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Weekly Link Love—Edition 88

Research of the Week
Physical frailty predicts COVID-19 outcomes.

If you’re lifting, getting 1.62 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is a nice target.

After new analysis, Ireland reduces its “excess deaths from coronavirus” numbers. Still 13% higher than normal, but lower than previous estimations.

Evidence for coronavirus presence in Brazil as early as November 2019.

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Weekly Link Love—Edition 87

Research of the Week
Yoga promotes stress resilience.

Adipose tissue is limited by the number of embryonic progenitor cells.

Relying only on antibody testing may not capture everyone with coronavirus immunity.

Birds who swallow fish eggs whole may deposit them intact and viable into isolated lakes.

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 86

Research of the Week
Ancient Irish elite were largely incestuous.

In a recent study, coronavirus shows up on tons of hospital surfaces but with very low viral loads. Present but not transmissible.

Having a younger blood donor is linked to shorter hospital stays.

“Conservation areas” don’t actually conserve anything.

Losing body fat probably improves cancer resistance.

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 85

Research of the Week
Listening to Mozart daily reduces seizure frequency.

A Mediterranean ketogenic diet makes changes to the cerebrospinal fluid profile indicative of a lower risk of cognitive decline.

A low-carb, high-fat diet works for people with type 2 diabetes. Again.

More omega-3s, more strength (in older adults).

Links between personality traits and where a person spends their time.

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 84

Research of the Week
Split brain, no split consciousness.

High circulating ketone levels reduce cardiac inflammation and inhibit the progression of heart failure.

Psychological distress and loneliness are way up.

Analyzing the genetic imprints of the animal skins used for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Why weed makes you go, “Whoa.”

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 83

Research of the Week
Diabetic patients taking metformin had lower coronavirus mortality than diabetic patients not taking it.

“Increased cardiovascular disease in African-Americans with Covid-19.”

Unsaturated fat intake and deficiencies in calcium and albumin linked to higher coronavirus mortality.

“Financial relationships between the leaders of influential US professional medical associations and industry are extensive…”

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 81

Research of the Week
The current estimate of 67-72% of the world’s population having excess body fat may need to be revised upward.

More body fat, worse memory.

Combining fasting with vitamin C may help beat hard to fight cancers.

Metformin: good for autophagy and mitochondria.

Sugary drinks linked to heart disease. But how? Soda has no saturated fat.

Fewer women, more artists.

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 76

Research of the Week
An IL-6 inhibitor shows benefit in slowing down the coronavirus cytokine storm.

Researchers laying the groundwork for a meat tax.

Mice “pre-loaded” with corn oil experience an “extended course of lung injury” after being exposed to endotoxin.

Peter Attia (and colleagues) wonders if we’re missing a readily available treatment option.

How the lockdowns are affecting the earth’s seismic activity.

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 75

Research of the Week
Can anti-aging drugs and supplements help against coronavirus?

Hydroxychloroquine shows promise in another small trial.

Sulforaphane may be effective in autistic patients.

Ferrets and cats may be vectors for COVID-19 transmission.

Coronavirus found in Dutch sewage.

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 74

Research of the Week
Even medical students touch their face dozens of times each hour, almost 50% of the time a mucous membrane.

A clinical trial is underway looking at the effect of chloroquine on coronavirus.

A neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio indicative of insulin resistance predicts severe illness in COVID-19 cases.

ACE inhibitors and coronavirus.

Dairy appears to promote better bone mineralization in post-menopausal women.

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