The 2010 Primal Challenge is Coming…

Success is much easier when your friends are cheering you on. And in a month, you’ll have an entire community right beside you as you take the plunge into Primal living. I’m bringing back the 30 Day Primal Challenge this September. For 30 days, MDA will transform into a hub of reader-generated content and activity, where you can read about how others are going Primal, watch videos of people cooking their favorite Primal meals, and start your own 30 Day Primal Challenge journal. Whether you’re new to the blog and still a little timid about the whole “ancestral health” craze, or a seasoned veteran with a closet full of Vibrams just looking to add some more Primal schwag to your collection, September is the perfect time to actively participate.

And yes, there will be prizes.

In addition to the regular post each day, there will be a contest post. Some contests are as easy as leaving a comment. Other contests may require a little more brain and legwork. If you were reading MDA last year, you may remember sending in breakfast photos to win a bucket of fat, or writing Grok Haiku. This year I’ll be bringing back a few favorites as well as adding an assortment of exciting new ways to get your Grok on. I’m aiming for bigger and better prizes as well, but I need your help and suggestions…

  • If you are a company and want to feature your product on MDA, shoot me an email!
  • If you know a company who might be interested, feel free to shoot them a line.
  • If it helps you cook a Primal meal, break a Primal sweat, or live a Primal life, I’ll give it away.
  • If you have a prize suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comment board, and if you know someone who makes it, leave a link to their website.
  • I’m not looking for sugar-filled energy drinks, magic weight loss pills, or products that specifically go against the Primal Blueprint philosophy (grains, hard cardio, that ridiculous shake-weight), but I certainly don’t mind giving away a few sensible vices or products that fit under the broad category of “play”.

If you want a little taste of what’s in store, check out last year’s contests and prizes.

Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your librarian, and tell Steve, that guy in your book club who keeps going on about how he’s just about ready to give that low-carb “trend” the old college try. Because in September, they’ll have an entire community of people trying right along with them. Thanks in advance for the feedback and stay tuned for today’s regularly scheduled post.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I challenge myself to be 100% commited to this challenge. I may even start now…

  2. The Shake Weight, hahaha, I saw that the other day and almost died laughing!

    1. They now have one for men. It’s black and silver, instead of white and pink(?). Absolutely ridiculous 🙂

  3. I was actually going to kick off my own challenge on the 15th (didn’t want “carb flu over my birthday…). I’ll still do that, and join in the “official” challenge in September.

    Give-away suggestions: national park pass, good sunglasses (we spend time outside, but don’t want to hurt our eyes), gift certificates to evoomarketplace (, which has unbelievable vinegars and fantastic oils.

  4. SOOOOO excited for this. 🙂

    The primal challenge 2009 is what initially piqued my interest in PB. Feels like coming home.

  5. This is perfect I’m just finishing up the book and was going to do my own 30 day challenge. I’ll just wait a little for this one. Sweet.

  6. This will be the perfect motivator for me. I’ve been wanting to do my own challenge for a few months now. Thanks!

  7. Cannot wait! I just started 8/1 and 6 days in I’m holding on strong!

  8. YAY!

    I first discovered Mark’s Daily Apple earlier this year. Adjusting to the blueprint has been inconsistent due to a few reasons (including family pressure) but I have already seen improvements. I had been hoping for a 2010 Primal Challenge to provide that additional kick in the rear to really commit. I am excited!

  9. Excellent! I wish this was starting today. Here’s my ideas for giveaways:

    A pair of five fingers.
    Any of the supplements you make.
    Case of dark chocolate.
    A dehydrator.
    Or steamer/rice cooker.
    The Primal Blueprint or the Cookbook.
    A bunch of copies of the books to give to friends!
    Kettle balls, or any workout equipment.
    A sous vide cooker.
    (You should do an article on sous vide cooking).
    A vacuum food sealer.
    Ultimate Frisbee equipment set.
    Grass fed beef.
    A ticket to Primal-Con.
    Gym Membership
    A bike!

    1. A miniature ice cream maker for homemade coconut milk ice cream would be awesome as well. No more agave nectar added commercial brands!

  10. Offer a Volleyball net kit, and ball as a prize. Great exercise and can include friends. 🙂

  11. Love It! Prize Suggestions:

    Kettlebell with Instructional Video
    Gift of Grassfed Beef
    Gift of Vibrams

  12. If we’re in our own house eating our own food by then (I’m quasi-Primal because when you’re getting food for free, you can’t be quite so picky) I am totally there.

  13. I have sinusitis and I read that eliminating dairy and grains can reduce the symptoms, and that “diet” is pretty close to the primal diet.

