to persuade my carb-loving-fat-hating girlfriend and her mother to give it a go. I may even get a t-shirt made up so I can be a walking MDA billboard :]

  330. Put the challenge up on internet social media sites, told people in person and helped two people choose to take the challenge themselves!

  331. i don’t have face book -but- i’ve got my wife to agree to eat primal for the 30 and i’ve gotten about ten friends and co workers to agree after they saw how dramatically my body composition changed. ive gotten them all into marks daily apple. the lifestyle is undeniable based off of how you look and feel!

  332. I bought the book and sent it to my brother for his birthday. I also told 2 friends about the book.

  333. I spread the word on Twitter. Hope I win big this year – although last year was super fun even though I didn’t win anything.

  334. My daughter and I are taking up the challenge! My brother is ignoring me!

  335. My husband and I are committing to the 30-day challenge, and I posted this to facebook.

  336. Posting again as my first didn’t go thru. I posted a link on my facebook inviting my friends to join me. I’m very excited about this!

  337. Just posted about it on Facebook and told my wife. I’ve gained 5 lbs this past month from eating too many carbs; time to get back on the straight and narrow!

  338. I posted the link on facebook and talked about the plan to optimize my workouts with the paleo diet and intermittent fasting with my Crossfit coach.

  339. I just finished a 2 month Primal Challenge at my local Crossfit Box. This weekend I posted to results (including my new abs) to my Facebook page, encouraging my friends and family to pursue the primal lifestyle.

  340. My dad is trying. He’s tried in the past, but hopefully, a 30 day challenge will reignite the flame. GOOD LUCK DAD!!!!

  341. I talked to my mom on the phone and then emailed her some links to get her started! I hope she goes primal, she’s always “dieting” and bemoaning her eating – I want to see her let go of all that.

  342. Told my mom about it and challenged my boyfriend to try harder!

  343. Over the last 2 years, I have encouraged everyone I know to make the leap. Badgered, begged, and pleaded. Not a single person has followed through and most dismiss my great strides as attributable to some other factor. Nonsense.

    And because of the crappy social environment, I’ve allowed myself to slip up quite a bit over the last 6 months. Well, I’ve recently moved, am getting settled, and today I’m starting back over again. I’m tired of making excuses and waiting for others to change – sometimes you just have to go it alone.

    Looking forward to the great month (and beyond) ahead. Grok on!

    [and I posted this to my FB account where it will be duly ignored]

  344. Posted about this challange on Facebook, and urged people to participate. I’ll also bring my girlfriend along on this journey for 30 days.

  345. Started the 30 day challenge today! Told my mom and dad about it and posted a link to the site on my facebook wall.

  346. Purchased 2 books for two of my friends who wanted to know more about the Primal Blueprint.

  347. I told my family and friends about this and will also be sending my aunt a copy of the Primal Blueprint!

  348. After a month of being primal myself (wouldn’t go back to CW if you paid me), I’ve told my mom, dad, sister, brother – in – law, and countless friends about the 30 day challenge and the PB lifestyle. Grok on!

  349. Told all my coworkers, friends, CF buddies. Grok on!

  350. Posted this on facebook and convinced my best fried to go primal for the month. Can’t wait for all these challenges

  351. Mark,

    I’ve been following the site for several months now, and finally decided to make an account for this contest. I’ve got a house full of fraternity brothers who now know about the challenge, several of which have decided to jump in with me and try it.
    I also told my family about it, and even convinced my pops to order the primal blueprint, which i finished reading a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to the contest!

  352. No Facebook, Twitter or Blog. However, I did email my sister-in-law. She has Crohn’s disease — 29 active ulcers. Going gluten free has helped her tremendously. I talked with her about PB when I was visiting a couple weeks ago. She’s reluctant to give up all grains and sugar, but in the email I linked to a lot of posts on the forum where people have gotten their Crohn’s more under control using PB. I know she isn’t up for the primal challenge yet. Just starting a dialog with her will hopefully get her onto PB sooner or later. I’m hoping for a domino effect: once she’s on it, my brother will follow, then my other brother will tag along, and then the rest of my family.

    I’ve always said that I can’t change the world. I can only help one person at a time. So that’s my focus for this challenge and everything else.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful system, Mark.

  353. I am a college student- facebook and myspace!! Also, I have been cooking my own meals and forwarding articles to my family, providing them with literature and an example 🙂

  354. Just posted this on Facebook and Convinced my best fried to go primal for the month. can’t wait for all the fun challenges

  355. On board! My wife and I are going full on this one.

    I’ve told my followers on Facebook and even told my friend the hog farmer who raises his pigs on pasture. Taking back humanity one meal at a time! GROK ON yo!

  356. I posted on facebook, and convinced my mom to go Primal! Still working on a few other people.

  357. Talked to my family about it over Labor Day weekend; and just e-mailed them the MDA link inviting them to commit as well. My wife is already committed, too!

  358. Shared on Facebook as “No better way to lose more fat than muscle” and emailed friends.

  359. I’m up for it. I told my husband about it and emailed 5 family members and friends too!

  360. I emailed many of the articles from the last 30day challenge to friends and family. Put the word out on FB as well. My mom now follows you on twitter and my boss and his father in law are all about it now.

  361. I sent the url to my “little” brother to get him primal He’s not so “little” lately!

  362. I’m finishing up the book and jumping head first into the challenge. I’ve blogged and FaceBooked about it, and convinced my husband and 19 year old daughter to join me.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  363. I have committed to the 30 day PB Challenge! Have read Mark’s book and passed it along to my dad. Today, I posted the challenge url to Facebook and Twitter so others can join in!

  364. Yeah! 3 months till snowboarding season! I’ve posted this page on facebook (and I’ll be posting each days of course), started up a tumblr blog (first entry coming later today ) and been annoying the hell out of my co-workers and friends. 🙂

  365. I tweeted the link with a note about getting back in gear. I have also noticed that my husband has quietly been eating fewer carbs and adding some protein (cheese or full-fat yogurt) to his fruit. Small victories, y’all!

  366. I have launched a blog for the special occasion and will write my next article for one of the newspapers that I write a food column for, about the challenge. Check out the post I did last night! It was so much fun to write. I used the movie “Gladiator” as a metaphor through out the article.
    I also facebooked it and twitter it.
    I am really loving this lifestyle! I have been doing everything pretty spot on except for the carb curve, which will be my challenge to start today. I have already lost 13 pounds in the last two months NOT doing the carb curve, so I’m excited to implement it and see what happens!

  367. I’ve been ramping up to this for a week or so and telling my friends about it. So along with a link to this blog post, I copied and pasted the sentence about all the things I’m looking forward to no longer eating. I also hooked up MDA with a tweet.

  368. I’ve told the wife, friends, and children. My little girl just said “Da-da! Choo-choo!” Choo-choo indeed! Time to Grok on!

  369. I posted the url on facebook, and invited my friends to join in on the fun!

  370. I am giving my book to my grandmother to read.

  371. 1. Told friends over the phone.
    2. Posted this post on Facebook.
    3. Shared via google buzz

  372. I told most of my friends and family about this month’s health challenge. I also posted this on my facebook wall, and lent out my copy of The Primal Blueprint to a friend…. and all of this while wearing my “Grok On!” t-shirt 🙂

  373. I have been primal for 3 weeks now! I have been hauling people into the primal life by the dozens. Today alone I have 3 people starting. I called 1, facebooked and got several questions, and emailed another. The bottom line is this works, I feel great, and have had amazing results. That sells itself!

  374. I am giving my book to my grandmother to read. Already shared it with many others.

  375. I’m excited to begin!! Told my partner, and phoned my daughter..

  376. I shared this with my best friend, who’s openminded and interested in fitness, and the group of coworkers that often discuss workouts and food and stuff.

    I’m a primalish vegetarian, but I’ll be using this month to kick my workouts into proper primal gear.

  377. I am a Primal Blueprint JUNKIE!!! Over the past 7 months, I have encouraged friends and co-workers to read the book and get on the program. Most have changed their whole life since doing so. As always I spent all weekend preaching the primal life and have opened some eyes about medications vs. nutrition.

    Today I posted the challenge on my Facebook page and added a link to the challenge to make all my friends aware of what was going on.

  378. Posted on facebook, and talked to my mom and boyfriend about joining me for the challenge this month. Being primal has definitely improved my quality of life. I’m excited!

  379. I called and told my girlfriend about it, and I have recruited a friend into the Primal lifestyle.

  380. Here’s what I said about Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge when I posted it on my Facebook wall:
    “I’m going to be participating in the Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge. Primal Blueprint is based on the idea that our bodies were created to behave a certain way. (my words, not the author’s) Based on the ‘Blueprint’ we can see how our current lifestyles have caused dysfunction and disease.”
    Also, I am recommending to all of my homeschooling friends that they try your workout with their kids. I have been talking about it since I heard about your site a week ago!

