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Make Your Overall Wellness a Joyful Passion

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

 As a 50-year-old attorney I had let my desk job win. I knew my diet, sleep, fitness and overall stress levels were out of control, but I didn’t quite know what to do and definitely didn’t have the motivation. Until I read Mark’s 10 Primal Laws on his blog, which changed everything. What Mark was saying just made sense. I rushed out to get the Primal Blueprint and the the Primal Connection and my life has not been the same since. A few years later, down from 260 to 175, I can say, without hesitation, that the Primal lifestyle (as supplemented now with the Keto Reset) just works! I am the fittest I have ever been, my sleep and stress levels are great, and I have more energy than ever. With my wife as a partner in healthy living, we are a dynamic duo and have, to a great extent, the Primal lifestyle to thank!

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 499

Research of the Week
Giving experiences as gifts rather than things fosters better relationships.

Caffeine causes brain entropy (thankfully).

A new blood test might identify Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear.

Consistent meditation training may lead to enduring improvements in sustained focus and response inhibition.

Sitting might not be great for your brain, either.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 498

Research of the Week
Two years of 15% calorie restriction slowed metabolism and reduced oxidative stress in older adults.

Food allergy linked to nature and nurture.

Creating art—even if you aren’t great at it—lowers stress.

Chronic nicotinamide riboside supplementation increases NAD+ (an important anti-aging marker) while being well-tolerated.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 497

Research of the Week
Eating home cooking reduces phthalate exposure.

Having a life purpose reduces the impact of income on life satisfaction.

Structured music lessons improve academic performance.

Global antibiotic use is up 65% since 2000.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 496

Research of the Week
Hunger blunts chronic pain.

Chronic inflammation impairs tastebud renewal.

Certain phytonutrients, vitamins, and NAC may increase the effectiveness of treatments for psychosis.

5:2 “fasting diets” (eat normally for five days, eat almost nothing for two) beat low-calorie diets.

Dogs on a diet high in protein and fat recover more quickly after joint injuries than dogs on a high-carb kibble.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 495

Research of the Week
Nearly 47 million Americans are estimated to have preclinical brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s.

Your coffee habit influences your endocannabinoid system, (but not how a cannabis habit does).

There’s a telling connection between stiff ankles and deep squat difficulty in the West.

Evolve or die.

Major depression doesn’t look the same (molecularly speaking) in men and women.

Looks like an animal-free agriculture may not be as “holistically sustainable” as many would hope.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 494

Research of the Week
Seniors who train improve their immune systems.

Dietary cholesterol helps repair damaged brains.

Everyone knows a love song when they hear it.

Sleep disruptions may predict Alzheimer’s.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 493

Research of the Week
Serotonergic psychedelics can induce personality changes that last months or even years.

The skin biome affects skin cancer risk.

IV saline may not be the best choice.

“…youth with low levels of muscular fitness tend to become weak adults…”

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 492

Research of the Week
Too much fructose in too short a time (glass of juice, can of soda) overwhelms the gut’s ability to handle it, especially on an empty stomach. Eating it after meals helps.

Science journals with the most prestige are often the least reliable.

Once again, very low carb diets are great for Type 2 diabetes (PDF).

A Primal keto diet is just fine for magnesium levels.

Run to beat stress.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 491

Research of the Week
Eating “ultra-processed foods” linked to cancer.

Studying outdoors is more motivational, and therefore more effective.

A brain implant that increases memory.

Weight gain triggers changes in hundreds of genes.

Patients who stopped taking statins fared no worse (and may have even fared better) than those who continued.

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