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Weekly Link Love — Edition 3

Research of the Week
Researchers uncover strong links between disrupted circadian rhythm, bipolar disorder, and suicide.

Early humans bred with other hominid groups to gain cold tolerance.

Prenatal phthalate exposure linked to early childhood language delays.

Hopefully this is also the last study of its kind.

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 2

Research of the Week
The latest MDMA trial finds it’s 76% effective at treating PTSD. Full FDA approval expected by 2021.

As many as 500,000 years ago, Arabia was green, and hominids were living and traveling through there.

Scare yourself to recalibrate your emotions.

Increased frequency of global travel may actually reduce the danger of global pandemics.

CoQ10 is good for type 2 diabetics.

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 1

Research of the Week
Keto enhances fat loss without compromising performance in powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters.

Space travel compresses the brain, and the effects linger for months after returning planetside.

The shape and size of birth canals differ by population.

Youngsters with type 1 diabetes tend to have gut biomes that are low in the bacteria that produce short chain fatty acids and ferment human milk oligosaccharides.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 526

Research of the Week
A low-carb, high-fat diet improves glucose control and lowers fasting insulin in people with Type 2 diabetes, whether they walk after meals or not.

Many cases of dementia may come down to non-inherited random errors during DNA replication.

An active commute through natural settings is a reliable recipe for good mental health.

Human neurons are uniquely powerful and self-contained.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 525

Research of the Week
Introducing treadmill workstations to an office resulted in a smaller than expected but still significant increase in total walking time.

Going into a soccer match with mild dehydration causes a big spike in cortisol after the game.

Microscopic flowers of titanium dioxide degrade BPA.

Falling in love has a massive effect on immune gene expression.

Virtual reality can increase exercise tolerance and intensity.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 524

Research of the Week
The most plausible explanation for the decline in well-being among youth is increased screen time.

Small gifts lubricate business deals.

Lifting reduces muscle efficiency (a good thing).

Dog intelligence is “not that exceptional.”

Raw meat and bone diets for dogs actually work.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 523

Research of the Week
Replacing some of the flour in pasta with beef lung powder makes it way healthier—more protein, lower blood glucose response.

Average American kid gets almost 4 hours of screen time and less than an hour of physical activity every day. Those who get more physical play and less screen time tend to be more cognitively advanced.

Roundup hurts honeybee gut bacteria. What does it do to ours?

Antidepressant users need to watch their light intake—more natural stuff during the morning and day, less artificial at night.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 522

Research of the Week
Researchers discover the neuron circuit that directly connects the brain to the gut.

Antidepressants work way better if the patient exhibits elevated inflammatory markers.

MDMA shows promise against social anxiety in autistic adults.

Reduced cardiovascular mortality, increased all-cause mortality.

Higher maternal gluten intake during pregnancy, increased risk of type 1 diabetes in offspring.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 521

Research of the Week
Ride a coaster, pass a stone.

Get your intensity high enough and you don’t need more than 15-20 minutes in the weight room.

In people with familial hypercholesterolemia, inherited coagulation factors are more important than cholesterol levels.

If you’re going to consume grains, make them liquified and fermented.

Keto prevents liver cancers from forming, doesn’t stop existing ones from progressing.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 520

Research of the Week
Insulin suppression enhances weight loss.

Good things—like higher incomes—come to those who wait.

Interestified soybean oil isn’t any healthier than regular soybean oil.

Kids who drank colostrum higher in omega-3 DHA and lower in omega-6 linoleic acid ended up with higher IQs.

Doing breakfast 90 minutes later and dinner 90 minutes earlier than usual was enough to lower body fat.

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