  381. Well, I just forwarded your e-mail to the rest of our Wellness Committee at work. I’m going to try to get the PB 30day challenge incorporated into our last wellness event of the year.

    I also brought some of your coconut and cocoa energy balls with the recipe printed out to my CF gym to give to the kids there.

    Slowly spreading the word.

  382. I told my roommate because I know she reads the site, but has yet to take the leap.

  383. i’ve been telling family and friends about this all day, but i definitely maximized exposure to it by adding this as a site that people can visit using the firefox plug-in stumbleupon. i can’t believe nobody did that yet.

  384. I am tweeting about this challenge, and taking on many of the elements. Eliminating the processed foods, with special attention on carbs and sugars, and moving more (and I’ll even try a little sprinting!).

  385. I’ve already given the book to my parents to read, and now I’ve emailed them the link, I’m really hoping they’ll join me!

  386. I facebooked this link and told my colleagues at work I’m eating / living primal. I also provoked my colleagues by adding veeerrry much delicious cream in my cup of coffee.

  387. Hey Mark BIG fan here :)) I FB and Twittered , I have your Book signed cookbook and I have 2 family members who bought the books too :)) I’ve been primal since Jan and would lobe to take the challenge. Thanks for sharing and caring :))

  388. I have shared the primal blueprint with my husband and parents. They will all be doing some form of the 30 day challenge with me!!

  389. Retweeted your post about the challenge. Announcing it at our gym this evening to see who else will join the challenge with me.

  390. I sent personalized emails to several people who have asked about Primal but who I haven’t had a chance to really discuss it with yet.

  391. Posted on my faceook wall and I have recruited one family member to participate along with me.

  392. Posted it on my Facebook page and told about some of my success with the Primal Blueprint – can’t wait to see who joins in!

  393. Also my two year old son who really has no choice will also be doing the challenge with me!

  394. I just emailed the wife, parents and inlaws and I’ll be posting this to my Facebook page. Thanks for all the work on the site!

  395. I told everyone I know about the Primal Challenge and I’ve convinced my sis to do it with me

  396. Got my wife to support me in the challenge. Facebooked my friends and am easing more family members into this way of thinking. Looking forward to it!

  397. I posted the url on my facebook and made sure that they knew that there were PRIZES being handed out for eating. I’m waiting to see how many cheerleaders and team mates I get out of the post!!

  398. Okay Mark…I’m up for it! We have been doing this for a while but I admit to being at the mercy of friends and family for a bit. I have a ruptured Achilles tendon and have needed assistance for a few weeks. Cast comes off next Monday! My daughter and I have lost a ton of weight! We love this way of being and it has improved our health tremendously. Even my family is getting on board, my diabetic mom had some blood work done last week and was impressed with the results, my dad did not want toast with the roast I made last night!!! Facebook and emailed the link to everyone I know. I am a walking billboard as to how well this Primal “thing” works and I talk where ever I go! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this…we are making the Salmon tonight!

  399. I’m going for it, and have enlisted two coworkers to join in as well. Brought my copy of the Primal Blueprint book in to work today, too, and left it sitting out on my desk to be a constant reminder to help motivate us.

  400. I’m doing the challenge and shared it on facebook.

  401. I am so very excited. Posting on Facebook my challenge and how it is going. I have 2 co-workers and 1 friend on board. I have gone from a tight size 10 to a size 6/8 since July 1 and I have not added workouts yet. I do walk 2-3 hours a week but I also eat too much cheese. However, that is what challenges are for. I am looking forward to have some toned muscles, lowering my blood pressure, and turning a few heads…(<: Most importantly, I am looking forward to being as healthy as I can.

    Good luck friends!

  402. I am talking my girlfriend into giving this a try for 30 Days with me. I am also sharing my copy of the book with a friend that is very interested in Primal living. I can’t wait for this month.

  403. I wrote about the challenge on my blog and about what I will be doing as part of my own primal challenge!

  404. I decided to switch career paths – I’m becoming a nutritionist! It’s the best way I can think to spread the Primal message and turn my passion into my job!

  405. Like last time I’ll be on board with the contest. I’ve told my roommate and my co-workers. I also bought a co-worker a copy of the Primal Blueprint. He is getting started using it and along with the challenge, should see even more results by the end of the month.

  406. I just served a Primal feast at my 1 year old’s birthday party and I overheard my husband telling his whole family about Primal eating! I also am posting my progress on the challenge on my blog daily.

  407. I told my husband, Mother, and the biggest gossiper at work. It wont take long before everyone knows. I bought the book about 3 weeks ago and I’m excited about the challenge.

  408. I’m in. I posted about the challenge on a low carb BB. I have hubby on board. We need a shake up around here.

  409. Excited for the next 30 days. My gchat status is spreading the word….

  410. I have been working on eating primal the last 60 days with significant results to my overall health. I have told people how I am achieving my success (with many comments back about how they could never give up bread). I posted this link to my facebook as a commitment to the 30 day challenge and a change in lifestyle.

  411. I blogged about it when it was first announced. Then I made sure a good friend who was interested was going to follow through with it. Today I facebooked about it, talked with family, talked with friends, and started. So far so good! (now out to get a little sun)

  412. I sent the link to a co-worker. He said he is ready for a change and I told him this one in the one he will love!! I’m excited to watch his progress.

  413. I got my husband to do the challenge with me 🙂 I have only just been introduced to this whole concept perhaps a month ago and I’m excited to give it a go! I sent out an email to family with links to this website as well as the website for the Primal Blueprint.. also I announced the challenge and posted links on my Facebook 🙂 Glad to see everybody on board here!

  414. I got my coworker who has always been interested in my primal lifestyle to join me for the 30-day challenge. Now it’s off to the gym to lift heavy things!

  415. I’ve decided to become a nutritionist! It’s the best way I can think of to spread the Primal message and align my passion with my job.

  416. Sent the link to my girlfriend’s mom and my dad, my two most likely converts at the moment. I’m psyched for the Challenge!

  417. I work at a gym and do/have done some personal training of amateur fighters and regular individuals. I’ve been Primal/Paleo for about 2 years now and been singing the praises of the lifestyle to everyone I know. Getting people I train with/at the gym is pretty easy, but recently I’ve been able to convert my girl friend and father (still got Dr. Mom… but that’s slowly happening as well). This is exactly what everyone needs to keep them going strong.

  418. I have shared the concept of a Primal lifestyle with a friend of mine who has just gone into remission from Ovarian Cancer.

  419. I emailed my family about it – and told everyone in my office about the primal blueprint – a few are going to join me in this!

  420. I have been eating primal the last 60 days and seen significant improvements in my health. I posted this on facebook as a declaration and commitment to the 30 day challenge and commitment to a lifestyle overhaul. Thanks for the inspiration!

  421. I posted me starting the challenge on my facebook page and got a couple of friends to join me. I love your website and look forward to trying some of the recipes, I made the almond banana pancakes this morning for breakfast.

  422. I posted on my FB… my mom is tryin this with me and my dr. to agree to trying this for 30 days… he said he wanted to give it a try after seeing my (heart/ulcer/hernia) results! So we’ll see:)
    I am trying to get my two kids along as well- they like lots of it but are not going to give up bread and such easily (8yrs old and 3yrs old), but I will do as much as I can for them:)
    Regarding myself, I have decided to cut on sugar completely this month except for a piece of dark chocolate on saturdays haha! And up the fitness what I can, while trying to get it all to happen (PB) more “smoothly”- so that we can get it all to work, everyday, timewise and financially, regardless of hectic schedules. Yippee!:)

  423. Ok I tried to post a second ago and I don’t think it worked, so I hope this doesn’t post twice. I shared on my Facebook page 🙂 I got my husband to agree to do the 30 Day Primal Challenge with me – YAY! Glad to see everybody on board here!!!

  424. For the last 12 months I’ve been promoting the Primal way of living to my family and friends, and while some of them have fully changed their minds and adopted the PB, A LOT others have got some mind-stimulating thoughts about the primal living vs. the conventional wisdom. Today I’ve been even more passionate about spreading the primal ways! 😉

  425. Posted on Facebook !! and Told my Friends and Family about it!!

  426. I emailed my family about the Primal Blueprint – and shared the challenge with my entire office- so many are on board its great!

  427. Should be interesting. I don’t agree with Mark 100% on workout issues, but let’s see how things go.

  428. I told my mom, boyfriend, sister, two of my friends, and my Facebook community about it! We need a Primal Blueprint and Primal Challenge Facebook group!

  429. I’m posting a link on my facebook page and emailing the link to my husband and brother!

  430. After being primal for 3 full months and talking about how great I feel I convinced the toughest critics to make the change…MY PARENTS!

  431. I posted on my Facebook page that I was starting the challenge and told several siblings and co-workers about it, going to be an awesome month!

  432. After being primal for 3 full months and talking about how great I feel I convinced the toughest critics to make the change…MY PARENTS! 🙂

    They have been primal for almost a months now and have had their best annual physical results in a long time. The best part is, they’re loving their new lifestyle!