    A contest to keep me on track (and stop the temptation to go and grab a handfull of cookies) will be great!

    I quit dairy and grains cold turkey a couple of days ago and I feel really awful today… how long will I feel this way?? (but I can breathe better already!! =) yeeey)

        1. Thanks for the info Connor. Wow, a couple of weeks? I thought it was going to be just a couple of days. Reading that post explains why I didn’t do well on yesterday’s soccer game!

          The good thing is, I don’t crave sugar or grains or anything like that! I’m actually going home now for a nice steak =)

          By the way Mark, I found your blog some time ago and totally love it! More people should know about this way of life, I’ll spread the word at least with my family members.

  14. I need this!
    I had a complete elbow dislocation on 7/29 and ruptured all the ligaments, tore the muscles and damaged my ulnar nerve. About the only thing I didn’t do was break a bone (just bruised- let’s hear it for strong bones @ 48!)

    This challenge will be the perfect motivation for me to stay on PB (been going strong 6+ months) and not use my injury as an excuse to backslide.

    Tough typing with only the left hand, though!

    I’m in!!!!

  15. So looking forward to this. I’ve been posting recipes and foods on my blog, and your blog has been the inspiration for the foods. Thanks so much!

  16. Last year I found MDA on August 30th… last day of the challenge. D’oh! I’m *this* close to being 1 year primal, and can’t wait to join the challenge as a start to my second year primal!

  17. To help spread the word of PB outside MDA, you can even post all of your food recipe entries on

    (I’m not affiliated with them, but it’s a great site that I’ve used for years!)

    1. I agree that 2 tickets is nice, so that we can bring primal SOs and make it into a primal vacation. I don’t know how feasible that would be for Mark.

  18. For a smaller prize giveaway, orange glasses to wear at night. I’ve been wearing them, and getting deeper, better sleep!

    1. Yes, I was going to suggest orange glasses also or the blue light blocking glasses, nightlights or light bulbs. I wondered how well the orange safely glasses worked ’cause they are much cheaper than the blue blocking glasses that were used in another study. I’m glad they are working for you!

  19. YAY!! This sounds like fun! I agree two tickets to PrimalCon would be an AWESOMMEEE prize… 🙂

  20. I think a spear would be a good prize so the winner can go out and kill something.

    Then post pictures.

  21. Speaking of sensible vices – I’ve been making coconut ice cream in my new ice cream maker with…coconut sugar!

    Maybe you could do a little “coconut basket” – some coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut flakes, coconut oil and coconut sugar? Good luck and I’m looking forward to the challenge!

  22. I can’t wait for the Challenge to start! Will the Primal Fitness e-book and Primal journal “kit” that you mentioned earlier this summer be available by then?

    1. Fitness e-book is out. Woo Hoo!!! Though I’m curious about the “kit” too.

  23. Looking forward to it cause I fell down and having trouble getting back up! 😉

  24. Awesome. I will cogitate on it and see if I can recruit some prizes from around here.

  25. We are in desperate need of a door frame pullup bar to assist in our “back-to-basics” bodyweight “heavy lifting.” I’d like to see one given away! 😀 (preferably to me, but you know.)

    1. Ooh yes, that’s what I was going to suggest as well! Or what about gymnastics rings – we use them a bunch in Crossfit, and it’d be cool to have them around the house to throw onto a tree limb (muscle-ups, anyone?). Climb the tree, then do ring dips and pullups!

  26. I’m in!! I have been wanting to do this and now I have even more motivation to keep me on track. So excited!

  27. Theres a tv infomercial selling a product called the Magic Bullet which is like the supreme blender of blenders, and blenders are great for random paleo recipes

    you could give away some paleo style exercise equipment, like sandbags or medicine balls

    free copies of your book? or the cookbook? whats an easier way to help someone live paleo than the fundemental product itself!

    You could let people show off their blogs, and have a winner (or winners) get a paid-for domain name or you could rank them in a Miss Blog Pageant ’10 in a post. You could have different categories (Entertainment, Educational, Modern Paleo, Wild Card, Radical Paleo, Recipe Blog, ect. I could come up with 100 of these haha)

    Thats all on my mind right now, its early in the land of the rising sun (florida).

  28. i am SO stoked about this! a recent car accident totally derailed my life style, but i’m healed enough to get my primal back on!

    i think a prize of wild meats would be awesome:


  29. Hi,

    An icecram maker for making nice primal icecream would be niice! 🙂

  30. I’m doing the August challenge now, but will definitely be in for September too. It’ll be a good chance to up the ante!

