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Weekend Link Love — Edition 491

Research of the Week
Eating “ultra-processed foods” linked to cancer.

Studying outdoors is more motivational, and therefore more effective.

A brain implant that increases memory.

Weight gain triggers changes in hundreds of genes.

Patients who stopped taking statins fared no worse (and may have even fared better) than those who continued.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 490

Research of the Week
A spoonful of sugar makes a battle for immune supremacy go down in the gut.

Scientists can’t confirm that vegetarianism and veganism are safe for kids, even if they supplement.

UV-C light kills the flu virus.

Depressed, anxious, or suicidal people are more likely to use absolutist words like “never” or “always.”

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 489

Research of the Week
Archaeologists uncover evidence of extensive civilizational infrastructure in the Guatemalan jungle.

Subclinical magnesium deficiency is a likely driver of heart disease.

The modern human brain may be younger than previously thought.

High blood sugar linked to cognitive decline, even in the absence of type 2 diabetes.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 488

Research of the Week
From the 1990s up until 2012, American adolescent psychological well-being was on the uptick. After 2012, it dropped, right around widespread teen adoption of smartphones. Further evidence shows a strong link between screen usage and unhappiness.

Heat speeds up recovery after training. Cold slows it.

Scientists have discovered where ebola, HIV, and zika hide from scrutiny. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly get rid of the hiding place.

Kids don’t sleep enough.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 487

Research of the Week
Potential mechanisms behind the links between full-fat dairy and health.

Religious belief predicts compassionate love.

A close relative of ketamine treats the most resistant type of depression.

CBD helps those with schizophrenia..

High-dose vitamin D reduces PMS in teen girls. Indirect benefits for teen boys.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 486

Research of the Week
Triglycerides can cross the blood-brain barrier and induce central resistance in both insulin and leptin receptors.

Poor sleep promotes negative thinking.

A paleo diet beats a typical “healthy” diet.

Some Vikings were buried with board games.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 485

Research of the Week
Obese or overweight black people with vitamin deficiencies who took 4000 IUs of vitamin D—six times the recommended dose—saw rapid reductions in arterial stiffness.

Some people are immune to CRISPR gene modification.

Acetaldehyde, a toxic metabolite of alcohol, damages the DNA of stem cells.

A genetic predisposition toward greater insulin responses increases the risk of obesity.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 484

Research of the Week
Increasing cholesterol synthesis gene expression restores the walking ability of mice with multiple sclerosis. Too bad they’ll all keel over from heart attacks, no doubt.

In terms of cancer risk, nicotine inhalers are way safer than e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are way safer than tobacco vaporizers, and tobacco vaporizers are way safer than cigarettes.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 483

Research of the Week
Interval training before an all-nighter mitigates the sleep deprivation-induced insulin resistance.

Early retirees may increase their risk of early death.

The size of wine glasses in England has increased about six-fold since the 1700s.

Daily leafy greens linked to lower cognitive decline.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 481

Research of the Week
Canola oil worsens memory and learning in mice with Alzheimer’s disease.

When the Inuit began “markedly increas[ing]” their sugar and refined carb intake, diabetes and heart disease shot up.

Keto without exercise beats standard American diet with exercise.

In only 24 hours, just by playing games against itself, a new AI learned chess, go, and Japanese chess from scratch and destroyed world-champion expert computer programs in each game.

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