    Thanks for all of the information, and what a great cookbook! 🙂

  433. Posted to my facebook page! Look forward to the challenge!!

  434. woo hoooo – it’s on! I FB’ed it and told as many ppl (friends and strangers alike) to check the site/challenge.

  435. Made our PC commitment public via Facebook and Twitter. Have turned a few friends on to the sute as well! I think we may be the only participants in Ireland…?

  436. I am sending this link to my parents hoping they will take up the challenge and go Primal for 30 days to see the difference it can make in their lives.

  437. I called my mom and told her about it… She is going to join me too!! 🙂

  438. very new to this. I’ve told a few friends, and I’m putting up some spreadsheets/goals on my office wall. This will definitely provoke some questions. My friends already think I’m crazy…. love it!

  439. Posted on facebook, and brought my husband along (he beat me to posting, this business of typing one-handed while holding a baby is difficult!) Looking forward to doing everything I can, although I have to wait a few weeks longer to start up serious exercise, and I already know I won’t be getting enough sleep!

  440. I’m posting this to facebook and telling all my coworkers!

  441. I called my mom and told her about it. She is going to join me too!! 🙂

  442. I told a couple friends about this. I’ve been primal for about 2 months now and am looking forward to making some improvements and continuing with this way of eating, it’s transformed my life!

  443. Cool! This challenge is just what I needed to get me to tweak my primal lifestyle. I posted the link to this page on my Facebook page. I’ll be doing the challenge with my 8-year-old son. We’ve been fully primal with our food for a while. What a great educational experience this challenge will be for him. Nothing like starting kids young with a healthy lifestyle! It’s really key to get into those healthy habits at a young age, because then, it’s almost effortless to stay on the right track throughout life. How much dark chocolate is OK on the PB? Thanks, Mark, for all you do!!

  444. My partner and I hold both told our all our co-workers, parents and my 3 brothers. My girlfriends boss is slowly transitioning to primal life, but no challenge for him.

  445. Told me wife about it, who is now super pumped… She went to the grocery store to buy food and throughout all the junk at our house. What have you created MDA!

  446. Through my Primal lifestyle this last month I have inspired my wife to join the challenge with me. I have told my 76 year old wife about it and got my 18 year old daughter reading and thinking. I have posted on my facebook page and got a coworker “experimenting” By the way, she is now sharing it with dorm mates at University of Wisconsin! Grok On!!!

  447. Posted to Facebook.

    This should be a good challenge. I’ve been both on and periodically on either side of the fence for a while now. Hoping this will help me get in a habit.

  448. Spent the weekend with my day telling him about living and eating Primally while we were on our 300 mile bike ride over Labor Day. Just tweeted about this which is my next challenge!

  449. I’m a PB newbie and I briefly explained it to all the church ladies during our monthly pot luck. I didn’t want to offend the ladies when they asked why I wasn’t eating their famous pasta salad. =)

  450. Besides my GF, family, and Friends, now my facebook friends are informed.

    Get Real! Live like you were made to.
    The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge | Mark’s Daily Apple

  451. I posted it on my Facebook page. This is my first 30-day primal challenge and I’m very excited.

  452. I have shared this information with all of my coworkers, most of them think I am crazy, but I have convinced one to do the 30 day challenge with me! I also converted my dad around the beginning of the year, and he will be doing the challenge with the same focus I have – just to get back to strict primal way of eating.

  453. I emailed my uncle to let him know I was starting today. Hopefully he will join me, or get interested as he sees me make progress and get healthier.

  454. Shared with my co-workers & family and posted on my facebook page.

  455. Posted on FB and Twitter and my wife is on board! Primal Ireland! (hope this isn’t a double post – first one never appeared)

  456. Can’t wait – got a head start on it last month and lost 10 pounds. I tweeted the link to this post, convinced a co-worker to buy the book, and got my sister to blog about the Primal Blueprint on her food blog. I will be writing a blog about this myself soon. Can’t wait.

  457. On board! I’ve been “practicing” for a while, but need to re-focus. Have shared challenge with my running buddies (advised them that we’ll be doing sprints instead of distance!) and posted on FB today.

  458. It’s on the Facebook page and I’ve convinced my wife to do the challenge with me. I’ve had my toe in the water for a few months now, so excited to dive in! One of my goals is to see how the Primal lifestyle affects those pesky chronic pains in my ankles, knees and back that started when I turned 30!

  459. I told my friend, who is currently eating Paleo/Primal, that I am doing the challenge and I shared the link on facebook. I challenged all to join me and already had one taker almost immediately.

  460. I called my mom and told her about this challenge. I’ve been tryng to get her on board for a while now… she has a gluten intolerance just like I do.
    I’m also moving my 6 year old daughter into this!

  461. This is what I have been needing! I have been fudging around at about 80% primal capacity and got some good results, but now I fully accept the 30 Day PB challenge! I posted the link to my Facebook with an invitation to my friends to join me. Let’s do it!

  462. I’m psyched about this! Had a labor day picnic yesterday and told everyone who would listen! Today is a FB and tweet reminder.. LET’S GO!

  463. I bought The Primal Blueprint in June and have seen amazing results… I tell everyone who asks what my secret was about The Primal Blueprint and have lent the book out many times. Most recently I have told a few people who live in my dorm about the primal blueprint challenge, so I’m looking forward to helping them change their lives like I already have.

  464. I’m in!
    Well, I’ve posted the link on facebook, told several friends about it, got the primal cookbook last summer, but I think the best move I’ve done to promote the PB was that I made the school library get a copy! So whenever someone asks me about it, I just tell them to get the book off the shelf, and if they like it, they can buy it too!!!

  465. I’m in! My husband introduced me to your blog and I’ve eased into primal ways over the past year. Now we’re ready to get serious.

    I’ve been telling my friends at work over the past week about the lifestyle and have recruited a friend to join the challenge with me~shout out to Elliot!~

    At lunch today, my vegan friend even looked at her meal of nuts and berries and said, “Hey look! It’s Primal!” Raising awareness and having healthy discussions works!

  466. I convinced my two roommates to live in a primal life style. We are 20 years old and have been living, eating and working out primal for over 6 months now. We have great results and are never ill. We look fantastic 🙂
    I also posted the challange in facebook, as did my roommates. I reviewed the contest in my blog.

  467. Hi, I’m in and I told my girlfriend, my parents, and a few colleagues!

  468. I started the challenge with 6 of my girlfriends who are always procrastinating and saying they want to make a change in their health. I am going to check in every few days to see how they go. I also told my dad about it, who after giving him primal advice last month lost 5lds. He told me “all the things I thought were so good, were all wrong.” He is on medication for his heart and blood pressure so I would really like to see how another month of this makes him feel.

  469. I posted this link on Facebook and emailed family and friends who would go on this journey with me…

  470. I got my husband to agree to do the challenge with me! 🙂

  471. Gave my Primal Blueprint to my lifting buddy and now we are BOTH doing the challenge! Plus I tweeted my start this morning : )

  472. Posted a link to the Challenge on my Facebook page and tweeted about it. I’m also going to tell my family about it this weekend at our family reunion.

  473. A few of my college friends and I are going through this challenge for the next month. We went to the grocery store today to scout out what would be good to get and why its better than certain other foods that we bought before. I’m really excited to get into the challenge and begin to change bad habits.

  474. I tweeted about the challenge (@NEKLocalvore). It was so much fun last year, and I have really been looking forward to this year’s challenge. Grok on!

  475. I’ve told my friend about it. if i do well he’s gonna give it a try next month


  476. I posted a link on my facebook page and emailed the sweet-and-salty primal trail mix recipe to some friends who loved it when I brought it to a party over the weekend.

  477. I also convinced my 53 year old mother and my 76 year old grandmother to get primal. Let’s hope they can handle it 🙂

  478. I’ve told and am telling everyone I meet today about going Primal. Pretty easy to do since I get a lot of inquiries about how I eat and why.

  479. Hey, everyone, this is my first post, and I am glad to join the MDA community. I have told my mother who could definetly use some Grok in her life, and we recently went to Whole Foods to gather some essentials. I also told my roomate about this eating program, and we have recently been abiding by the “10 commandments”. With that being the case, he has already lost 3 lbs!

    I saved the best story for last. I told one of my acquaintance’s from work about the “Primal Blueprint”, and from that point he was really interested in checking out the book. But the best part about it was that he and his brother were planning a Grokish weekend getaway to a local island here down near Cape Coral, Fl. They are going to be dropped off via boat, and will be out on the island with nothing but several bottled waters and food (just in case they don’t catch anything). They are going truly primal, and once I brought up Mark’s book he asked me if I wanted to go! Of course I said “YES”! So not only has going primal given me the opportunity to better myself, but I’m also building closer relationships! Thanks, Mark, for your intellectual curiosity and willingness to question the establishment like a true renegade.
    Grok on you wildman!