  31. I think some of those Grok water bottles would make some great prizes (you know, the ones we keep hoping will show up on your Primal Merchandise page? hint hint…)

  32. Eh not sure where my post went.

    But I was thinking a Volleyball Kit, and Ball would be a nice option.

    Looking forward to this.

  33. cooking supplies as prizes…

    pots / pans/ utensils … would be cool (or hot depending on the use!…)

  34. I am completely PSYCHED for the 2010 Primal Challenge!!! 😀

    …and all the prizes…

    Badminton sets, volleyball sets, ultimate frisbee sets, workout equipment (kettleballs!), vibram five fingers (or any other shoe that is barely-there, I recall SOMEONE posting about that recently, as VFF doesn’t fit all), supplements, books, posters (I for one, would love to have primal/motivational posters on walls in my room), maybe as a grand prize, getting to go to PrimalCon for free/a reduced price! And DEFINITELY, grassfed meats, or wild meats in general, as they can be difficult to procure in some places ):

    Thank you so much Mark and all the staff at the Daily Apple for all that you do to improve peoples’ health and awareness of themselves every day!

  35. This makes me happy! I have been primal for just over a month now. Loving the meat, fat and veggies. I dip into the dark chocolate a little too much though. It is so hard to find coconut oil and nut flours around my area. I would like to win a Whole Foods Store by my house, then the whole neighborhood would win! YAY for Mark!!

  36. Also thought a Vitamix would be nice, but that’s probably stretching it!

  37. Hey Mark I stumbled across the blog a couple of weeks ago by pure chance and am now hooked. Just got my copy of the book, ebook and will be getting the cookbook soon. Can’t wait to read them to be ready for the September challenge.

    As a law student I am a little worried about this “flu” messing with school but that hopefully won’t last too long.

    Look forward to posting more and jumping into this Primal Challenge.

    1. Maybe ease in for the first few days of September (eliminate sugar one day, flour the next, rice the next, etc.) Then try it hardcore over Labor Day weekend. You’ll probably be hit hardest at the end of the first or second day, so a long weekend will give you a bit of recovery time, and the slow elimination at first will make it not so brutal. 🙂 Good luck!

      1. Thanks for advice. I have pretty much cut sugar out (other than ice cream) but flour and rice not so much so transitioning into it sounds like a really good idea.

        My girlfriend has decided to try it out as well which will make it easier. So hopefully easing into it will help her out as well.

  38. Gift suggestions:
    Others already mentioned the vibram shoes, I second that.
    My other suggestions are:
    1) A simple and cheap one (you could give several for the lower prizes) – a slow cooker (I use it a lot for my primal meals)
    2) Grok shirts!

  39. Here is a prize suggestion… personal (by phone) consultation with one Mr. Mark Sisson on health and fitness strategies and how to live more Primal!

  40. Gift suggestion:

    – Grok sports watch ( – easy to have made and reasonable – no setup fee)
    – Free ticket to PrimalCon11 (tho there should be some stringent requirements to win this!)

    Looking forward to the challenge..


  41. Prize ideas: decadent jerky from somewhere like Mahogany Smoked Meats in Bishop Ca. (on the way to Mammoth)and gift certs to the Primal Blueprint store. I’m excited for the challenge and I love the Primal Blueprint. I am actually doing an MS recovery diet, but got my husband and family on board with giving up grains, etc. by using the primal blueprint.

  42. How about an official MarksDailyApple/Primal Blueprint Frisbee? 😀
    Just joking. Love the idea of a Primal Challange.

    Thumbs up!

  43. this will be my first year participating and i am super excited!!!!!! i am definitely up for the challenge;-)

  44. in lieu of PrimalCon Tickets, i would also totally go for something like a few weeks of nutrition/fitness consultation from you, Mark. That could easily be done through the magic of the interwebs. or, as i just noticed Mr. Anderson pointed out, by phone.

    otherwise, you could probably just throw hunks of meat wrapped in VFFs at us and we’d be happy.

  45. I am a newbie in the Primal World. I will finish the book this week and be ready to go. I cannot believe my timing is spot on for once! I am excited to join you all in the challenge…and prizes for reaching health goals? Really? How generous!! Thank you, Mark!

  46. I’ll +10000 the prize of Vibrams… tho really any “barefoot” shoe would be sweet. Also like the exotic jerky idea. How ’bout a food dehydrator so folks can make their own? Chocolate, t-shirts, grok watch, all cool prize ideas. Your books & supplements also awesome. CSA or cowpool gift certs??

    can’t wait! 😀

  47. A nice supply of grass-fed meat (doesn’t *have* to be beef) would be a great prize…

  48. Im In! & Ready to go! Mark,how about GROK T Shirts for women so we don’t look like we are wearing potato sacks!

  49. I’m in & I suggest the Small Micro-Cooker from Pampered Chef. Love mine, great for Cauliflower Rice. Although I don’t sell P.C., I’m willing to donate one to the pool of prizes.

