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Weekend Link Love – Edition 430

Research of the Week
Researchers found an actual dinosaur tail with real feathers encased in amber.

Tibetan dogs have wolf genes that enable high-altitude living.

Giving coconut oil to heart disease patients as their staple cooking fat is totally safe.

Researchers recommend more testing of diets with low omega-6/omega-3 ratios for bipolar disorder.

Enjoying exercise might be genetic.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 427

Research of the Week
Wall sits reduce hypertension.

Resveratrol could replace sulfites in wine-making.

Teens who stay up late have less self-regulation.

Blood from human teens rejuvenates aging mice.

Brawn develops brain.

The link between produce consumption and better cognitive function is mediated by physical activity.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 426

Research of the Week
Mainlining garlic for cold season? Have an apple over salad for the sake of those around you.

Dim light in the room when you sleep impairs cognitive performance the next day.

Doctors are over-diagnosing breast cancer.

An extra hour of sleep increases wages by over 1% in the short term and 5% in the long term.

Better pupils have bigger pupils.

Interrupting your sitting with frequent standing breaks increases mental alertness, reduces fatigue, and inhibits food cravings.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 425

Research of the Week
Your job may be killing you.

Here’s a weird promoter of neuroplasticity I didn’t see coming: allergies.

Replacing diet soda with water sped up weight loss in obese women.

The world of virtual eating (both taste and texture) is upon us. Don’t mind the facial electrodes.
New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 141: Aaron Alexander: Host Elle Russ chats with Aaron Alexander, who wears many hats: personal trainer, connective tissue specialist, Rolfer, licensed manual therapist. If you’re interested in the interplays between mind, body and movement, listen to this podcast.

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Embodiment for Emotional Health: Is Mindful Movement a Primal Key?
10 Nutrient Optimizing Tips for the Primal Enthusiast
Why the Blood-Brain Barrier is So Critical (and How to Maintain It)

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 424

Research of the Week
High-protein diet causes remission from pre-diabetes to normal glucose tolerance; isocaloric high-carbohydrate diet does not.

Fasted morning exercise reduces 24-hour food intake and increases fat burning.

Natural birth prepares a newborn’s liver to metabolize fats.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 423

Research of the Week
Walking slows memory decline in older folks already experiencing it.

Case study: fecal transplant cures celiac.

Anxious dogs go gray.

Researchers dig through poop and find new antibiotics that reverse drug-resistance in bacteria.

Not all of the genetic material Neanderthals bequeathed to us was negative.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 422

Elle Russ had a great chat with Dave Asprey. Good stuff.

It’s the last week to grab some free bonuses with your copy of Primal Blueprint Publishing’s newest title, The Paleo Primer: A Second Helping. 
Research of the Week
American kids are among the world’s least fit.

Staying physically and mentally active reduces cognitive decline.

“Tech rage”: Americans are apparently throwing, sobbing into, and screaming at their smartphones on a regular basis.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 421

I talked at length about lessons learned in my endurance career on the Tri Swim Coach Podcast.
80% of Chinese clinical trials use falsified data.

Copper doorknobs fight infections.

Dogs and humans share genes for socializing (and social disorders).

Older women who consume more than 261 mg caffeine per day (2-3 cups of coffee, 5-6 cups of tea) have a lower risk of dementia.

A new study spanning 42 European countries finds no association between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease, the lowest risk among those eating the most fat and animal protein, and the highest risk among those eating the most refined carbs. Huh.

Bees just made the endangered species list for the first time ever. Congratulations!

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 420

Research of the Week
On the causality—or lack thereof—of the gut biome’s association with obesity.

Going barefoot in the classroom makes kids more enthusiastic about school.

Where you carry your fat affects your risk of heart disease.

The role of mitochondrial hormesis in exercise training.

Strong kids become healthy adults.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 419


If you’re pinterested in winning a gift certificate to Whole Foods, enter this Primal Kitchen Pinterest contest.

Elle Russ chats about The Paleo Thyroid Solution with Primal Health Coach Vanessa Lambert on the Bee the Wellness podcast.
Research of the Week
Oxytocin is awesome.

30 grams of freeze-dried wild blueberries provides big cognitive boosts to 7-10 year olds, 15 grams less so.

Your fitness tracker probably won’t actually help you lose much weight.

The effect of cold showers on health and productivity.

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