  480. Count me in! I just started a CrossFit gym this past month. All of our members will be participating in the 30-day primal challenge. Links to your page are all over our page

    We are super pumped to see the benefits of 30 days of commitment and lifestyle change.

  481. I have posted the link on Facebook.
    Primal lifestyle has been the topic of many a conversation with my friends and family over the past month. I have crohn’s disease and saw tremendous success with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (very similar to paleo). I did it for a year and was able to get off of two medications that i was on. i can now tolerate grains, but I am ready to give them up again. I have convinced my parents to do the challenge with me, they are almost as excited as I am.

  482. What a great way to start the challenge! Seeing all the support and interest in this makes it all the more exciting!

  483. I’m trying to lead my family by example, I’ve told my wife of my plans. She’s still skeptical but she won’t be able to question results. Also gave a copy of the book to my Dad. He’s been having health issues for quite some time that limit him from his Chronic Cardio routine (Old Army guy, ie pushups, situps, run long distance, repeat). It’s just a vicious cycle, so I gave him the book in hopes of steering him to the path.

  484. I am excited to do the Primal Challenge and am trying to get my husband to do it with me!! Not had a lot of luck yet convincing other friends and family members, but will keep working on it!

  485. I was able to get two co-workers to take on the challenge and I am currently working on getting my sister and brother-in-law to step up and take the challenge.

  486. posted to facebook! hopefully i can get my entire household on-board!

  487. I “came out” to my sister and parents. It was awsome! I have been vegan for years. So we are going to have a primal party to celebrate not having to make excuses for me anymore.

  488. Facebook, emails and and encouraging my dad to give this a try. I’ve been primal – but just recently I’ve fallen victim to the SAD again. Thank you for putting this challenge up again, Mark! I’m totally all in & gung ho!! 🙂
    Good luck to us all!

  489. I was able to get two co-workers to take on the challenge and I am currently working on convincing my sister and brother-in-law to step up and take the challenge.

  490. Posted on Facebook and have a buddy who is going to do it along with me.

  491. Since buying The Primal Blueprint in June I’ve seen amazing results. Everyone who asked what my secret was I told them it was the Primal Blueprint. I’ve lent my book out to three of my closest friends and convinced them to join me in my quest to longevity and great health. Since moving back to college I have spread the word of The Primal Blueprint to 6 of my buddies that live in my dorm. I’m excited to help them to achieve what I achieved over the summer. REMEMBER: strive to thrive not just survive!!

  492. I decided this morning to continue fasting until dinner tonight. Today when I went to lunch with my co-workers I had a chance to explain intermittent fasting and the PB lifestyle. They were curious as to why I did not eat lunch. I also loaned out my copy of The Primal Blueprint and two others are waiting their turn.

  493. I’m totally in, especially in light of the gluttony that took place over the holiday. Trying to get co-workers and family involved, too.

  494. Gave my mom the book, forcing my boyfriend to eat the same food I am this month, and started a blog to hold myself accountable!

  495. Oh, what the hey — now I’ve gone and committed by posting it on Facebook, too.

  496. While I’ve been considering this for a while, I’ve only taken a few steps toward doing so, and I haven’t really said anything about it. So, I finally asked my husband if he would be interested in joining me, and I spoke with my sister about it. My husband is still out on the idea of doing it for himself, but he will be supportive of my own involvement. Support–it can be as important as the food you eat.

  497. Today’s the first day of school here in Canada and I went wearing my Vibram’s. Each time somebody gasped at my feet, I’d tell them about this month’s Primal Challenge. Hopefully at least a few will stop by to check it out.

  498. I posted up on my Facebook ( as well as on Twitter ( I have also sent out an email to all my family members as well as over 350 of my friends!!! Woot! I also posted up PRIMAL its own board & threads with these links on my business forums at ( This is fantastic and we need to spread the word!!!

  499. Yeah! can’t wait.

    tweeted it and told three friends (who told three friends and so on and so on…)
    sorry couldn’t resist that one!

  500. I told my folks and my in-laws about this, as well as my sister. My wife and I are gung-ho for the Primal Challenge this year!

    Last year, I had just learned about PB when the challenge started and I wasn’t quite ready for it yet. Now, as year of congestion and achiness later, we’re ready to commit 100%.

    Can’t wait to get Primal!

  501. Got my wife and 2 of our close friends to sign up for this. Some scepticism but I am sure they will be turned after 30 days of the PB!!

  502. I convinced my daughter to start the challenge with me today and shared the MDA link with my mother who is going to try it as well.

  503. Mark,
    Thank you so much for this challenge- it is exactly what my family needed to get us going on a Primal lifestyle! My fiance’ and I are IN- and very excited to see and feel the changes that will happen these 30 days and beyond. I emailed EVERYONE I know, connected them to MDA and invited them to join us in the Challenge- my sister just might, and my BFF too…thanks again Mark!

  504. I posted a link to this post on facebook with an invite to my friends and family to join me.

  505. Told all the important folks in my life. I’m ready to go!

  506. Primal Blueprint has been a life changer for me and now Primal Challenge is kicking that up a notch! Looking forward to these next 30 days! SEE the extreme changes on my Primal Journal (COUNTDOWN TO LOIN CLOTH) on page 3 and how Primal helped to REVERSE my diabetes!!

  507. My the comment section on my FB profile, it says: Primal since April and loving every minute of it!

    At work, I talk about the changes I’ve made (and the resulting changes in my body) to anyone that will listen! I’ve inspired a few to take a stab at it and they are having great results too!

    At registration for school last week, a friend that admits she needs to make some changes listened and wants to borrow my PB book!

    I give anyone and everyone the MDA web site!

    This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I’m proud of my accomplishments. It has been very easy to follow and know I’m in it for the long haul. 🙂 Thanks Mark!!

  508. I posted it on my blog and facebook and twitter. I had bought the book two weeks ago and I just finished reading it when Mark announced the primal challenge. My wife will be joining me in trying it. I also got my Dad and mother-in-law to check out the site, too!

    Let’s Get Primal!!!

  509. I’ve posted this on my FB page and I also told my lil brother about it.

  510. My wife and I are doing the challenge together, I’ve posted it on my blog and emailed a bunch of people to join us.

  511. I posted it to Facebook and will be telling my friends and family. I have already convinced my girlfriend, most of my family, and a couple friends. I also started a meetup group for Austin, TX and will be promoting the challenge through that. Thanks

  512. I told my boyfriend, my mom, my dad, my brother and my grandmother and they are all on board!! Some of them have already begun to see results and said their lives have totally changed!

  513. I posted the challenge on my facebook page along with lending my Primal Blueprint book to my friend Jeff. He is already blown away by how conventional wisdom doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  514. I posted something on Twitter, and Facebook, as well as my food blog! I also have my beautiful wife doing it with me!!!!

  515. In today’s forecast…record amounts of comments.

    I tweeted about it and told my parents and friends.

  516. Noted on Facebook and will be shortly in my blog. See how many will join me from there.

  517. I posted the challenge on my facebook page along with lending my Primal Blueprint book to my friend Jeff. He is already blown away by how conventional wisdom doesn’t make a lot of sense. Oh and I also purchased the Primal Cookbook online and it should be here this week!

  518. I posted it on my facebook and sent it to my family!

  519. I told my friends about the challenge, and even pestered one into doing it too…I think.

  520. I shared with friends and some family. I also posted a link to this page on my facebook. I can’t seem to get anyone to join me at the moment, but there’s always hope for the future. 🙂

  521. Shared it on facebook! For your health!

  522. I put a link up on Facebook and have dutifully harassed friends and family!

  523. I have posted this on my Facebook page, as well as noting the blog I created for this contest. Also I have been talking it up at work!

  524. I think I finally convinced my friend, Amy, to go primal. We had a delicious dinner of roasted chicken and brussels sprouts with bacon and I told her she could eat like that all the time! She is being very receptive. Also, the fact that I lost 15lbs is a convincing reason as well.

  525. I decided to become a nutritionist! Spreading the word, one client at a time.

  526. I told my son and his wife about Mark’s Primal Blueprint, and they were very interested. I gave them copies of “The Primal Blueprint” and “The Primal Blueprint Cookbook”–they are seriously considering doing this plan!

  527. Posted it on my Facebook page, and I am printing out the PB flyer to take to work and post for employees and clients (work in an Aveda spa). Starting the Challenge 1 day behind everyone because husbands birthday today and had to have champagne and cake with him – going on 6 months on PB – kicking it back in on the 8th!
    Thanks Mark!

  528. I blogged about this and I emailed the link to my office mate. Hopefully I can convince her to do it with me!

  529. Have the Primal Poster setup at my desk at work with a copy of the book and cookbook with local grassfed/pasture raised and organic resources. Anyone that stops long enough to chat I ask them to check out the contest.

  530. Re-tweeted your post and am helping my wife and brother-in-law take part in the 30 day challenge.

  531. Got my roommate interested in the primal workouts, and finally got him to stop eating pasta! Hopefully, he’ll join in on the Challenge fun too.

