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WOW: Hammer Time

Complete 5 cycles of:

6 Hammer Around-the-Heads, each direction
10 Hammer Shovels, each direction
12 Hammer Slams, each side

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WOW: Sprint, Walk, Sprint, Repeat

Complete 15 minutes of:

6-second Sprint
6-second Sprint

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WOW: The Bro Workout

Complete 5 cycles of:

10 Dips
7 Pullups
10 Handstand Pushups
10 Inverted Rows

As with nearly all WOWs, this workout is scalable. Read on for beginner substitutes and variations.

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WOW: Retool and Revisit

Complete 6 cycles of:

10 Burpees
5 Pullups
10 Weighted Squat Throws
12 Clapping Pushups
10 Weight Tosses
50 Meter Sprint

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WOW: Quality Time

Complete 4 cycles of:

100 Meter Leapfrog
100 Meter Foot Race
Tug-of-War (losers do ten burpees)

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WOW: The Climb

25 Minute Climb

Variations on this WOW are encouraged. See the “How-to” and “Variations” sections below.

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WOW: I’m Gonna Be (500 Reps)

Hit 500 reps total, using the following:

Handstand Pushups
Weighted Lunges
Broad Jumps

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WOW: Sprint Complex

Complete 4 (or more) in succession:

2 10-second Standard Sprints
2 10-second Uphill Sprints
2 20-second Grok Crawl Sprints
2 12-second Backward Run Sprints
2 150-meter Rowing Sprints
2 50-meter Swim Sprints, any stroke
2 quarter-mile Uphill Cycle Sprints

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WOW: The Grok Throwdown

3 cycles of:

Two-minute scuffle
200 Meter Partner Carry – Piggyback
200 Meter Partner Carry – Fireman’s Carry
200 Meter Partner Carry – Bridal Carry
30 Second Plank for Two

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WOW: Explosion Complex

5 cycles of:

10 Russian Lunges (5 each leg)
8 Explosive Clapping Pushups
5 Explosive Pullups
5 Weight Tosses

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