  50. My votes for prizes:

    Vibram’s Five Fingers
    Primal Blueprint/Primal Fitness Kit
    Grass Fed Beef
    Your supplements!

  51. Giveaway ideas:

    Vibrams (I want some sooo bad)
    anything to help with Primal cooking (gadgets, cookbooks)
    interval timers

  52. Looking forward to this challenge. If it is anything like the Whole 9, piece of cake!!

  53. I’m ready this time. I had just discovered your site the last time you did the challenge and I have been slowly converting to Grok’s diet. I’m ready to give it 100%.

  54. A newbie to Primal Living…and was initially worried about what was going to come of my Grok diet and fitness routine once I return to college campus, the most anti-primal environment I can imagine…
    So the timing of this challenge is PERFECT. Ready to give it 100% too!

  55. I third the VITAMIX! would love to have one of those or an ice cream maker. can’t get that coconut ice cream off my mind in this mid-west heat. I’m excited about the challenge, looking forward to it! Love the primal life:)

  56. yayy, a 30 day challenge!! I love this!! I just knew about the primal life style a little over a month ago and got addicted to this website and decided to do the 30 day challenge (which I have just completed today) 😀
    What an imazing feeling!! Its been forever trying to lose these last 10 stubborn pounds of fat and am happy to say I am already half way there and from the way my pants fit now, I can tell it was mostly fat that i lost!!! Its not only that, I feel I energetic all the time, wanting to play, go on run/walks, and not feeling hungry every 2 or 3 hours as I was before when I was following the “conventional wisdom”. Yayyy! I am sooo looking forward for the next 30 day challenge! and as far as prizes,how about:
    a pair of five finger,
    copies of primal blue pring book and the cooking book ( I already have it and its GREAT).
    Pull up bar
    some supplements!
    I am totally gana get some of my friends and family to do this challenge with me!

  57. How about winning Mark for a week? He could help with food choices, cooking & workouts …

  58. Hi Mark! Great news about the Primal Challenge. I am walking proof that 30 days of this lifestyle DOES change your body and your life. Suggestions for prizes: beach cruiser bike, yoga mat, signed copy of your book 🙂 Have a PRIMAL day all!

  59. Hi Mark & fellow grokers! This is great! I can’t wait-been primal for a little while now, survived the 2 week “carb-flu” & doing so much better than before. I’m still working to incorporate all aspects of primal so the challenge comes at a great time for me. Lots of great ideas for prizes here!

  60. So I think I’m going to do this this year. I might even take on Melissa Urban’s Whole 30 challenge in the month of September (my sister’s visiting the last week of August, and I don’t want to have to fight with my mom over food while she’s here). I’ve found, in the past, that fully primal/paleo is not a sustainable way for me to eat, but committing to a few weeks of doing it strictly kills my sugar cravings and food-induced moodiness.

  61. This is exactly what I need! I’m ready to sign up come Sept. 1st. Thank you!

  62. How about giving away a TRX Force system? They are compact and go anywhere you want, all bodyweight exercise programs so you make it as hard as you want!!

  63. This is excellent!! I just went cold turkey off the sugar & grains on 8/1 and am loving it so far. Pretty stoked on this timing- I generally get through 30 days of something on my own just fine, but this month 2 energizer is going to be so helpful!

  64. Ideas for prizes…

    1. 16KG kettlebell for men; 8KG for women from Dragondoor (

    I’ve been training with kettlebells for over a year, following the Russian Hardstyle method (HS). I just recently subscribed to your newsletter and browsed through the Primal Fitness E-book. I love your approach, and it’s somewhat consistent with my thinking and training/nutrition principles. Simple, effective, no nonsense approach.

    I’m considering joining in on the 30 Day primal challenge and contemplating purchasing the Primal Leap package… keep up the good work.

  65. I’ve been getting my Grok on all summer as I camped in the wilds of northern Canada…cooking meat on a stick over a fire is just endlessly appealing! A 30 day challenge is what I need in September as I’m back in the city and back to work! I’m in, I’m IN!!!!

  66. Yes!

    Been a year since I was primal and I these daily blog posts are going to be my focus for the next month as I don’t have anybody else in this town that I know of that is following the same approach… let alone anyone who doesn’t think I’m weird or crazy.

    Bring it Mark! Bring it!