  532. this been posted on my facebook page and i threw down the gauntlet for my most competitive friend. on it’s on, baby!

  533. My wife is about ready to start and I;m also spreading the word to my friends, there’s a few who could use this!

  534. I told my boss who drinks mountain dew like it is water about the challenge today and also all my friends on facebook.
    My husband and I are so excited to recommit to the lifestyle after a summer of international moves and changes.
    This primal challenge is perfectly timed for us!

  535. Heya Mark, I posted on Facebook and have roped my husband into the program too, can’t wait to see my results. I am a slender, 109 lbs woman, who wants to trim a bit of flab off my ass, and add muscle tone to the rest of my body.

  536. I work at a gym and tell as many people as possible about how they can improve their healthy lifestyles by going Primal! I may also nag my family to death on a regular basis… they’ll give in eventually =)

    Sidenote: The primal challenge has boosted my desire to try more cooking with offal. The other night I did my first beef tongue! Taco style, in lettuce wraps with lots of fresh salsa and avocado. Delicious!

  537. AND i just publicly challenged my 14 yr. old son….on his facebook page. told him that there’s no way he can be more cave man than his old mom. public humiliation….ah..motherhood.

  538. I got my girlfriend on board. We went shopping this weekend and stocked the kitchen with primal ingredients. We already made 3 meals out of the primal cookbook and are ready to make this a lifestyle change. We have spread the word via email to our friends and family and also posted on Facebook. Most of our friends are skeptical which will help to make us all the more determined! Thanks Mark!

  539. I posted the Challenge info on my blog and on facebook, as well as convinced my two friends to commit to the challenge with my sister and me!

  540. Emailed it to my mom and a friend. Starting to comment in the forum. So excited for this!

  541. I’ve got you posted on twitter and facebook! Game on!

  542. I convinced my wife to give it a try, been bringing it up at the fire staion more, and this “binge” weekend at our boys birthday party had a few conversations that included/ended with “MDA” and “give it look and call me so I can help!”

    Personally, using this 30 days as a primal “realignment”.

  543. I forwarded the contest to my daughter and I am going to ask my husband to do it with me. I am in..

  544. Sent an email to coworkers. I’m going to include my almost-2 and 4 year old boys in the fitness part. They are at full throttle daily from 6 am to 9 pm and they are overjoyed when dad joins in to play… can’t beat that motivation.

  545. I had a customer of mine comment on how good I looked and guessed that I must have lost 20lbs (22 actually). I told him about the PB plan and he is very interested.

  546. Posted on Facebook, as well as convinced a few employees to give the challenge a shot. Let’s hope it sticks!

  547. Called mom, brother (who’s already primal), posted on Facebook, ordered the book (even though I started Primal last week based off of the great info on this site).

  548. I wrote a post about the challenge on my Tumblr; hopefully some friends will read it and be interested. 🙂

  549. I’m currently starting a daily catering business where I deliver primal meals to busy families! I will be including little primal brochures with the meals so the message can spread!

  550. Posted the link on my facebook; telling everyone I know!

  551. Very excited about this! Link is up on my facebook, yay.

  552. Just told my girlfriend about the challenge and advised her to read PB, and try the Primal way instead of just “Going Atkins!”

  553. I’m posting this link on my facebook page, and I’ve been telling everyone I know about the Primal lifestyle since I started in January 2010.

  554. I communicated with my family, co-workers, friends and everyone on my facebook page.

    This is a great 30 day tune up right before the holidays! Especially with everyone getting ready to take holiday photos!

    Thank you Mark for the extra motivation!

  555. I convinced my vegan fiancé to add eggs to her diet and join the challenge. Looks like a lot of tempeh and eggs for the next 30 days. Also persuaded a co-worker and wife to go primal for 30 days.

  556. Posted on facebook and got my mom started a few months back. I got a friend on board for this month (hopefully longer) as well.

  557. i’ve posted a link to your contest blog post on my facebook page – as a way to get more people involved and also to hold myself accountable for keeping up with the challenge!

  558. I posted a link to my facebook page. I’ve convinced my wife and one co-worker to give the 30 day challenge a try.

  559. I’ve been trying to get my friends and family turned onto the Primal way of living, but giving up grains is hard form them. I’ve adopted some primal challenges, but not all of them and not consistently. This month I will rise to the challenge and become consistent in following Challenges #4 and #2, specifically giving up sugars and grains completely.

  560. Shared this on facebook. Told a few friends. I’m so excited about the challenge! I’m already seeing great results physically and mentally, and I’m heading into my 5th week.

  561. I told all my coworkers about the challenge and we are all pumped

  562. Let my friends and family know via facebook, twitter and email. Then I figured I should as primal as possible, so I actually called them as well.

  563. oh my, it’s really crowded in here!
    I posted the entry on my FB and sent it to my friend (in Poland!) who is slowly trying to throw away grains and start new way of eating.

    1. I just convinced my colleague, who has thyroid problems, to try the challenge! She’s stressed about the “no bread?!!!” idea, but wants to lose weight and get healthy. So yay for another one!

  564. I gave the link to my friend Shawn. He’s trying to lose some weight and get healthy… and I figured what better way!

  565. Facebook, my blog, and whoever I meet on the street lol. Just kidding, but I do tell a lot of people in my day to day life what it is that I do regarding diet, fitness, and general heath/wellbeing :).

  566. Mark I’ve posted “The Primal 30 day Challenge” on my Facebook status profile this past week three times. My wife and two sons Miles and Tyler are all in! My youngest son has been following the Primal Fitness Ebook along with me and tonight is sprint night for us. I tried to talk my 77 year old father into trying it again but he wasn’t so sure about it. He tried it for a couple days a few months ago and couldn’t handle the carb flu. But he learned to cut back on the sugar and grains and make healthier choices. I have been primal for six months now. Four months were strict no cheats but the past two months I have added the dark 85% chocolate. Starting today with the new challenge I will hit it hard again. The last six months I lost 40 pounds my resting heart rate is in the low 50’s and blood pressure at last reading was 112/71. Previous numbers were all high before going primal. So I am a big believer. I have bought your book “The Primal Blueprint” several months ago. I tried to get my family to start with me on the last challenge but they all said I was crazy. Now my son says it a shame a 50 year old has better abs than him and all his 20 year old friends. I think thats what convinced him to start this challenge. His a follower here now and on the forum. TheDawg is his user name. Thanks Mark for changing my life already and I hope the rest of my family has seen the light and will join us into a healthy lifestyle.

    1. I also recently bought the domain name and have plans for a primal type blog. Also started a you tube channel under same name and videoing some of my sprint training trying for a sub 5 sec 40.

  567. Been looking forward to this for awhile, really needed to reset after the past few weeks!

    Already told my wife and co-workers, plan to email my parents tonight and probably put it on FB (though I don’t use it too much).

  568. Gladly I posted this on my Facebook. I now know 6 of my friends that have either bought your book or are asking me for guidance. My greatest selling point… My results. Already one of my friends has become his own success story and now has passed the Primal torch to his brother and sister-in-law. Thanks for everything Mark and worker bees.

  569. I’m all in! I did the sugar free challenge last year, and convinced my friend Sam to follow me this year with the new challenge… grok on!

  570. Hi Mark,
    I posted this on my Facebook. I am in need of a re-boost in my eating. I am looking forward to this challenge.

  571. I posted on FB, and also spoke with co-workers and friends. Having lost 38 lbs in the last few months also helps to convince others to join me!

  572. Posted on FB,and gently broke the news to my husband – no goodies fo him this month!!!

  573. My husband and I are taking the 30 Day challenge, I’ve posted that intent on Facebook, adding a link to today’s article, and talking it up at my school. We’re long-time lurkers, first time challenge-accepters. 🙂

  574. Hey Mark,

    So far I have converted 4 people to full blown adoption through discussion, sharing the book, and my own results.

    Over the weekend I threw a Primal Birthday Party for ~40 people where I turned my apartment into a cave and made 100% homemade primal food! It was a giant hit and now several dozen more know about it. Food included:
    Bison Meatballs – cilantro yogurt sauce
    Broiled Chicken “Buffalo” Drumsticks
    Gluten Free, Grain Free, No refined sugar chocolate cake
    Spicy Cheese Crisps
    Caprese Skewers
    Grok Rocks!

    A few pics here:

  575. Just posted to my twitter, and am working on convincing my wife and brother to join the fun!

  576. I hung the PB poster on the faculty room board and got a few co-workers interested in trying the Challenge. I also posted the link on Facebook.

  577. I told the fitness directors at my new college all about the challenge today! Also FB’d it and encouraged my family to join me. 🙂

  578. I have committed to the 30 day challenge, and I’ve told my friends, family, and co-workers…Another friend is contemplating joining me in going Primal for a month!

