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Weekend Link Love — Edition 480

Research of the Week
Postprandial insulin response just might be the best early predictor of diabetes and heart disease risk.

The average prehistoric woman had stronger arms than today’s average elite woman rower.

It doesn’t matter if you’re healthy. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages still isn’t good for your vascular function.

Artificial light at night is a novel risk factor for cancer morbidity and metabolic disorders.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 479

Research of the Week
Dietary linoleic acid makes alcohol even worse for your liver.

The study results that the sugar industry suppressed—because they showed animal data indicating that sucrose increased cancer risk.

Moderate drinking appears to be protective against all-cause mortality even in Japan, where rates of suboptimal genetic ethanol metabolism are higher.

Exposure to green spaces may improve children’s ability to pay attention.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 478

Research of the Week
Cold water plunges work better than cryotherapy.

In Kenya, kids who are habitually barefoot have healthier feet and lower rates of lower limb injury than habitually shod kids.

Epileptic babies who go keto get better gut biomes.                         .

Yoga pairs well with a low-FODMAP diet against IBS.

Ancient humans really liked their rice.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 477

Research of the Week
Triathletes need beef.

Taking vitamin D could enhance burn healing.

More fish, fewer rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Cushioned shoes protect against injury only when movements are unexpected and unplanned.

Southern California has the nation’s most stressful commutes.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 476

Research of the Week
Fasting keeps you and your mitochondria young.

Less than two hours of walking each week could extend your life.

You can probably get Alzheimer’s through blood transfusions.

Why you should schedule your heart surgery for the afternoon.

The steady trickle of humans out of Africa into Europe doomed the Neanderthals.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 475

Research of the Week
Muscle strength predicts health outcomes in older folks.

Women who are too skinny may risk early menopause.

A daily cold shower is good for your psychological health.

We intuitively know how many lay opinions it takes to outweigh an expert’s opinion.

Contrary to previous results, a new study finds no evidence that women’s preference for facial masculinity changes with their hormonal status.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 474

Research of the Week
Men who receive blood donations from ever-pregnant women (women who have been pregnant at least once, not women who are perpetually with child) are at a higher risk of dying.

“Human faeces contain appreciable quantities of vitamin B12 or vitamin B12-like material presumably produced by bacteria in the colon, but this is unavailable to the non-coprophagic individual.”

Cannabis users are more creative than non-users (though the cannabis probably isn’t a causal factor).

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 473

Research of the Week
Magic mushrooms reset the brains of depressed patients.

Broccoli improves leaky gut.

“High levels of NQ [Neanderthal quotient, or the amount of Neanderthal genetic introgression a person has] tend to correspond to social fear, autistic tendencies, and depressive tendencies.”

Easter Islanders likely reached South America before Europeans.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 472

Research of the Week
Women who exercise before breakfast burn more fat throughout the day.

Whole eggs beat egg whites for gains.

Taking alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in flax and canola oil) prevents exercise-induced metabolic improvements in obese rats.

LSD promotes freudian slips.

Vitamin K2 supplementation may support weight loss.

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Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week
Scientists discover a new reason why steak, mackerel, and avocados make you fuller.

Just a single season of high school football alters the structure of the brain. High school football players really need to watch out for head collisions.

25% calorie restriction improves quality of life, including many measures of sexual function, in otherwise healthy non-obese adults, with those losing the most weight seeing the most benefit.

Just like dogs, horses know to ask humans for help with problems they can’t handle themselves.

Cats really do clean themselves by licking, thanks to their velcro-esque tongues.

Ancient Greenlanders armed with small spears and tiny canoes were expert whale hunters, regularly felling 50-ton bowheads.

Probiotics increase polyphenol absorption.

They’ve discovered the gene for uncombable hair.
New Primal Blueprint Podcasts
Episode 145: Dr. Brett Hill: Host Elle Russ chats with Dr. Brett Hill about his new book, Nourish Without Nagging, which helps parents figure out how to get their kids to eat—and love—healthy food.

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My 8 Favorite International Dishes to Expand Your Primal Palate
How to Feed, Train, and Care for Your Cartilage

Interesting Blog Posts
Neanderthals lived in a libertarian wonderland of OTC penicillin.

When “being in the moment” isn’t best policy.

You should re-roast your turkey carcass (and roast chicken carcasses, for that matter) before making stock.

One (evolutionary) psychiatrist’s take on using curcumin/turmeric for depression.
Media, Schmedia
“Intermittent fasting is terrible for athletic performance.”

Some guy gives his three top tips for becoming a fat-burning machine.
Everything Else
Macaques, you were doing so well.

Who’s ready for a massive escalation of the animal rights movement?

Greek yogurt is problematic, apparently, and promotes marginalization and otherization.

Whole milk drinkin’ kids are slimmer than skim milkers.

Thai soldier performs CPR on tiny drowned puppy.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In
Podcast I just appeared on: The Earn Your Happy Podcast, where I spoke about shifting your metabolism for optimal energy.

Video I liked: Dr. Emily Deans talks magnesium.

Subculture I had no idea existed: Bitcoin carnivores.

GMO I’d be interested in: Gluten-free wheat. Wonder if the bread quality holds up, since gluten is crucial for texture.

Miscellaneous news I enjoyed: Britain’s new 5-pound note isn’t vegetarian.
Recipe Corner

Best roast potatoes ever.
Breakfast pizza using hashbrowns (or your own leftover potatoes) as the crust.

Time Capsule
One year ago (Dec 4– Dec 10)

Blindspots Even Informed Paleo Enthusiasts Often Have – Are your blinders on?
15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation – No mantras or yoga mats required.

Comment of the Week
“Very good read about work
And this is a good argument about it
by Bachman Turner Overdrive!


– Amen, wildgrok.

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