The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Contest Updates

GrokfeastWe’re almost two weeks in to the 30-Day Challenge. If you’re just tuning in, check out the main Challenge Page for instruction on how to get Primal, and then head over to the Contest Page for instruction on how to win prizes.

Here are a few highlights…

The entry pool is still small for the Grokfeast Challenge. Remember, there’s a whole cow at stake, so rally your friends quickly! Check out one competing team’s group photo to the right. Those tribal spears are authentic!

If you’re at all savvy with a camcorder (or if you just have access to one), all three video contests are now open.

And don’t forget, it’s not too late to enter the Grokpose competition. If you want that bacon, snap a photo. It’s easy, see…

For those of you eligible for the secret Grok Tattoo contest, I need to clarify: You don’t have to be shirtless for the pic. Shirtless pics are certainly okay, but the overwhelming majority of entrants so far are shirtless, and I believe that may have had something to do with the twist on the Fight Club rules on the secret post. To reiterate, you can wear a shirt. Tattoo can go anywhere.

Last Wednesday I asked you all to tell me about your 20, your sensible (or not so sensible) indulgences. There were simply too many good entries to pick a top ten for polling, so I picked a winner at random. A few of the more common indulgences:

Grandmothers seemed to be responsible for many readers’ 20s…

In honor of my Grandmother, who taught me how to bake, my 20% is a simply chocolate pie that I make when I’m missing her. – Chase

Chocolate was a big culprit…

I love, love, love to dip 85% dark chocolate in peanut butter. When it’s raining, I’ll open up my window, sit back, close my eyes, and just let it melt in my mouth for as long as possible. – Laura

And of course, ice cream. Sonia has the right idea…

In the name of health I used to buy the nastiest ice cream. The non-dairy, low-carb, double churned, fat free crap. I used to scarf down quarts of it when I was craving ice cream so badly I could hardly stand it. And with CW in my brain, heaven forbid I even think about coming within a mile of the full fat good stuff.

Now that I live PB, I do not feel guilty at all in indulging in some full fat, full cream, rich creamy heavenly Ben and Jerry’s. I LOVE the real stuff, but now I only enjoy it about once every other month- and I don’t feel guilty at all.

And yes, you can have too much of a good thing…

I ate an entire jar of almond butter (about 4,000 calories). Almond butter is my Kryptonite. – busymom

Congrats to the winner, Carl, with his comment…

I just sent my oldest daughter off to college. The first to leave the nest. Right before she left, I took her to the ice cream parlor we have frequented since she was a toddler. It was a warm sunny day and we both ordered our favorites. I got Mackinaw Island Fudge double dip on a cake cone. We toasted the end of her childhood and ate our treat with no regrets, with warmth in our hearts, and sweet in our bellies. It was the best 20 I have had yet.

I have two finalists for the “Header’s Up!” Contest. Vote on your favorite! UPDATE: This poll is closed. Congrats to “Hikers at Dusk”!

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Rock Throwers in the Stream

Hikers at Dusk

Thanks to everyone who entered. They were all great pics, so I’ve included them below…

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