  579. I posted this link on my website and also convinced my brother to try the Primal way! Grok on!!

  580. First, I posted the challenge information on my Facebook. I then talked to some other friends in-person about it, as well as informing my boyfriend and mother! I have a lot of support from those who are close to me. I have been 60-80% primal since May (and have seen awesome results), but I am ready to go 100% from now on! Thank you for all that you do, Mark.

  581. Posted on my facebook, my twitter, AIM status, told my family and friends about it constantly and hiked up to the top of a mountain and yodled it!

  582. I’m goign to tell my mom, dad, girlfriend, girlfriend’s twin (better not get them mixed up), sister, other sister, best pal, and other best pal.

    My dad is totally a fitness nut, but he’s on chronic cardio and high-fiber grains. He’s much thinner, but not very toned. I hope I can help my pa with this! And myself, for that matter.

  583. Hi Mark! Been trying to get my mom and sister to switch over for awhile so I sent out a couple emails today, as well as let a friend borrow my copy of The Primal Blueprint.

  584. i told my fiancee, im telling my sister and will try to convince my parents!

  585. I performed an interpretive dance depicting the tenants of the blueprint down at the bus station. Sadly, the uncultured guards ended the show before I could get to the tambourine solo.

  586. i told my fiancee, told my sister, and will try to convince my parents!

  587. I’m in… Just posted the link to this page on my facebook page, tomorrow, I will attempt to recruit some co workers.

  588. I convinced my friend at school to try this with me! I am trying to convince another friend, but he is a vegetarian, how could i convince him?

  589. I posted the following on my Facebook:

    It’s time for the 2010 30-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge! Mark Sisson will shift your paradigm on everything from eating to exercise to sleep. Grok on!

    Thanks for all you do, Mark.

  590. Thanks Mark! I have told my brother and father who have both gone primal completely! I could not be happier either. I am slowly getting that 6 pack and feeling amazing everyday. Time to sprint! Take care

  591. I’ve been chatting up other gfcf homeschooling moms about PB!

  592. Been cooking primal/paleo at home for me and the girlfriend since I got the leap kit with the cookbook. Finally convinced her to read the primal blueprint. . I have two copies now so when shes done I’ll find someone else to lend to.

  593. I told my friends to get in gear, loaned the Primal Blueprint to another buddy and informed the kids we are going to be eating primally.


  594. I’m got my husband to get on board for “just 30 days”… huge accomplishment! …and my mom too.

  595. Told my family and now they’re doing the primal challenge with me!

  596. I sent this content to a friend who promptly agreed to participate and bought the PB book. Looking forward to this.

  597. I’ve been teetering just on the edge of primal for quite awhile, but never really managed to go all the way through with it. The 30-Day Challenge gives me the perfect opportunity to kick myself into gear and run with it. I’m undertaking it alongside my dad, and we’re gently trying to explain in hopes of getting my mom on board. I posted a Facebook link, and I’m hoping I can get my boyfriend to give it a shot as well!

  598. Posted to Facebook and telling DH when he gets home from work.

  599. OK..Posted the challenge on my Facebook page….Everyone I know, Knows I “eat funny” anyway…LOL with great results that speak volumes on thier own! Have the Blueprint and the Cookbook already..and of course, PBF. Add more schwag Please!

  600. Well – i told y family about it during Sunday breakfast. My older – more fit brother got on it immediately, orderd the book. I emailed my nephew who is in high school and pretty skilled at baseball. He wanted to know how to get stronger and faster – sent him the free BP Fitness.

  601. I decided to make this a family affair and use the Primal Leap Kit as part of our health & fitness curriculum for our kids as well! (we do school at home… well, everywhere actually)

  602. I have been playing with this primal stuff for a while now, but today it gets real! I posted my plan on FB and I have a few friends doing it with me. I’m really getting excited!

  603. Told some family about the challenge. GF is on board for 30 days, we’ll see about the others.

  604. Posted to Facebook. I just started a few weeks ago and so the challenge is very timely for me. I feel great so far (after the first week hump) and can’t wait to see what Mark’s going to throw at us along with his usual Spears of Wisdom and Stones of Genius.

  605. My husband and I are going primal along with the 3 kids (a little unwillingly). I have tried to convince my mom to start and my brother-in-law-so hopefully this can be a family challenge. I am so excited-almost one full day of being sugar free, this is a huge thing for me!!

  606. Just posted on FB and Twitter. Am going to work on my nephew who just bought a TRX. He’ll need some good nutrition to go along with his new exercise regimen.

  607. Hi – I posted the challenge on FB, I told my friends (I have two on board and one on the fence), I wrote a little Paleo ‘white paper’, I forwarded the challenge to my Crossfit gym! I am so excited! I really want to eat well and feel well!

  608. I recruited my sister over the summer and we started the challenge yesterday. We did a workout together over Skype! Yesterday I told everyone about the challenge on Facebook. Today I told my coworkers and 3 of my patients (who had complained about difficulty losing weight). And this summer I’ve been giving everyone Primal Blueprint for birthday presents…

  609. I have told my wife and all of my friends. Friends aren’t to willing to give up everything they say. My dad is the one who got me started on the Primal Process. I am excited about the 30 Day challenge. Me and my dad are gonna go through together even though hes been primal for about 5 months now. Since he has been telling me about it I had been curious and and couldn’t wait for the challenge since he is in his 50s and me in my 20s and he has more abs than me or any of my friends. Yea he was right thats what got me inspired. haha. Thanks Mark for giving us all a healthier lifestyle.

  610. I have shared this with my sisters and we are all going to try the primal challenge together. I also added it to my facebook to see if my girlfriends will join in and make it a team effort. Time to clean it up!!!Huge diabetic family so we MUST stay on top of our primal eating!!

  611. I posted it on Facebook, told all of my friends and family, put up flyers around my college campus, and convinced my roommate to start eating primally with me.

  612. I gave my primal book to my mom and made the roast from the cookbook for my family.

  613. I have told everyone I know. My dad is the one who got me interested in the primal lifestyle. He has been doing now for 6 months now. I’m new to the Primal Blueprint. Recently I have subscribed to MDA and got onto the forum. Username is TheDawg. My dad is right seeing him in his 50s and me and my 20s and he has more abs than me or any of my friends. I told myself if he can do it I can do it. Really excited about the 30 Day Contest. Thanks Mark for changing our families lifestyle.

  614. I sent my immediate family links to this and have convinced a friend to take the challenge.

  615. I tell people about being primal all the time. I’m looking better and I’m feeling better and I’m projecting that to the people in my life. When they tell me I look different somehow or ask what I’ve been doing, I tell them ‘I’m primal’ and, after the strange look (they’re wondering if it’s something dirty 🙂 – and you know this piques their interest just a bit more!) I explain what that means and where they can go to learn more. I’ve been telling people about the challenge since Mark first mentioned there would be one. Hopefully, they’ll see some of the changes that I’ve experienced and decide to give it a go.

  616. I facebooked it 3 weeks ago – and today again. Also rounded up friends from 3 corners of the world to do it with me. (I’m in Australia – recruited friends in AK and OH)
    Also passed my “Primal Blueprint” book on after I read it…
    Good luck everyone!

  617. Posted the link on my facebook, and are working my skills of persuasion on my best friends to make them join as well! Time to commit eh!

  618. I posted this link on my facebook and have convinced two friends plus my mom(which is a big deal) to at least try it

  619. I told my co-workers and my buddy Ken (posted above) who is diving headfirst into the Grok lifestyle. I think we are going to share a turkey leg later..

  620. I challenged my brother and eight uncles to try the 30-Day Challenge. I also introduced the topic today in each of my classes. Four of our wrestlers are going to try it out.

  621. I learned about Primal Blueprint from a friend on Facebook who is taking the exact same challenge! I have spread the word around to my family, and I think for the first time ever we may all be participating together in this! I am so excited.

  622. I’ve been advocating marksdailyapple at work now for the last couple months that i’ve been following it. A few of my co workers havn’t completely jumped in but have definetly taken some of the information here and adapted it to their lifestyles like cutting back on carbs and not eating as much wheat products.

    Over the summer I introduced my Mother and Aunt to the web site and they both have purchased the book and started the diet up last week.

    One of my childhood friends has recently started the diet as well after he saw my results during a camping trip.

    Today I posted on facebook and some other forums i’m associated with as well as email lists this link.

    Overall I love PBP and I hope it affects more and more people every day.

  623. Let’s see…I reminded my mom about the challenge, got my husband on board, involved my children, and posted about it on my blog!

  624. I walked outside my house and shouted the news to the neighborhood. 😀

  625. Mark, this is an exciting idea you are doing. I love Primal Blue Print. I am a Physical Education teacher and over the summer I have talked about your book and site to my family and they are still in the conventional wisdom. But that is not going to stop me. Tomorrow I am going to tell all of the other teachers at my school to try the primal contest. Its going to be tough to convince them, but I won’t give up. Thanks

  626. I’ve been flirting with going completely primal for a couple months now. I’m using this challenge as the jumping off point to go all the way. I am putting a post on my blog about the challenge. I also convinced my husband to join me and I’m working on my mom. My two year old already eats well, so another challenge I’m adding is to get my five year old to eat well along with the rest of us!

  627. I have my best friend who is diabetic doing the challenge with me.I have known him for 42 years and really want him to learn about the primal lifestyle and take better care of himself.

  628. Posted on my blog, talked to my husband more about it and my mom. I also used Facebook and Twitter. I’ve gotten some great responses from it!

  629. After converting a couple months ago everyone wants to know how I lost so much weight. I have recommened both books and the website numerous times.

  630. I’ve posted on both my twitter (which will hit all my coworkers) and my facebook (which will hit all my other friends).

    I’ve been primal for 3 months now, this is a great opportunity to get some of my friends interested without looking preachy ^_^

  631. I text messaged all friends who are supportive, positive, people and i have a support buddy helping me along the way. 🙂 who is going to do it too.

  632. I shared on Facebook, which means I also shared with alot of friends and co-workers!

  633. Posted to the bulletin board in my office! Wife & I are both on board for the challenge!

  634. I posted on Facebook! Now 434 of my nearest and dearest can see what I’m doing.

  635. Hi Mark! I am excited about the challenge. I posted it on my facebook page, told friends at work and told family members. Go primal!

  636. Did the whole facebook thing. I’ve been preaching Primal to lots ‘o people for a while now, too.

  637. I have been about 80% primal since May 2010 and my caretaker at the school I work at noticed I looked slimmer and asked me what I was doing and I have given him the website. I have decided that today (my first day back to school) that I would try my best to be 100% primal. I had a great start today. I ate totally primal today (boy was my steak great). Here we go let’s see how I do.

  638. Hi Mark! I am excited about the challenge. I posted it on my facebook page, told friends at work and told family members via phone.

  639. I posted the link on Facebook. Now 434 of my nearest and dearest know about it!

  640. I’ve already got my sister and mom doing the Primal Blueprint – but I e-mailed them both about this challenge. I need the motivation – I’ve slipped up a bit lately!

  641. Told hubby, and trying to convince him to join me for the challenge, he’s already onboard with PB but has been pretty loose as of late. Also will email the links to family tonight, we were away at a family wedding over the weekend, MIL already has a copy of PB from us that is making the rounds among other family members. Many of them had lots of questions about PB and seem pretty interested. I even got 2 of them interested in finding VFFs!

  642. My co-worker Ashleigh turned my boyfriend and I on to the PB. Now, we have told everyone we know even the guests coming into our salon!

  643. I’ve been raving about this program for almost 4 weeks. I have 6 people now joining me on the 30 day challenge.

    I emailed/Tweeted/FB’d

  644. I posted this to my Facebook page, and got my husband to join in my eating primal. We’ve used the past week for a “warm up”. So far, so good!

  645. Posted on Facebook, and emailed family, coworkers, and friends. I’ve been telling everyone I know for the past month.

  646. My copy of the Primal Blueprint now lives in the staff kitchen at work with a Post It note on it saying: “THIS BOOK HAS CHANGED MY LIFE”.

    2 co-workers have borrowed it and are now Primal… 689 to go!

  647. I made sure I let my entire rowing team know about the Challenge. They’re all going to check it out!!

  648. I’ve been sending recipes from MDA to my wife for a few weeks now. Today, I tweeted about this contest so that my tweeps can hold me accountable.

  649. Posted on Facebook… now its time to drop those extra lbs so I can get super sexy for my 30th birthday!! looks like I have lots of company. 🙂

  650. I’ve been on-board with primal/paleo eating for a little over a year now, and have advocated these lifestyle changes at any opportunity I find fitting… Today I questioned my anatomy professor on the concept that we should avoid consuming saturated fats based on evidence that some of these saturated fats are actually converted into monosaturated (“healthy”!) fats in the body… He asked me to share the article(s) I came across that stated this, and I will surely be sending him a link this way, as well as a few other good sources….

    Finally getting pops on board with this thing, too. We have been investing in grass-fed meat and discovering new ways to prepare it (sloooow-cooking!)

    Cheers 🙂

  651. I am ready and motivated for the 30-day challenge. Seeing everyone post here is great! I shared my plans with my dog who wholeheartedly approves of any plan that involves eating more (grass-fed, organic) meat.

  652. I had to go to school today to fill some paperwork, and stopped by my dad’s office while I was there to tell him and the people he worked with. I also told my mom about the Health Challenge when I got home, and told a few of my friends.

  653. I told my mom and and a couple of friends. I’m a newbie so they are curious to my results.

  654. Almost everyone I know is on Facebook; so that’s where I linked to this post.

  655. Just posted this on my Facebook page and have been talking to all of my friends, family and coworkers about it for the last several weeks. My husband and I are both participating, as is one of my coworkers and several folks at my CrossFit affiliate.

  656. I told my coworker about the primal challenge today at work and also mentioned some of the promised prizes this year. He went to this website and we discussed today’s challenge.

  657. It is my birthday today so I have been telling all the people about it that come to wish me happy birthday.

  658. I emailed my three sisters, wrote about it on my blog, and still trying to talk my husband into joining me for the 30 Day challenge.

  659. Facebook, reddit, emails to all the family who I have already turned on to the primal lifestlye to make sure they are doing the challenge. Get primal!

  660. I am still workiing on my husband to do this with me, I emailed my three sisters, and wrote about it in my blog.

  661. I posted on facebook and gave a copy of the books to my mother and coworkers. They haven’t committed to the challenge, but they are supporting me 100%. I am super excited to get healthy!

  662. I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter, I’m telling my coworkers, talking to hubby about it (slowly lol) and bringing up the laws one by one with my dad, mom and sisters! There will be a blog post about it some time in the next few days!

  663. My BF and I are in this together. He’s told his co-workers about it and have several very interested and I have shared with my fam.

  664. I passed around flyers at work. Now if I can only get my wife to join me in the Challenge…

  665. I posted the link to my facebook page, and told my neighbor about MDA. The challenge is perfect timing for me. I just started eating primal on Sunday, after receiving a letter last week from my doctor about my most recent blood work. Not a pretty picture. I have a long way to go, but I’m excited to start!

  666. A coworker just introduced me to this, and I’m in! I sent an email to a few friends to recruit them too. It’s time for a lifestyle change.

  667. I told my roommates and neighbors that I am going primal and am challenging them to do so as well. At the very least, they will get to enjoy some of the meals I will be making!

  668. I posted on facebook and told the couple i am living with about it. i’ll see if i can get them into it!

  669. I emailed my sister (she first turned me on to the idea of primal but hasn’t been able to stick to the primal WOE regularly – so far)

  670. I emailed this link to my friend and a coworker, as well as taking my two loaner copies of Primal Blueprint to work, and linked to this article on my Facebook page. Grok on!

  671. Got a friend to commit to the primal lifestyle two weeks ago. I have a personal 30 day challenge to get a colleague with serious health concerns to commit. His doctor told him he had to improve his health if he is to get better.

  672. I shared this primal challenge with my friend who had his father pass away of heart disease, and was told that he would most likely die of it too because it ran in his family. He was skeptical of the idea that his actions would have no affect on his future and jumped right into primal living when I told him about it and that he could reprogram his genes

  673. I told some people at work and plan to put it on my blog in the morning!

  674. Wow – hope you have a crew working on reading through all the comments! Mine is in there somewhere! 🙂

  675. I told my sister, who I recently converted to semi-primal, about the challenge!

  676. I posted about it on twitter, on facebook, and on my blog! And I’ve convinced my sister and husband to try it out for the 30 days!

  677. I pasted this URL to my facebook, told my immediate family, friends and everyone at my work.

  678. I posted on facebook with a link. I have already had people ask me about PB. I have shared my story with people I work with. Everyone tells me they can tell I am feeling better.

  679. I shared the link on Facebook. I’ve also been trying to get my husband involved. He needs to quit his diet sodas!

  680. Sent an email to our meetup group, Living Paleo in Boston, and I’m starting a thread on our discussion board about my own challenge over the next 30 days! Hoping others will join me in sharing their experiences.

  681. Posting this on my Facebook and letting friends know this is the way to go. Now to just get a little more serious myself!

  682. shared the page on my facebook and am about to post about it in my own blog.
    i think the best thing i’ve been doing to spread the word is actually cooking for people. once they realize how good the food is, they do take notice.
    i’ve been working on my mom for months now. i’m hoping she’ll come around.

  683. Pumped to start this challenge! Told 3 co-workers about this today and my husband. Let the games begin!

  684. posted to facebook. I am a slender 109 lb 25 year old, who wants to trim a bit of flab off my ass and add muscle definition to my body, and increase stamina.

  685. I linked on Facebook and Twitter. Have been talking it up at work–figure when I start walking around munching on my homemade beef jerky, I’ll really get their attention!

  686. Wow– so many comments! You’ve gained quite a following. I’ve put the challenge on my facebook and will soon get it on my blog. Truthfully, I’ll be just totally happy if I can convince my mom to join me. At least she follows my blog…!

  687. I wrote a short blog posting on my workout tracking blog, and enlisted the aid of my wife who is now about 3/4 of the way through the book.

    I’m looking forward to getting my eating back on track after a vacation and we’ll be getting our young children on board — we have a bit of a head start as our youngest (1 1/2 years old) *loves* avocado in pretty much any form.

  688. I bought my Dad and Mom the book a month ago and got my Mom on board with the 30 day challenge.

  689. Facebook post, told coworkers. Got wife and 3 kids to join the first day and we did the WOW in the backyard. 29 days to go!

  690. Getting my wife on the program and tweeting it any/everyone.

  691. Posted on FB, got Wifey on board, begging Dad to and dropped off a copy of Primal Blueprint on my friends doorstep this afternoon.

  692. I emailed my Mom (who will tell my dad), aunts, cousins, brother, and sister. Posted it on FB and Twitter, as well as sent personal messages on those networks to people I really think would take nicely to the challenge! Currently trying to convince my roommate.

  693. Stumbled across Primal Blueprint about a month ago while doing research for a doctoral level course in health psychology. Have been striving to live primally ever since. Now I feel quite “put in my place” after preaching a so-called healthy lifestyle that included grains, beans, etc. Continue to tout mindful eating and exercise, but am hoping my results from primal lifestyle will speak for themselves. Thanks to all who blog – I need your inspiration to thwart temptation!

  694. I’ve been talking to my sister about going primal for the past 2 months and she’s already made some changes. She’ll be attempting the challenge with me.

  695. Left a post and link to this site on my Facebook page inviting my friends to join me on the challenge.

  696. OK – so this is my husbands idea. Im on board – trying to “own it”.

  697. Posted on FB and made my husband read the 10 Challenges. Informed my parents, who are not on board and will let my coach know as well. She will approve I am sure.

  698. FB and got the Mrs. into the challenge as well! Time to clean out the pantry…

  699. I told my roommates, texted my friends and posted it on facebook.

  700. I bugged a friend who has been “part-primal” for the last couple weeks to go full-time and try the challenge and also posted a link to the contest on Facebook.

  701. I’ve been an on-again-off-again grokette for almost 6 months now. I’ve already recognized how much better I feel when I’m eating clean, but excuse after excuse has kept me from really taking the leap. This challenge is exactly the kick that I needed!

    I made my commitment public via facebook, my boyfriend is fully supportive and is already helping me plan meals (even if he wont go fully primal himself), and I’m teaming up with a girlfriend who introduced me to the PB!


  702. Iv been talking to friends… tried something new for lunch, seaweed salad not something id typically try but, was glad that I did! Instead of driving around town I chose to walk.

  703. I’m excited about the challenge. I posted an invitation on my blog and also emailed friends and family about the challenge.

  704. My copy of the Primal Blueprint is out on loan to one of my friends right now actually. I discussed the principles with my parents and have been trying to get on board with my girlfriend since summer. This is just what I need to finally get on board for good!

  705. I told my husband, who is slowly creeping toward primal, about it. I’m hoping to get him as excited as I am!

  706. Posted on Facebook, told my husband and my “accountability partner” who is my buddy in getting healthy. I’m in!

  707. I’ve been helping my mom transition to the primal lifestyle for a few months, and she loves it! I also told a cousin and a co-worker today about the challenge.

    Also posted a link to Facebook.

  708. Shared it on facebook, emailed my address book, called my mom, now to try convincing a vegetarian

  709. Posted to my CrossFit site and Fecbook page! Got 3 people signed up to do it with me so far!

  710. Have been talking to my housemates and co-workers for the past couple weeks about the challenge. Had a conversation at lunch today w/ the co-workers and a conversation after dinner tonight with a friend about the Primal Blueprint.

  711. Ran across your website about August 18th; bought the book on the 21st, and started trying to eat primally the next day & modified/added-to the light workouts I’ve been doing. At 61, I’m trying to correct/improve a lifetime of bad habits: cut way back (I hesitate to say completely got rid of all the grain- type carbs) & have stepped up the workouts by adding 30-45 minutes/day on a treadmill & push-ups & deep squats 3x/week, & weights (dumbells) 2x/week. I’ve told my wife (of course), son, bro-in-law, & several friends to “check it out.” Best news? I’ve lost @ 4 pounds in just over 2 weeks.

  712. My good friend and I are doing this together to keep each other accountable-along with my wife. Excited to see how good I look and feel after 30 days!

  713. I am “walking the walk” and “talking the talk” for the Primal Blueprint. My activity level is off the charts in the past two months…biking, walking, WOW’s etc. Especially enjoy bringing up the subject of how lame CW is with my friends… Specifically related to today’s challenge I e-mailed my sister-in-law a great review of PB written by Karen DeCoster, and ate some bacon.

  714. I’m persuading my husband and son to do the challenge with me! I’ve been grain free for almost 3 months, but I’m ready to take it to the next level.

  715. My family is so close to eating primal I can taste it. Some coworkers are also interested. There’s no other way. Let’s do this.

  716. Can’t wait, I’ve been slacking off the last month or so, I needed something to get myself back into the primal lifestyle. I got my parents to give it and try and sent the link to a few of my friends, who are into working out.

  717. I posted the link to this post on my sister’s Facebook page and suggested she get on board.

    Also, I started a blog to catalog my experience as I go through the 30 day challenge.

  718. I shared it with my wife hopefully it will be shared with our soon to be born child.

  719. Told my mother about it and got her the book for her birthday. She’s seen the results on me so she’s finally open to this ‘new’ way of living.

  720. okay, i’m in! challenged a friend to do it with me. took pictures of my jiggly belly. buh-bye, jiggly belly!

  721. It’s up on facebook and my wife is on board… now I just have to fine a way to convince a 3 year old to join us!

  722. I called my in-laws who I recently got converted to primal lifestyle.

  723. I told several friends that I am starting my primal day and have told my wife to help me with buying the right groceries to take our whole family on a primal meal trip

  724. After losing over 60 pounds effortlessly following the PB I never hesitate to tell anyone all about it! And this challenge is no different!

    I’ve managed to get a few people at work lined up to follow the PB Challenge and we’re going to all do it together!

    I can’t wait to see how well they all do at the end!

  725. I tried to explain this to a bunch of co-workers in our lunch room. One of them was quite adamant that ravioli was an essential part of a healthy diet.

  726. i’ve posted on my facebook page, told coworkers, and have been sending emails to various friends. so far one friend is on board with me, and i’m hopeful for more!

  727. I’ve potentially converted 2 of my friends. Time will tell.

  728. I posted it on both my Facebook and my Orkut page (orkut still very big here in Brazil). Was unable to tell my work colleagues today, because 09/07 is a holiday here, Brazil’s National Independence Day.

  729. I have shared this on FB and looking for volunteers to join me in a healthier lifestyle.

  730. Facebooked the post today and got a few newbies who are going to start up! So excited to see my friends and co-workers take on this challenge. It makes for lots of support and great discussion!

    Let’s hope that they hang in their for the 30 days. I’m going 5 months strong!

  731. My friend Terry and I have been doing cardio workouts for the last 6 months. I came across MDA while surfing on the internet. I studied it and thought that this might just be what my friend and I were looking for. I told him about it and after his research, he promptly bought the “Primal Leap Kit”. I’ve the the Primal Blueprint and the Cookbook. We both are really getting into it.

  732. I am also posting pictures of my food on Facebook – yummy eggs tonight!

  733. I posted the link to this blog post on my Facebook, and I’ve been telling friends and family about it. Also have my husband on plan too 🙂

  734. Weeee! Super stoked for this. Been telling everyone today, and pointing them here. Day 1 was a success!! 😀

  735. Ok, so my Brother-in-Law, Adam, is really into this system. He’s talked to me a couple times about it and how easy it would be to get ‘hooked’. I saw his post on his FACEBOOK page today and am going to take the “plunge”. Wish me luck Adam!! I can’t wait to get started…….

  736. Telling all my friends and family about the challenge. Started working on the lifestyle change 4 months ago. Still going strong and feel great. My sister is now on board and doing great. Now to work on a few more family and friends.

  737. I’ve been telling my friends about the Primal Blueprint after my fiance sparked my curiosity about living like the Grokette I am supposed to be. To keep me thinking like Grokette, I’ve started a new blog.

    Good luck everyone on your challenge!

  738. I’ve told my parents and my father expressed interest!

    And today I found out that one of my cousins was told to do a low-carb diet by her doctor so I suggested she stop by this site and look into Primal instead of just low-carb!

  739. I’m new to “primal” – just completed my second day implementing the 10 laws in my life and feel great so far. Told my sister and stepmom about it, and they are now joining me for the 30 day challenge.

  740. I’ve been mostly primal for the last 4 months. Convinced my husband, brother-In-law and sister-in-law to join me for the challenge.